25 Oct, 2016

Up and Running

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I think the site has gotten close to where it was. I have the comments on the top and the sidebar set up exactly the way I want. I can’t seem to settle on a font so if you hate this font, let me know. The banner at the top is pretty lame but I don’t have time to mess with that now . I’m leaning towards creating posts with feature images and excerpts instead of full length. I’m not a fan of making people click on individual posts so we’ll see. I’ve hardly been messing with the other post options like I did with the image carousel on the Hillary post, so that’ll be tinkered with in the future. This may be only me but the white space to the left of this text is driving me crazy and I have a support ticket on how to get it removed. I also have to change the H2 and H3 font.


I also will be a way for a few days so there will be no posts until Friday. I’ve had a lot running through my mind that I want to post which involves looking at society from afar. This comes with getting older and hopefully will make more sense when I make the post.

24 Oct, 2016

Week 7 – Recap

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102058445-up-down-chart-1910x1000Ultimate highs to ultimate lows. After nailing the Giants (7.5 units), the under of the KC/NO (4 units), and the Eagles (7.5 units), I was up a slick 19 units going into the 4 o’clock games. In a swift kick to the nuts I lost 5 units on both the Steelers and the Falcons, and then 10 units on the Cardinals to end the day down a unit. My account is +5 units for the season and an 18-14 record, +21.5 units on the NFL. I’ll probably be bringing in the reins a little bit moving forward to see if I’m heading towards a cooler.


6 lineups entered with only 1 cashing for $15. This puts me at a $60 loss for the week and only up about $40 for the season. In the 2 $20 3man tournaments I entered, I got punched in the face by a guy getting 190+. My highest lineup was 173.06. I didn’t have horrible lineups this week but the chalk paid out and I’m usually a fader

Fantasy Football

fantasy-football-logic-reality-02Wild Turkeys – The LeSean news basically screwed up my team from the beginning but so it goes. I wasn’t going to win any way with my opponent putting up 127. Poor Hunter Henry stream to boot. Dropping to 3-4.
Big Johnson’s – Missing Jordan Reed lead to a poor Charles Clay start which in turn lead to a 4 point loss. Moving to 4-3.
Jameis Has Crabs – I put up 91 points with 3 players going for less than 2 which I suppose is a moral victory. Unfortunately I got toasted by a guy putting up 120. McCoy killed this squad as I should have played Forte to at least make this a game. That’s on me. 4-3.

PigSkin Pick em

THE TRAIN IS DERAILING! A 5 point week leaves me 6 behind 1st with hardly any momentum. One interesting tidbit to note was if you picked the side the public was not on ATS, you would have won 8.

I’m in 2nd place in the Softerware pool 3 behind the leader. Still in it.

23 Oct, 2016

Football – Week 7

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Losing a 2.5 unit bet on Iowa yesterday knocks me off the unbeaten streak. Here are the current stats:
NFL – 15-11, +22.5 units
CFB – 4-6, -1.8 units

Baltimore Ravens v New York GiantsGiants -3, 7.5 units – It’s time to start making some bigger money and that starts with the man who pays the bills, OBJ. He had a monster game last week against the Ravens and will do the same against a banged up Rams team. The Rams are coming off of back to back losses to the Bills and Lions and I expect the trend to continue. The Giants are 3-3 with losses to the Redskins, Vikings, and Packers all of whom are above .500. An odd spot to play in London, but OBJ can eat anywhere he wants.

KC/NO, Under 50.5, 4 units – I’m making this pick on Evan Silva’s suggestion. The Saints don’t play as well on the road and Alex Smith is all about ball control. I hate going with the obvious when I bet but there usually aren’t as many eyeballs on the O/U.


Fire up Spencer Ware! Of course I want a RB to go big on a game I bet the under. Either way, I’m spreading out my players in various lineups for a lot of exposure like usual. My gut feeling is to ride Jameis and Mike Evans because the 49ers are that bad. I also think having Gronk or Edleman is essential in every lineup. I like Jacquizz Rodgers and Matt Jones as cheap RB’s. I even did a few lineups where I pay up for LeVeon and DJ. Patriots and Ravens D are my plays.



4267297Wild Turkeys – Struggling to get back to 3-3 has me in at least a position to strike but I got off to a weak start with Alshon only getting 4.8 points on 11 targets. My opponent has Gronk and Ware which naturally I’ll be playing all over. He’s also going 3 man stack in the Seattle game with Wilson, Baldiwin, and Michael who play the tough D of the Cardinals. I have a feeling I’ll be holding my breath during the night game. Also I have a Shady but no replacement with Mathews and Booker on my bench.

Big Johnsons – I’m a big fan of this team this week with Jameis and Devonta leading the way. My 4-2 record gives me a little slack but this is projected to be tight.

Jameis Has Crabs – A horrible start with Meredith going for a sole point and Reed not playing. I’m also sitting with McCoy who I have to play with Foster and Forte too questionable. Tough spot and I don’t see a W here.

21 Oct, 2016

The 7-0 Man

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packerswinHo hum. Just another bet won last night with the Packers. 2nd straight game that I picked right using my actual money and picked wrong in the pick em’. Sure it was only 2.5 units (and I managed to lose Ty Montgomery scoring the 1st TD of the game for 1 unit at 10-1) but the 7-0 man will continue forward.

