Smitty Wins Rough and Rowdy vs $2 Chef

Philly represents. The line started with Chef at -150, it moved to -120, and I don’t know what it finished at but let’s call it even money. I put multiple tweets out there asking if anyone wants to bet $100 and I’ll take Smitty.

The fight was so-so. Smitty was clearly the better athlete and knocked Chef down in the 2nd round. It was much the deciding factor in the fight. Chef had a few shots but I didn’t think he had the edge at any point.

The highlight of the match was Smitty sitting next to Dave Portnoy, the founder, and ripping into him saying, “I wanted to fight you.” “You doubted me.” “You never compliment me.” Smitty won the fight, then destroyed Dave verbally. Such a beast.

You should want to be from Philadelphia at this time. Eagles win the Superbowl. Sixers are rising. Smitty one upped El Pres and that will never go away.

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Can Tiger Make A Comeback?

Let’s all agree that TWTR is worth a buy right now. The last 3 blogs I wrote have started with an embed and if the person is trustworthy and educated, they can be quoted directly.

This is some serious working out. Justin Thomas is 24. At 25, Tiger had 5 majors already. In 2 more years he’d have 8. This is an absolute machine working out combined with an extremely gifted hand-eye coordination winning tournaments.

Rory played with Tiger today and shot -2 under. He currently sits in 15th place. Rory is the real deal. He hasn’t won a title since 2016 (Matt Kutcher hasn’t won since 2014) but he’s still world class. He won the FedEx cup in 2016 with shots like this. Watch it if you’ve never seen it. He’s 3 back on hole 16. I already told you he won.

So when Rory talks, you should listen. We know that golf is a hard game and you don’t come back to be the very best all of a sudden. It takes work to get there. With Tiger’s preexisting work ethic.I don’t doubt for a second that Tiger is dedicated at age 42.

Here were Tiger’s thoughts.

He shot a 76 and finished 4 strokes off the cut line. He can’t drive. He hit 5 of 14 fairways and 9 of 18 greens in regulation. Buying into the Tiger hype at this point would not be wise.

However, he’s 2nd on the list behind Jack Nicklaus, 14 to 18. Jack won his last major when he was 46. I’m going to say right now that Tiger will win 1 more major. I don’t think it’ll be this year. In 2019, I’m saying he’ll be in contention. 2020 he’ll win. If I had to bet the under, I would.

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Let The Good Times Roll

Not my main agenda for this post and this type of thinking is not what I stand behind. Tomi Lahren is an ultra-conservative who is really hot smart. She’s super opinionated and would probably take a bullet to her brain to defend people’s rights to have guns. Considering all of the violence in these school shootings, even myself who deems themselves a republican, find it hard to defend guns. A hard stance has to be taken moving forward. I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about gun control, but people getting their mitts on these kinds of weapons is happening with too great a frequency to think that it’s going to stop on its own.

That point aside, and I didn’t feel like creating it’s own post, life has been rock solid for me lately. Business has been off the hook. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in months. I feel great with life and have a positive mindset moving forward.

Not to mention that Jeff and I are going to Europe to see a roofing show for 3 days in Cologne, Germany. After that we head to Amsterdam to bang prostitutes and eat space cakes see the Anne Frank house, Heineken Experience, and Vincent Van Gogh museum. From there we head to Brussels which I know exactly zero about. Probably drink some bomb ass beer and get attacked by some sleeper units. Next we travel the English Channel and wind up in London for 2 nights which, I’m calling now, will be my favorite city. I’m going to do some research this weekend on tourist ideas because these days tend to go fast.

I’m going to bring my laptop so maybe I’ll post a entry or two along the way. You can be certain I’ll be using Snapchat and hopefully we can replace William Penn with some Big Ben. If you’re not following the action, what are you waiting for?

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Getting A New Job

I will not be quitting this position so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

I’ve considered creating a new business as a small business consultant. The idea is that I’d work for nothing. People would pay me based off of the success of my information.

