12 Jan, 2018

Looking Like a Tardo

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“Hey Nick.”

“My name is Josh.”

There isn’t much more embarrassing then swinging for the fences on a name guess and missing. It’s even worse when you’ve met the person before, sent about 10 emails back and forth, and know you should know their name. It makes the other person feel small and makes me look like an idiot. I’m not going to lie though, I do a decent job socializing and I know that remembering names is important. However, when you start compiling hundreds of names of people who you know you should know, it gets tough. There will be times when I’ll see someone and a name flashes into my head and there is only a split second to decide if I’m going to go for it or not. I bat about 83%, don’t say anything 15%, and whiff the rest.

Not getting out of the woods yet, I wrote a blog post called “7 Principals In Life” and sent it to our account manager to see what he thought. His response was, “I should also note in this case it should be “Principle” vs. “Principal”.” Goddammit. How bad can I look? People are supposed to think I know what I’m doing and I make myself look like a dipshit time and time again.

The great thing about life is that unlike Seth in Superbad (People Don’t Forget!), everyone forgets. There are obviously levels of what to remember, but I think I’ll survive on these misses.

10 Jan, 2018

All I Do Is…Create Posts

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My job, and life, has become creating content. 9 years and 2,945 posts later from rnningfool.com, I create information for my job. There is a formula that works and it’s come up with an attractive sales pitch, create an enticing webpage for said sales pitch, create an email to a targeted audience…then watch the money roll in.

Who would have thought that 9 years after the creation of a personal website on WordPress it would be my entire life. I’m essentially doing rnningfool.com for 3 other people right now utilizing that exact formula. Am I an expert in WordPress? I don’t think so. I can create posts and spread info but nothing I do would be considered cutting edge. Who could have predicted that disseminating information through a website would be a way to make a living. By that I mean that anyone over the age of 40 most likely has to rely on a younger person to do this work. I’m sure in Silicon Valley I’m in the stone age. Yet for what I’m involved in, people rely on me to do this work and to create email blasts. Then it comes down to how well you can delivery a message to your audience which…delivers.

Round and Round We Go

Take Barstool for instance. Their Instagram gets a million views. Posts they put out get 20-100 comments each days. They are a company that only produces content to entertain. What do they offer? Rough and Rowdy Rednecks? Pres eating pizza? It’s mindless drivel. People want it though because their life sucks and the majority of the population is bored. Fucking WordPress. Or Devnet. Whatever they use.

I post mainly because my skills in life are not specialized. I’m a jack of all trades in business. I can talk to people on the phone. Deliver on what I say I’m going to do. See potential in certain sales. But am I good at any one skill? No. Being able to use WordPress, any monkey to learn. Where is the value?

9 Jan, 2018

Making a Decision

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Last night’s weather was slipperier than Riley Reid’s punany. She was the most searched female of 2017 (on a certain site). We had our final bowling week of the season and a decision had to be made on whether to cancel it. The alley said that unless it was a state of emergency, it was on. Then they started getting numerous questions and the alley reverted to the league. Considering I’m the President, the decision fell on me and the treasurer to decide if we should make people drive in those conditions for bowling. If the league starts at 6:30, people would need to be alerted by 4:30. At 4:30, the weather wasn’t coming down too bad and I decided that bowling was on. I asked the list if they would not be able to make it.

There are about 60 people on the list and 4 people immediately said they couldn’t make it. Then I walked home and almost fell on my ass because it was so icy. Now I was starting to have second thoughts. Making people drive to bowling in wintry conditions may not have been worthwhile. Between the hour of 4:30 and 5:30 I was monitoring the situation but by then, it was too late. I got to the lanes and started talking to a few people and I was getting mixed reactions. Some people said it was a bad decision and others applauded the guts. In the end, the majority of the people arrived safely and no real damage was done (to my knowledge).

