12 Dec, 2017

Weekend Recovery

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After that post I wrote last Tuesday about alcohol, I spent the weekend on the wrong side of alcohol. Nothing “bad” happened, but didn’t feel great yesterday. Needing a break.

In other news, my Snapchat’s aren’t nearly as adventurous as this maniac who did some pull ups on a 62 story building.

I thought it was a gag but I guess not.

8 Dec, 2017

Post Before Jeff Arrives

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This shirt that I’m wearing is one that both Jeff and I received from a company we do business with. We don’t wear it often but when we do, we wear it on the same day. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve worn it. Today I’m wearing it and typing this entry before Jeff gets in. If he is wearing it to. I’ll leave it up to a brotherly bond.

The other reason I’m even going to the trouble of this is because the song Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand Was playing yesterday and I asked, “is that the song Mael likes?” He said, “no, he likes Counting Blue Cars. He also likes Candlebox Far Behind.” I have 594 songs on my playlist and within 2 songs (it may have been the next) of a shuffle, Far Behind started playing. It was wild.

I’ll shoot which shirt he’s wearing.

7 Dec, 2017

Any More Rocks to Scan?

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I did an Escape the Room last night at the Franklin Institute. The “team” managed to escape with 8 minutes remaining. I’d guess 3/4 of the group had done an Escape the Room before and there were a few noobs. I was one of the useless noobs.

You pay $28 dollars so the Franklin Institute can lock you in a room for 1 hour. Sweet. There are a punch of puzzles that unlock steps and it’s a team building exercise. Did I find the experience boring? Ehhhhh. Not knowing what’s going on makes it hard to help people who have done it before because you don’t understand that certain puzzles unlock keys to other puzzles. One time I was wearing a helmet because some audio said “Ground Control to Major Tom” and people thought that it was talking about me. It wasn’t. Then I was scanning some rocks when the puzzle had been completed 15 minutes ago which was news to me. It’s a worthwhile experience to say you’ve done it, but I wouldn’t have much interest in returning.

I did this event sober which is an odd way to phrase it. Can you have sober fun? This experience would sum up what my expectation is for sober fun. Time is passing. You’re existing. You tell yourself your having fun. But all you’re doing is scanning rocks.

The older I get the more I understand drinking alcohol. Alcohol has negative effects on your health. If you drink too much, you’ll feel like shit the next day and it will effect your performance. With more responsibility as you get older, this makes a big difference. When you’re in college, not only does your body recover faster, but people are not relying on you. This changes. So knowing that getting black out drunk is not desirable, why do it? This is where the slippery slope begins. For instance, I’m planning on going out of Friday and I know that I don’t want to get black out drunk. However, once I drink 3 pints, this thought that I have this morning, fades and the moment takes over. Alcohol helps you live. What do I mean by live?

You talk to people differently. At least I do.  Last night was a good example of sober conversation. How’d your fantasy team do? How’s the job? Where’d you get that jacket? This is all surface banter. It means virtually nothing. After a few drinks, I stop worrying about the walls and go after whatever I feel like caring about at the moment WITH that person. Being a drunk asshole is not what you are going for. Utilizing social cues and skills, combined with alcohol, is a weapon of mass destruction. You’re searching for genuine conversation.

This is one of my favorite topics so if you’re reading and you’re out with me, talk to me about this and you have my interest.

When you stop thinking about yourself, and lure the other person in by talking what they are interested in, the conversations can start opening up to truly meaningful discussions. Can I do this sober? Not so much. I’m more careful with my emotions and feelings. When drinking, or drunk, you get the real me and I can be a manipulative / thoughtful son of a bitch. Do I mean that I’m purposely being manipulative? No. However, if I’m showing interest in something that I don’t care about, how can that be truthful? Is the alternative saying, “I don’t give a shit” and walking away? This feeling of feigning interest (which I’m using extremely lightly because I’m still not convinced that this is the truth. Can I be interested in something I have no interest in is another discussion) is one that makes me feel bad the next day. It’s because I know what I’m doing. The other person thinks they are having a conversation with this well rounded person and all they are talking is to some raging alcoholic on some social experiment. Here’s the rub, I like it. It makes me feel like I’m connecting with another human being in a deep and impactful way. I just said it makes me feel bad, how do I like it? The interaction with other human beings is what I’m considering living. Not surface interaction. Boring. The talk I can only seem to get when I’m drinking is what I yearn for.