Why would any one want to use me?

  1. 0 cost
  2. Knowledge on digital marketing & payment solutions
  3. Understanding product appeal
  4. Ability to communicate
  5. I don’t fuck around

Why do I want to do this?

  • I can
  • I would like producing success
  • I want to utilize my ability on this Earth

Why would I do this? – This is a good question because if I have my most profitable option, why wouldn’t I put all my time into that? The answer is that I didn’t choose my current job, it chose me. Unless I make something happen, I’ll continue to work it for my entire life and I don’t want to limit myself like that.

Is this real?
My current work offers tremendous everything. I have freedom to do whatever I want. I’m traveling to Europe all expenses paid (as an odd way to look at it). You see the seeds you sow. The downside is that I’m tired. I’m tired of the monotonous nature of doing a task that I don’t love. I’ve learned skills over 12 years that carry over into any aspect of life. Am I worried that I don’t have the contacts like I do now after 12 years of service? Of course. However, with the internet, the world isn’t as personal as it once was. Personal business is what gets you head and shoulders above everyone else. There are only so many hours in a day and if I’m already feeling stressed over my current situation, why would I add more? Because I’m a lethal motherfucker.

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Restart Required

I’m going to use this post to explain the exuberance of winning and then the pain of losing and the emotions that go into it.

Not me.

On October 16th, I won 3k from a DraftKings tournament. I cashed out 2k and have been gambling with the 1k. Normally my weekly allowance for sports betting and DK is 100-200 a week. This week I was closer to $500.

At this point of the season I am down $300 in sports betting since week 1. Tack on another $100 for my Sunday performance which has its own little story. I joined Warren Sharp, who releases “pro” picks, and he went 1-3 (and technically the 1 wasn’t even one because he said the line was 3.5 and it was 3.) So that $100 got wiped out. I am 1 of my last 15 picks (with 2 pushes). Ice cold means a break is necessary from Bovada.

My DK performance was also bad this week as I cashed in 0 of 5 tournaments for a loss of $384.  My highest scoring team was $139.58 which missed the money by 5 points. Choosing the Rams D who went for 0 is what hurt my chances this week. I had good selections as well with Cousins, Kamara, and Cooks, but too many misses with Jared Cook and Kareem Hunt.

So I still have $600+ in my account but my feeling of winning is being consumed by the feeling of losing. When you add that my fantasy teams went 0-4, and one team is sitting on 32 total points, and I picked 7 right in the Pick Em’, I feel like curling up in a ball and waiting for the onslaught to end.

Here is where the important analysis comes in but I wanted to give the honest facts. There is an emotional aspect that comes along with gambling that is different from a steady Eddie who doesn’t ever get in the ring. The ring can be brutal. You’ll take your lumps. It’s hard to know when to say enough is enough but that’s where I’m playing from right now. After winning the money, I stepped up to bigger challenges. I joined tournaments that are higher dollar value and higher risk to reward. As I was telling Evan, there are only so many weeks left and the time is now. You can go through your entire life and never really put your neck on the line. There are times in your life where it can be appropriate to take it on. There are other times, when you have responsibilities, where it’s not appropriate. I’m not justifying losing money, I’m only saying that I wanted to take the chance and I feel the repercussions if it doesn’t work out. Life moves on. Everything will be ok. It’s how you get up that’s more important. I have faith this will turn around because with ultimate lows, come ultimate highs. Stay the course.

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Week 10 Results…Not So Great

Monday’s will usually be a review of my action. In DraftKings I managed to win about 45 bucks which I immediately put into a Primetime Tournament.

I was in 1st at one point in the $50 Red Zone which would have been a 1,500 cash thanks to Keenum and Thielen but finished in 21st with some Goff and Woods in the late game. I whiffed on Julio though and pretty much every RB for the entire week. The one point to take from this week is that nothing is a sure thing. I was pretty confident on Jordan Howard and figured Bilal Powell had to score some points and they both busted. I managed to sneak a win in the $109 3 person by scoring 104 (not shown) thanks to Sterling Sheppard and Robby Anderson.

