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16 Sep, 2017

Being Wrong On Thursday Night

By | 2017-09-16T08:40:53+00:00 September 16th, 2017|Fantasy|0 Comments

I was going to write this post yesterday but didn’t have the time which makes the timing of this release poor.

I missed Thursday night’s game by choosing the Bengals. They were giving 6 points at home and covered for exactly 0 minutes of the game. I’m in 2 pick em’s and obviously missed them both. The game was atrocious by the way. Almost unwatchable. After suffering through 3 and half quarters, I was waiting for Andy Dalton to bring the action at the end and it never came. Punt after punt. Horrible football. I have had a weird Andy Dalton feeling throughout his career, at first I thought he was garbage, then I thought he was underrated, now he’s garbage again. I have this same career arc with Flacco.

What I want to touch on this post is getting the Thursday night game wrong is the absolute worst. It sets up the weekend in a bad light when I miss. This game was the epitome of too easy. The Texans are trotting out a rookie and the Bengals are at home after an embarrassing shut out. Perfect time to rise to the occasion and make a statement. Apparently if I think it’s the perfect time, I should go against my “perfect” feeling. When I miss the Thursday night game, not only do I most likely lose money which rarely makes me happy, but I feel like an idiot until Sunday when I get another shot to lose that feeling. Not fun.

14 Sep, 2017

Some Football Knowledge

By | 2017-09-14T17:07:11+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Off Topic|0 Comments

I’m sure from now on I’ll be updating on my results earlier but I’ve been on “vacation” and have this laptop instead of my dual monitor setup where I’m more comfortable.

Week 1 is in the books and it was moderately successful. I went 3-1 in my fantasy leagues, won $120 in my bets and lost $10 in Draftkings. Fantasy was mostly luck but I’m positioned well with my players in not having DJ anywhere. I rattled off 4 straight bets in the NFL only to bet 12 units on the Gmen which blew up in my face. The $10 loss in DK seemed reasonable as I didn’t connect big time with any one lineup.

I’d like to think I pay a lot of attention to fantasy lineups and as much as I hate to write this, I don’t understand what people are thinking on FA days. I’ve heard many people say that they always finish with money at the end so they don’t worry about spending it. I understand that philosophy but I must add that this is a 13 week season plus playoffs. When we are in week 12 and a leading RB goes down and I have 80 and you have 12, I’m in a good spot. The money is long term money and should be viewed as such unless there is some guy who is unbelievably valuable which is hard to pinpoint. Which brings me to defense and kicker streams. Every single week teams change. One week it makes sense to stream whoever plays Scott Tolzien or Tom Savage. It literally doesn’t matter what defense it is, it’ll have a better chance than whatever random defense you throw out each week. I feel this way about a kicker too but not as strong. I don’t intend to think I can get it right each week, I only know that it feels like an edge against people who don’t do it.

I’ll start posting my lineups before the weekend but this was as special week off.

12 Sep, 2017

Jim Carrey Interviews

By | 2017-09-12T10:24:56+00:00 September 12th, 2017|My Life|0 Comments

This guy is amazing. Normal people are probably like, “this guy is off his rocker.” I think he might be more advanced than anyone else on the planet. He doesn’t seem like he’s on drugs and the way this reporter is looking at him makes me think she’s the idiot, not him.  He’s just spouting off about tetrahedrons and meaningless existence and it looks like her head is about to explode. Apologies to Sam who told me to watch this and I stole it for my blog.

Then he follows it up with this banger. Great stuff.

8 Sep, 2017

Think Of A Worse Way To Start The Season…You Can’t

By | 2017-09-08T09:24:53+00:00 September 8th, 2017|Fantasy|0 Comments

To add insult to injury, Bud comments on my last post needling not only my post, but my incorrectness and my bank account. Brutal. Week 5 already has a big red bulls-eye circling it. Onward to some misery.

To go along with the shock of the Patriots getting beat at home in the season opener, with a 9 point spread, I managed to to last exactly 0 games in the losers pool which I decided to play for the first time. There were 3 9 point spreads (Pats, Steelers, and Bills) and I figured that the Pats were easily the best team and would have no problem defeating the Alex Smith led Patriots. Obviously that was incredibly wrong and it cost me $50 for the losers and $70 on the game. People are supposed to last the entire SEASON in the loser’s pool and I couldn’t make it 1 game. I hope this is a sign of “it can’t get any worse” instead of a “dude, give up.” Fortunately I didn’t get hurt too much in fantasy as only one guy I played had Gillislee to go along with Cooks and the Pats D. The 7 unit loss puts me back at even for the season as we plod on to week 1. This game is the perfect example of if you are so sure something is going to happen, do the opposite.


