Opinions on the Highest Paid Celebrities

Full list here if you are interested.

floydmayweather1. Floyd Mayweather – $300m – His #1 ranking is why his nickname is money. For a guy who can’t read, he’s doing pretty well for himself. The earnings are obviously inflated because of the super fight with Pacquiao but Floyd still draws.  I’d be surprised if his outrageous bets are even included in this total figure.  Undefeated (48-0) and the self proclaimed best fighter ever, Floyd is worth his weight in gold.

espn_2009bww_192. Manny Pacquiao – $160m – Elected to the Congress of the Philippines, Manny is an ambassador to a country as well as an over the hill boxer.  He fell in to Floyd’s strategy perfectly which was to prolong the fight until Manny didn’t have that pop in his punch.  Either way I’m sure both fighters are happy and can live their lives with financial securtiy.  Manny will put his to good use while Floyd makes it rain at strip clubs.

Katy Perry3. Katy Perry – $135m – I’m a big Katy fan because I enjoy her total package.  Not only does she carry a slamming body but her message is positive through her songs.  With millions of Katycats around the world, she has plenty of support.   It’s been since 2013 since her last album but I suppose that’s because she’s so busy touring and earning that loot.

150413-news-one-direction4. One Direction – 130m – I have no idea where to begin with this one.  Zane left the band?  Harry is back with Taylor Swift?  Justin just broke up with Britney?  The only member of One Direction I’ve even heard of is Harry Styles and the only song I know is Story of My Life.  This band is playing to a demographic that I am out of touch with and I’m ok with that.  Goes to show that boy bands will never die.

5. Howard Stern – $95m – I listen to Howard as often as I can because his show has developed into the best show on radio.  He’s finally shed the “shock jock” persona and is now being regarded as a world class interviewer.  His America’s Got Talent contract is also boosting this total and likened his appeal as a regular guy.

Garth-Brooks6. Garth Brooks – $90m – I’VE GOT FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES!!!!  It’s the only anything I know about Garth Brooks.  Apparently he’s sold over 68 million albums which is a pretty big number and continues to land you on a list of the 10 wealthiest celebs.  I don’t think all people like country but the one’s who do REALLY love country.  I hate when I’m at a place that is blasting country and I’m the only idiot who doesn’t know the words.  Totally feel out of place.

A-James-Patterson-double-scoop-at-bookstores-9C69G92-x-large7. James Patterson – $89m – The man behind Alex Cross.  I’ve read a few Patterson books and never come away feeling fulfilled.  They are quick reads that he cranks out in his sleep.  After I read a book called Toys, I never read another one.  Being an author is all about name recognition which happens when you get notoriety for a particular book.  Then you build off of that success.   He’s written 95 books.  That’s a shit ton.  Not everyone will be a winner but more books = more sales.

8.  Robert Downey – $80m – He wasn’t always Iron Man considering this line to judge after a hearing for drug use, “It’s like I’ve got a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.”  Downey’s career started young with being a secondary member of the John Hughes “Brat Pack”.   In 2004, Downey got sober and in 2008 his career made a huge resurgence with Tropic Thunder and Iron Man.  He hasn’t looked back and charts the list as 2015’s highest paid actor.

taylor-swift-2014-sarah-barlow-billboard-6509. Taylor Swift – $80m – T Swift is hot as can be right now.   Her feud with Katy Perry has established “Bad Blood” and now the world watches her every move.  Her concerts are insta-sell outs and her performances are top notch.  Her transition from country to pop was seamless and her fans didn’t even complain that much.  The world is now shaking it off and Taylor is a global phenomenon.

Ronaldo10.  Cristiano Ronaldo – $79.5m – Soccer is a global sport and Ronaldo is the top player.  Often compared with Messi (#13) as the game’s best, his 45 goals were 2 more this season (La Liga) to take the crown as scoring champ.    I’ve only recently started watching soccer and it’s clear that he is an unbelievable  talent and earns every bit of his contract.  Plus he is ridiculously good looking which makes all the ladies swoon.