My betting cooled off since I had to re-deposit and my 100 is now 25 thanks to the Jets. Just totally off on the game. My FF was average as well going 2-2 in a must win week. Playoff chances in two leagues are there but I’m on life support in the Dynasty.

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LPT – Life Pro Tip

Font choices in red should be regarded as “stop”
If you’re going to be using my LPT’s, you are forewarned
That is my actual betting log which has me down 7 units for the season

  1. Don’t bet when drinking – When drinking, money becomes and object and not a means of survival. All awareness of the value of money goes out the window when you are 12 beers deep and this enables irrational thinking to bloom. As you can see from the feature image, the biggest bets are on games I couldn’t name one player from and this allowed a larger downturn than what should have happened. It should be noted that the biggest booms can occur when drinking as well.
  2. Be Self Aware in Conversation – This is easily the hardest one to judge because it’s very subjective. When you’re talking to someone else, you can feel when you are on the same page with someone. They’ll be times when I start talking about a subject matter and I can tell that the person is bored to death or doesn’t care. When this happens, guess what I do? I change the fucking subject. So when you’re talking to me and you’ve prattled on for the last 5 minutes and I haven’t responded, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’m too polite to tell you that I don’t give a shit but you should be able to tell. Funny story and an example. Last weekend I was hanging out with the Wads and asked him where his GF was. He gave me a one sentence answer, then he started going into detail and I stopped him and said, “I don’t care.” I’m not trying to be mean here, and since Adam is one of my best friends, I don’t mind interrupting him and telling him I don’t care because whether she’s at the mall or at the salon, it’s out of my interest. If Adam was a stranger, I’d probably just nod my head a bunch of times.
  3. Eat Food and Drink Water When Boozing –  I can’t explain it but I’m horrible at this. It’s like interrupting my drinking by eating is a buzz kill. It makes no sense because it takes 30 minutes and will increase a night by hours. When I eat and drink, I can go all day if I stay away from shots. When I haven’t eaten, it’s like I’ll go black out and zombie my way for a few hours until something bad happens. It shouldn’t be difficult, but it’s essential.
  4. Get Off the Fucking Machine – I started going to the gym again and people are, as Larry David would say, “nincompoops”. If you aren’t using the machine, don’t sit on it using your phone. It’s not a bench. Why are you bringing your phone to work out anyway? The gym isn’t social hour. It’s supposed to be an efficient process of getting in shape. The only people who spend 2 hours at the gym are people who have nothing better to do with their lives except getting swole to move furniture (is my best guess).
  5. Say Thank You..But Not Too Much – By far the best phrase to use in many spots. I even overuse it to the point that it starts becoming meaningless. The server gives me some coffee. Thank you. The server gives me my omelette. Thank you. The server gives me my check. Thank you. People like to be thanked genuinely because we like doing good deeds and then being respected or acknowledged for doing them. It goes the same with “great job”. I don’t want to hear great job. I want to hear what you actually think of the work even if it’s negative.
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Some Football Knowledge

I’m sure from now on I’ll be updating on my results earlier but I’ve been on “vacation” and have this laptop instead of my dual monitor setup where I’m more comfortable.

Week 1 is in the books and it was moderately successful. I went 3-1 in my fantasy leagues, won $120 in my bets and lost $10 in Draftkings. Fantasy was mostly luck but I’m positioned well with my players in not having DJ anywhere. I rattled off 4 straight bets in the NFL only to bet 12 units on the Gmen which blew up in my face. The $10 loss in DK seemed reasonable as I didn’t connect big time with any one lineup.

