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Sobriety Isn’t Funny

My apologies for not posting much. I was going to make a post about Ween’s 300, but it would have lead to some thoughts regarding pre-bowling which would have detracted from the accomplishment. Make no mistake though, I witnessed a 300 game by Jordan and that’s a feat that is nice to have under your belt.

In other news, I sent out a sober William Penn snap yesterday and Weens wrote, “boooo, sober William Penn Snaps suck.” That may not have been verbatim but close enough. Before I sent that snap, I even thought to myself that there is no way this snap is going to live up to expectations. Frankly, it fell below the limits of my own expectations, but I figured “what the hell” before I hit share.

What I created when I was black out drunk that one night cannot be topped. It’s pointless to even try. I sent out a few on Saturday but it wasn’t the same. Now with this sober snap, I’ve come to the conclusion that my entertainment value is only high when I’m hammer time. It sort of reminds me of the last time Chris Farley was on SNL he was sober and it was sort of a train wreck.

That snap actually feels the way of this post, not great. I try to have quality standards but if I adhered to them I’d never post.



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Ivey Doesn’t Win Lawsuit

Phil Ivey Loses Lawsuit

Ivey and his accomplice

Poker pro Phil Ivey and a companion must return more than $10 million they won from an Atlantic City casino while playing cards that were arranged in a certain way to give the players an edge.

The Borgata claimed the cards used in the games were defective in that the pattern on the back was not uniform. The cards have rows of small white circles designed to look like the tops of cut diamonds, but the Borgata said some of them were only half-diamonds or quarters. Ivey has said he simply noticed things that anyone playing the game could have observed and bet accordingly.

Even when you win, you still lose. Poker genius Phil Ivey noticed that the backs of the cards weren’t exactly alike during a game of baccarat. Here is how you can win if you notice the 9.


I find this ruling to be a disappointment to all human beings. A guy notices that the casino is making a mistake with their decks, he wins 10 million dollars, and the casino gets to keep the money for their negligence. What am I missing here? The only true winners are the lawyers who I’m sure were paid handsomely.

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Dave Gildea’s Security Breach

I’ve met Dave Gildea about a half dozen times in my life. Sam’s told me he was extroverted in college and then went into a shell when he had to be around a work environment. My best guess is that he knows that if he opens his mouth too much, he’ll be shit canned because what he has to say is too perverse. Nevertheless, I enjoy his humor and dedicated following to the blog. Dave will love if you read up on his wedding.

When I posted my college transcript to the blog today it had my social security # as the student ID #. I even looked at that before I posted it, but didn’t look at it close enough, and didn’t think the two could be the same. Obviously with Dave’s keen eye and pure joy received from other people’s stupidity, he spotted that it indeed was my SSN and made mention of this mishap on Facebook. Within 2 minutes his brother (had no idea he existed) commented and then a random friend also pointed out that it was available on the Twitter thumbnail that gets posted. Egg on my face.

I had to delete the Facebook and Twitter posts and have little concern for this incident as only about 10 people probably read the post and only Dave would be wily enough to notice and actually copy it down. On this slow Friday, I’m hunting for material so I figured I’d post what a thief can do with your SSN#.

  1. Open Financial Accounts – Wells Fargo was happy opening up accounts when nobody existed, I’m sure they’d be quite pleased with any valid social.
  2. Get Medical Care –  I have no idea how this would work or come back to the person who didn’t receive the treatment.
  3. File for a Fraudulent Tax Refund 
  4. Commit Crimes – Give the fake SSN to law enforcement

To Friday and Dave Gildea!

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