Philly represents. The line started with Chef at -150, it moved to -120, and I don’t know what it finished at but let’s call it even money. I put multiple tweets out there asking if anyone wants to bet $100 and I’ll take Smitty.

The fight was so-so. Smitty was clearly the better athlete and knocked Chef down in the 2nd round. It was much the deciding factor in the fight. Chef had a few shots but I didn’t think he had the edge at any point.

The highlight of the match was Smitty sitting next to Dave Portnoy, the founder, and ripping into him saying, “I wanted to fight you.” “You doubted me.” “You never compliment me.” Smitty won the fight, then destroyed Dave verbally. Such a beast.

You should want to be from Philadelphia at this time. Eagles win the Superbowl. Sixers are rising. Smitty one upped El Pres and that will never go away.