16 Feb, 2018

Smitty Wins Rough and Rowdy vs $2 Chef

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Philly represents. The line started with Chef at -150, it moved to -120, and I don’t know what it finished at but let’s call it even money. I put multiple tweets out there asking if anyone wants to bet $100 and I’ll take Smitty.

The fight was so-so. Smitty was clearly the better athlete and knocked Chef down in the 2nd round. It was much the deciding factor in the fight. Chef had a few shots but I didn’t think he had the edge at any point.

The highlight of the match was Smitty sitting next to Dave Portnoy, the founder, and ripping into him saying, “I wanted to fight you.” “You doubted me.” “You never compliment me.” Smitty won the fight, then destroyed Dave verbally. Such a beast.

You should want to be from Philadelphia at this time. Eagles win the Superbowl. Sixers are rising. Smitty one upped El Pres and that will never go away.

16 Feb, 2018

Can Tiger Make A Comeback?

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Let’s all agree that TWTR is worth a buy right now. The last 3 blogs I wrote have started with an embed and if the person is trustworthy and educated, they can be quoted directly.

This is some serious working out. Justin Thomas is 24. At 25, Tiger had 5 majors already. In 2 more years he’d have 8. This is an absolute machine working out combined with an extremely gifted hand-eye coordination winning tournaments.

Rory played with Tiger today and shot -2 under. He currently sits in 15th place. Rory is the real deal. He hasn’t won a title since 2016 (Matt Kutcher hasn’t won since 2014) but he’s still world class. He won the FedEx cup in 2016 with shots like this. Watch it if you’ve never seen it. He’s 3 back on hole 16. I already told you he won.

So when Rory talks, you should listen. We know that golf is a hard game and you don’t come back to be the very best all of a sudden. It takes work to get there. With Tiger’s preexisting work ethic.I don’t doubt for a second that Tiger is dedicated at age 42.

Here were Tiger’s thoughts.

He shot a 76 and finished 4 strokes off the cut line. He can’t drive. He hit 5 of 14 fairways and 9 of 18 greens in regulation. Buying into the Tiger hype at this point would not be wise.

However, he’s 2nd on the list behind Jack Nicklaus, 14 to 18. Jack won his last major when he was 46. I’m going to say right now that Tiger will win 1 more major. I don’t think it’ll be this year. In 2019, I’m saying he’ll be in contention. 2020 he’ll win. If I had to bet the under, I would.

16 Feb, 2018

Let The Good Times Roll

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Not my main agenda for this post and this type of thinking is not what I stand behind. Tomi Lahren is an ultra-conservative who is really hot smart. She’s super opinionated and would probably take a bullet to her brain to defend people’s rights to have guns. Considering all of the violence in these school shootings, even myself who deems themselves a republican, find it hard to defend guns. A hard stance has to be taken moving forward. I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about gun control, but people getting their mitts on these kinds of weapons is happening with too great a frequency to think that it’s going to stop on its own.

That point aside, and I didn’t feel like creating it’s own post, life has been rock solid for me lately. Business has been off the hook. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in months. I feel great with life and have a positive mindset moving forward.

Not to mention that Jeff and I are going to Europe to see a roofing show for 3 days in Cologne, Germany. After that we head to Amsterdam to bang prostitutes and eat space cakes see the Anne Frank house, Heineken Experience, and Vincent Van Gogh museum. From there we head to Brussels which I know exactly zero about. Probably drink some bomb ass beer and get attacked by some sleeper units. Next we travel the English Channel and wind up in London for 2 nights which, I’m calling now, will be my favorite city. I’m going to do some research this weekend on tourist ideas because these days tend to go fast.

I’m going to bring my laptop so maybe I’ll post a entry or two along the way. You can be certain I’ll be using Snapchat and hopefully we can replace William Penn with some Big Ben. If you’re not following the action, what are you waiting for?

15 Feb, 2018

Getting A New Job

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I will not be quitting this position so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

I’ve considered creating a new business as a small business consultant. The idea is that I’d work for nothing. People would pay me based off of the success of my information.

Why would any one want to use me?