So when I weigh the benefits I receive from alcohol and the negatives that come along, it becomes a balance. How do I work this increased connection with humans that comes along with alcohol without reducing my life to an alcoholic mess? It’s a constant battle. People who don’t drink like this, or haven’t read books like “how to win friends and influence people“, probably don’t think like this. I’m aware this post is long and babbling but these are the underlying thoughts I have week in and week out. My experiences continue to evolve me as a human the same way as you evolve throughout your life. The only difference is I have a blog and your reading my blog and not vice versa. Writing this (and knowing so few are reading) gives some insight on a part of life that you may or may not be experiencing, but I can share because I know for a fact, not many people do what I do. You’re not striking up a conversation with the bartender and explaining how a room with a bed in the middle is the sign of maturity. You’re not standing in the elevator with a stranger and asking if it would be uncomfortable if I looked at the wall instead of the door (I did this sober btw per Mindhunter). This is what I’ve found makes life interesting in an otherwise monotonous game.


5 Dec, 2017

Should Glass Joe Keep Getting Up?

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“We’re running out of weeks of the season.”
“We’re running out of years in our lives.”

This was the conversation Evan and I had on Sunday which continues to toil through my pea brain. A few weeks earlier I said that we had to up the ante if we were going to make some sort of splash. I upped the ante and got my brain bashed in. At one point I was thinking I was Bald Bull, now I’m back to being the punching bag Glass Joe.

I’ve been watching MindHunter on Netflix and it’s a thinking man’s show. Very intellectual and based off of behavioral science. At one point of the show they main character said, “he falls in the age range of 35-41.” I thought to myself, “that’s old.” Then it hit me, that’s just about how old I am.

Since that nice DK tourny, I’ve gotten torched each week for the past 6 weeks. Not just DK, season long has been punishing. Wrong decision after wrong decisions cost me playoffs in all 4 leagues and it makes me want to put my head in the sand.

This isn’t a post looking for sympathy. It’s a post that describes how life doesn’t make it easy. You’ll always hear it’s not how you take it, but how you recover. I’ll have a part 2 on this post because I have a entire thought process on interacting with people that correlates to this post.

1 Dec, 2017

What’s My Balance?

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I went to the bank today and it was brutal. I heard 4 people ask what their balance was. How do you not know your balance in this day and age? I must be assuming that people have a cell phone or have access to the internet. Is this Congo? I’ve also noticed that people going to the bank have an affinity for not using the parking spots. They like parking right in front of the door. You know, in and out. What they aren’t taking into consideration is that 9 times out of 10, there’s a line. Do you know why there is a line? It’s because they promote tellers to higher positions and then they become too high and mighty to ever go back to being a teller. So when there’s a line of 10, and there are only 2 tellers, and there are 2 people in “management” who are texting their friends about tonight’s plans, the line doesn’t move. It’s asinine. I rarely feel like speaking up but in these situations I want to scream out, “hey, I know you know how to do this job, so help out not only the customers who have been waiting 15 minutes, but give relief to the tellers who want to blow their brains out.”

30 Nov, 2017

Fuck The Penny

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If I was a foreign nation, I’d look at America and point out that the penny is one of the most outdated ideas in modern history. It’s useless, more costly to make than its worth, a time waster, a mess, and an example of a society that is not progressive.

The Penny

I would never call you a bozo for buying BitCoin because the concept is intriguing. Unfortunately it’s backed by nothing. When currency is backed by nothing, volatility and uncertainty occur. What I don’t quite understand about Bitcoin is that it’s still measured in dollars. Your Bitcoin has no value. It’s converted into a US dollar. So the idea is that you have a digital currency, tied to the US dollar, that your trusting random exchanges with your money. Think about that. You give $1,000 of your hard earned dollars to an exchange. Some clown on their computer mines your transaction for a transaction fee that they earn. Let’s remember that there are hundreds of thousands of transactions currently happening and the ones that pay the highest transaction fees are being mined first. So if you aren’t paying much for the transaction fee, there is quite the possibility that you can’t sell when you want to. Beside that, you now have a wallet with bitcoin in it. You can’t go to the coffee shop and spend it unless they accept it which i’d guess 9 out of 10 don’t. So what can you do with it? You can gamble it on Bovada. You can hold onto it and hope the value goes up so that you can sell and get…US dollars. The idea behind Bitcoin was that there were no fees associated with using it but that’s all changed now that the concept is wide spread. Bitcoin has a place. Where that is, I don’t know. I do know that at $10,000 a BitCoin, and if I owned a BitCoin, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go to $5,000 real fast once people start understanding that big money can leave at any time and kill the valuation. At that point, you don’t want to be left holding the bag. That’s why I see all these people predicting BitCoin can hit $100,000, how much BitCoin do you think they own? Feel free to correct my assessment in the comments. This was the most interesting comment I read about it, “in fact, one could argue that bitcoin’s rising valuation is just a bet that its most dubious uses—say, avoiding taxes or laundering money—will keep rising.”

Surveys show that the vast majority of bitcoin owners are buying and holding bitcoin to exchange them for dollars. Let’s be clear: If the predominant use case for any asset is to buy it, wait for it to appreciate, and then to exchange it for dollars, it is a terrible currency. That is how people treat baseball cards or stamps, not money. For most of its owners, bitcoin is not a currency. It is a collectible—a digital baseball card, without the faces or stats.