I’d like to think I pay a lot of attention to fantasy lineups and as much as I hate to write this, I don’t understand what people are thinking on FA days. I’ve heard many people say that they always finish with money at the end so they don’t worry about spending it. I understand that philosophy but I must add that this is a 13 week season plus playoffs. When we are in week 12 and a leading RB goes down and I have 80 and you have 12, I’m in a good spot. The money is long term money and should be viewed as such unless there is some guy who is unbelievably valuable which is hard to pinpoint. Which brings me to defense and kicker streams. Every single week teams change. One week it makes sense to stream whoever plays Scott Tolzien or Tom Savage. It literally doesn’t matter what defense it is, it’ll have a better chance than whatever random defense you throw out each week. I feel this way about a kicker too but not as strong. I don’t intend to think I can get it right each week, I only know that it feels like an edge against people who don’t do it.

I’ll start posting my lineups before the weekend but this was as special week off.

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Hey, I’m Back

After being under weather last week, my body and brain were unable to perform at peak condition. This led to a minimal blog posts, reduced exercise, and a general sense of depressing well being.

I had a relatively quiet labor day weekend where I blacked out exactly 0 times and routinely was above average in activities I participated in. I became the 3 and 1 man going up 8 units on the season with a gut wrenching GT cover against Tennessee. My Draftking bets all lost like they usually do. I’ll be betting on the game tomorrow but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Every time I bet on the Chiefs I lose and every time I bet on the Pats I win. Sounds simple. The only reason I’m leaning Pats is because I would hate to get pumped to watch the game then have Brady open it 14-0 in the first 5 minutes and ask myself why the fuck did I ever bet on Alex Smith. I’ll update tomorrow I’m sure.

My other good news is that I’m finally able to run again without Achilles problems. I ran 4 of the last 5 days virtually pain free. I’m taking today off to fully heal and then I imagine I’ll be back to normal. I did manage a 17:20 3 mile time on the track so it won’t be long before 17 is in the dust.

Not much else going on and I’m so freaking busy with work and customer that even taking the time to write this I look at as better than nothing. Here’s to another shitty entry. I also started watching Power if anyone else likes that show.

Watch this ridiculous GOT / Fantasy Football Video
GoT Fantasy

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Recovering From Injury

I bought 2 pair of Men’s CEP compression achillies socks which have a support for the back of your achillies. Now, you probably don’t know that I’ve been battling an achillies problem for about 2 months but its been tortuous. I’ve tried taking a max of 4 days off and it doesn’t heal which has caused me to purchase these socks. My life cannot function without exercise.

As I look around on a daily basis outside of Philadelphia, exercising doesn’t ring true for, guessing here, 80% of the population. For me, it’s engrained in me since I ran track in middle school. I don’t like being overweight because it’s a measure of self worth. If you don’t take care of your body, there’s a good chance you don’t take care of more important parts of your life. “But Tom, you abuse your body with alcohol on a weekly basis.” Good point. Let’s move on. Just kidding. I almost view these 2 activities as a balancing act. Exercising allows me to have the fun (and downsides) that drinking provides from life.

Back to the socks, they do moderately help with the achilles problem. The support almost forces the pain to stay in one place and that turns it into a dull roar instead of a flaring pain. This has allowed me to exercise for 2 days straight for the first time in what feels like months. Unfortunately the socks peel the skin away from my upper heel which has no caused another pain. My brain tells me that all of these issues stem from my shoes which for the last few years I’ve been wearing Altra’s and they worked like a charm. Yeah, you gave me the wrong shoes. Uh-huh. Yes, it’s a black Altra. Uh-huh. Ok, well don’t you think that the Altra people, in some crazy scheme in order to make a profit, MADE MORE THAN ONE BLACK PAIR OF SNEAKERS? This kind of happened to me in that the early versions of the shoes were made for my feet and now they’ve made them skinnier and I’m having major problems as felt by the achillies, knee, and ankle. The new shoes don’t work which has become problematic.

Which brings me to today and I’m pleased with 2 workouts in a row but am not going to be able to go again today. So it goes.

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