America, Fuck Yeah!

American flag flying in the wind

American flag flying in the wind

I’ve gotten over the initial attraction of Periscope (mainly because good feeds are hard to find) but one immediate point of interest is the look into other countries. I’ve now seen what people from Dubai (UAE), New Delhi (India), and Grottaferrata (Italy) look like. This appreciation of different cultures allows me to understand my own.

One comment in a feed of 3 American girls acting moronic in a dorm room smoking pot was “this is why ISIS hates you”. With that thought, I’ve decided to share my opinion of the country I live in.

How Did America Become So Strong, So Fast?
1280px-Declaration_independenceWhat boggles my mind about America is the fact that it’s only 239 years old. I suppose you could say it’s closer to 400 years old with the settlement of Jamestown but it’s still a baby when compared to Europe and Asia. So how did America rise the power rankings so fast?

The simple answer (and only answer I’m going to give for my lack of knowledge) is that it’s a democracy. The idea that the people rule is ground breaking compared to kings, rulers, and dictators. The United States mentality is that the people are free to think as they want and this is what separates us from the rest of the world. It’s the sole reason why we are “the best country” in the world.

America – The Best Country
I do not necessarily believe we are the best country for what it’s worth. There are so many factors to take into consideration and the US fails in many. They also have many strengths though which outweigh the negatives. A few examples:


The Olympics
The first “modern day” Olympics started in 1896. This medal table gives a look at the top 10 countries medal counts for both the summer and winter Olympics.  Stay with me on this point because leading with the Olympics of why we are a good country is a stretch.
Olympic Total Medal Count

Ridiculous. It’s sheer domination. America loves sport and excels for the reason that the country doesn’t discriminate. Some countries dominate certain events and have nothing else. China has diving, table tennis, and badminton. Do you see the Chinese win track and field (minus Liu Xiang)? No. Asian’s aren’t traditionally tall and fast. However, the US pulls from every nationality. They are the most balanced. This idea far surpasses sports but is symbolism for how powerful it is.


The United States spends more money on defense than any other country and it isn’t even close.  We aren’t to be fucked with.  This is one year (2013) of spending.


The US has adopted the position of policing the world which I frankly don’t understand but I don’t think anyone can argue that strength doesn’t lead to power.  It allow us to work on ideas without worrying about another nation blowing us up.  You think that you could create a drone that delivers packages in Turkey right now?  No.  You’re worried about surviving the day.  Defense leads to security which leads to the ability to think freely.


RacialReconciliationWe are one. Europe is made up for 50 countries. We all speak one language. Europe has 23. Asia is still ruled by dictators. The middle east is too worried about religious beliefs to make any progress. Africa is, well, a place I know virtually 0 about.

The fact that we are completely separated from the rest of the world is a huge advantage because there is no fighting within. India fights its next door neighbor Pakistan repeatedly. Germany invaded the rest of Europe. We just chill on our own little Island advancing technology and taking from our lower class citizens so the smartest people can run the country. What a formula.


I’m actually curious to know what people think about this post.  You live in this country.  How do you feel about it?  Do you even think about it?

Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

As Evan and I were walking past the new Misconduct yesterday it was apparent that they were not open.  Tables, chairs, and barstools were strewn all over.  After witnessing this scene, a light bulb went off in my head which you’ll see from the picture below.  (I have to comment that I shopped this like an idiot.  Instead of making 1 finished table and chairs and copying it 4 times, I copied each component 8 times.  You live, you learn)


Now you’ve seen Silcon Valley and the Optimal Tip to Tip (please watch if you haven’t) and this is utilizing similar principals. The physics haven’t been figured out yet but I’m telling you right now that this is the future.

Just imagine not only talking to the person across from you, but also the person underneath you. The dining atmosphere is electric.

Now of course the naysayers are saying that this can’t be done but stay with me for a moment. Restaurants are always trying to utilize as much space as possible and they completely forget about the ceiling. But what about “gravity”, duh? You’ve heard people use the terminology “but what if it were in a vacuum” and no one ever understands what this means but they just nod their heads accordingly. It’s that.

The Top of the Tower

Yesterday I removed myself from the Periscope world and actually experienced the real world.  It was the first time I’ve done Sips in about a month.  At around 4pm my phone started getting some requests of what was going on and a plan sprung into action.

topoftowerI met up with Evan & Laura at the Comcast Center.  Julia was also there and then Adam and Amy showed up as well.  We shot the shit for a while then met up with Big Steve at the “top of the tower” which I’ve never been to.  You go up 51 levels and then wait in a line to go outside which led to a roof deck where I shot the picture you see of the ants at the Comcast Center.

