Chip Kelly is on Crack

Kiko AlonsoLeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonzo. Who is Kiko Alonzo, I asked? I watch more football than 90% of the population and have never heard of the man. Is he from Africa? Nope, he conveniently played at OREGON.

In the 2013 season he was lights out recording 10 tackles a game and getting interceptions like it was his job (it isn’t as a linebacker). He was named defensive rookie of the month in September and finished 3rd in the league in tackles (159). Seemed like a tremendous player ala Luke Kuechly (I’m just going out on a limb with that one but he’s white, a linebacker, and putting up huge numbers). What could go wrong?

Defenders are used to seeing 25 from behind.

Defenders are used to seeing 25 from behind.

Oh wait, he missed the entire 2014 season with an ACL tear. Some people can come back from ACL’s like Jeremy Maclin and Rob Gronkowski, but it’s still a serious injury. He would have to be quite a linebacker to equate to Shady’s skill at running back which fans will be scrutinizing closely.

LeSean McCoy was traded for reasons that mostly pertain to money.  The Eagles pick up almost 10 million of cap space (LeSean was owed 10.25m vs Alonso’s 750k).  Chip probably creamed his pants thinking he is getting an equivalent, elite caliber player on the defensive end that saves him money. Talk also says that LeSean was fading as his 5.1 ypc in 2013 dropped to 4.2 last season. This is hogwash.

Eagles offense will not be as explosive.

Eagles offense will not be as explosive.

I’d argue that DeSean Jackson made everyone better in 2013. He finished the year with 1300+ yards and 9 TDS and was a deep threat that spread the field.

  • Riley Cooper shined (835 yards and 8 TD) with DeSean which is saying something after his last year with Maclin as the WR1 (535 yards and 3 TD).
  • Jordan Matthews (872 & 8) emerged last year but Nick Foles regressed (easy to fall off a 27-2 year).
  • LeSean went for 1,607 and 539 receiving yards in ’13 vs 1319 rushing and 155 receiving yards in ’14.  Sproles and Polk took numbers away from him one could argue.
  • Maclin put up almost identical numbers as DeSean did last year but he did it with more underneath catches instead of the only way Desean catches the ball, long bombs.


Gut Reaction

The Eagles are going to have to use Shady’s cash to get some defensive talent.  Cary Williams was a bum and easy to replace and Trent Cole dropped to 40 tackles and 6.5 sacks last year vs 44 and 8 in ’14 so I don’t see that as a huge loss.

They’ll miss Shady on offense.  This offense is nowhere near as good as they think they are without LeSean and DeSean.  They don’t have the playmakers.  QB issues as well.

A Flipping Head Cold Conversation

head-cold1The first day I got back from New Orleans I felt fine. I stayed in on Friday night and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt a tickle in my throat. I hate getting sick so I bought some cough drops and took it (relatively) easy on a Saturday night. Sunday came and went and I felt under the weather. Monday I went full out head cold with a runny nose that wouldn’t stop running. Today has been more of the same. Even though I don’t feel sick, I can tell my brain isn’t functioning 100%.

A few minutes ago I had a 26 minute conversation with a customer in Calgary. It went like this:

Customer: I can’t decide between your standard and heavy duty slate ripper.
Me: I’ll make it easy on you, we are out of stock on the heavy duty.
C: But will the standard model break? I’m going to be hitting it with a hammer.
M: It won’t break. It’s a one piece forging.
C: But I’m going to be hitting it with a hammer.
M: It won’t break.
C: What about a sledge hammer?
M: It won’t break.
C: How can you be so certain?
M: Because I’ve sold 1,000’s of them and they don’t break.
C: But I’m going to be hitting with a hammer.
M: I’m going to hit you over the head with hammer.

coldI added a little bit of drama and I didn’t really say the last line but I feel like situations like this happen and I can’t tell if it’s him or me. Like if I didn’t have a head cold would I have wrapped this up in 2 minutes. I tend to think not but who the hell knows.

Ronda Rousey’s Boobs

This will probably be the only post I ever write about Ronda Rousey. Not surprisingly it has nothing to do with her ability. If you don’t follow female UFC, there isn’t much to know except it is dominated by one woman, Ronda Rousey. Here was her latest fight against Cat Zingano who was 9-0 coming into this fight.

