TC’s 5 Predictions

I’m not a smart man, but I know what the future holds.  Not really but I have to sound like I do if I want to be taking seriously.  Here are a few things that will happen.

downmarket1) The Dow Jones Industrial Average will close below 15,000 by June of ’15.  Trading took a big hit today dropping 264 points and closing under 17,000.  This prediction is not “when”, but how soon.  The DOW has seen significant growth since February of ’09 and this was not because of anything but the quantitative easing (trillions of dollars being injected into the economy).  The economy may seem steady for the time being but nothing goes up forever.  Another depression causes mass suicides and people begin to explode.

janay-rice-tweet2) Roger Goddell resigns as commissioner from the NFL after Janay Rice and Tyrese Robert Ruffin (A-Pete’s Son) join together and start gaining a massive support of Twitter followers.  The strength of the followers is enormous and begin to reign hate on Roger Goddell’s twitter account.  To cap off the emotional beating, the segment “mean tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel hurt Goddell’s feelings and he resigns.  The NFL season finishes with an Eagles Super Bowl victory and Archie Manning becomes the new commissioner.  Eagle’s fans start exploding with excitement.

mojo-3d-printer-23) 3D Printing becomes the next wave of production for items.  The company that is able to produce the raw materials for the printing becomes a trillion dollar company.  Let me explain how this will work and why it will take over:  Say you want a spoon, you download the spoon template, customize it in your printershop software, then have your printer print your spoon our of a ceramic material.  You won’t buy a silver spoon from Kitchen’s R Us when the spoon you printed costs a cent.  Obviously I’m making up a scenario where the material you use is good for a spoon but this idea will run rampant.  It will replace anything that can simply be re-created by the printer.  People are so amazed by this that they begin to explode.

140210-gadget-drone-1453_a8d2d5455da6d86789192edb1b1209394) Drones start to hunt people.  You’ve seen this in movies.  Drones will have cameras in their make up, be able to identify human faces, and then relay information to the owner of the droid.  This works especially well with criminals.  Sects will develop and Simon Phoenix will be the arch nemesis to the planet.  We’ll have to bring back John Spartan to take him down and it turns into a serious boggle.  Sandra Bullock develops and obsession with hot dogs, Armour Hot Dogs.  Most likely ends with a frozen Simon Phoenix head exploding.

personexploding5) Credit cards are replaced with a surgically installed chip. Your body becomes a giant bank account.  Instead of scanning “your card”, you will get scanned.  If you ever hit 0, you become worthless to society and explode.  This sparks amazing production out of human beings and the survival of the fittest is put to the test.  Creativity is at an all time high.  People exploding becomes a nuisance to the numerous clean up crews dedicated to this issue.

The Thoughts of a Felon

blogtrafficToday over 1,000 people visited this blog. This is a lot of people by normal standards. Obviously the links to naked celebrities is fueling this fire. Blogging about a high schooler giving a blow job in front of her friends and posting to Instagram didn’t hurt. HOWEVER, I had feelings of remorse and guilt as I had a lot of car time today.

I drove to Fredericksburg, VA today to do a tool demo and it is about 3 and a half hours away. After I got my ready in the morning, all my brain get coming back to was how stupid it was to write about a matter that essentially involves child porn. I thought about the Gov’t watching the websites I go to and basically monitoring my every move. I was paranoid to say the least. All of this reverted back to blog traffic which I’m inevitably getting and it’s what I always wanted. I never thought I cared about how I got it but now I’m having a second thought…

Free_SpeechJust kidding. I’m ecstatic. This much traffic guaranteed could lead to cha-ching cha-ching. I’ve finally learned that the only way to get traffic is posting about topics people know they shouldn’t post about. It would impact my work negatively if I were to get arrested for an absurdity like a blog post but the chances are slim to none as long as I stay within certain parameters that I have no idea what they are. Freedom of speech, right?

Here’s a picture of Rihanna kissing a girl.  Traffic.  Traffic.  Traffic.