After that we went to the Wrap Shack which was serving $5 Mad Elf which is the steal of a century.  We were joined by a few other people and called it a night around 9pm.  This was a far superior plan when compared to partying until 1am on a Wednesday night.  I woke up slightly less than 100% but feel fine now.

JamesTaylorThere were many periscoping opportunities but the blacked out hot girl whipping and Nae Nae’ing all over the place would have received the most.  While were on the Periscope topic, I can’t stand someone who would stand there and periscope James Taylor from the front row.  Is this person actually watching Sweet Baby James through the phone?  This has to stop.

Periscope Produces Riveting Content

I’ve been getting better at seeing which feeds are worth watching (look for the amount of people in them and well written descriptions) and have been finding better content.  Here are a few highlights from my investigation.

Periscope Screenshots

Here were firemen rescuing a human from a car that went head on into another.
Car Crash

Here was live footage from a bball game played in “the cage” which is in New York. This game was intense. Full court press, refs calling fouls every play, and the crowd screaming profanities non-stop.
The Cage in Brooklyn

This kid was going to get hit with a stick if the Periscope group got to 60. I left before it did because he was hiding under a pillow which sort of ruined the challenge.
Kid Gets Hit With Stick

This was the sunset in Brooklyn, NY.
Brooklyn Sunset

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Hispanic house but this is kind of how I pictured it. Fat kid running around with no clothes. Big screen TV from 1990 that must weight 2,000 pounds. Organized but tons of trinkets.
Fat Hispanic Kid

This was an actual play being shown. I didn’t stay long.

This was a lightning storm in Arizona. I couldn’t capture the actual lightning with a screenshot but it was still pretty cool.
Lightning Storm in Arizona

Drone Races

Click Link to Watch a

Drone Race

airgonay_drone_racingThe more the future advances, the more video games are becoming real life.  I suppose this was always the plan of “interactive” gaming but this racing is intense.  You take video game controls, move them into a real life obstacle course using fast as lightning drones, and you’ll get geeks galore.  Neat stuff.  And some not so neat stuff…Reddit nerds arguing over terminology:

[–]_ARCHANG31_ 1520 points

Does it bother anyone else that nobody differentiates between “Drones” (Autonomous aircraft) and “Remote Control” aircraft?

[–]mycommentingprofile 141 points

The term “Drone” does not exclusively indicate autonomous vehicles, and has been widely accepted to be synonymous with UAV’s:

[–]shaggy1265 [score hidden]

A term or word being correct or not is decided based off common usage. If it’s widely accepted, then it’s correct.

10 years ago people used to bitch about the word “ain’t” not being a word. Now it’s in the dictionary after being used since the 1700s.

The word “literally” is now synonymous with “figuratively” because of common usage.

[–]CumulativeDrek2 [score hidden]

The word ‘literally’ is colloquially used as an emphasis. It has really become a synonym of ‘seriously’.

Are You Addicted to Periscope?

RandomhookoupJust a few minutes ago I watched a couple making out on a bench while their friends sang a song behind them.  The guy went for 2nd base and an ass grab and the camera turned.  I felt dirty.  This is just the beginning because live footage is the best footage.


What is Periscope?

periscope-logo-1920-800x450A month ago I was introduced to Periscope and learned that it is a live feed that is shown to your followers who are tuned in (think a television channel).  Periscope is owned by Twitter which makes for simple integration if you have a twitter account.  It was released on March 26th for IOS and May 26th for Android.  It is “the future of the internet”.  Feeds are broadcasted from all over the world and you give “hearts” by tapping the screen.  The most popular feeds make the front page.


How is it used?

Random strangers let you into their life while they idiotically answer questions that are posed to them through chat.  I’m of course being a bit whimsical in this description because it is far more powerful for people who know what they are doing.  A great feature of Periscope is you never know what is coming next.  Here are some examples of people I witnessed today.

This is Bree Olson.  I’ve never seen a video of her without a penis in her mouth.  Today she was at Cedar Point riding a roller coaster.  There were over 2,000 people watching her stand in line.  I repeat, watching her stand in line.


This was a guy from England who would take requests for songs and play them as they came reeling in.  Once the feed got to have hundreds of people, the comments kept on flying in and he was getting exhausted going from one song to the next.



This is a surfer in Austraila.  I have no idea how he is getting a connection out in the ocean but still cool to witness.


