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On the Chinese: “Still sticking with the chopsticks?” – Jerry Seinfeld

screen-shot-2015-06-08-at-11-14-09-amJerry Seinfeld did an interview with Howard Stern in ’13 that I suggest listening / watching if you enjoy Jerry.  I was blown away at how grounded Jerry is.  If you’ve listened to Howard for many years, you know that he’s gone to therapy 3 times a week for who knows how many years.  Jerry is the complete opposite of Howard with regard to psychology and you can tell the difference once you listen to him for an hour and half.

It’s important to pay attention to people of Jerry’s magnitude.  Listening to what they care about and how they live their life gives keys to successful people.  You can hear his determination with just about every sentence he says.  He’s always working.  He even says, “what else am I supposed to be doing?”  This is what connected for me because I ask that question often.  Perfecting his craft is what he is made to do.

s3e6_posterJerry shares praise with other comedians and his respect for the business is admirable.  He gets it.  He makes Howard seem like a neurotic nut which is humorous because Howard points our that Jerry always working is neurotic.  This isn’t taking any part away from Howard either because to conduct an interview for an hour an half with no boring pauses or lack of material is extremely difficult and he is a master.

adele_2013-650-430dI bring this to a town hall I heard with Adele and once again I listened carefully because she’s 25 and has sold the most albums this year in 3 days.  This is not a feat of some lucky schlub.  What I took from her was to always be yourself which is sort of a cheesy answer but I get it.  Not letting record company’s direct your music is why she comes off as so honest and natural.  I could also tell she wasn’t completely self absorbed when a fan would ask her a question, more often than not she posed the question right back.   It also helps when you surround yourself with talent which she has.

In order to get ahead in life (which is an odd way to look at life), people share the same characteristics.  Hard work.  Honesty.  Appreciation and learning from others.  I could probably go on but each person will take out varying ideas from these people.  Jerry also says, “if your only about the money, it will only take you so far.”



Sheee – Get Bucked

I haven’t had a fantasy football post in a while because the season is long and results don’t show themselves within the first few weeks.  A proper analysis is in order.

You don't want to see a group of turkeys coming after you in fantasy football.
You don’t want to see a group of turkeys coming after you in fantasy football.

I’m currently sitting in 1st place in two leagues with a 7-4 record.  Both of these positions are vulnerable however.  In Evan’s league I’m sitting in 2nd with points but people are breathing down my neck. A week 12 loss / clunker will make me right with the rest of the pack moving into the final week.  I’ve been pretty pleased with the position though as I’ve dropped a few key players (who hasnt?) and have been waiver wire scrambling every week.  My 40 moves lead the league as always.  I’ve been extremely confident in Evan’s league in past years but my team this year is going to squeak by, rather than dominate, its way to the championship.  Luck will have to be on my side with Antonio Andrews, Ronnie Hillman, and a new QB every week leading the charge.  ODB and Julio were perhaps the best 1-2 you could ask for this year which is why I am where I am.

My team in Steve’s league is an absolute powerhouse.   A Brady to Gronk combo has me leading the league in points by 100 to the next closest player.  I have Ivory, Martin, J Stew as RBs, and ODB, Cooks, and Allen Hurns as WR’s.  Throw in the best D (Panthers) and this is a solid team.  I fully expect to win the championship with this squad unless Brady and Gronk go goose egg one week.

The other two leagues at this point are essentially meaningless.  Baker’s league and its 25 dollar buy in makes me scan the waiver wire, set a line up, and forget about it.  My team is 6-5 and I’m in the hunt.  The team is Palmer, Ivory, Decker, Rawls, Gronk, and Cooks at this point.  The other league that I’m completely out of is my 10 team, 2 QB league.  I’m 3-8 and have little to say about the season other than my team competed but lost games.  Peyton Manning and Jeremy Hill were colossal let downs which led to my demise.

standingsI want to close with some input on the free auction bid system which I do believe is the fairest way to do waivers because it requires actual strategy opposed to the worst team getting the best pickup.  I was out maneuvered coming into Week 12 and the only person to blame is myself.  I put myself in the position with only have 28 FA dollars in a spot where I needed Buck Allen for a championship push.  You absolutely, positively need RB’s who get all the carries.  No time share BS.  Workhorses that can perform.  I’m much rather have Antonio Andrews (this may change) than Ronnie Hillman.  I know he gets 15-20 carries.  Even if he sucks, he’s the right play over someone who might get 5 carries and turn it into 20 points.  This is how I feel with James White.  I want to play him, but who knows what the Patriots will do.