Anytime your fight fits in Gif format, you probably aren’t so happy. Either way, Rousey won in 14 seconds blah blah blah. The more important (body) part to focus in on are her cans. How does she fight with those puppies? There’s nothing more erotic than having Ronda Rousey mash your head into her boobs while she pummels away on your head. I caught a glimpse during a sportscenter highlight and double taked then reverse DVR’d to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was. You can’t stop them, you can only hope to contain them.

Top Barstool comment on a similar post:
I mean let’s be honest, this chick isn’t letting anyone with a below average chode fuck her. She’s strapping on and fucking you.

Joe Rogan isn’t complaining:

And what genius came up with this:

Oil and Water

Here’s a gif of a genius adding water to oil. Or vice versa.


Start evacuating everyone from the building. Fires spread extremely fast and can overwhelm victims in minutes. Treat burns only after evacuating the building.

Turn off the Burner! The fire might go out with this simple step.

Call 911. There’s no reason to wait, Rocky Mountain Fire will be there to assist even if you manage to get the fire out.

The easiest way to smother a grease fire is to cover it with a pan lid. Be careful with glass lids; they can break from the extreme heat of open flame.

Grease fires can also be smothered with baking soda, but it takes a lot of baking soda to do the trick. Unless the baking soda is easily accessible, it’s usually easier to quickly find a lid.

A dry chemical fire extinguisher will also work, but it will contaminate your kitchen and food. Class K fire extinguishers are available to put out grease and other kitchen fires, but they are usually only found in commercial kitchens.

A newly developed fire extinguishing spray is now available. Highly effective on common household fires including grease fires. Dispensed from a common aerosol spray can.

The Pursuit of Perfection

I’ve started reading Jobs. As the title implies, it’s about the life of Steve Jobs. I’m about 20% (this has replaced page #’s) of the way through and Steve’s pursuit of designing perfection is always apparent. I’ve written about perfection before so this isn’t groundbreaking by any means but worth re-visiting.


A common theme among the elite is perfection.  Perfection differs depending on the project and the person. Take this blog post.  If I say I only want to release it when I believe it’s perfect, will it ever be published?

perfectionNope. First of all, the idea for the post isn’t insanely great. If all I ever was trying to achieve was perfection, I’d have a total of 0 blog posts.  My skills do not allow me to achieve impeccable results. This is the issue with 97% of people roaming the earth.

steve-jobs-crazy-onesSteve Jobs was born different. He didn’t follow the rules and had a gift bestowed upon him that average people don’t have. Perfection is subjective but some people’s understanding of pure greatness varies.

Perfection is why Apple is the most valuable company in the world. As I finish the remaining 80% of the this book I may change these thoughts but what I’ve taken out of the beginning is attention to detail and perfection separate the elite from the great.

I’m Going to Fucking Kill You!

If you watch ESPN you’ve probably seen the below video of Kevin Stalling’s upset at his player:

When I first saw this video I only saw this part. I wasn’t aware that the coach’s player was previously clapping in the face of his opponent who they just beat as a method of taunting. This behavior from a player is out of line and makes it look as though the coach is doing a poor job developing his team’s sportsmanship. I understand why the coach was irate.

funny-kevin-stallings-picturesHOWEVER…you can’t use the word “kill”. Although I also feel the word “whip” would also have been looked poorly upon. The politically correct way would have been, “I’m very mad at you right now.”

The word “fucking” caught my eye in this exchange. If he didn’t say fucking would it still been as bad. “I’m going to kill you.” I guess it would. My sense is that people actually react to the word fuck in this back and forth. It wouldn’t be as bad if he wasn’t cursing. Cursing. Curse words. What the fuck!

The definition of a curse word is obscure. In its more literal sense, the term “profanity” specifically refers to “offensive words, or religious words, used in a way that shows you do not respect God or holy things.” Words that god does not look highly upon. Fucking or sex. Shit or poop. Cock or penis. Pussy or vagina. It makes no difference which one I say. There’s no reason fuck should be a curse word and sex shouldn’t be. Yet for a bizarre reason our society spazzes out over curse words.

swear wordsPerhaps I’m wrong though and this whole ordeal was because Stallings said he was going to kill him. A further look at this part though would lead to a situation where the killer wouldn’t be the brightest or maybe he is a diabolical mastermind. There would be no reason to expect that Stallings was actually going to kill him, It’s called a figure of speech.

