Mountain Men in Deep Creek, MD


Everyone looks forward to a weekend away and this past one for me was no different. The Big Dawg got a group of 9 people together to head out to Swanton, MD for a weekend filled with booze, golf, and overall antics.

Deep Creek, MD

Deep Creek, MD

Evan, Adam and myself took off from Philly to head to Deep Creek which was a 4.5 hour drive. To start the trip, I ran over an unidentified non-flying object that sounded exactly like what blowing out a tire sounds like. Wonderful. I pulled into a gas station and got the tires checked out by local mechanic, Roy, who we slipped $20 dollars for his time to make sure all was good. To pass the time on the ride up, we played a game where you had to name a country, city, or geographic landmark with a chosen letter and then continue with the letter on the end of that word. For instance, if I said Oslo, Evan would have to play off the O.  This continues until you strike 3 times which tends to happen as you run out of names that start with Y. I also wonder what school district I would have been in if I lived there.


Our house

When we arrived at Kathleen’s Crossing, we enjoyed the nice setting that the Big Dawg had chosen. We had a 5 bedroom house right on the lake with plenty of activities to offer such as a theater room, pool, and a patio for beer pong. Everyone arrived in due time and we spent the evening playing pong, pool, and poker. The late night was getting political and I was pretty drunk by night’s end after many games of pong which was highlighted by Hetrick making 4 cops in a row in a money game. I wasn’t there so I can’t attest.

2473864055bbbdc4805264896f39a658The morning arrived and Stacks cooked breakfast sandwiches for the group. Our tee time was 10:30 and we pretty much had the course to ourselves. I don’t have too much of note other than shooting a 103 by hitting over the green on almost every approach shot. The course was called Fantasy Valley and aside from the lack of a turn, and a bizarre method of handing out ice, it worked out well for the group. We then headed to Honi Honi where we ate Uno pizza and drank a few frozen drinks.

nicole-kidman-1-1024When we got back parts of the group hit the hot tub and other parts napped. I even managed to go on a run after drinking all day which I wouldn’t recommend. The NFL draft was taking place so that helped pass the time as people started boozing. Schmitt had the line of the night when he said he would detonate Hafer’s suicide vest if he was in the middle of a Hilary and Trump rally. I actually can’t remember the exact line but I was rolling. We then made a fire and shot the shit. The night concluded with Hafer using his Chromecast to show videos of network late night TV that I’m pretty sure no one ever wants to watch.

Big dog leg on hole #4

Big dog leg on hole #4

I woke up feeling fine on Saturday and started chugging the home brew Gatorade. We had another golf round scheduled for the day at Lodestone, which was ranked as #36 out of 100 of public courses in 2014. The course was in beautiful shape although I would agree with the Big Dawg that we played from the wrong tee boxes as aside from the par 5’s, every hole was driver – sand wedge. The Big Dawg came to play and was eating healthily. He birdied 2 of the first 3 holes and with our favorite line on hole 2. I saw a ball on the green and assumed Hafer had chipped it there on his 3rd shot and said, “nice chip.” He said, “yeah, from 110 yards.” I either wasn’t listening close enough or didn’t get it and once again said, “nice chip.” Hafe said it was a “heat seeking missile”. Still not realizing he hit the ball there on his 2nd shot, he continued to amuse himself with my lack of understanding. It was funnier in real life.

howard-stern-ian-poulter-baba-booeyThat takes us to the infamous baba booey hole on #9. Hafer was 1 or 2 over on the 9th when Snakes decided to yell out the phrase used by Howard Stern fans after a ball is driven at a tournament. A split second after Hafer swung, Baker screamed out the phrase and Hafer duffed the ball. I’m 100% certain the scream was after impact and had no effect but Kuratnick swears he has never seen Hafer duff the ball in his lifetime. Ever. Either way the Big Dawg blew up a career round but still finished the low man with an 87.

dad-peeingTo make a round even more wacky we go to hole #12. Baker decided to piss on a hole (which was literally every hole) and did so on a person’s yard. I didn’t know what was going on but an old man came charging out of his house, furious, yelling at Baker, “where do you live?” He got up in his face as Baker was apologizing for peeing in his yard but the old head was having none of it. He had no interest in Hafer’s rebuttal that the bathroom wasn’t working behind us. I liked when he said that Baker wasn’t even discreet and that he had children in the house. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically without upsetting the old man.

