Just Don’t Be a Video or Slideshow

Sometimes I’ll check rnningfool.com to see if it gets updated…

My office.

My office.

When I’m stuck for ideas I have about 50 or so drafts that at one point in time I thought they were good ideas for posts.  It’s like going to the well and there being some water at the bottom but it’s pretty muddy and you’re not sure if it’s ok to drink or not.  This is one of those posts because the ideas I have for other posts are too far out and will require more time.

With that incredible lead up I’m sure you’re on your hands and knees (that’s not the right expression) with excitement for what comes next.  If you were Sherlock Holmes, you could guess that the title could be a clue to what I’m going to express disdain for.  I hate clicking links that lead to videos or slideshows.

Yahoo!_Video_-_It's_On_1293655408822Videos –  I hate commitment.  It’s why I don’t return text messages on time, respond to Facebook invites, or have ever had a serious girlfriend.  The idea of clicking on a link that sends me to a video that is 3 minutes long basically blows up my brain.  If I go to YouTube and find a video myself I have no problem with that because I’m mentally prepared to watch the video because I’ve blocked that time for that activity.  However, when I’m clicking around, I don’t want to be tied down to a clip.  I’m like a bald eagle that was just released into nature.  I need to be free.  Please use text.

toriblackSlideshows – The bane of the internet.  The slideshow is stupidity in web browser form.  Most slideshows are “51 Pornstars Who Aren’t Wearing Makeup,” or “Can you believe these people were once fat!”  Then they give you one big picture with a snippet of text.  What’s worse is that they make you click 3 times for each sentence before moving on to the next part of the list.  It would be one thing if the click was instantaneous but it’s not.  There is a pause every single time you click.  I can’t even remember the last time I deemed information valuable through a slideshow.  If a slideshow is your preferred method of getting information,  it’s highly likely you’re a complete moron.

Shaping Comments

When someone comments

When someone comments

Adam told me he liked the post that I wrote about liking wraps over sandwiches.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I was trying a different approach to blogging with that post so I’m glad it received positive feedback.  Another point I’d like to stress is that I don’t know you like that post unless you tell me you like that post.  If Adam didn’t tell me that, I’d probably think that a personal approach to what makes me, well me, wasn’t the answer to a successful blog.  Fortunately he did and I can continue to work off that path.  This leads me to explain how important it is for readers to leave comments.  I need to know what works and what doesn’t.  So next time you find yourself saying, “should I leave a comment (even if it’s saying I suck),” do it.

This contains no relevance whatsoever

This contains no relevance whatsoever

I don’t leave a ton of comments on other people’s blogs and sites but I probably leave more than you do because I know how it feels to receive a comment and I tend to be opinionated when I don’t like (or like) a topic.  Here are some thoughts I’ve picked up on various websites I comment on and how it’s important to shape your comment to that website for maximum results.

PlwkFReddit – This is an intelligent website where intelligent people post.  The best comments use double entendres, puns, and other forms of sophisticated language that I don’t know the words for.   All negative racial comments, misspellings, and stupidity get down voted.  I rarely leave comments because getting downvoted makes you feel like shit.

Screen-Shot-2015-10-06-at-9.27.01-PMBarstool – Any intelligent comment will get downvotes.  Barstool is the dregs of humanity and unless you are making fun of Pres or fellow contributors, your comment won’t stand a chance.  Comments that are as real / true as possible get the most fanfare.  Here is the #1 comment about Mac and Cheese Kid and the picture of him getting removed – “Props to this kid’s dad, honestly. My dad wouldn’t be caught in the same state as me if I embarrassed our family name that bad.”

To be 21 again

To be 21 again

Bansheemann7 – I’m never sure how much commenting I should do on Sam’s blog because I already maintain my own blog which means I can display my opinion anytime I want.  He has his own group of friends who can form their own opinions about the topics without the need for my influence.  When I see 0 comments though, I’ll generally throw in my 2 cents with no fear or disregard like I think a lot of readers have.

Rolling For Dough

This is the 2nd highest score I’ve been on the same lane as and it was done by the same person.

South Bowl Game

My favorite part about games like this is that the other people in the group know that a picture will be taken and that they better man up to not look bad. What this indicates is that I was rolling pretty well and the Wads was the donk of the group. This would be untrue.

The main bowling area at South Bowl on Front Street and Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia on February 24, 2015. (Colin Kerrigan / Philly.com)

The main bowling area at South Bowl on Front Street and Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia 

After 4 games (the pic was the 4th), Wads had a 174 avg, I was 175, and the Weens was carrying a 186. In the final game, the Wads rolled a career high 240+ to overtake the high avg and best bowler of the evening as well as $20 of my hard earned dollars.

South Bowl’s lanes are actually pretty true. Weekday nights are the best time to go because it’s $2 PBR’s (it used to be Philadelphia Brewing Co) and half price pizzas.  If i didn’t invite you and you read this blog, sorry.  Don’t take it personal.

DraftKings SMH

You're a snake, you asshole.

This is Ethan Haskell who used the private info.  You’re a snake.