After further review, my initial, out of context, reaction was the coach should be fired but after analyzing the situation, I believe he made the right move by apologizing and life will move on. Here is what the player thought:

Who Dat.

Quick phone post because I haven’t

Andrew Jackson on his high horse is accurate.

Andrew Jackson on his high horse is accurate.

updated in a few days. I’m in New Orleans for a roofing show. I woke at 330 am on Tuesday to catch a 6am flight. I had about an hour of time in the airport to read.

I was beat after the show yesterday and didn’t get into much but the bed in my hotel room. Today I’m feeling re-energized. I hope to have some stories but you never know.

Top 10 Streaks in Sports By Difficulty

This post was suggested to me by Brookes and I think it’s stupendous. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed researching it. My biggest factor for judging difficulty was the feat of the streak and the level of competition.

Julio Cesar Chavez as a young boxer.

Julio Cesar Chavez as a young boxer.

10. Julio César Chávez 87 straight boxing victories
Floyd Mayweather is 41-0 and at the end of his career to give you an idea of how tough Julio Cesar Chaves was. Fighters today just don’t fight as often as Chaves did. Starting in 1980, he was fighting nearly once a month for the early stages of his career and still getting in the ring 6 times a year during the run. 13 years after he started he drew a fight to Pernell Whittaker. His career lasted 25 years and he won 107 fights. Arguments would be made to the quality of opponents but a 13 year run doesn’t happen overnight and boxing isn’t one of those non-contact sports.

Opposing teams did not want to see Eric Gagne in the 9th.

Opposing teams did not want to see Eric Gagne in the 9th.

9. Eric Gagne 84 consecutive saves
A tainted streak as Gagne admitted to using HGH but impressive none the less. He sported a .83 era, 14 K’s per 9, only gave up 3 homers, and inherited 23 runners and 0 scored. The next closest closer is Tom Gordon who had 54. Keep in mind that in the midst of Gagne’s streak of consecutive games saved, he has lost games after entering a tie contest — but those don’t count as blown saves (espn). Further reading on this streak can be found here.

Gretzky hoisting the cup on the Edmonton Oilers

Gretzky hoisting the cup on the Edmonton Oilers

8. Wayne Gretzky 51 consecutive games with a point
The Great One is oh so great that this record most likely will never be touched. Mario Lemieux holds second place with 46 games  followed by Wayne Gretzky again with 39. Mats Sundin holds 3rd place with 30 games. Gretzky averaged nearly three points a game during that stretch, with 61 goals and 92 assists for 153 points. When you are head and shoulders better than your competition it’s easy to accumulate a streak like this. This isn’t even putting the competition down, it’s saying how good Wayne Gretzky was. Averaging 3 points a game statistically makes this streak possible. However, no one else in hockey has ever done it for as long as Wayne.

John Wooden and Bill Walton- key components during the 88 game streak

John Wooden and Bill Walton- key components during the 88 game streak

7. UCLA Bruins 88 game win streak
John Wooden is possibly the most underrated coach of all-time. This is probably not true amongst basketball intelligentsia but the general public isn’t keen to UCLA basketball in the early 70’s. UCLA was the most dominant college team of all time when it comes to college hoops. Notre Dame gets the prestigious honor of being the team that ended UCLA’s streak in ’74 AND also beating them in ’71 to reset the streak. UCLA won 3 national championships during the run and 7 consecutive championships starting in ’67. Famous greats on these teams were Lew Alcinder and Bill Walton.


Edwin Moses using his patented 13 steps through the 400 meter hurdles.

6. Edwin Moses 122 straight wins in 400m hurdles
Edwin didn’t lose a race from 1977 until 1987. He won 2 Olympic gold medals in the 400 meter hurdles at the 1976 Montreal games and 1984 Los Angeles. He still holds the 2nd fastest time in history in the 400m hurdles at 47.02. When he lost to fellow American Danny Harris, 21, said Moses, 31: “I ran a good race, and the guy that beat me is 10 years younger and ran the race of his life.” To set a record in 1983 and still have it be the 2nd best 32 years later shows how dominant Moses was during the stretch. It’s hard to lose when you are that much better than runners 30 years later.  Never getting tripped up by a hurdle too is noteworthy.