Center City Sips Is Killing Me

Thank Evan for this pic of Chops from the Comcast Center

Thank Evan for this pic of Chops from the Comcast Center

Ahhh Wednesday. How you’ve come to ruin my life. If you’ve never heard of CC Sips, it’s a city wide “event” where Center City bars give “specials” from 5-7 on Wednesday’s. It essentially turns Wednesday into a weekend night and I’ve been feeling the brunt of it for the last 3 weeks.

Most people don’t get caught up in Sips like I do. They drink between 5-7 and then go home and sober up for the next day. Evan and I have been going hard through Sips and then ending at Howl at the Moon until 11. This causes me to stumble home and pass out without brushing my teeth and in the clothes I wore from the night before. As you can guess, Thursday’s are like death.

drunkI’ve wrote about the effects of alcohol many times and to put it simply, drinking alcohol to excess makes your brain stop processing information as effectively the next day. You can’t think. Simultaneous thoughts disintegrate into nothingness. My theory is that this is caused by severe dehydration. This makes work unbearable and counter productive. It is a major malfunction.

Which brings me to today and why I’m even posting this. Another Wednesday is occurring and how I’m at work is night and day compared to how I felt last Thursday. I take orders over the phone (while actually enjoying the exchange and focusing on the customer’s needs and increasing the sale), remember items that need to be re-ordered, clean up and organize my work space, and fire off emails with ease. Problem solving is a breeze. Sips is preventing my effectiveness.

productivity1Tonight I will be going to the Phillies game and not participating in Sips which is a plus. The normal question to ask is, “why don’t you not drink so much as Sips.” Why the hell would I even go then? This answer is the source of being a binge drinking alcoholic. Once I get 5 beers in me, my brain shuts off any previous thoughts like “I’m not going to get hammered tonight”.

Just imagine if I was effective for 7 days a week. I might be able to solve cancer. Sips just added a disaster to my week. Who’s coming next week?

Kanye West vs Freddy Mercury

freddie-mercury-kingI don’t think much about Kanye or what he’s up to but this video has to make you laugh.  He’s covering a top 10 song of all time and doing a poor job which makes me wonder what on Earth is he thinking.  Facial reactions from Freddy make the video.

Freddy Mercury on the other hand is an unbelievable talent whose singing voice is one in a million.  A video like this is supposed to make Kanye look dumb and tons of Kanye fans came to his defense with great comments:

“Who the fuck is Freddie Mercury and why is he trying to cover Kanye’s song”
“Here’s an idea, i’ll just let the crowd sing it because i can’t.”
“Yo Kanye, imma let you finish but Freddie did the best Bohemian Rhapsody ever”

Rodman Calls Charles Smith an F’ing Dickhead…

Dennis and Kim Jong at a Basketball GameShowtime had a documentary on Dennis Rodman’s efforts assembling a basketball team of out of shape, past NBA players to play the North Korean national team.  The game took place on January 8th, 2014 and was secondary to the behavior of Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman is a pitiful ambassador for the USA .  He’s a full blown alcoholic who allowed the stress from the event to over shadow any good he was trying to accomplish.  Thankfully Charles Smith was there to try to turn what was transpiring into a positive, which was murky at best.

Rodmans Squad

Charles Smith and Cliff Robinson on the right.

The first hour of the show was going over Kim Jong Un and Dennis meeting and the scheduling of the game.  Fairly slow paced.  However, once Dennis assembles a team of Charles Smith, Vin Baker, Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson, and a few other over the hill players, the fun begins.

Cue an incredibly formal dinner as it’s the first night in North Korea for the players.  Dennis does this rendition of Santeria.

At the same dinner, he ends up confronting an Irish reporter and makes a huge scene which the North Koreans were too polite to make a big deal of.  The players then start having second thoughts about the game and Dennis is as unruly as ever during negotiations.  It’s must see TV to see what Dennis will do or say next.