You can see the ball in this picture.

You can see the ball in this picture.

I ended up hitting the green on the 17th hole with a nice 170 yard 7 iron and won a few greenies which put me up on the day for skin and cash play. I finished with a 96 and really thought I hit the ball well but struggled out of the sand and on a few approach shots once again. Fun times though.

"I've been building fires for 30 years."

“I’ve been building fires for 30 years.”

We headed back to the house and started up a game of bags and watched Het Daddy show us what a bag player looks like. Addasheee and Stacks proved the team to beat though. Shots started being taken by the losers and the situation was getting turnt up. A hilarious discussion about fire expertise started between Stacks and Bakes and the “how mountain man are you?” talks began. The #1 mountain man, Schmitt, stepped up and cooked an awesome meal of steak, potatoes, and green beans that was enjoyed by the entire group. If I had to cook a meal for 9 people I’m pretty sure I’m calling it in. This separates the city folk from people with actual life skills.

board-game-olympicsThe evening wound down with some intense Scattergories play which I’ll vie to say should be outlawed in all countries. My major suggestion would be not to take it personal when you get voted down. I think this is easier to do from my perspective because I’ve played it a bunch of times and really don’t care if I win or lose. After everyone got settled, we played a poker tournament where I sucked out on Futures Justin who couldn’t see the diamond I hit on the end coming. Stackhouse and I ended up chopping the total. Late night finished with more Chromecast as per usual.

mountain_man_450This is a really great group of guys who all get along and know how to have a good time. People don’t squabble about money or get into petty arguments that turn into awkward situations which no one wants to be apart of. I enjoyed the time thoroughly even though I’m no mountain man. Although I bet that Wisp guy is killing it.


Mandatory Update

I’m sitting next to a 12″ monitor and blogging in Deep Creek, Maryland. We are golfing today at 10:30 and I’m expecting to play like Smylie Kaufman. I will update accordingly after people watch the movie Airborne.



Hot Girl Complains About Millenials

First things first, this video doesn’t get 5.7 million views if she’s not hot.

Why People Over the Age of 40 Say Our Generation Sucks

  • 9v34qWe are just existing and not contributing anything to society.  – Let’s not forget we are revolutionizing the way people listen to music (Spotify), pay for goods (Venmo), connect (Facebook) and transportation (Uber ((technically the founders are 37 & 39 but who’s counting)).
  • Our generation doesn’t have the basic manners that include, “No Ma’am, and Yes Ma’am.” – This isn’t generational. It’s universal.
  • download-17We don’t hold the door open for ladies, much less our elders anymore. – Ladies want to be treated like everyone else and old people are living longer and longer that they are becoming more independent at their old ages.
  • We listen to obscene music that degrades women and pretty much glorifies drugs and crime. – Business 101, give the people what they want.
  • We start to cuss now to prove a point. –  This is how people can tell your serious.
  • We use words like Bae to describe someone we love. – Not sure how this is much different than Honeybunch or Stud Muffin.
  • We idolize people like Kim Kardashian and shame people like Tim Tebow. – Dat ass thoWe only shame Tebow because he’s a shitty QB.
  • We’re lazy. We’re really entitled. – This blog has been quite a bit of work for absolutely nothing.
  • We want to make a lot of money and have free education but we’re not willing to put in the work. – Most of my friends have jobs.
  • boomersWe spend more time online making friends and less time building relationships. Our relationship appearance on Facebook is more valuable than the foundation it’s actually built on. –  It’s called living in 2016.
  • Our idea of standing up for something we believe in means going on Facebook and posting a status as your opinion. – I could write it in my diary and feel really good about my thoughts or I could share them with people to get a collective view and advance my opinions based off of further interaction.
  • We believe the number of followers we have reflects who we are as a person. – It’s called influence.
  • We don’t respect our elders. We don’t even respect our country. – I have no idea what this means unless you consider Donald Trump becoming our President a reference to the second part.
  • We’re stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer – Wat?
  • We mock the men and women who are are fighting for us but we praise the people that are fighting each other. – Wat?
  • We are more divided as a country than ever before and I think our generation has a lot to do with that. – Wat?
  • Everything that used to be frowned upon, is now being celebrated. – Wat?
  • Nothing has value because we take advantage of everything. – Wat?
  • MJarMERWe have more opportunity to succeed than any generation before us yet we don’t appreciate the opportunity that we have now. – This doesn’t even make sense.
  • Now I guess I see why we are called Generation Y, like, why are we so entitled because we don’t deserve to be and we were raised better. – This girl should climb back into her rock in Southern Mississippi and let the real people of the world figure these issues out.