The 71-72 Lakers anchored by Wilt the Stilt

5. L.A Lakers 33 game win streak
The 71-72 Lakers were led by Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West. Wilt had shifted his game to defense, averaging 14.8 points — his first season of less than 20 a game — and 19.2 rebounds while West and Gail Goodrich drove L.A.’s attack from the backcourt.”( The streak was broken by the Milwaukee Bucks who sported a roster of Kareem Abdul Jabar and the “Big O” Oscar Robertson. The Heat were the latest team to make a run at it peeling off 27 in the ’12-13 season led by Lebron.  33 games in game like basketball against professional competition is the definition of consistency.  Read more about the 71-72 Lakers.


Quite a few banners.

4. Detroit Red Wings 24 consecutive playoff appearances
A city with a hockey history that cannot be matched. For 24 straight seasons the Red Wings have made the playoffs. The next closest is 10 years by the San Jose Sharks. Pats on the back all around to management, players, and coaches. They have developed a winning culture that provided 24 years of success (soon to be 25 as they sit tied for 4th with 3 other teams) and 4 Stanley Cups. Greats include Steve Yzerman, Sergei Federov, and Niklas Lidstrom.

A long career awaited for Brett Favre

A long career awaited for Brett Favre

3. Brett Favre 321 consecutive starts (including playoffs)
For a QB in football to play for 18 straight years while not missing a game due to injury is unreal. Brett wasn’t the most mobile QB so he avoided taking collision like hits but football is a sport where every game you can get injured. I can’t even imagine how many times he played through broken fingers, twisted ankles, and bruised hips. Peyton Manning was the next closest QB with 208 that ended in ’11. Jeff Feagles holds the record for most consecutive games played with 352 but that’s no where near as impressive.

Joltin' Joe

Joltin’ Joe

2. Joe Dimaggio 56 game hit streak
To get a hit 1 time for every 3 at bats is considered being a great hitter. All it takes is one game in a very small sample size of at bats to have to start over again. Plus pressure starts building when you’re 0-3 at bat the final time with a 40 game hitting streak on the line. This man laughed in the face of pressure and rolled it out 56 games. He had 91 hits over those 56 games, batted .408 and struck out just five times. It should be noted that the streak would have went to 75 if Ken Keltner’s glove didn’t make two great catches. Pete Rose was next closest with 44. Jimmy Rollins was the last closest player with a 38 game hit streak in ’05-’06.

Cal Ripkin breaking Lou Gehrigs streak of 2130 games.

Cal Ripkin breaking Lou Gehrigs streak of 2130 games.

1. Cal Ripkin 2,632 consecutive games played
My top honor goes to the “Iron Man” Cal Ripkin besting Lou Gerhig’s consecutive game streak by 532 games. 16 straight years of playing baseball and never missing a game. No streak has the dedication as a man that Ripkin’s does and that’s why it’s the best. Time against man is a constant battle and to avoid injury or sickness for this much time shows more commitment to a sport than can be asked from any one man. He was incredibly talented to boot. Sure it’s baseball and not the most physically demanding sport but 16 years is 16 years and no other schedule asks as much from an athlete. Incredible.

Imagine Dragons – Smoke & Mirrors

imaginedragonsThe new Imagine Dragons album was released on 2/17/15.  I read the 2 star review in Rolling Stone and wondered, “huh?”  Night Visions is possibly a top 20 album of the entire 2000’s, how could they have fallen off so far?  Not to mention Rolling Stone has a weird rating system.  Unless you are Bob Dylan, the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin, you rarely see a 5 star review.  However, it’s equally rare to see 1 star review.  2 stars is pretty bad

With the opportunity to listen through the 13 tracks today…I was equally disappointed.  I’m not a music guru but I know what I like quickly.  The sound was no Night Visions.  It was harder and the lyrics seemed less important.  I can 180 quickly and I’ll continue to give the tracks more listens.  Shots and I Bet My Life were above average releases but won’t carry the album.   Polaroid and It Comes Back To You are my favorite tracks.  The last 6 songs are all forgettable except Trouble.

Even though I believe it’s a step back from Night Visions, it’s still a good album and certainly not 2 stars.  I named 5 tracks out of 13 that I would consider good.  Most artists are lucky to get 2.