It's not a political affair, it's a basketball game.

It’s not a political affair, it’s a basketball game.

The game eventually takes place and the out of shape players lose 45-39 in one half of bball.  It sounds much worse than it is when you realize who was actually on the floor.  Dennis was horrible and completely out of shape which shows how serious he was taking the game.  The documentary ends when Dennis gets too shit faced with Kim Jong Un (which they don’t show) and he ends up checking into rehab.

I’m pretty familiar with alcoholics and Dennis was out of control for an event that was to be taken seriously.  He was drinking at 10 am and giving speeches that were just plain silly.  The motive behind Kim Jong Un befriending Rodman is questionable because you’d never want a man like this in your presence.  I believe he was using Rodman as a spectacle to show how off kilter the USA is as a nation.  The game was just icing on the cake with his players beating a bunch of washed up players.

I Can’t Feel My Face

The title is the getting older Weekend song and I just went through the weekend so I figured it would be fitting but it actually just doesn’t make sense because I can feel my face.


2 shots on the green on #10

I haven’t posted in a few days but know that I’m not pulling a Gourlay, I’ve just been busy.  I played golf on Friday with Hetrick and Hafer which was a lot of fun.  One memorable shot was Big Dawg and myself both driving the 248 yard par 4.  I ended up shooting an 88 at Paxon Hollow.

I was pretty hungover on Sunday for a round at Lederach so I didn’t play my best duffing at least 4 shots and missing a 2 footer.  I finished at 94 from the blues.  I’m playing pretty well though so I still have high expectations for the golf season.

Justin and Celeste’s wedding was on Saturday and it was a fun time had by all.  There are pictures all over Facebook but I’m pretty sure the one below is the only one I’m in. I should be back to regular posting starting tonight when I get some time.

The fellas. #jkc2015

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Women’s Sports!

With the Women’s World Cup in full stride, I watched this video of a Japanese goalie whiffing the ball in what has to be one of the worst displays of goal tending I’ve ever seen.

traffic-cone-48Odd that the over/under was 2.5 and with her team leading 2-0, she let this one go past. This inevitably leads to the question, at what level are these women playing? A cone could have made this save.

I found a thread in an old soccer forum that said that the US Woman’s national team played the Under-17 Men’s team in a scrimmage back in 2012…and lost 8-2. A few tweets from the match.

soccer-star-alex-morgan-dishes-on-flat-abs-and-a-flawless-face-headerI found a game like this fascinating for 3 reasons:

1) It must be difficult for one of the best female team’s in the world to find competition outside of their nation thus having to play better teams to hone their skills.
2) Under 17 year old men are far better players than our national team.  If you asked me to place my money on a team before it started it would have been a complete guess.
3) If I was a 17 year old kid I would be all over Alex Morgan

The Breakfast Conundrum

After 5 years of serving me a shitty breakfast, I put my foot down.  I will no longer be giving the 3rd and Spring Garden Dunkin Donuts my business.  I don’t have a personal problem with the guy who toasts the bagel but he’s terrible at his job.  He aims for speed rather than serving a proper bagel.  That being said, I’m looking for new options and here is the breakdown.



dunkin-donuts-solar-lg-jpgDunkin Donuts

Location: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆
Price: ⋆⋆⋆⋆ – $4.87 for a medium coffee, sesame seed bagel w/ cream cheese, and a glazed donut.
Analysis: If you are interested in my breakdown you can read this post. The bottom line is that the bagel tastes like shit even though I’m addicted to their coffee. The price is decent and the location is perfect which is why I’ve gone there as often as I have. Wait time can be long if there is a line.