  1. 0 cost
  2. Knowledge on digital marketing & payment solutions
  3. Understanding product appeal
  4. Ability to communicate
  5. I don’t fuck around

Why do I want to do this?

  • I can
  • I would like producing success
  • I want to utilize my ability on this Earth

Why would I do this? – This is a good question because if I have my most profitable option, why wouldn’t I put all my time into that? The answer is that I didn’t choose my current job, it chose me. Unless I make something happen, I’ll continue to work it for my entire life and I don’t want to limit myself like that.

Is this real?
My current work offers tremendous everything. I have freedom to do whatever I want. I’m traveling to Europe all expenses paid (as an odd way to look at it). You see the seeds you sow. The downside is that I’m tired. I’m tired of the monotonous nature of doing a task that I don’t love. I’ve learned skills over 12 years that carry over into any aspect of life. Am I worried that I don’t have the contacts like I do now after 12 years of service? Of course. However, with the internet, the world isn’t as personal as it once was. Personal business is what gets you head and shoulders above everyone else. There are only so many hours in a day and if I’m already feeling stressed over my current situation, why would I add more? Because I’m a lethal motherfucker.

14 Feb, 2018

Another Day, Another Dollar

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It’s 10:06pm and I’ve been awake since 5:30am. My day started by getting out of bed, turning on the shower, peeing, brushing my teeth while the water was getting warm. I quickly shaved even though I had shaved the day before, but fresh shaves are the cleanest way to be taken seriously. I showered up and put on a dress shirt that was a good looking shirt, but it’s an XL when I was either heavier or didn’t buy fitted clothing.  So I had a quick wardrobe change and was out the door by 5:57 am.

I drove to work and loaded a few boxes into my car and checked my email. I had a contact in Europe who needed shipping labels to deliver us some goods, so I had to quickly create a FedEx pick up at his location which I hadn’t accounted for time wise. At 6:22 I jumped on 95 South and headed to Baltimore. Along the way I grabbed a 20oz Wawa coffee and 2 sizzlies. I arrived at my first stop at 8 am and by 2pm I had visited 12 accounts that were in Baltimore, Beltsville, Hyattsville, and Bethesda. I drove back to Baltimore and met up with one more contact where we shot some video on a roof that I can use to market a product. At 3:15 I jumped back on 95 north and went back to Philly. The worst part was not shitting after the morning coffee and holding it in until about this time when I went in some Mom Organic super market and dropped a deuce in their restroom which was surprisingly pleasant and private.

I got some more Wawa coffee and one of their panini’s and headed back to work to drop off all the tools in my car and then spent the next 45 minutes constructing DraftKings golf lineups. I then spent the next hour writing bowling write ups for our South Bowl league. I went back to my house where I watched some Sixers and almost finished the Netflix show Big Mouth (which I’d recommend if you have dirty humor). AT 34 years old, is this how I thought I’d spend my Valentines Day?

Why did I write the post like this? Well, it’s exactly what happened with no attempt at humor or falsification. To answer the question posed at the end of my last paragraph, I’ll write that I don’t truly give a shit. I don’t need days created by society to show affection. The way I look at procreation and love is that it’s one of the most important decisions in your life that creates whether you’ll have happiness or frustration. People think 34, what are you waiting for? You’re getting old. Says who? Who says that? You think that dipshit who had a mistake at 19 is thinking how awesome life is? I’m living my life exactly the way I’m choosing to in whatever fashion I see fit. When I’m grinding on days like this, this is what is going to pay back in spades when I look back at my life. Do I think I’m missing out on relationships and human connection and that’s what is actually most important? So people say. I don’t envy the family man who goes to work every day to provide though and that’s their life. Maybe I’ll look back at this post and say that I was quite immature to think this way, but I have my plan and life is going to offer me an answer when that answer will permit. So for all those losers out there who don’t get to participate in this amorous holiday, remember this (I apologize for the sappy nature but it’s actually well said)(Also not sure why she looks coked up):

13 Feb, 2018

Running Hot

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Not here to brag…but here to brag.