I never go into text conversations with the intent of publishing them but I’m sharing this one because I was pretty spot on.



20 Oct, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Space Suits

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20 Oct, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

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19 Oct, 2016

The New Theme

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18 Oct, 2016

Enough Tinkering For Now

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18 Oct, 2016

Nude Scenes From the 90’s

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emmanuelinspace_Pre-internet porn was a simpler time. Seeing a boob was a big deal back then and there weren’t a whole lot of moving pieces of flesh when you were 13. Sure getting your hands on your dad’s Playboy was great, but video is king.

There was Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries and Compromising Situations on Showtime which were the A+material. However these were only on at midnight and taping them was a pretty risky move. Plus you’d always have to be on edge you wouldn’t get caught. This led to finding shows that showed a boob or a movie scene where a boob flashed to get by. Here is the list of the best scenes I recall.


Wild Things (1998)

The cream of the absolute crop. Denise Richards had the best tits in the entire world when I was 15. There were about 4 scenes in this movie that were all worth watching starting with the car wash. The champagne on her arched back was also the tits.


Hackers (1995)

Da Vinci! Zero Cool! The Plague! Tons of great references in this average movie but let us all not forget that Angelina showed her boobs. Not the most erotic scene but you take what you can get. This was hardly my favorite scene back then but it being Angelina makes it worthwhile.


Just One of the Guys (1985)

I swear to god if you watched this movie when you were young you must remember the scene when Joyce Hyser whipped out her tits. She goes from a tuxedo to an enormous rack in a split second and you know you saw something but it’s such a glimpse that it leaves you wanting more. If it wasn’t on tape, you’d have to scan the TV guide until it came on again and you’d be sprinkled with a short 2 second clip for the spank bank.


Starship Troopers (1997)

THIS GIRL. We all wanted to see Denise Richards character but it was Dizzy who wanted the spotlight back then. Not a bad movie by any means but Carmen would have made it in the history books and instead everyone just talks about dongs in the bathroom.


ShowGirls (1998)

Jesse didn’t do it for me back then. I’m sure I saw this years after its release but I was more turned off than turned on by Elizabeth Berkely. I think it had to be that she was next to Kelly all those years and could only get the attention by getting naked. ShowGirls had an NC-17 rating which also made it gain a lot of exposure.


Disclosure (1994)

I never actually watched the entire movie but I remember my parents watched it one night and said it was too racy for the children. Obviously I wanted to see what was there. Here is the actual scene and it’s pretty tame by today’s standards. Nice rack from Demi. Michael Douglas played the male role and in conjunction with Basic Instinct, this guy really pulled the movie tail.

Under Seige (1992)

Erica Eleniak (whose name I only learned today), but remembered from BayWatch surprisingly, whipped her boobs out in this one scene in Under Seige. I know that Steven Segal was in the movie but couldn’t tell you one part about it other than this scene which was the only reason I watched.  Somewhere near the middle.



The Specialist (1994)

Sharon Stone’s nakedness combined with Sly Stallone’s muscular body make this a superstar sex scene. I almost didn’t include this one because Sly’s ass is pretty much featured though out the entire scene but I feel like the list wouldn’t be complete without it.

The Specialist

I know I missed Bound and Species but I don’t believe I watched through them entirely.

18 Oct, 2016

Football Week 6 – Recap

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1464808787-01313-0-1 with intel that was right on the money for the last 4 picks (+13 units) over this weekend. Nailing the Dolphins as an outright winner, the Cowboys, and the Cardinals for some nice ammo moving forward. 14-10, +21 units on the NFL so far. With all my betting I’m +7 units and I have a 1.5 unit bet on the Immortals to win the Eleague (14-1).


59hwjpa6Not a great week for me by any means but I dodged a bullet by winning my $50, 3 man league. This was my only cash in the 7 leagues but this +85 negated the -109 to allow me to walk away with only a $24 loss.

150 pts is the bench mark that you put together a good lineup in my mind. I only had 3 that were in the 140’s so I deserved to have a losing week. I made some poor plays in CJ Uzomah, Alex Smith and Chris Conley.  You really can’t have these types of poor selections.

A final note is in 2 of the $20, 3 man leagues I lost to Condia. It’s my own fault for not scouting the league better ahead of time but why is a guy who’s presumably made millions playing a $20 league?


jazqlyeWild Turkeys – The Turkeys dropped a nuclear weapon on their opponent putting up 163.06 points which gives me the outright point lead and a 3-3 record. Pat on the back for playing Golden Tate over Ryan Mathews. The Turkeys are once again a team you don’t want to play.

Big Johnson’s – A dud week of 85 pts secured a loss but still allowed me to hold the season points league and maintain 1st place with a 4-2 record.  Jordan Reed going down will not help this team moving forward.

Jamies Has Crabs – A little luck from a poor week from my opponent allowed me to sneak out a win scoring only 89 pts. I’ll take a little luck. I’m 4-2 and only 4 pts back from the season leader. Same problem with Jordan Reed.