Funniest comment:

This chick is hilarious. Please remove your head from your ass and actually look back at history before saying anything on behalf of a generation. First of all, the platform that I see your content on is Facebook, which was invented by one of those damned lazy millennials and that you also deem as universal bad in your rant. So already 0/2. I could sit here and disprove all of your assertions, but you probably don’t even know what an assertion is and frankly it appears as if you are just a brainwashed little lap dog that is looking for a pat on the head. Go be uneducated, complacent and refuse to make an actual fact based critical argument.

The dirty secret of millennials is that we know too much. We know that the game is currently rigged so hard against normal people that real actual change is needed. You are the equivalent of an naive British loyalist during the American Revolution. Me and the rest of the millennial generation will go ahead and prevent climate change, fix the federal government, develop interplanetary travel and invent great things without you.

Hope – The Strumbellas


Hope by The Strumbellas can be listened through in its entirety because each song is worth it. The last album I can think of that comes to my mind like that is Night Visions by Imagine Dragons. The album has been out for 2 days so I’m going to be one of the first to praise it but if more songs don’t start hitting the radio, I would be shocked. I enjoy the music because 1) Each song has its own identity 2) The lyrics are thoughtful 3) the choruses are catchy and sounds are melodic.

You probably already know Spirits and Shovels and Dirt but I’m going to suggest a few more songs that I think are worthy of mention.



The Night Will Save Us

Bringing Rnningfool Some New Tech

I suspect quality will improve as I continue to learn but I should be able to live stream and get decent quality on Youtube of my desktop. I honestly have zero idea how I can utilize this but you can be sure I’ll try.


NFL-DraftA fun topic to discuss because there are so many angles. Sam wrote a post about top QB selections in the past few years and I outlined the #1 and #2 picks. We both came to the conclusion that no can predict the future and trading up is a complete crap shoot. I’ll also add that there is nothing black and white in sports. You can cite examples until your blue in the face backing up a point and it could be completely wrong in reality. That’s why people love sports so much.

If you follow my blog you’d know that I’m not a huge proponent of being bad to get good. I’m going to suggest that you don’t have the draft THE PLAYER. You just need to know how to get the player.

Football Examples – There is no point talking about any other position than the QB

  • brady2Tom Brady. Much to Rob’s chagrin, I’m not going to go into detail about how the 199th pick of the draft became the best QB of all time.
  • Where were other Super Bowl QB’s drafted?
    • Russel Wilson – 3rd Round, Pick 75
    • Ben Roethlisberger – 1st Round, Pick 11
    • Joe Flacco – 1st Round, Pick 18
    • Drew Brees – 2nd Round, Pick 32
    • Brett Favre – 2nd Round, Pick 33
    • John Elway – 1st Round, Pick 1
    • Troy Aikman – 1st Round, Pick 1
    • Eli & Peyton Manning – 1st Round, Pick 1
  • 7cec3934952b549bc3bc7801c8427bebSometimes the player finds you. “Rodgers was widely projected to be drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, his childhood team, making him the number one overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. The 49ers drafted Alex Smith out of Utah instead and Rodgers slid all the way down to the 24th overall pick by the Green Bay Packers.”  Let’s look at the 49ers here for a minute. They had the #1 pick of the draft and chose the wrong guy. No one can predict Rodgers is going to be most talented QB in the draft, but he slid all the way to 24 and the Packers have been a Super Bowl contender ever since. It doesn’t matter if you have the #1 pick if you can’t pick talent.
  • drew-brees-chargers-32-drew-brees-san-diego-chargers-2001-pg-600Drew Brees is synonymous with what the Eagles tried to do with Sam Bradford. A QB who proved he could play at an NFL level and suffered an injury that left people skeptical of his effectiveness. The Chargers decided to go with Philip Rivers (after Brees led the Chargers to 11-4 and 9-7 records in consecutive seasons) and have been mediocre ever since. The Saints swooped in and got the player to set the future of their franchise for the last decade.