7 Sep, 2017

I Can’t Stand “Looks Great”

By | 2017-09-07T16:31:10+00:00 September 7th, 2017|My Brain|1 Comment

My day job atmosphere consists of me and Jeff. We don’t compliment each other. The work environment is get shit done and don’t expect a pat on the back for doing your job. As of late I’ve been working with a group of people in an association. Since no one gets paid in this association, you’re not required to do anything. So whenever I do work, it gets lauded with “looks great” and “great job”. It’s this insincere motivation that I don’t need.

I’m not emotional. Life is life and it can be over in a blink of an eye. When I’m driving down the road at 80mph’s there is always this doubt in my mind that the tires are going to fly off and I’m going to go careening mid air and wondering if the air bag will save my life. This thought didn’t enter my mind when I was 16. As you age, you start to appreciate how easily life can be taken away. Now it’s probably rarer than I think, but it can still happen. This leads me to the first sentence, I don’t get emotional when I know that life is what it is.

I’ve been watching Power and Tommy will kill a wanksta without thinking twice. No regard for the other human’s life. Rolla had a family! I’m getting off course a little bit from my main subject. People who say “good job” are probably good at not doing a “good job”. It’s like they are giving praise for work that they have no intention of producing. You can get away in this world by only producing compliments. It makes you fit in and become well liked but that doesn’t mean that it’s sincere. I’d much rather someone tell me “that sucks” than appeal to my insecurities by saying “it’s good”. Tell me this post sucks!

BTW, Pats – 9 tonight for 8 units. Count it @ even money.

6 Sep, 2017

Hey, I’m Back

By | 2017-09-06T17:03:10+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Off Topic|0 Comments

After being under weather last week, my body and brain were unable to perform at peak condition. This led to a minimal blog posts, reduced exercise, and a general sense of depressing well being.

I had a relatively quiet labor day weekend where I blacked out exactly 0 times and routinely was above average in activities I participated in. I became the 3 and 1 man going up 8 units on the season with a gut wrenching GT cover against Tennessee. My Draftking bets all lost like they usually do. I’ll be betting on the game tomorrow but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Every time I bet on the Chiefs I lose and every time I bet on the Pats I win. Sounds simple. The only reason I’m leaning Pats is because I would hate to get pumped to watch the game then have Brady open it 14-0 in the first 5 minutes and ask myself why the fuck did I ever bet on Alex Smith. I’ll update tomorrow I’m sure.

My other good news is that I’m finally able to run again without Achilles problems. I ran 4 of the last 5 days virtually pain free. I’m taking today off to fully heal and then I imagine I’ll be back to normal. I did manage a 17:20 3 mile time on the track so it won’t be long before 17 is in the dust.

Not much else going on and I’m so freaking busy with work and customer that even taking the time to write this I look at as better than nothing. Here’s to another shitty entry. I also started watching Power if anyone else likes that show.

Watch this ridiculous GOT / Fantasy Football Video
GoT Fantasy

3 Sep, 2017

Pearls of Competitive Wisdom

By | 2017-09-03T20:20:32+00:00 September 3rd, 2017|Sports|0 Comments

Today I rolled 8 strikes in a row to start a game. To date it is the best start I’ve ever had. My highest score was a 9/ in the first and 11 after for a 290. No chance at a 300. This was my shot.

Without building suspense, I didn’t strike in the 9th and finished with a 260 whatever. I bowled a few nice games after but never again had that chance. These opportunities only happen so often. It’s the people who dominate these situations that succeed.

You could say “it’s luck”. I’m not so certain. Luck can only take you so far. I have a good example of an oddly general question that can produce inaccurate results. How many times does it take the 20 handicap golfer to get a hole in one? My guess was a huge amount like 150,000. This is the reply from Google:

Actuaries at such companies have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1, and the odds of a tour professional at 2,500 to 1.

Hole in one stats if you’re interested

This answer is going to be lower than it actually is because they don’t want to pay out. What this question fails to address is the hole. If you change the question to how often is a player hitting a hole in one on a 200 yard par 3, my guess is the answer gets closer to the hundreds of thousands. It doesn’t happen by luck.

I raise this point because bowling a 300 doesn’t happen by luck. It’s practice and work coming to an end point. Hole in one’s are the same concept with differing variables. Any joker can put the ball in a hole from 100 yards. It happens all the time. Multiply that yardage by 2 and you’re talking single digits (if any digits) on a given day.