Now, I write this post because this wasn’t easy for me. Cancelling bowling for the night was the safe move. It would have made the season last longer and throw off next season’s schedule, but it was the safe one. Deciding to move forward with league night put people’s lives in jeopardy and I didn’t want that on my conscience. If anyone got hurt, I would (and still would) feel terrible. This is what it’s like when you have to make decisions for a reasonable amount of people which I’m getting used to as I gain more responsibility as I get older. I know it’s pretty dumb and you can think, “what’s the big deal?” All I can say is that hour leading up to whether people were going to show or not was a straight up indicator if the right decision was made. I think it was. Bowling first. Safety second.


5 Jan, 2018

A New Comment Leads To This

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Some random person left a comment on a post I wrote a few days ago. This blog generates about 5 comments from random people a year so I’m always surprised when I get them. I decided to click on this guy’s blog link and I was brought to a post. Remember, I had no idea what I was clicking on. This is his post. After reading I gathered that he was an Asian man with a serious porn habit. What do you think?

Although we are all different people, we have some cryteria universally valid when it comes to xvideos porn. There are some things which spice up a little the movie and to be honest, we are all search for those things, no matter how much it takes to find something that fits our expectations.

First of all, quality matters. By this I refer to the quality of the movie like preferably being HD. What is under 720p I do not watch because if I want to watch it, I wanna be sure I’m relaxing by doing so and not needing to stare at the screen with my eyes semi-closed to understand what is happening there. So the quality of the image is very important because details are very important. For example there are people who enjoy spanking. If I wanna see that, I wanna see it properly, not in slow motion and with interruptions.

Second of all, if I clicked the asian section, you better give me a smoking hot Asian girl because I wanna see something good, not a movie uploaded by amateurs. I wanna see something directed by a directeur with a story line and a good ending.

Another thing people are looking for is movies that lasts longer because they need to take some time to get hard (males) or get wet (females). Mostly females are looking for movies in which at the beginning there is a story. Like the girl being punished or the cop arresting her and make her do some things in order to release her, things like that.

People have various tastes but I believe that this cryteria I just mentioned is something universally valid. If not, I guess I am the only pretentious one who search for hours to find something good.

4 Jan, 2018

Ivanka Trump For President!

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Ivanka Trump is ‘as dumb as a brick’ according to Steve Bannon, new book claims

Ivanka is a funny name. I was searching it and started thinking about the spelling and it struck me as odd. Anyway. Steve Bannon, former White House Strategist called her dumb as a brick which is a great insult. Scanning through articles about this subject, I came across this gem:

In discussing whom to appoint as Trump’s national security adviser, Wolff writes, Ailes promoted the former United Nations ambassador John Bolton, whom he reportedly called “a bomb thrower” and “a strange little fucker”

Now that’s a grade A insult. Strange – hard to ever be taken as positive. Little – a solid premise to every insult. Fucker – perfectly fit with the other two words. I like dipshit, peckerhead, little bitch, and the ultimate.

I got a little sidetracked there because I wanted to focus on Ivanka. I read a piece before that complained about Ivanka using her influence to promote her clothing brands. I found this odd because if she wore any other brand, she’d be promoting that too. What is she supposed to wear? So a part of me had a soft spot for Ivanka. It wasn’t her pretty face or banging body. No. No. Not that. Just to double check it’s not that.

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What can I say? I’m easily swayed. Do I care if she’s “dumb as a brick?” Not really. I think she should be promoted. Hell, give her the office for all I care. She’ll be blowing Justin Troudeau in no time and then the US and Canada can be united as a superpower called Cunited States. Horrible joke.

Is Ivanka well equipped to assume handle the position? Probably not. Apparently she’s dull. I’m not so sure. I have never even once heard her speak. I don’t really want to. She’s a hot chick in a position of power and I’m ok with that. Here’s the best comment from where I was getting those pictures.

It’s cool know the us president and I have jerked off to the same instagram porn



4 Jan, 2018

Read Any Good Books Lately?

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I’m sure Laura will appreciate this clip.

I’m looking for book suggestions. I finished How to Win Friends and Influence people again and instead of re-reading the books that withstand the test of time, I’m looking to open it up a bit.