I wrote this intro about BitCoin because it brings me to the penny – the most useless piece of zinc on the planet. It costs 1.7 cents to produce a penny. Pro advocates, like the zinc manufacturers, argue that they keep pricing low because without the penny, rounding would occur. The penny also pays tribute to Honest Abe. Finally, they raise millions of dollars of charity with their penny drives. Start shaking your head now.

Here is a picture of how many pennies I have. #humblebrag


I’d guess there are about 500 of them. That’s 5 dollars worth of pennies that I’ve accumulated in 6 months. I haven’t used a penny since I was 10 when I was buying dum dum’s from Maple Glen Pharmacy. I can’t think of one time I would ever use a penny. All they are good for is getting stuck in my jeans and falling out of my pockets. There is no logical reason to keep them. It actually makes me irate when I see them lying around because the time it takes me to pick it up is actually negative EV. Time to bar the penny.

29 Nov, 2017

Still Alive

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I haven’t posted in a few days and there is nothing to fear. I refuse to turn the blog into a complaint department and that’s all I would be using it for. The Matt Lauer news feels like the media is creating it’s own fake news right now. What’s hot? Sexual harassment. Do we know anyone who can come forward? Run it. I’m making light of this but it’s how I’m starting to feel.

Little parts of my life have been bothering me like my mouse not moving instantly when I try to move it. My Excel crashing. The constant pressure of always having to create. It truly never ends and there are times where if I can’t produce any relevant / exciting content, I’ve learned to just not. So, I’m good and all is fine. Life continues.

24 Nov, 2017

Stortz-McGrath Bball

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The footage of these games was quite good. I understand not many people will sit through 45 minutes of 2v2, for lack of a better word, ugly, basketball, but it’s still entertaining.

I don’t have many comments on the game. It’s all in the footage and you can make your own opinions. We can’t shoot for shit and can’t get a rebound. There isn’t much more to write.

22 Nov, 2017

Jack Ma’s Advice

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I watched the first 2 minutes and will watch it all later. I’m mainly posting it on the blog for myself, so I don’t forget to watch it.

21 Nov, 2017

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

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Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond was released on Netflix on 11/17/17. It used 100 hours of footage from behind the scenes of Jim Carrey filming Man on the Moon. It was enlightening. 

Normally I’ll use gifs and pictures to draw attention away from what I write because people have small brains. Straight text homey.

Jim Carrey made the news recently for his bits on the red carpet talking about tetrahedrons.  Media said he was on drugs or crazy. Even the first headlines I read that reviewed this documentary read “7 Craziest Moments From The Great Beyond.” Click bait all the way and playing off his fake news driven insanity.

The documentary shows Jim Carrey turning into Andy Kaufman for Man on the Moon. When Jim got to the set, he was Andy. When he needed to play Tony, he was Tony. When you hear Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t break character, Jim was in character. As you watch the 93 minute film, this distinction starts to become blurred by who is Jim Carrey because the director was unable to speak with Jim. Jim became Andy to the full extent and at one point he talks about having an hour long conversation with Andy Kaufman’s real daughter. This had my mind wandering because how could Jim Carrey, who didn’t know Andy’s daughter, talk about what it was like as Andy, being Jim.

The documentary to me was not as fascinating as Jim Carrey’s life. He has found peace with himself after climbing the ranks of fame by pleasing others. Now he has no ambition and seems genuinely happy. He describes this feeling of easiness when he was playing Andy on that movie set which was a complete shift away from his Hollywood life. That was in 1999 and now 18 years later, you see him looking at life through a lens that most people don’t either 1) are never exposed to think like this 2) don’t want to think like 3) never think.

The last 5 minutes are the most powerful when he makes points like you’re an American. Somebody drew some line and now you’re an American. You were born into a family and decided you are a religion. Your parents gave you a name and that’s who you are. But is that you? Who are you? Are you a person who goes to work every day and puts on the monkey suit because that’s what you are supposed to do? Jim gave an example of his dad failing a job that he didn’t even like doing at 51 years of age. If your going to fail, at least like what your doing.

I took a lot from Jim because you can see he’s spent a lot of time looking at life, the universe, and the great beyond. He’s now comfortable traveling through time as he’s currently doing. What that entails, I have no idea, but I see where it comes from. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. Society doesn’t know shit. We make it up at we go along. Get a job. Get married. Have a family. You’re not happy doing that? So what. Society says that makes you happy. Watching Jim Carrey and his trip in this documentary to where he is now is eye opening. I can’t lay my finger on it exactly but I’m glad I watched it. I don’t doubt many people will find it boring because it’s a focus on a person’s life who isn’t theirs. I enjoyed the perspective. Especially at the end when Tony Clifton was getting a standing ovation because it was so weird.

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