Back to the FAAB, Adam purposely bid what I had.  This meant that there was no way I could get him.  Did he do it intentionally?  I have no idea but I can’t let myself get in that position.  Thomas Rawls is the donk pick up of the week.  You save all your free agent dollars for the entire year and blow your load on one player who will be replaced when Lynch comes back.  If Lynch doesn’t come back you look like a genius but is Rawls really the reason you spend 20 dollars all season?  It’s important to have money at this point in the season but how much is where the strategy comes in?  Guaranteed another big name player goes down this week and we’ll have one more spot where you need money.  I would have spent my roll on Allen this week but instead have 26 moving into week 12.  Don’t forget, there are weeks 13, 14, and hopefully 15 as well.  Good luck to all who read my entire thoughts on FAAB.  It’s not an aspect of fantasy that should go unnoticed.

It’s cool getting replies from Evan Silva as well.


New Theme

your-website-sucks-quit-making-excuses-and-fix-itThere will be complaints.  I myself am complaining.  Please understand that I’m not a website developer and I have to trial and error every goddamn setting known to man.  It’ll take some time until I get it right.

The site isn’t showing up properly on mobile.  The yellow background looks like puke.  The fonts are too small and the colors blend in so nothing can be seen.  There’s a stupid thumbtack on the feature image…

To be perfectly honest, I’ve only been working on it an hour and even though I crashed it once with a fucked up plugin, it’s been pretty quick.  I have way more flexiblity over text and size and I still need to decide if I like the continue reading aspect vs the posts all at once.  Any opinion?

I’ll work on correctly some of the aesthetics but this new theme is a step in the right direction.  It will take me some time to get it right though.  Hold tight.  It’ll take at least a few weeks and I’ll blog as usual through it.

Upper Dublin High School

Upper Dublin is Racist

Upper Dublin Schools Accused of Discrimination

Upper Dublin High SchoolI have to post articles like this because I don’t understand them. I went to Upper Dublin (#27 out of 100 top high schools in PA) which is the only reason I’m even posting this. The facts?!?

  • In a complaint to the U.S. Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, a group called Concerned African American Parents (CAAP) alleges that black students comprised 7.3 percent of Upper Dublin’s 4,232 students last year but received 45 percent of the suspensions.
  • Filed for the parents by the Public Interest Law Center, the complaint also says that not one black student was in the gifted program in the district’s four elementary schools and middle school.
  • Lawson said the group wants the district to eliminate the lowest of its three tracks, which has a disproportionate number of students of color and where “unfortunately, not a lot of learning goes on.” Without that bottom track, students would be integrated into higher-level courses, Lawson said.

Questioning the Facts?

579855_340109729413403_951276527_n7% receive 45% of suspensions. Isn’t the better question whether the 45% that were suspended deserved of the suspensions?  Are they saying that white students are not getting suspended for the same acts?  If you have evidence of this, you can make this kind of point.  If you don’t, you have nothing.  You can’t just throw out some percentage and claim there is a problem.  If students act poorly, they get suspended with an unbiased opinion towards race.  THAT’S THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

There are no gifted black students in elementary school?  If you have a child that you think is gifted, and they test into the gifted program, are you saying that Upper Dublin is specifically not allowing these types of students if they are black?  That would be discrimination.  I have a hard time believe that’s what is happening.  Once again, produce the results.

Beavis_Butthead_School_Sucks_White_Shirt_xlargeEliminate track 3?  I don’t care if you call it track 2.1, there is a reason why a student is placed in a certain level.  This isn’t a perfect world.  Not every child is of equal intelligence.  Students learn at different rates.  I’m sure studies have been done that backs up the learning process of learning with like minded peers.  The problem isn’t with classes being called track 3.