The big story out now is that a mid-level employee of DraftKings placed for 350k in a FanDuel tourney in Week 3.  Things get interesting when it’s leaked that this employee had prior knowledge of player ownership % prior to the tournament starting.  For those who don’t participate in DFS, this matters because us laymen don’t get this info until the contest starts.   Why does this matter?

This week, 49% of people in the DraftKings Millon used Karlos Williams and only 16% chose Devontae Freeman.  If you knew this info ahead of time, you’d probably be more apt to fade Karlos and pick Devontae.  The idea being that you don’t want the same players that everyone else has because you tend to fall further into the pack.  Differentiating your lineup helps tremendously.

Integrity is Questioned

Csuram88 placed in the Top 25 in Week 4. He had 250+ entries in the million.

Csuram88 placed in the Top 25 in Week 4. He had 250+ entries in the million.

When gambling is involved, people look to cheat.  This scenario is far worse because it’s actually the house that’s cheating the players.  Not directly but the checks and balances involved for this growing industry are not satisfactory when their employees are using private information for their own personal benefit.  The players are outraged because the sites are already cleaning house that the least they can expect is a fair game and that’s not what they are getting.

Who Cares?

Info from the NYTimes

We hate you and your reaction from all the commercials.

We hate you and your reaction from all the commercials.

Eilers Research, which studies the industry, estimates that daily games will generate around $2.6 billion in entry fees this year and grow 41 percent annually, reaching $14.4 billion in 2020. So high are the potential financial rewards that DraftKings and FanDuel have found eager partners in N.F.L. teams, even as league executives remain staunch opponents of sports betting.

Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert K. Kraft of the New England Patriots have stakes in DraftKings, which recently struck a three-year deal with the N.F.L. to become a partner of the league’s International Series in Britain, where sports betting is legal. In addition, DraftKings has tapped hundreds of millions of dollars from Fox Sports, and FanDuel has raised similar amounts from investors like Comcast, NBC and KKR.


It doesn’t feel right.  Not only are the lowly players playing against DraftKing Pros who submit hundreds of entries, but also against employees of rival sites.  What’s weirder is the actual NFL teams have rooting interest in the success of these sites!  The fucking fuck!  This has to compromise some aspect of this “fair” contest.  Oh, Jerry’s personal assistant heard that Christine Michael is going to get all the touches this week and inserted him in his lineup.  Where does it end?

This doesn’t actually effect me because my wagers are minuscule compared to others but I no longer think the playing field of this industry is even.  When I go to a casino, I understand my odds aren’t 50-50.  When I pay DraftKings their fee, I expect to have a fair game.  That is not happening until regulation steps in and corrals these assholes.

I Know I Won’t Like You – Poker Edition


I was watching some poker recently and a few players caught my attention as people I won’t like.  I can break down whether I like someone pretty quickly based on how “real” they appear.  I like Phil Helmuth even though he berates players and thinks they’re idiots because that’s just who he is.  These below players though rub me the wrong way.

Brian Hastings AdBrian Hastings – How big of a hole are you in, bro?  I count 4 ads on your shirt in a tight area.  This is the definition of selling out.  Advertisers come up to you because they know you’ll be on TV and they’ll give you X amount of dollars to wear their patch.  It’s not enough that you have a chance to win $7.5 million dollars that you have to take a couple grand and turn yourself into a tool.   Sell out, for me oh yeah.

Phil-LaakPhil Laak – The epitome of stupidity.  This genius actually wears these goggles when he plays.  If this isn’t being starved for attention, I don’t know.  There’s no way he can see better with those on.  They don’t enhance his ability to play better.  They only make him look like an idiot which I suppose could play to his advantage as his opponents obviously think this.  What a loser.

Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver – He was recently on the Super High Roller Tournament ($500,000 buyin) staring down Brian Rast like a complete douchebag.  You have to watch it to believe it and I looked for the clip and couldn’t find it.  There were 4 players at the table and he was sitting side by side with Brian Rast.  When the flop was dealt, he just stared at Rast waiting for him to make a move.  I don’t mind looking at the player rather than the cards.  I do mind when you stare directly at your opponent for 2 minutes in a state that screams, “I’m trying to intimidate you.”

I Feel Strongly About Wraps

You’d be wise to not agree with any part of this post. My strong stances tend to make for awkward real life moments. Whenever a person in real life says “I read your blog” my brain immediately scans all the parts I could have written to offend that person. I’ve also noticed that people take all comments I make in this blog (even if I’m taking a position just to generate the view point) personally.

I personally don't like onions.

I personally don’t like onions.

Wraps – Wraps have overtaken sandwiches for me. I was a big supported of the club sandwich but if I had to choose between a turkey club and a turkey club wrap offered by my local delicatessen, I’d choose the wrap. This honey mustard chicken wrap has been knocking my socks off and a chicken Caesar wrap is a constant. I’ve even move Panini’s ahead of an ordinary sandwich.

Bars with no TV's look like this.

Bars with no TV’s look like this.