I have 3 phases in my life that seem to rotate. Sometimes I’ll watch all the movies that I save up on my DVR. Other times I’ll binge watch series that I’ve heard are good. Finally, I’ll read books that help me advance my own personal well being and brain. Here are some that I like:

The Law of Success in 16 Lessons – Napoleon Hill
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert Pirsig
Corrections – Jonathan Franzen
All Chuck Klosterman
A Prayer For Owen Meany – John Irving
Advanced Genius Theory – Jason Hartley
All Malcolm Gladwell
Born Standing Up – Steve Martin

I’m asking my readers if they have any books that they truly recommend. My list is about 12 books because I think that highly of them. So I’m asking you guys what are you favorite books that have altered your lives because they are meaningful?

2 Jan, 2018

Dopamine Driven Loops Are Ruining Society

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The creators from Facebook are arguing that social media is ruining society. These tools are causing addictions, they are programming you with information you desire, and are looping you back in by engaging you with content you crave. These patterns or sharing pictures and “getting likes” release dopamine in your brain and why you keep coming back to social media. Essentially these “hackers” are using psychology to brain wash you. Why is this bad?

  • No civil discourse
  • No cooperation
  • Misinformation
  • Desensitization with the real world

You are being manipulated by social media.

Its not just social media but its how the search engines, youtube, advertisers, and even some news sites operate. They’re all designed now to tailor everything so it only “shows you what you want to see”. People are less likely to be seeing diverse, conflicting, unbiased, or even factually-correcting information once they’re inside their own profiled bubble and become more and more polarized.

Facebook algorithms decide what you see and what you don’t.

How True Is This?

Learning how to brain wash people has been around since man started. Ever hear of the Bible? I wouldn’t argue that Social Media and the Bible bring forth the same ideals so let’s not draw that conclusion, but people are told a lot things. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised that people are using a tool that can reach 2 billion people for financial gain to manipulate the public. People like to think it’s free will, but when I’m being shown over and over again what I search for, isn’t that a bit one sided? Here’s a funny screen shot from Google Chrome. Notice that the deleting cookies says “signs you out of most sites”. Why would anyone WANT to do that?

It’s those precious cookies we can’t be clearing.

Do I worry about this? Ehhh. I’m not a huge Facebook user. If I think I write a good post on this blog, I’ll share it from time to time so I can get my satisfaction from my friends and the accolades I deserve but never receive. My satisfaction comes from the conversations I have with people about my blog…IN REAL LIFE. A newly acquired friend said to me, “I didn’t know you had a blog, I liked the well thought out gifs.” That’s it. That’s all I need from time to time to keep me going. I don’t need the 22 likes on a picture I share. I use my Snapchat to an exclusive 30 people who I don’t mind see my drunk shenanigans but I would never post them on Facebook. I’m not sure that means I’m being manipulated or not. I do however think it’s smart to be aware of the tools that you are using and what they are trying to do to you.

On a final note, this is VR chat. Just watch until the end. I’m not even sure what country this is partaking in but I wasn’t sure what I was watching. This will be our new universe!

2 Jan, 2018

Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin

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I’m sure by now you’ve watched the new special on Netflix called Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin. It’s a bit over an hour and fits the same tone of what he released 10 years ago with Killing Them Softly. He’s definitely older now (42), his voice is raspier, he’s not quite as funny, a bit more serious, and toes the line with racial and rape (Bill Cosby) jokes. I was laughing hard a few times.

My favorite part, and what I’m learning a bit more, is that people like relatable material. Weens told me that his favorite posts are the ones where I go to Dunkin Donuts. I get it.  People want to be able to say, “that happened to me once” or “I hate when that happens.”

My favorite part of the Chappelle stand up was when he met Kevin Hart with his son. He was introducing his son to Kevin and Kevin said, “do you guys want any food?” Dave was going decline and then his son ran up from behind and said, “we haven’t eaten in hours.” Then he started chowing down on the corn eating embarrassingly fast. The context being that Kevin Hart is at the height of his career and Chappelle is trying not to look like an old has been.