I also read up on what it takes to get in trouble for posting leaked pictures and it’s almost impossible to.  First off, this blog makes 0 dollars so there is nothing to sue for.  I’m also fairly certain that linking another site to it and me not hosting makes it not my wrongdoing.

Old Gems

I was digging up some posts from 2010 and there are a few gems from that time period. I was living life far more carelessly than I am today. JKash was in practically every post and now the guy is settled down with a baby. Time flies.

I’m going to share a few of the better excerpts that I came across and I’m sure there are some people who didn’t read the blog back then so it will be like new.

woman-slapping-man“I always had a good impression of females, but tonight I’ve changed my tone. I was talking to a lady who went to Villanova and she was a nice girl. We talked for a couple minutes and then she asked to feel my muscle. I’m certainly not the biggest guy but after she felt it she backed away. I said what’s wrong and she gave no comment, so I called her shallow. She negotiated with her friend for a minute and then she slapped me across the face.” I didn’t finish that post but Jkash basically defended the shit out of me by pointing in her face and telling her what’s up.


Old Pictures

This was me in Home Depot buying wood to make a beer pong table. Notice the sandals and socks that I so vehemently degraded in a post a few weeks ago.


Passed out on the couch. This was a Mad River afternoon bash that I got hammered at. I believe I said I needed help on the medical front. Notice the cargo shorts which I so vehemently degraded in a post a few weeks ago.

I honestly completely forgot about this picture. Sam this is a warning to you. This was an injury coming back from the bars in Manayunk.

This song by the Shee followed:
I was bruised and battered I couldn’t tell what I felt
I was running home all by myself
I saw my reflection in the snow bank, didn’t know my own face
Wagon why did you leave me alone in the place
On the streets of Philadelphia

I limped up Green Lane til my legs felt like stone
I heard voices of roommates vanished and gone
Come morning I saw blood all over my head
Guess I’m lucky I didn’t end up dead
On the streets of Philadelphia

Aint no angel gonna greet me
It’s just booze and I my friend
My shoes must not fit me no more
I ran all the way home, just to slip and fall…

This video preceded the fall. To think there was nothing coming in the future after these type of nights.

A Traffic Whore Loves an Ally Lyons Train Wreck

Internet TruthI’m at my best when I’m at my worst. The post I wrote yesterday about boobs and death contained links to the site which is hosting the Fappening as well as a horrid shot of Hope Solo (I apologize if you clicked that not knowing what to expect). Not surprisingly, I suppose, it boosted traffic to the point that I’ve already exceeded this months best day and it isn’t even 8pm yet. This goes to show that all anyone ever wants is what they aren’t supposed to have.

brandi-mug-shotHow did this blog generate hundreds of visitors years ago? I posted a Brandi Passante picture next to a similar girl from a mug shot. Was it her? I have no idea but I named the picture appropriately and got tons of traffic (and still do).

Where did today’s traffic to my home page come from?  One must presume that since this is a huge influx of traffic, it must have been something I posted recently and the only thing that anyone would care about is naked pictures of celebrities! This is primary purpose of the internet: to spread stories and pictures that you aren’t suppoed to see,


Ally Lyons Scandal

Ally Lyons

Ally Lyons

To continue with my inappropriate posting, I first saw this on Barstool but the story is about a girl in high school, taking a picture of her giving a blow job to some dude, in front of her friends, and posting it to Instagram. You can find the link through the Barstool link or on the subreddit trashy.  These are a few of her tweets from the aftermath.

Brilliant mind from Ally and you’d be in awe of the amount of support she is getting from people like the last tweet. Her Twitter is filled with pictures of weed and her doing hood rat things with her friends. Stories likes these are how you get traffic.  You whore yourself out to being a pervert and displaying egregious acts to “normal” people who want to think they are above it but the sad reality is the reverse.  Are my morals higher than that?

Mostly no but somehow yes.  There are so many fucked up acts going on around me in this world that me sitting behind my computer posting it on my blog is about a 1 on the scale of inappropriate behavior.  Blame Reddit.  Blame the internet.  Blame the stupid girl or better yet blame her parents!  This world wasn’t meant to share any and everything with everyone else.  We are imploding as a society and it’s unstoppable.  People think nuclear war will be the end of our planet but I’m blaming the camera phone!