Bowling has the exact same set up on every throw so it comes down to muscle memory. Average bowlers don’t have muscle memory for 12 straight shots when they struggle for 1. There is a difference between a strike and and a real strike. Same concept with golf, any knucklehead can whirl a ball down the lane and knock over 12 pins 1 time. They may even do it multiple times. At some point the luck wears off and you have to muscle memory the same (or lucky) ball again. Strikes roll through the rack. When you are ready to throw 12 balls through the rack, then you’re ready to roll a 300.


3 Sep, 2017

The 2 and 1 Man

By | 2017-09-03T08:12:36+00:00 September 3rd, 2017|Sports|0 Comments

It’s fun to use the blog in the early days to categorize my wins and losses betting on sports. After bragging about being the 1 and 0 man, I promptly became the 1 and 1 man with some misinformation from my source on a reverse line movement. This loss put me down 2.5 units for the season. With remarkable fortitude, I bet on Alabama last night at -8 and they dominated the game. The QB on FSU decided at one point to hurt his leg because he kept throwing interceptions. This 5 unit bet puts me back up 2.5 units for the season. I’ll update the juice closer to the end of the year but today I’ll use a general barometer. Most likely I’ll keep updating my picks and stats until it gets too embarrassing depending on my losses. I’ll try to give my DraftKings updates as well but I’m down about $700 since the start of the year so I’ll need a hit before I start bragging again. I did manage to pass 17 of 18 golfers (fuck Adam Scott) in my 3 teams so I’m hopeful for at least 2 cashes. This may be optimistic because there were only about 20 cuts and Rory is the only notable player to miss. I also have Louis at 6 bucks to win $240. LEGGOOO LOU!

3 Sep, 2017

Recovering From Injury

By | 2017-09-03T07:55:53+00:00 September 3rd, 2017|Off Topic|0 Comments

I bought 2 pair of Men’s CEP compression achillies socks which have a support for the back of your achillies. Now, you probably don’t know that I’ve been battling an achillies problem for about 2 months but its been tortuous. I’ve tried taking a max of 4 days off and it doesn’t heal which has caused me to purchase these socks. My life cannot function without exercise.

As I look around on a daily basis outside of Philadelphia, exercising doesn’t ring true for, guessing here, 80% of the population. For me, it’s engrained in me since I ran track in middle school. I don’t like being overweight because it’s a measure of self worth. If you don’t take care of your body, there’s a good chance you don’t take care of more important parts of your life. “But Tom, you abuse your body with alcohol on a weekly basis.” Good point. Let’s move on. Just kidding. I almost view these 2 activities as a balancing act. Exercising allows me to have the fun (and downsides) that drinking provides from life.

Back to the socks, they do moderately help with the achilles problem. The support almost forces the pain to stay in one place and that turns it into a dull roar instead of a flaring pain. This has allowed me to exercise for 2 days straight for the first time in what feels like months. Unfortunately the socks peel the skin away from my upper heel which has no caused another pain. My brain tells me that all of these issues stem from my shoes which for the last few years I’ve been wearing Altra’s and they worked like a charm. Yeah, you gave me the wrong shoes. Uh-huh. Yes, it’s a black Altra. Uh-huh. Ok, well don’t you think that the Altra people, in some crazy scheme in order to make a profit, MADE MORE THAN ONE BLACK PAIR OF SNEAKERS? This kind of happened to me in that the early versions of the shoes were made for my feet and now they’ve made them skinnier and I’m having major problems as felt by the achillies, knee, and ankle. The new shoes don’t work which has become problematic.

Which brings me to today and I’m pleased with 2 workouts in a row but am not going to be able to go again today. So it goes.

1 Sep, 2017

Cheers to PBR

By | 2017-09-01T21:08:22+00:00 September 1st, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

Over the past 2 years I’ve been drinking a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon. PBR is the cheapest beer at North & South bowl. Since I’ve been bowling a lot, I’ve been drinking it a lot. Here is the best info about Pabst: “The beer experienced a sales revival in the early 2000s after a two decade-long slump, largely due to its increasing popularity among urban hipsters.” Why do I like it?

  • It’s light beer without actually being light beer.
  • I’d rank it above the regular light beers like Coors, Bud, and Miller.
  • I enjoy the lower priced approach to marketing.
  • The CityWide is supposed to be $3 (I feel like it’s $5) with a PBR pounder and some brown syrup.
  • I’m supporting the underdog.

Here’s to cheap beer that doesn’t seem forced upon you.