Johnny's HotsJohnny’s Hots

Location: ***
Price: ** – $6.00 for a sausage, egg, and cheese + a Lemon Snapple
Analysis: Johnny’s Hot’s is on Columbus near the Sugar House. This requires me to drive about 5 minutes to get there which isn’t horrible but it’s not great either. The price is hefty if I add a drink. I think the sandwich is tasty and the staff is nice. Wait time is usually 3-5 minutes as it’s cooked to order.




Location: ⋆
Price: ⋆⋆⋆ – $4.54 for a bacon, egg, and cheese sizzli and a medium coffee
Analysis: I can drive to the one on 11th and Race which I saw was shutting down, the one on 21st and Hamilton, or the one on Columbus near Club Risque. Each one takes 5-10 minutes which is longer than I’d like to go for breakfast. The price is what I consider exactly average and the sizzli is the sizzli that I’ve grown to expect. It’s average. I can make the coffee myself which I like but I don’t think that puts Wawa over the top. Parking at any of them but Columbus can be an absolute nightmare which means if I’m not there by 7:30, forget about it.




Location: ⋆⋆⋆⋆
Price: ⋆⋆ – $5.34 for a sausage, egg, and cheese on a sesame seed bagel, and a Half and Half Nantucket Nectar
Analysis: The price is fairly high for a homemade breakfast sandwich. It takes about 4-5 minutes for the sandwich to be prepared and if there is a line (which there never is) it could add minutes. It’s right on my way to work on parking is free on the street as long as I get there by 8am.  The sandwich is above average.



springgardenrestaurantSpring Garden Restaurant

Location: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆
Price: ⋆ – 7.00+ tip
Analysis: A restaurant that opens at 4 or 5 in the morning and cooks quickly. It’s sit down so I’d have to allocate at least 20 minutes to the meal which is what usually keeps me away. It will also cost upwards of 7 bucks plus tip which would get pricey for breakfast. I always liked the idea of waking up early and reading the paper at a diner with the regulars. For whatever reason, I don’t do it often. I’ve only ever gotten the omelet for breakfast and it’s average.


As you can read, it’s not an easy decision.  Each one has their perks and downsides.  Of course I could just make my breakfast at home which I’m leaning more and more to but I haven’t quite got there yet.  My perfect world would be waking up, pee / brush my teeth, out the door, drive to work where a breakfast cart sells me a sausage egg and cheese for $3.00.  Has anyone tried Subway breakfast?  I could also include Plaza Pizza in this list but haven’t had it enough.

Bachelorette Will Equal Women’s World Cup Ratings

*** The actual ratings numbers have not been released ***


Horn Dog Kaitlyn

The Bachelorette brought in 6.6 million viewers on Monday night. The US Open brought in 11.2 million the night before. The USA Women’s World Cup game against Columbia brought in what most likely will be in the 5-6 million viewer range based off this past data.

We’re also reminded that the 3.3 million who watched the U.S. women’s opening match against Australia was triple the viewership for the U.S. opener in 2011, while the 4.2 million who watched the next matchup with Sweden and the 5 million who saw the group-clinching win against Nigeria earlier this week rank among the largest audiences in U.S. women’s soccer history.


Alex Morgan scores first goal to give US a 1-0 lead over Columbia

Does anyone find it sad that the Women’s World Cup team, who only gets to play in this tournament every 4 years, may lose to a show that is on its 11th season promoting the same sorry story line?

The contrast in the two programs should cause worry. On one hand we have 11 girls giving it all on the world’s stage in an elimination game where a loss deprives a team from going back for 4 years.  On the other hand we have Katilyn making out with Nick for an hour and half. To put this as simply as possible, Sex > Women’s Sports.

The only part of this that strikes a nerve with me is that it’s the World Cup and it feels like an exhibition game.  I’ve never been a huge soccer fan but I watched the Men’s World Cup games for national pride.  Other country’s take Futbol far more seriously than the US and the country deserves fan support.   The World Cup is the World Cup, men or women, and the amount of people who watch it should exceed that of the Bachelorette.