PS: I do get the feeling the Feds will bust down my door and whisk me away so if they do, you know why. I also can’t speak for anyone who comes to my blog but I’m completely desensitized to these type of stories so maybe I’m out of bounds here but we’ll let the traffic be the judge.  I also found a picture of her parents.


Most Popular Girl’s Name By State


Mary – Conservative 60’s name
Lisa – Overtook Mary in the 60’s and held steady
Jennifer – 1970 was the year Love Story was released. The female romantic lead is named Jennifer.
Amanda – Sprinkled in popularity among the mid-south in the 80’s
Ashley – Mid 80’s in the East and then huge in the early 90’s
Jessica – Overtook Jennifer with the help of Ashley in the 80’s and early 90’s
Emily – Big in the 90’s mostly up North and West Coast
Madison – Attributed to the movie Splash played by Daryl Hannah.
Hannah – Late 90’s, popular in the Southern region
Emma – Theory that Rachel’s baby on Friends was named Emma.
Isabella – I have never met one person named Isabella. Twilight induced.
Sophia – Lots of kids in the NW and East coast born with this name in the late 00’s
Addison- North and South Dakota favorites by today’s standards
Donna – NC in 2014 WTF

Death and Boobs

As I mature, I realize there are only 2 important things in life: Death and Boobs



death_everyoneThe ultimate consequence.  An incredible uncertainty.  Nothing.

After reading A Fault in Our Stars, I was struck by how death can strike some people faster than others.  A 15 year old diagnosed with cancer is lucky to live to 30.  Their life is barely even a life and there’s nothing they can do about it.  Eric the Actor from the Howard Stern show passed away at 39 on Saturday.  He was dealt a hand in life which left him 4ft tall and confined to a wheel chair.  He was fine on Friday and died on Saturday.  Who knows what’s next.

That’s why I’m laughing at myself for staying in this weekend, doing virtually nothing but reading and watching movies, to participate in a meaningless race.  What did I do today?  I went to work and then came home, ate dinner, and read / watched TV.  The fuck.  What the hell am I doing?  I’m making money to survive but my life is meaningless.  When you start to big picture life, life sucks.  It’s fine to act like it doesn’t and think everything is peaches and cream, and for 1% of the population it probably is, but what about everyone else?  This is a harsh reality.



Davon-Magwood-FappeningThe fappening part 2 (this is a NSFW link) is hitting hard and these pictures of celebrities blow me away.  First of all, why is Hope Solo taking a naked selfie of her hairy snatch (That link will lead you there but you will not want to go)?  That was the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in a while but the rest of these pictures reveal one thing, female celebrities are celebrities because they have great boobs.  Lake Bell.  Jennifer Lawrence.  Kaley Cuoco.  Kate Upton.  Emily Ratajowski,  Kim Kardashian.  There is one trait they all have in common, a great rack.

It’s a real fucked up society for beautiful females.  Society basically says, “if you have huge tits, you’ll be treated better.”  This is a little unfair to the following people: girls who weren’t gifted boobs, girls who refuse to alter their body for plastic boobs, girls who want to make it on their own accord without the assistance of boobs.  Also taking pictures of yourself in the mirror is only an issue if you have nice breasts apparently.  I could probably take a picture of my penis but I think phone’s only have about 10x zoom so I doubt anyone would see it.

Obligatory Betting Recap Post

These posts from time to time help me track my status because I’m not using anything sophisticated like Excel.

ituneslogoI went into the third week  5-11 down $180 dollars betting NFL.  I was 6-3 in College up +87.  My fantasy teams had won exactly 2 games out of 8 and I was even in Fanduel betting.

My tweeted bets on the Packers and Giants split, the Saints pushed, I lost a 4 team teaser, lost on the Broncos and won on the Steelers.  All of this action ended in a net loss of $18.  It extends the record to 7-13-1.  I had the most money on the Saints and the Giants.