Basketball Examples

  • LeBron_James_18112009_1Love or hate Lebron James, he is the best player in the NBA excluding Steph Curry (even currently). You don’t need a great team to be good if you have Lebron James on it. At the age of 20, he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 42-40 record and getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs with players like Zydrunas Ilgauskus, Eric Snow, and Drew Gooden. Unable to win a championship in Cleveland (he got to the finals) he took his talents to South Beach and ended up becoming part of the Heat squad to win 2 championships. This proves that you literally only need LeBron, the player, to become an elite team.
  • 33fc83c0-c8ff-11e4-b581-f762334b5584_SON31215The Magic had two #1 picks in a row to get Shaq and Penny and went to the NBA Finals soon after. The Magic made a serious blunder in not giving Shaq the required money and the Lakers swooped in with an understanding that this is the player who will take us to the championship. Paired up with Kobe, the Lakers were right.
  • steph-curry-120315-usnews-getty-ftr_lbe874ol80s01mdfzfdg2tdi7

    Of course this scrawny kid will re-write NBA history

    Steph Curry was drafted with the 7th pick of the 2009 NBA draft and has revolutionized the way the game was played. At 6-3, 190, he’s not the overwhelming force that LeBron James is at 6-9, 275. It’s not clear that Steph is going to become the best player in the NBA and that’s obvious as he drops to 7. The Warriors gambled and got the player of the generation.  It should be noted that both Steph and LeBron were born in Akron, Oh.

What’s Your Point Vanessa?

Kawhi-Leonard-Wins-NBA-MVP-as-Spurs-Beat-Heat-on-Fathers-DayThis quote by Greg Popovich is the point:

“I think he’s going to be a star. And as time goes on, he’ll be the face of the Spurs, I think. At both ends of the court, he is really a special player. And what makes me be so confident about him is that he wants it so badly. He wants to be a good player, I mean a great player. He comes early, he stays late, and he’s coachable. He’s just like a sponge. When you consider he’s only had [two years] of college and no training camp yet, you can see that he’s going to be something else.”

Gregg Popovich, in 2012, on Leonard

All the Pieces of the Puzzle


#2 pick of the ’93 draft. Sharon Wright wasn’t much better.

The San Antonio Spurs have not had a top 20 pick in the NBA draft since 1997. What I’m pointing out is the difference between “tanking” to get a pick and being THE BEST at recognizing talent and finding the player. However you slice it, the Spurs are the model of what an NBA team should be. They are better at identifying talent than any other team and this is why they’ve been top caliber for 20 years. Philadelphia has proven continuously they are not that good at this part.

To come full circle to the Eagles and trading up, my gut says it’s not going to work because you can’t predict who the player (aside from Lebron James) is when they are 21. People develop differently under different systems. I’d bet my bottom dollar that if Kawhi stayed in Indiana he wouldn’t be a top 5 player in the NBA right now. Systems and coaches make players want to be who they can become. That’s one of my main issues with the Sixers and Hinkie’s strategy. The system breeds losing. Losing gets ingrained in your mind. It’s bad for business.

downloadThere’s also a major point that I’m overlooking and it’s management and their abilities. Here’s a clue if you’ve been sucking for a long time, get new owners. Notice the Philadelphia owners quitting early on Chip and Hinkie who saw the world differently. I will say though that If I saw the way Chip utilized Demarco Murray last year, I would have wanted to kick him to the curb too. It’s bigger than high draft picks, it’s knowing how to win at all costs. Why do you think Popovich and Belichick hate talking to the press – it’s because loser’s talk to the press. Look at Cam Newton after the Super Bowl. He gets it. This point is more for humor but maybe it’s not. You need the Popovich’s and Belichick’s to rise above. Are coaches good because they win or does winning make good coaches? Was Gary Kubiak considered a good coach when he went 61-64 with the Houston Texans? Is he considered a good coach now? Technically that point contradicts my point but he was brought into a club that had won at least 12 games the past 3 seasons. Elway specifically went out and got Peyton. Does that sound like a better plan than tanking and looking to draft high?

At this point I’ve lost my way and got caught up in rambling and ranting and citing examples and at the end of the day where am I? I could have probably summed this up in one sentence. – get the best player the league has to offer and hold on to them forever.