This is a girl who I assumed was just being hot but was actually a pornstar.  She is easily the smartest person using Periscope that I saw.  Her title was “getting ready for a night out” and this was her preview.  Let’s just say that she had thousands of people interested in her every move.



My Thoughts After Use

  • It’s hard to find interesting feeds.  Only 15% are from the US and people speaking other languages is pretty lame.
  • Most people suck.  This is extremely sad but unless you are good looking, people are not going to pay attention to you unless you are doing a worthwhile activity.
  • Foreigners seem to think that the word “open” is the same as “show”.  For example, open boobs.
  • The Live nature of the feed is incredible.  It is bringing in an element that is so powerful that I don’t even think words can describe it.  I bought more TWTR shares yesterday.
  • You NEED a Wi-Fi connection to run this and it will murder your battery.
Found this in 2 seconds.

Found this in 2 seconds.

In this last line I want to explain how incredible this app is.  This app is going to shut down the news because civilians are going to be there first.  Sports games (not just professional) will be shared by all your friends LIVE.  Girlfriends are going to break up with their boyfriends using Periscope (I watched this happen today).  This app is a game changer until it gets regulated because there will be too many perverts creeping and amateur porn being shown. Lord only knows when a murder will happen on a live feed.  Scary shit.

My Take On Deflate Gate

tom-brady1-Tom Brady purposely played with deflated balls against the Colts and whooped them.
-All evidence supports Tom Brady knew about the balls.
-The Patriots won the Superbowl without deflated balls.
-Now, both the NFL and the Patriots know exactly what happened.
-Light bulb.  What happened was good for both parties.  $$$$
-Both parties had to act like it was bad for both parties.
-3 game suspension for Brady.
-Wait. This suspense (notice suspension) is building if Brady doesn’t play and we can get more ratings when he returns (most likely 2 games later).


Deflategate happened.  Tom Brady knew that playing with a soft football leads to more catches and is easier to throw.  He couldn’t miss.  Believe it or not, I think everything backfired because they didn’t even need deflated balls for 2 reasons 1) Andrew Luck sucked.  2)  LeGarette Blount ran for 148 yards and 3 TD’s.  Another scandal, another season.  #freebrady

Sandra Bland’s Story is Not So Bland

I rarely read Buzzfeed but this investigating on Sandra Bland is pretty damn good.

Sandra Bland, a 28 year old black female, was arrested for an improper lane change which is bizarre in the first place.  This video shows footage of the arrest. It starts at around 8 minutes and she is being difficult the whole time. It’s actually not as interesting as this next part.

3 days after this arrest, Sandra ended up dying in her cell. Police say it was suicide by hanging but skeptics are aplenty. If you read through the investigation, there are plenty of inconsistencies but this is the craziest. This tweet suggests that the cops had already killed her and then took the mug shot while she was dead lying on her jail cell floor. The photo is of a corpse.

Then there’s this, where did she hang herself from?

1) Why was she pulled over for a lane change? I run red lights on the reg. Lord knows how many times I change lanes improperly.
2) Why wasn’t she cooperative at all? This bothers me because she makes a comment that she hit her head when the officer was being too rough with her and what if she died from that and they covered it up? Why the fuck are you giving the officer a hard time?!?!?
3) How did she die? She was already dead.

What a world we live in.

Wawa Deserves the Recognition

Wawa was named America’s favorite convenience store as shown by the graph below. I’ve wrote many entries on Wawa being the best and it’s nice to get confirmation that my opinion of the best convenience store is also shared by others.


hero_store_1080x340Aside from the time CK4 got a turkey hoagie with no turkey, I rarely run into problems.  I’m actually not a huge fan of the Wawa menu.  I get the turkey club almost every time (which I do enjoy) and also the meatball sub but I’m pretty sure the hoagies are average and I wouldn’t chance a cheese steak.  I like the Sizzli’s and the coffee is great because you control the sugar and milk.

wawaThe #1 selling point about Wawa the consistency of every store devoted to high quality ( ie. the store in PA is the same as the store in VA).  Also, the employees all seem happy which means they are treated well.  The stores are always clean and PNC ATM’s happen to be my bank.  Wawa sets the bar for convenience store.  Top comments from Reddit.

#1 comment – Suck it Sheetz
#2 comment – My card accidentally got double charged one night at a Wawa. I went home and emailed customer service, expecting a return email within 24-48 hours. Within 10 minutes a representative called me to apologize, had the second charge reversed, and sent me a $10 gift card.
TL;DR Wawa is the best.

Service attendant at Wawa: