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17 Nov, 2017

Thought Processes

By | 2017-11-17T14:30:08+00:00 November 17th, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

I’m going to give some thoughts that have evolved throughout my business career.

Day 1 – What’s an order?

Day 100 – How much money are we making on this order?

Day 250 – I see how we are making money, how can we make more money?

Day 1,500 – This advertising is working, how do we keep spending prudently?

Day 3,000 – We are getting a good amount of customers, but we have to stop wasting time on the wrong customers.

Day 4,500 – Fuck you wrong customer, we aren’t selling you.

I’m sure there can be about a thousand more revelations I could describe throughout my career, but this is where I am currently. I have been working the same job for coming up on 13 years and I don’t think this is too far off when you start learning what is important.

You can’t be successful selling a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Ketchup Popsicle? Narrowing down what industry you can be successful in, what products you can sell into that industry, and then who to sell to is the only way to see growth.

15 Nov, 2017

You Trying To Get Hit?

By | 2017-11-15T19:25:00+00:00 November 15th, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

This is a scary time we are living in. Take all the shootings on the reg, Hollywood inappropriateness that keeps exposing itself, and overall madness that occurs on a regular basis. I’m not sure if this has been happening for the last century, and we all didn’t have cameras to record it, or if it’s the way the way society has evolved. This observation truly makes me scratch my head.

I have a 4 minute commute. It’s short, sweet, and simple. What could possibly happen in 4 minutes? I haven’t noticed this in past years, but I swear to god, people are trying to get hit by my car. They cross streets without looking both ways. Head down on their phone and crossing streets aimlessly. People expect you to see them and throw no caution to the wind. Nate Berger in college used to have the saying “don’t break stride”. I thought it was the epitome of stupidity. These people must know Nate.

Pedestrian’s are bad but biker’s are worse. They will ride 5 mph in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I understand bikers who are trucking it, moving near the speed limit for a short period of time. These bikers I see nowadays are asking to get hit so they can sue. They WANT to get hit. There are only 2 things I can think of:
1) Life is so miserable they want to get hit so they can end up in the hospital, get taken care of and waste tax payer dollars, collect disability, and sue.
2) They have small brains.

Have I hit a person yet? I have not but it gets closer every day. The phone makes it bad. The lack of caring, or dirty intentions, makes it worse.

15 Nov, 2017

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

By | 2017-11-15T19:06:21+00:00 November 15th, 2017|Videos|6 Comments

I’ve taken a liking to videos of Ben Shapiro (Jewish) and Gavin McInnes (Scottish) who are as far right as you get. The videos that I’ve been watching are these guys tackling the far left, SJW’s, privileged snow flakes, antifa, and feminists. They are major advocates of facts, free speech and taking responsibility. Here are few clips that I agree with.

Why Are Americans Soft?

The Sound Effects & Pop Ups Are Great. Triggered!

Feminists – Stay Away!

I Don’t Agree With All Of This, But It’s Fun To Watch

Watch Gavin McInnes Destroy This Woman (found this on the abuse category on Pornhub)

13 Nov, 2017

Week 10 Results…Not So Great

By | 2017-11-13T13:00:09+00:00 November 13th, 2017|Off Topic|0 Comments

Monday’s will usually be a review of my action. In DraftKings I managed to win about 45 bucks which I immediately put into a Primetime Tournament.

I was in 1st at one point in the $50 Red Zone which would have been a 1,500 cash thanks to Keenum and Thielen but finished in 21st with some Goff and Woods in the late game. I whiffed on Julio though and pretty much every RB for the entire week. The one point to take from this week is that nothing is a sure thing. I was pretty confident on Jordan Howard and figured Bilal Powell had to score some points and they both busted. I managed to sneak a win in the $109 3 person by scoring 104 (not shown) thanks to Sterling Sheppard and Robby Anderson.

My betting cooled off since I had to re-deposit and my 100 is now 25 thanks to the Jets. Just totally off on the game. My FF was average as well going 2-2 in a must win week. Playoff chances in two leagues are there but I’m on life support in the Dynasty.

10 Nov, 2017

Who…The Fuck…Is This Guy?

By | 2017-11-10T13:27:23+00:00 November 10th, 2017|My Life|2 Comments

Adam and I went to Spin last night where he relentlessly beat me in Ping Pong. I was getting better towards the end so that trend won’t continue forever. Our server must really like Ping Pong because he challenged us to a game where if we (Adam) won, he would get us a free round and shots. The game was neck and neck and this was the unexciting conclusion. I think it was 18-20 when I started the video.

We then went to Fox and Hound to watch the football game. Adam left at halftime and I thought to myself, “what better time to produce some William Penn Snaps”. I wasn’t drunk enough at the time so I went to Tir Na Nog and did 3 Jamo shots and had 2 Guinness. These were the results. There were some more but these were the best.


9 Nov, 2017

The Buckie Made Me Do It!

By | 2017-11-09T09:44:42+00:00 November 9th, 2017|My Life|0 Comments

Buckfast, a caffeinated tonic wine, accounts for less than half a percent of Scotland’s total alcohol sales but is a factor in over 40 percent of arrests.

“Where Buckfast really packs a punch is in how much caffeine it has: a single 750ml bottle has 281 milligrams, or around as much as 10 cans of Coke. It might well be illegal in the U.S., where the Food and Drug Administration has banned drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine. In 2014, late lamented American party drink Four Loko was forced to change its recipe and strip out the stimulants that earned it its “blackout in a can” reputation.”

Top Comment

For some reason whenever I take the first sip of Buckie it makes me puke, but then I just carry on and wake up in a gutter 48 hours later.

Do stupid things faster with more energy!

Story Time

I have never had Buckfast but I have some experience with MD 20/20 and 4 Loko. Anyone notice how Buckfast sounds like FuckFast.

My one friend in college, who had some issues, was big on MD 20/20 and referred to it as Mad Dog. When I was 20, I knew beer and wine and figured alcohol was alcohol. Freshmen year when my big brother asked me what my favorite Vodka was I answered Bankers to give you an idea. If you’ve never had MD, after drinking one of them you’ll have a good buzz. Two starts getting lights out. This one night I attempted a 3 spot and the results were detrimental. I was in a room with a fish tank and I was standing there. This was the room where the G-Bong was hit so maybe that had a part of this, I shockingly can’t recall. I started wavering back and forth and then just passed out standing up and put my arm through the fish tank in the room. Gallons of water started seeping down to the floor below and I stupidly tried to unplug the tank while I was soaking wet. Good times.

The other story I have doesn’t involve me but one of my friends after drinking 4 Loko. This is abbreviated because I don’t know the details exactly but our friend came back from the bar and couldn’t open the front door because it was locked. He decided to punch through our double pane glass that wasn’t even near the locked door. He punched through the first pane and then I don’t remember if he got through the 2nd pane. Either way he couldn’t get in, and there was zero chance of him climbing through even if he did punch through the entire window. He was bleeding everywhere and ended up sleeping outside.

8 Nov, 2017

Birthday Post

By | 2017-11-08T09:35:28+00:00 November 8th, 2017|My Brain|1 Comment

It was my birthday on Monday and I hid the notification from Facebook to avoid all the cucks wishing me happy birthday. Properly used, Sam? I don’t need recognition or well wishes for aging. I’m sure there are people out there who look forward or relish the praising from strangers for getting older, but not me. Recognize me for actual accomplishments by telling me you enjoy reading the blog or how I cost you hundreds of dollars betting on the Giants. That has meaning to me. Happy Birthday?!? That’s a clown remark.

That’s not to say that I won’t wish people happy birthday who I know still derive happiness from such an event. I honestly don’t give a shit if you did or didn’t wish me a happy birthday. I probably don’t know when your birthday is either so don’t feel bad. As you age you turn more into a scrooge because you’ve done it before. As you start to get tired of doing it, you put down others who aren’t tired yet. Pretty common I’d guess.

8 Nov, 2017

Will I Watch Stranger Things 3?

By | 2017-11-08T08:45:05+00:00 November 8th, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

No. I have at least a year to forget I wrote this post so don’t quote this when I watch it. I was even going to create some art until I saw this one and said, “not happening.”

It’s a typical sequel.The final 2 episodes rated the highest of any previous episodes of either season at 9.6 & 9.5. Episode 7 was the lowest by far at 6.3, and if you watched it, it was a snooze fest. I’m not entirely sure why the last episode is rated so high because it was for lack of a better word, dumb. They brought it all together in a feel good at the end and gave a cliffhanger to watch it next year. Walking past Dart was the coup de grace to integrity.

I understand I’m not the demo-graphic (good joke if you watched) that ST2 probably appeals to. If I was in middle or high school, I bet every single kid has watched it and talks about it. This is truly a guess. It’s not bad by any means, and I thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack, but it’s a kid’s show with copies every movie made before it. I thought I was watching Jurassic Park in episode 8. I thought I was watching the first season throughout most of the second season. I’m turned off that this is turning into a cult following after reading that the creators wanted it to die as a stand alone season, but were compelled to keep creating it for the money. However, it’s worth watching and Millie Bobby Brown will be forever ingrained in our society for the next 50 years.

On to more important news. Some 27 year old model was ganged up on by feminists when she told Will from Stranger Things to call her in 4 years when he’s 18. What. The. Fuck. People are out of control. If a 27 year old model even accidentally texted me I’d bust a load. How do these non-stories even turn into stories? She had to rebuke her comment and make a public apology to save her career. The point being that people would start freaking out if a male 27 year old did this to a 14 year old girl and there would be hell to pay and he’d wind up in jail. Yes! That’s exactly right. You got it. People want equality in a world where equality doesn’t have to exist in every single situation. Older girls can come onto younger guys and this one even sounds tongue in cheek. If this 14 year old movie star felt threatened by her actions and called the police, then by all means take this to the next level, but don’t blow it out of proportion for no reason other than to make a story. It’s sad. *If I ever become popular enough for people to read through my 7 years of entries, just put me away now.

Another story that puts my mind in a knot is people who feel the urge to tweet about there being 280 characters now. WHO FUCKING CARES! Use 280. Use 500. I’ll unfollow you if I don’t like you no matter how many characters you use. You have to have a tiny brain for feeling the need to be outraged that there are 280 characters. Does it truly effect you that much? Your timeline is too muddled? You enjoy brevity? I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to turn a proper sentence into using b4 or imo to squeeze in shit when a link doesn’t fit. It’s such a minute detail that how could it even be considered a thing? Society is on a mad binge of pointlessness. Which I’m sure this blog adds to.

6 Nov, 2017

Wipe Out

By | 2017-11-06T10:37:42+00:00 November 6th, 2017|Fantasy|0 Comments

I put the Excel sheet in fire which is misleading because that usually means you’re hot. This is more being shown as going up in flames.

After rattling off 9 straight losses and 39.6 units, I have ended the run of 9 weeks and $200 dollars. I’m not entirely sure how it says I lost 27, so there may be a mistake there somewhere. I had a few Blackjack hits in that account that also may not be taken into consideration which is another explanation for the imbalance.

Not too much to say really other than my major public fade on the Giants was completely wrong. Rather than trying to figure out that game, I took a macro perspective of the public always loses and that was wrong in this instance. Egg on me. I was also completely off on the 49ers at home as Drew Stanton was asked to do little with A Pete running the ball 37 times. Egg on me. In desperation, the Raider game was to keep me afloat and the 2 point conversion at the end of the game sank the ship. I’ll probably take a little break and then reload on Sunday. I’ll tally up the total later but college football killed me this year.

I had minor success in DK as I cashed in 4 out of 4 money lineups. I placed in the $100 Spy, $50 Red Zone, and Sunday Mill. I also narrowly edged out a 3 person $50 league to win about 200 on the day and get me back what I lost last week. The account is still at a K, so more lineups will ensue as the season winds down. I made 2 really bad calls with Russell Sheppard and Chris Thompson which prevented a bigger week. You can’t have a guy go for 1.1 and except to have success and I went too far out on a limb. I’m still learning where that limb is too far. Nailing the defense is also key and I’ve been pretty bad.

From a fantasy perspective, and I’m sure people care about this the least, ss long as Theo Riddick goes for under 15, I’ll have a 2-2 week and put 2 teams at 5-4, 1 at 4-5, and 1 at 3-6. Fine striking points for the playoffs.

2 Nov, 2017

A Sixers Impression

By | 2017-11-02T15:23:11+00:00 November 2nd, 2017|Sports|3 Comments

Last night was the first chance I had to watch the Sixers live for this season. Steve invited me and he has tickets 9 rows up, parallel to the baseline on one of the sides. The feature picture is a good indication as the court was directly to the right. I felt like I was near enough at one end to get a feel for the rhythm and speed of the game.

I would never admit to being a process truster. The time spent to make something happen could have been done differently and management didn’t handle many situations properly. There’s no point dissecting the past in this post so we’ll use tonight’s game as the starting point.

Let’s start by saying the Hawks stink. The line was Sixers -8 which I’d have to guess is the largest spread the Sixers have had in years. The Hawks have Schroder who is a nice, Rondo like player with a little better jump shot. The rest of the team was young, inexperienced, and probably why they are 1-7.

What I saw from the Sixers tonight was promise. If they played the way they played tonight against playoff competition, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Here are my observations in no random order, mostly player profile based:

  • Be careful googling “simmons Gif”

    Simmons is too hesitant to shoot when he’s got a good shot. He gets to the rim great and will light up stat sheets. When he starts to understand that it’s his team, they’ll improve quickly. His foul shooting is a definite weakness.

  • Embiid makes a lot of mistakes. Flat out he’s inexperienced with basketball IQ. He dribbles too much for a guy who is 7-2. When he dribbles, it takes extra long to get back to him and he’s better off raising the ball above his head and finding the open man. Aside from correctable errors, he’s an absolute beast. If this guy starts to hang around the basket and using his superior athletic abilities, he’s a force.
  • Covington is a nice scorer. He hits treys and spreads the floor. There is a place on this team for a guy like that.
  • Guess how many Country artists these guys could name? Amir – 1, JJ – 0

    Redick is one dimensional and if he’s off like he was tonight, he’s useless. He’s a great shooter but remember he’ll be streaky and it’s hard to rely on streaks when it comes playoff time. I’m also aware he’s coming off an injury so that could effect his performance last night.

  • Dario didn’t impress me. He moves awkwardly. Not quick, not necessarily slow, but he sort of disappears in the game with these players.
  • Bayless is a good example of what the old Sixers had. He’ll score some points and make some plays, but he isn’t winning you ball games.
  • McConnell is scrappy. He plays hard but lacks the physical ability to get you over the hill. He does some odd penetrating into lane that leaves him in circumspect spots where sometimes he has a good pass and other times you’ll wonder what he thinks he’s doing. His shot needs to improve even more if he wants to continue contributing.
  • Amir Johnson was surprisingly efficient and seemed to find himself in the right spot for the limited minutes he played.