Tiger’s Lunch Story and Picking Up the Bill

tiger-woods-300Tiger Woods Story on

A long read about Tiger and his gravitation towards wanting to be a Navy Seal. The read has virtually no golf in it but gives insight into who Tiger Woods was in 2006 and what he has become.  I enjoyed the piece but didn’t come away with a much different opinion of Tiger except it sounds like he won’t be coming back to golf.

This story though was great though because it’s a known fact that if one person is a billion times richer than another guy, they should pick up the tab. On a side note, the way the ESPN website moved the story through the pictures in the background was fucking awesome. I wish had that technology.


Then there’s the story of the lunch, which spread throughout the Naval Special Warfare community. Guys still tell it, almost a decade later. Tiger and a group of five or six went to a diner in La Posta. The waitress brought the check and the table went silent, according to two people there that day. Nobody said anything and neither did Tiger, and the other guys sort of looked at one another.

Finally one of the SEALs said, “Separate checks, please.”

The waitress walked away.

“We are all baffled,” says one SEAL, a veteran of numerous combat deployments. “We are sitting there with Tiger f—ing Woods, who probably makes more than all of us combined in a day. He’s shooting our ammo, taking our time. He’s a weird f—ing guy. That’s weird s—. Something’s wrong with you.”

History of #1 & #2 Picks in the NFL Draft

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day

Goff and Wentz

The Eagles traded for the #2 pick from the Cleveland Browns. The Eagles sent five draft picks to the Browns: the No. 8 pick in the first round, a third-round pick (77th overall) and a fourth-round pick (100th overall) in this year’s draft, a first-round pick in 2017 and a second-round pick in 2018. Cleveland also sends a fourth-round pick in 2017 to the Eagles.

Presumably, the Eagles are going to use the 2nd round pick to draft Cal’s Jared Goff or North Dakota States Carson Wentz, whichever is not drafted by the Ram’s at 1. I’m a firm believer that you need a stellar QB to win football games. If your team has a bad QB, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your team is because not only is it their job to score points, but it’s also their job not to give up points to the other team by means of turnovers. I understand the desire for a premier QB and why trading up seems like a good idea but it’s worth looking at how QB’s drafted 1 or 2 fare.

I’m going to set a 20 year time span and look at all the 17 QB’s drafted with the #1 and #2 picks and rank them based off performance.

Ranking of #1 & #2 Picked QB’s

  1. peyton-manning-020716-getty-ftrjpg_141e73vxk1t1n10o5m3h1e4bh9Peyton Manning – Peyton Manning played 13 years with the Colts and 4 with the Bronco’s winning 2 Super Bowls. “Manning is the first and only quarterback to achieve 200 career wins (regular and postseason),his five NFL MVP awards are a league record, he was the most valuable player of Super Bowl XLI, was named to a record 14 Pro Bowls, has 14 4,000-yard passing seasons (NFL record), and is the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards (71,940) and touchdown passes (539). His career record was 186-79 and is being mired by some strange drug scandal that most likely will go away. His ability to market Papa John’s and Budweiser is also unquestioned.
  2. Cam_Newton_Dabbing_History_Why_Do_The_Panthers_DabCam Newton – Cam led the best regular season team to his first Super Bowl last year eventually losing to Peyton Manning’s Bronco’s. Known primary as a rushing QB during his first few years, he’s evolved into the most dynamic QB in the NFL. I would be shocked if he doesn’t win multiple Super Bowls considering he is only 26 years old. Known as Superman and bringing the Dab to extreme popularity, he has become America’s QB.
  3. The Eli disappointed face

    The Eli disappointed face

    Eli Manning – I ranked Cam ahead of Eli even though Eli has 2 rings and everyone knows rings are all that matter. Eli has always thrown tons of picks and tends to whine more than the average football player should. He miraculously beat the Patriots twice but hasn’t done much other than that. Eli’s career record is 97-86 which puts him at 6 more losses than his brother and 89 less wins.

  4. 833560_1280x720Donovan McNabb – No rings but he led the Eagles to 5 NFC championship games and one eventual defeat to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Donny lacked some accuracy but had Philadelphia heart and gave the team a decades worth of competitive football. He’s managed to stay in the limelight with boneheaded tweets and getting a multiple DUI’s.
  5. Me caveman

    Me caveman

    Andrew Luck – I hesitate to put Luck this high after a terrible season last year after getting hurt and only playing a total of 7 games in 2016. I would add that he played miserably during those games. However, he went 11-5 and made the playoffs for each of his first 3 seasons in the NFL which is impressive to say the least. He’s gotten spanked by the Patriots twice now in the playoffs and has yet to overcome that hurdle.