On Saturday I pushed the college record to 8-4 with wins on Virginia and Clemson, losing Florida for a net win of $17 dollars.  Betting games this weekend broke even including all juice going into Monday night.

Fantasy-Football-WizardIt was my best showing in fantasy as I have already won 2 games and have 2 pending.  I need Alshon to go over 15 points and B Marsh to go under 12.6 for a perfect showing.  I had one coaching mistake by sitting Kniles over Colston which I forgot because I was waiting on news about Charles.

Fanduel was a different story this week.  I joined 6 tournaments and only have a shot of winning money in 1.  Shayne Graham, Pats D, Khiry Robinson, Calvin Johnson, and Larry Donnel were in many of my lineups and they were all duds.  If B Marsh goes over 8 points and Cutler doesn’t score 12.4 more than B Marsh, I’ll salvage $67 dollars after starting with $150.  If he goes over 38 I’ll win more but that’s doubtful.  Po0r showing.

The Rock and TC Gets Rolled Half Marathon

ive-made-a-huge-mistake (1)2 years ago I said I’d never do the Philly Half Marathon again.  For whatever reason 3 weeks ago I changed my mind and signed up.  I was in a mad rush to get myself in shape and this was a huge mistake.

What I’m about to display in this post is a horrible way to run a race.  In the 3 weeks I was “training”, I never did a constant run for further than 8 miles.  I’ve stressed before that in order to run a race successfully, you have to be able to exceed the distance in practice.  I learned the hard way.

I woke up at 6am and ate a single egg and a Chocolate Chip Chewy bar.  I rocked a deuce and felt pretty good all things considered.  I walked to the race which is about a mile and half from my house.  As soon as I met up with Nikkii and CK4, I had to take another shit.  This was not good.  I waited 10 minutes in line and had the runs which I knew was a bad omen.  I did little warm up and waited in the corral for the race to start.

2014 Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half MarathonMy first mile was 5:55 but I immediately had a sock problem as it felt like it was sliding in the shoe and this usually leads to blisters.  My 3 mile time was 17:33 which I knew was fast but I felt pretty comfortable and figured I’d give myself some room to fall off of 6 minute mile’s.  I followed that with a 5:50, 6:02, 6:01.  That was mile 6 and almost half way through the race.  At this point I knew I was fading a bit but was still pretty comfortable in all areas.  I rattled off a 6:12, 6:19 for the next 2 miles and started to know I was in trouble.  The 8 mile mark is near the bridge in East Falls and it was like a Mack truck ran me over.  My next mile was 6:33 as I tried to keep it together.  Mile 10 was done in 6:39 and my ten mile time was 61:12.  I knew this time was respectable and even at the current pace I would finish with a respectable time in the low hour 20’s.  It was not to be.

marathon_runner-468x472Mile 11 was done in 6:45 as I remember thinking, “wow, I feel horrible and I’m still able to break 7.”  This thought proved troublesome.  My foot started to bother me and it felt like my legs were made out of lead.  I ran a 7:32 next mile and I was only 1.1 miles away from the end.  Unfortunately my body completely broke down and in 2 separate times I stopped to walk.  When I walked, my brain felt dizzy and I felt like I was going to collapse.  I ran the last 1.1 in 9:16, which is incredible, and my finish time was 1:24.46 (6:27 pace).  I was passed by about 100 people in the last 3 miles and was so happy to finish the race that I once again swore it off forever.

I’m not sure how much of a difference it would have made if I started slower but that’s not my style.  I’m not a long distance runner and from now on I’m capping myself at 10 mile races.  My feet were blood blistered up and I probably took about 6 shits today.  It’s not been fun and it cost me $130 bucks and entire weekend of doing nothing for almost 0 satisfaction.  Fuck running.