The only weird part of it was he kept touching his chest like he was smoothing out the fabric. It seemed like he wanted to make more serious points that concern society but people were there to pay for a comedy show…which he delivered. I would like to hear him talk as a normal human being instead of a comedian where there wouldn’t be as much pressure to perform.

I had perfect timing on Monday when I caught the Charlie Murphy / Rick James skit on Comedy Central. That is truly some of the funniest bits. Darkness!


2 Jan, 2018

2017 In Review

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I’m not a huge believer in resolutions because they tend to come and go with little awareness for their sincerity. I like Sam’s idea of writing goals and then crossing them off but 30 is too many if you are only completing 13. I’m going to use this space to write about a few life thoughts that struck me throughout the year.

Money – The great motivator. Many people use money as a standing. I see it as a flexibility for freedom. The more money you have, the less you have to worry about when you spend it. There are many ways to make it and then there are many ways to save it. I remember in a book I read a while ago that company’s going out of business are more concerned with cost cutting than money making. Money comes and goes and as long as you’re not recklessly losing it in the stock market, to the casino, or a costly addiction, you should be ok. I keep 100% of my current assets in the bank and invest about 50% of my retirement. The adviser will say, you’re young, be aggressive. Point taken, but I’ve seen the market completely tank and it can take years to recover. I’ll happily invest slowly if it starts tanking, but after a decade of growth, I’m happy on the sidelines. I’ll conclude that money is a main reason I work as hard as I do which i’ll touch on later.

Gambling – I’ll write this for you Sam as I can give you some “bad guidance.” When I was in my early 20’s, my dad paid me 80k the first year I worked for the company. I was probably worth 40k. As I lived at home, I compiled a lot of money that I didn’t even realize was a lot of money. I would go to the casino and blow a k once a month. What did it matter? I was making a fortune with 0 expenses. As you age, you develop expenses. Not to mention I got CRUSHED in the market and then all of a sudden when I was 30 and putting a down payment on a house, it was like, “uhh, where’s all my money?” It’s hard to make money and even harder to save money. I wish I was smarter earlier. If you read my blog, you know I still gamble pretty religiously. I have relatively tight limits that don’t exceed more than I make obviously. If I lose more than that on whatever I’m doing, then I’m being irresponsible. It still does happen, but that feeling in the morning isn’t worth it. If you took all my sports betting, casino, Draftkings, and poker for the year, if I was down $3,000, I’d say it was a lot. That would be a number that I would be comfortable losing for the entire year.

Work – I’ve been self-employed for 13 years now and I learned a lot from JC in the early years about work ethic. Then I learned a lot about not getting wasted on weekdays. Next in my early 30’s it started changing for me. I knew I had an opportunity that most people don’t and that’s running their own business. I started learning more about people which is my #1 recommendation if you want to sell and be successful. You need to get in the consumer’s head and know EXACTLY what they are looking for. I started to get better on the phone with a sales effort and targeting who the customer was. Combined with fortunate luck, more hard work, and the ability to relentlessly push forward has gotten the company to where we are today (which after reviewing the year end is a far cry from where we were when I wasn’t taken it as seriously).

Alcoholism – I’m a functional alcoholic. Our family has an addictive personality and the genes are there for this to develop. That goes hand in hand with actually having everything you need in life and it’s a position that doesn’t fade unless you cut it out completely. It’s hard to explain to someone who either doesn’t drink or will nurse the occasional hangover. This is hardly bragging, but if I had to guess how many alcoholic drinks I consumed starting on Thursday until NYE, i’d guess 75. I wouldn’t say during this bender I ever completely blacked out or did anything incredibly stupid, and this is because I don’t really drink hard liquor anymore (which is much different than slamming double rum and cokes like I did in my 20’s which got me in bad spots on many occasions), but it sets up for a rough Monday (I’m also certainly not saying I won’t slam a shot). After 4 straight day’s of drinking, and I don’t regret any of it, you can’t think quick. You can’t sleep properly and wake up about every hour. You’re dehydrated. You get the night sweats. It’s not fun. Then it passes. Then you get back to normal which is where I think severe problem drinkers don’t ever spend time sober. It’s an extremely tough balance that makes me want to say “I’m going cold turkey.”