  6. carson-palmer-hulaCarson Palmer – No rings but still playing at the age of 36 and leading the Cardinals to the NFC championship game against the Panthers last year show’s he still has it. Tremendous accuracy as a passer but little to know playoff success. He’s running out of time to get that Super Bowl ring but he seems to possess the proper QB skills if the team around him is built correctly.
  7. "I don't throw downfield."

    “I don’t throw downfield.”

    Alex Smith – I’ve started to respect Alex Smith. They love using the term “game manager” and although I’d never want him as my fantasy QB, I think he wins football games. In his 10 year career he’s only seen the playoffs 3 times winning 1 game twice. He needs to get riskier to start becoming an elite QB and he seems content to dink and dunk and play within his limits which doesn’t win Super Bowls.

  8. Matthew-Stafford-Kelly-Fiancee-Suh-RodgersMatthew Stafford – 0-2 in playoff games and seems to be on the decline. He threw for 5,000 yards one season which seems to be his claim to fame. His career record is 42-51. He has a smokeshow wife though and played blackjack next to Sam one time. You could certainly argue that he deserves to be much much lower on this list.
  9. 1410069065000-USATSI_8069615Marcus Mariota – Obivously too early to call at this stage in his career but doesn’t seem to be heading into bust territory even though he put up a measly 3 wins in 12 games. He’s got decent legs and is working with no WR’s in Tennessee currently. I’d give him a chance and see if he develops.
  10. img24238608Jameis Winston – Jameis has pure ability. Whether that develops into QB skills is another story. His off the field antics have earned him a lousy reputation but he hasn’t been in the news in a while so maybe he’s starting to take his role seriously. He did manage to become the youngest player in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards even though his team was only 6-10 with him at the helm so there is certainly upside.
  11. 18f15dkjzpal8jpgMichael Vick – Ahh the dog fighter. Vick has been in the playoffs 3 times during his 14 year career winning 2 total games. The epitome of a running QB with no passing accuracy. Aside from a few decent years with the Falcons, and 1 career year with the Eagles where Matthew Berry said it made sense to take him with the #1 pick in fantasy drafts, he’s been a bust. How he is still playing shows how hard it is to get a decent QB in the NFL.
  12. Wonky eye

    Wonky eye

    Sam Bradford – I think Sam Bradford is horrible. At the beginning of last season when he torched the Packers in preseason, I was all over the hype. I thought the system would play perfectly into his strengths and he would produce HUGE fantasy numbers. Boy was I wrong. He sucks. He’s actually better when he’s hurt because at least he’s not sucking on the field. If you wanted to argue and put him last on this list I would say I’m fine with it. It’s like he’s just mediocre at everything and in a league where you need to be at least elite at something, he’s not.

  13. 714032470Robert Griffin III – How he took the Redskins to the playoffs his rookie season is beyond me. For reference in how he did that game against the Seahawks, he was 10-19 for 84 yards losing 24-14. His 3-10 sophomore year opened the door for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins decided who was better fit to lead the team. I think they made the right decision. Oh yeah, he also gets injured pretty easily.
  14. davidcarrDavid Carr – A horrible NFL QB for the Houstan Texans. He holds a 23-56 lifetime career record. I can’t say much about him because I don’t know much other than he stinks and is the older brother of Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. Also this fact I dug up, “he also set the NFL record for fumble recoveries in a single season, recovering 12 of his own.”
  15. kozar_couchTim Couch – Tim Couch’s greatest feat is that he’s married to Heather Kozar. After being selected #1 by the Browns, he never developed into a stud QB. He played for 5 seasons battling injuries because of a shitty Browns offensive line and finished 22-37 overall record. This tidbit though, “Couch holds the distinction of being the only quarterback in NFL history to throw two game-winning passes of 50 yards or more with 0:00 left on the clock”
  16. alg-mugshot-russell-jpgJaMarcus Russell – After a 5-10 2nd year season in which Russell started every game, he didn’t exactly take care of himself in the offseason. NBC Sports described Russell as “annually and incredibly overweight”, saying he arrived at mini-camp weighing 290 pounds, up from his initially reported weight of 271. He played 9 games that year going 2-9 and as they say, “that was that.”
  17. ryan-leaf-mugshot-cropped2Ryan Leaf – Ryan Leaf is described as the #1 bust in NFL history. In 3 seasons of play, he amassed a career record of 4-17. On February 4, 2016 in an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Leaf himself compared the problems of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel to his own, saying it was like “looking in the mirror” and that the only difference was that Leaf’s substance abuse problems happened after he retired. Leaf went on to state that Manziel is able to get the help he needs.