The Fault in Our Movies

thefaultinourstars_I finished the widely renowned book called “the Fault in Our Stars” last night and I will give it a thumbs up.  It’s hard not to come away from the book with a new perspective on the cruelty of life and how some people have to deal with it.  The book is about 300 pages in big font and I would say it took about 5 hours to read.  It’s a quick read and very emotional at times.  This book brought tears to my eyes in 2 spots.

Fault_in_our_starsI had no idea that a movie was made of this book and released back in June.  This disappoints me a little because I have a feeling the book is a better way of experiencing these words.  The idea that you create the characters in your mind means that they can only be realized that way by you and gives it a personal touch.  A movie simplifies the process and thus dilutes it.

There is no way that Augustus in the movie is how I played him out in my mind. When I read, I don’t build the character by appearance.  It’s more of a ghost character going through what the book is telling me what they do.  I see this picture now of Hazel and I went through the entire book picturing her completely bald and pathetic. It didn’t matter though because looks mean nothing to the actual story.  Either way, I recommend reading the book and not watching the movie I haven’t watched.

PA, NY, VT Trip Report

I woke up at 5am on Wednesday morning for a trip northward.  My trip entailed visiting some slate quarries, a foundry, and a few of our dealers.  I dressed in a polo shirt instead of a button down because these places are not exactly fit for nicer clothing.  I stopped at a Wawa in Pottstown to get gas, a 2-$3 Sizzli deal, and a coffee.

What a foundry looks like.

What a foundry looks like.

I arrived in Slatington, PA at around 7:30 and visited my first stop. It was a quarry in PA that produces slate.  Pennsylvania slate has come on hard times and this is one of the few operating quarries.  I got the full tour and understood more about production issues.  I left and headed to a few local dealers who are in the slate trade.  After that I traveled north through Wilkes-Barre and onward to a cast iron foundry in Oneida, NY.  I’ll spare the details but I got a full tour of how a foundry operates and how castings are produced.  The day finished at around 4:30 and I was pretty tired.

I decided to drive east to get myself lined up with the quarries in Vermont.  I stayed in a city called Utica, NY which was unheard of to me.  I paid $67 dollars for a room at the Red Roof Inn, spent $8 dollars for some Taco Bell for dinner, and $3 dollars for 2 Glacier Ice Gatorade’s.  I also went for a run along the Erie canal which was nice but I fell off course at some point and ran through some dingy area that was unexpected.  I fell asleep at around 8:30 and woke up at 6am the next morning when disaster struck.

Sun Rise

I still had time to take a picture of the sun while driving with one eye open.

When trying to get my contact in the next morning I realized that one contact ripped.  I blame this shitty yellow contact case that was given to me by the optometrist.  Either way I only had sight in one eye and had many miles to drive.  I was pretty irritated at this point because I was unsafe on the road.  I started immediately by almost driving up a one way and then nearly hit someone merging off a ramp into a lane.  To make matters worse, the sun was rising directly in front of me and the fog was terrible.  I drove an hour to Schenectady, NY where a few customers were.

I entered a Walmart with a vision center and realized it didn’t open until 9am.  I had about an hour to kill so I made 2 business stops with one eye.  At 9am the Walmart opened and couldn’t help me out until I got a form faxed to them by my optometrist with the contact info.  My eye doctor didn’t open until 10 so I was stuck again.  I drove to Granville, NY which is a tiny little town in New York, and was able to get my info faxed to a kind old lady who hooked me up with a contact.  It was horrible to say the least getting around with one eye and ruined the morning.

What a slate quarry looks like.  Notice the trucks in the back for size comparison.

What a slate quarry looks like. Notice the trucks in the back for size comparison.

I did my business in Vermont seeing the various quarries and left at about 3pm.  It’s about a 5 hour drive so I was pretty tired when I got back.  I put $22 dollars on the Falcons which hit (I also won the Eagles on Monday for $36) and that puts me at 5-11 for-$180 for the season.  I’ve got the half marathon on Sunday so I’m expecting a pretty boring weekend.  Non-drinking though will give me plenty of time to take on a few activities that I’ve been delaying ie) Photoshop, German, reading Moby Dick, and watching Dallas Buyer’s Club.