Exercise – This is not a hard one for me to control. I took the last 4 days off from the gym and I’m sure there are many people who’ve taken 4 months. I have to stay in shape. You not only compete in life better when you are in shape, but you feel better. The exercise is a counteraction to the alcohol. You can’t exercise when you’re drinking which is another huge plus. I think people who don’t take exercise (or their health) seriously are underestimating its importance because once you’re dead, that’s it.

Friends – It’s odd to me that I don’t have a lack of social events to attend with the lack of  a significant other. I don’t mind being alone. I stay out of trouble when I’m by myself. When I start going out and socializing is where I hit some bumps. I don’t have any issues making friends though. I have more friends than I want to. I feel bad that I can’t even keep up with the people who were once in my life. However, when people start having families, they don’t (and I don’t) want to be around children. I’m at that point now where I’d say 25% of my friends have children, another 50% have either been with a person for a long time or are married, and the rest are still figuring it out. My instinct is telling me that even though there are still plenty of people looking to socialize in their 30’s, this number will start flattening out. Last time I checked, it’s not a race, but time sure does go fast.


Why Did I Write This? – This world is a you-first world. That’s not “you” by the way. It’s the other person. You make moves in life by understanding the concept that “you” (actually you), aren’t as important as the person you either talking to or working for. Your job is to be a sponge and coordinate your life by moving your chess pieces where they need to go. When I pick up the phone on a sales call I’m not asking, “how do I sell this guy more product?” I’m asking, “how do I make his job better?” When you try to benefit yourself (unless you’re playing the house), you’ll lose in life. You benefit once your contribution starts paying off. How big your payoff is depends on how much effort you are putting into it. It’ll will take years. Maybe decades. Maybe it never ends.

When I was young, I didn’t consider the other side as often. Now it’s a thought behind virtually everything I do. Except this post. I don’t give a shit that you’re reading it. I’m writing it for me. What do you think about that? Doesn’t come off well, right? There’s understanding this concept, there’s practicing it, then there’s mastering it. You don’t ever really master it to be honest. What happens is that you start to sense the connection you can make with people and you try not to lose why it happens like that.

I’m not sure if people read through 1,300 words. It’s not a post I’ll write often but it sometimes makes me feel better and puts my life into perspective. I also think I can look back at it in 5 years and say, “wow, what a goon.” Final thought, Sam, go to the fucking dentist.

29 Dec, 2017

Movies I Watch For the Girls

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There will be times when I’m not ready to commit to watching a full movie, so I scan through the options and select the best one. Sometimes it’ll be Con Air. Sometimes The Rock. Other times it’ll be because the lead is a babe even though I think the movie is horrible. This list will give you an idea of what I put on without wanting to think.

The Layover

Am I a Kate Upton fan? Not so much. Do I like Alexandra Daddario? Very much. I didn’t even know this was a movie and it’s what inspired this post. Create a movie and have two hotties with huge boobs star in it. Fantastic. Then know that’s why people are watching and accentuate it. Brilliant. Great clip.

The hottest piece of ass of all time takes my second clip. I think JLH is the cream of the crop. Her skinny figure and enormous top are perfection. The next 3 clips would be I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and Can’t Hardly wait but I’m not that boring.

Wild Things
Rarely on. The movie is pretty bad but Denise Richards is fire. This is just the lesbian scene. The pool scene. The car wash scene. She’s a total firecracker throughout it all. Sure we can’t forget Startship Troopers and the ugly girl in the shower scene but this one is the top of the top. Who still doesn’t fantasize about putting champagne on Denise Richards boobs?

It’s 1:33pm and I have to leave at 1:45. I would like to keep this post going but I’m in a rush. I’m going to post it. If you think this post has steam, leave a comment and I’ll come up with 100 more scenes that are worth watching.

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