What to Make of This?

These 17 examples show that you can get the greatest QB in NFL history or just another bum. There have been 4 Super Bowl rings won by these players and they all have the last name of Manning. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you have the #1 pick or not. Drafting up tends to bite you more than it helps your team. Remember Ricky Williams? There is so much emphasis on the draft and building a future but no one has a crystal ball and there is no guarantee that a QB pans out over the length of his career. I personally think the Eagles are making a mistake even though I agree getting rid of Bradford is essential.

Hi Spot Lanes Suck

The last 5 weeks at South Bowl my averages over 3 games have been 192, 193, 206, 189, and 196. This could be looked at and described as consistency based on a 15 game sample size. Lanes are freshly oiled as we arrive so the conditions are also consistent. This is what I consider to be fun bowling. Last night was our Wednesday night league which I am stating is the last time I roll at Hi-Spots unless conditions approve.

John with Andrew Bynum

Owner John with Andrew Bynum

To start with, we were put on lanes 5 and 6, where inevitably the balls get trapped because a pin gets lodged in between the return and the balls. This slows the game down because Steve has to manually go back to fix this issue at least 3 times within 1 1/2 games. You will see this in the below video. We arrived at 7:30pm and didn’t finish until 11pm to roll 3 games with 5 players on each team.

My second gripe applies primarily with me because I throw a ball that has revolutions on it. Whereas most of the league throws a straight ball or one that has so few revs that it doesn’t matter much, I struggle to find the pocket shot after shot. Why is this? Mainly because the oil pattern is so messy that understanding where it is actually is a mystery. When I try to roll down the right portion of the lane, it shoots across because there is no oil. Then I move left and roll through the oil in the middle and the ball misses the pocket right because there is no catch. I completely understand saying that I’m whining like a baby and not adjusting but it’s not just me. Colin who is one of the best bowlers in the league is carrying a 165 average and throws a pretty reved up ball and he’s way better than a 165 bowler. Josh, the best bowler in the league, is averaging 186 and says he’s well over 200 on other lanes. It’s not like it’s unbowlable, I still rolled reasonable games last night but the misses are a freaking joke. Try picking up spares where every part of the lane produces a different result. Maybe you’ll catch some oil, maybe you won’t. Hi Spots is great if you have no other experience in other league bowling but I’ve frankly had enough when I’ve actually seen what a real league is like at South Bowl. Get it together or else the bowlers who are actually trying to improve their game won’t show. PS – The house balls are a crime to humanity.

My First Impressions of SnapChat

snapchat-focusI’m not sure if everyone understands how to use Snapchat but I most certainly don’t. There’s some weird way of adding friends by making your tips touch. Very personal if you ask me. Also it took me a few weeks before Evan showed me that you have to hold down the video button on the filter for it to take footage. I also just learned yesterday that after you take a picture you can swipe left or right to add location based text or images. With the learning curve behind me for the most part (I think), I’ll give you my thoughts on the usefulness of the app.

This was definitely not sent to me.

This was definitely not sent to me.

I know I’m late to the party and “the kids” have been snapping since 2011 but I get a kick out  of utilizing video that isn’t as formal as YouTube. Each video to your story lasts 6 seconds and this gives it an impersonal feel. I posted one video of myself hammered and didn’t have to worry much about the idiot I looked like because it would be erased in 24 hours anyway. I also am aware you can send private messages to friends by video which is a funny way to deliver a message. I’m sure pics like the ones to the right are also popular.

I pretty much have no idea what people post to their stories so for me it’s completely new. Jordan was saying people use it to post a snippet of a cool location they are at. I’m generally using it for any time I’m wasted and feel like wasting 6 seconds of someone’s time. With about 15 friends on my friend list I’m not exactly getting huge exposure but I’m enjoying the short time I’ve had it.

One question I had was I took a with the filter but then is the only way to get it to myself by taking a screen shot?