Arguments can be made that the teachers are not fully equipped to handle track 3 students. That’s an actual argument. An argument saying that track 3 students should be lumped in with track 2 students is a good way of saying that our children would be better suited for track 2. Let’s experiment then.  Move all the curriculum in track 3 classes to track 2.  You think putting track 3 students with track 2 students is magically going to turn them into better students?  More than likely they’ll feel even further behind and act even worse!

fireworksThis thinking just riles me up because although it is done with good intention, it isn’t focusing on the proper ways of getting results. I get that parents have talked to teachers and board members and nothing is happening in improving the behavior of their children.  Maybe the only way to get their attention is by suing.  It doesn’t feel right though to point out discrimination when it’s most likely a deeper problem.  Like, hmmm, maybe you could spend more time raising your child appropriately?  Oh shit, let the fireworks begin.

Fargo – Did You do this? No, you did it!

guernica3Picasso’s “Guernica” is one of history’s most famous anti-war paintings. It’s black and white depiction of people and animals suffering in the wake of a bombing has moved folks since its creation in 1937. Allegedly, while living in Nazi-occupied Paris, a German soldier saw “Guernica” in the painter’s studio and asked, “Did you do this?” Picasso replied, “No, you did it!” (great recap – better than mine)

An episode without Peggy and Ed is just not Fargo. Even though I complain about them, for whatever reason they seem to make the wheels of the bus go round and round. No matter, Mike Milligan was there to steal the show as always.

undertakerLet’s just start with this. You’re named the Undertaker and you last all of about 3 minutes into the show. Everyone wants to know why you’re the Undertaker and that’s what happens when you say, “where’s the eggplant that keeps shitting the bed?”  Saving the most climatic moments for the last 3 minutes of the show is always exciting.  The call to Mike was obviously from Ed but I was a bit confused because it seemed like Ed was calling the Gerhardt’s during the episode to tell Bear he has Dodd, which I can’t quite gather how that happened.  There was news of an Indian tracking a couple and I’m not sure where Dodd being captured fell into that.

20151123_232723Why did it take Bear 2 minutes to walk Simone to a remote area?  I get it Fargo, she didn’t have to walk through miles of woods for me to understand no one was around.  No gun ever went off but it’s most likely the last we see of Simone.  She had it coming.  Bear is easily flying up as top actor on the show.

I was quite disappointed to see Otto go.  It wasn’t clear during the fire fight in the last episode, but he was just chilling on the stoop, so I guess he bit it. What doesn’t make sense is the guys from Buffalo showed up to fend them off.  What?  Floyd, Simone, a bunch of kids, and a house keeper were really putting up a fight when at the exact time some randos from Buffalo show up.  Ok then.

20151123_232631Lou is becoming one of the best characters.  He’s not taking any gruff any more and is becoming more of a bad ass every episode.  I’m not in love with the parts with Betsy but whatever the show feels it needs to do to provoke some emotion.

I can’t quite predict where the show is going from here which I obviously like.  I guess we’ll wait until next week.

My First Time Firing a Gun

m4a1It was Friday afternoon and Alex invited me to the shooting range.  I’ve never fired a weapon before and thought that it was an activity that I should have at least experienced once.

I had no idea what to expect.  I envisioned individual booths with bullet proof glass surrounding it so everyone was safe.  Not exactly.

shooting-rangeWhen I met Alex and his buddies I wouldn’t say I was nervous but I also wasn’t completely calm.  They ask if you’ve ever shot a weapon in which I sheepishly said I hadn’t.  The guide said that an instructor has to go over some instructions before you fire it.  He said to never put your finger on the trigger unless you are prepared to shoot.  Never point the gun in a direction you shouldn’t.  He also said if you do that, he fires back.  Guns make a situation real.

He went through the motions of loading the weapon and set it up for me.  When all was ready, he said to fire.  I aimed the laser sight on the board and pulled the trigger.  What a feeling.  Firing a weapon that has such lethal power is empowering.  You can’t truly understand the damage a bullet would do to you without firing it.

We took turns firing his assault rifle and hand gun and it’s not an activity that you are immediately good at.  As you can tell from my shooting…


Shooting gives an understanding of what it’s like to be in legitimate danger. I was a little bit nerved that anyone in the shooting range can turn a weapon and fire away. I know my friends aren’t going to do anything crazy but how do I know that older gentlemen 3 booths down isn’t some nut case. As much as I thought it was cool firing a weapon, I don’t see it becoming an activity I will do on the reg.

What I’ve Googled


Why doesn’t sia show her face?