No TV’s @ Bars – I’ve been to a many bars and I don’t get the no TV stance. I understand the goal of no TV’s is to promote dialogue among customers but I’m pretty convinced that TV’s in noisy settings don’t play that much of a factor. I can’t remember the last time someone said, “we can’t go to that bar because they have TV’s.” I’ve definitely heard, “I’m not going to that bar because there are no TV’s.”

“Not having television — that’s the pure bar environment, where conversation is most important. “We’ve never had a television because we wanted to inspire something that is close to the conviviality of pubs in Ireland.

When your famous, not famous bloggers make fun of you.

When you’re famous, not famous bloggers make fun of you.

Russell Wilson – I hate him. He runs around like a madmen once he feels pressure and heaves up bullshit to shitty receivers that consistently gets caught. I’m pretty sure that’s the actual play and not the horrible routes that the receivers run. I give him credit for his mobility and reasonable accuracy on the move but I hate the fucker. I won a bet tonight betting against him but it was infuriating on every 3rd down watching him escape.

Failing to Double Dip

c.j.-spiller-nfl-new-orleans-saints-ota-850x56030 yard FG to win a 4 team teaser (Saints +4) and hit the Cowboys +3.5 (a hedge to make sure the teaser didn’t go unprofitable)….doink. My weekend was wrapping up to be nice and profitable and then Zack Hocker clanked it. Not to mention I was playing against CJ Spiller who unleashed an 80 yard TD to dash any hopes of winning a fantasy game. That’s life.

My DraftKings essentially pushed after I put together a few really nice teams. This will go down as my first profitable week of the season so hopefully I can ride some momentum. My fantasy teams are also struggling with my 4 leagues being 0-4, 1-3, 2-2, and 3-1. I’m pretty happy with my teams but it certainly hurts when you miss guys like Devontae Freeman.

Enough football talk for now especially because I lost my Eliminator pick.

A Billion Dollar Idea

I knew all this talk about cash and Venmo would lead somewhere. It’s a sensitive topic that there is no good answer to. Fortunately I was able to figure out a solution to a universal problem that last night presented.

Restaurant_e-menuSo after all of the cash talk, I actually ran out of cash. I entered the night with $60 bucks and spent it promptly which left me with bills that I had to figure out. Naturally I went to an ATM and solved the issue (at a cash only bar which seem to be prevalent nowadays) but it made me think of what is actually needed to solve this issue. The word “sync” as coined by Sean (brilliant line by me) is the answer.

What needs to happen is your phone needs to sync to your order / bill. You can actually order from your phone and get an individual bill. The way the Uber handles payments needs to happen with the food industry. This way you don’t have to worry about tip or cash and it is all billed to the profile you set up. Restaurants should be required to create an E-menu to order off of and your phone to sync to. Why has this not happened?

Funny Money

I’ve heard from both sides of the coin on the cash vs Venmo discussion and my thoughts are as follows:

  • Two Lightning Bolts

    Two Lightning Bolts

    Younger people believe using Venmo and credit cards are a direct substitute for carrying cash.

  • People who rely on electronic cash are like leeches relying on the people who are actually carrying cash.  I’m not saying this happens 100% of the time but it happens to people who carry cash 0% of the time.
  • Living in an e-cash world is like the Wild Wild West as described below.

Imagine the hypothetical situation where no one carries cash.  5 people come to the bowling alley and they purchase 3 games apiece totaling $50 dollars.  Is one person putting all the games on 1 card and 4 people paying him back $10 through Venmo or are 5 people paying $10 through 5 different transactions?  Under the 1st assumption now 1 guy is owed $40 dollars from 4 people.  Do they Venmo immediately or do they play it off the cuff and assume they’ll pay him back as the night continues?  The latter scenario is 5 transactions, with 5 signatures, that takes 5x as long.

Next, they order food and drinks and are presented with another bill.  5 way split?  Is the guy who paid for the bowling excluded from this bill and the other 4 figure it out?  Who even knows at this point?

The only reason the Venmo system even reasonably works is because there are people who still carry cash.  So if 3 of 4 people carry cash, they work with the e-tard who doesn’t have any.  I cannot grasp the revolt against carrying cash.  Why is it difficult?  0 problems arise when you have cash.  Zero point zero.  You never have to worry about a cash only bar or dividing checks.   

resized_winter-is-coming-meme-generator-brace-yourselves-the-freeloaders-are-coming-8a7d0aI know the person using Venmo and credit cards doesn’t want to believe this.  They believe they can swipe and transfer for life but e-money feels like funny money.  Our group doesn’t bet funny money because funny money doesn’t get paid.  

I’m not saying that I’m not going to be your friend because you don’t carry cash or roll my eyes every time I have to give you money at a cash only establishment.  These posts are just outlining the benefits to carrying cash.  It’s not I’m right and you’re wrong.  I get Venmo.  I use Venmo.  Paying people who I don’t know instead of sending a check is a great luxury.  I happily will Venmo anytime it’s convenient or necessary.  However it isn’t always convenient and cash comes in handy which is the main reason why you should always have it on you.

Do you carry cash on you at all times?

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