“I don’t want to be famous, or recognizable. I don’t want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the internet.”

What does Bae stand for?

“Bae,” Urban Dictionary says, is an acronym that stands for “before anyone else,” or a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie, and, mostly unrelated, poop in Danish.

lXkG3xXFbaBD.840x0.Vdef9KkmWhat is Stan’s street warrior poster in South Park from?

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

How to turn off Facebook birthday notifications?

To configure them, open the settings and tap Notifications.  Turn them off.  DURRRR.

emma-roberts-were-the-millersWas the hot girl in We’re the Millers Emma Roberts?


I sort of knew I’ve seen her from somewhere but I’ve been noticing her a lot more because she’s on a bus sign for Aeropostale or some other clothing.  I also see her in every horror TV show.


What’s the Drake song that people are talking about his dancing?

Hotline Bling.

Why can’t I win in Draftkings?

You can’t.


Klosterman Inverviews Brady

chuckandbradyFirst things first, I’m a bigger Chuck Klosterman fan than Tom Brady fan.  Klosterman is witty, a huge sports nut, and his popular culture references are always spot on.  Tom Brady is a fine QB who is leading my fantasy team to a 7-3 record and in 1st place for the league.  For this I like him.  For his team winning games, I’m indifferent.

This interview with Klosterman and Brady is a gold mine.  It’s filled with nuggets of why I love Klosterman and why I still will never truly care for Tom Brady.

Without re-copying all of the interview, Tom Brady will not answer the question whether he was “generally aware” of the deflated balls.  He won’t answer yes or no.  He quite simply says he won’t talk about it.

Klosterman accurately attempts to explain this with:

Deny, Deny, Deny
Deny, Deny, Deny

I strongly suspect the real reason Brady did not want to answer a question about his “general awareness” of Deflategate is pretty uncomplicated: He doesn’t want to keep saying something that isn’t true, nor does he want to directly contradict what he said in the past. I realize that seems like a negative thing to conclude about someone I don’t know. It seems like I’m suggesting that he both cheated and lied, and technically I am.

It’s hard to come up with any other reason for why Brady will not answer the question.  I particularly liked this question that Klosterman never got a chance to ask, “Do you now concede some of the balls might have been below the legal limit, even if you had no idea this was happening? Or was the whole thing a total fiction?”

resizeDude.  You did it.  You freaking did.  You would have 100% said you didn’t have any awareness in this interview if you honestly didn’t have any general awareness.  You can’t answer the question because it digs at you deep inside to lie by answering no.  Now, do I really care?  Not really.

I personally loved the way Klosterman categorized a cheater.  “A deficiency of character adds character, somehow. It proves that the cheater cared.”  “It’s also what makes Brady different from normal people, and from other quarterbacks: He will do whatever it takes to win, regardless of what that win represents”

People like Brady are playing a different game.  They have physical abilities that are superior than ours and they have the gall to work every single angle that’s available for an edge.  They are just different.

People Are Bad, MmmKay

I quickly shopped a bullet hole in his head.
I quickly shopped a bullet hole in his head.  He had no blood.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed today which should make the world a bit safer.

In other news, I squeezed into a parking spot last night and was a foot away from the curb which was a lot.  The spot was so tight though that going back and forth 20 times wasn’t worth it at 11pm considering I only was going to be there for 8 hours.  It’s a one way street too so there should be no problem with spacing on the road.

When I went to my car this morning, there was a puddle of liquid under my car.  It did not rain last night.

carpicThese two events are pointing out horrible people in this world.  Obviously you are only reading this with one side of the story.  If you asked Abdelhamid who the horrible people are, I’m sure he wouldn’t say himself.  If you asked the shithead who let his animal pee next to / on my car, he’d say it was the idiot who made the park job.

original_459This is why I’m starting to dislike people.  I know I shouldn’t.  I know it’s better to go through this world happy and full of cheer.  However, when 128 INNOCENT people are getting killed, cheer is not what I feel.  My gut feeling is that 20% of the world are good people and the rest are shitheads.  They don’t know that they are shitheads but going through life with such anger towards other human beings is not the way to go.  Even man who let his dog pee on my car, what’s your problem?  I’m doing nothing that affects you whatsoever.  Let it be.  Let it be.