Finished in 19th place last night out of 2941 for a cash of $150, $12 entry. The guy in 1st had TJ which only .82% of lineups picked. It’s 2 cashes in a row using players that I’m barely aware of. I will note though that after a month or two using Labs for basketball, I’m getting better with players that get recommended more often. I also enjoy watching the games and it’s a fun sweat when you’re in the money. Like Happy Gilmore as a hockey player, this money will be used for more fantasy golf tournaments.



No one cares about bowling but I’ll entertain myself. My new ball has been red hot the last 3 series rolling 706, 608, 658. The high games respectively were 290, 233, and 246. I’d say I was most proud of last night closing off about 25 straight frames with at least 4 ten pin hits. The only open of the night was some trash ball that I just didn’t have focus on that left me with an odd 3 pin leave. I’ve been putting in the work so it’s nice to see some results finally.

I cashed in 5th place out of 86 in a playoff football pool for $80 profit. Nothing major but still ahead of the crowd. Should’ve picked more Eagles which is kind of a travesty being from Philly.

Got to take advantage when you’re running hot.

13 Feb, 2018

Follow Up

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I know the last post comes off like a teen girl creating a cryptic Facebook message in order to get attention. That’s not my intent so I want to expand into what I’m trying to get across with more clarity (which will fail).

I wrote a post last Thursday about all of the people I met in New Orleans. It was straight to the punch about how I felt in various situations, with various people whether they be a cab driver, a bartender, or some girl I was trying to pick up. Now as I was writing how I felt about each situation, I was getting a feel for how I view people in general. When it got down to me sharing the post, I didn’t want to post it. Not because any of the people in the post read rnningfool (that’s a joke, we know they all do), but because I’m sharing how my outlook on life is and it’s going to be different than yours. My mission is not to make you think like me. You don’t want to think like me. You want to think like you and I felt that I was throwing some influence out onto this site and that’s not what its about.

So after I created that draft I took a step back and started to not feel pressured to post because I haven’t posted in a while. I’m still not sure what I want to share exactly as this blog continues to evolve, and I continue to improve the content (at least I think so). That last post had nothing to do with you. That’s not a specific you (aka Luke’s blog), it’s literally you sitting there (anyone who reads it). I’m not certain people do think like that, but I’ve started going through life by thinking that every single person only thinks about themselves. Perfectly normal.

This blog deals with my place in what’s revolving around me and the song “Once In A Lifetime” by the Talking Heads keeps coming up. “How Did I Get Here?” My journey is going to be different than yours and that’s the way it should be. You only get one crack at it and we all see it differently and there isn’t any best choice. I guess I felt like this blog had the ability to start getting too preachy and I don’t want that.

So that’s where I’m coming from and I hope people keep checking in.

12 Feb, 2018

Not Blogging?

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It’s been about 10 days since I’ve posted. I was away for 2+ of them in New Orleans, and the rest was a needed break. I’ll be heading away to Europe on the 20th and not returning until the end of the month. I may go the entire month without blogging. Why you may ask?

I’ve been using the honest approach and it’s debilitating for lack of a better word. You sense when people aren’t being honest. You can’t understand why you’re telling someone a thought that you’re most likely not sharing otherwise. Relationships start becoming he said she said and the truth hurts. Combine that with the reality of how my life is going and I don’t know how to explain how I feel. How can I share the truth when I’m on some wavelength and someone else is on a completely, wildly different one? No one said life was going to be easy, and in order to get better at it you have to continue taking steps forward, and I’m pretty sure this one is one of my most challenging.

I understand that you aren’t going to be able to relate to this post. You don’t know what my life is like and what my issues are. I imagine most people go through sweeping issues under the table and “being happy”. I’m starting to wade through the bullshit and figure out what’s actually important to me and this is what I’m figuring out with this blog. There is nothing wrong with me. It’s the idea that you don’t know anything that throws me for a loop because how can you be honest about anything, when you no nothing?

1 Feb, 2018

I Was Wrong

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It’s easy to be wrong in life and making predictions is pretty much how you can prove how smart you are. Unfortunately, most people are idiots and are wrong more often than they are right. I’m not sure where all these people who are right are hiding (Wall Street & Las Vegas), but they must be out there. Here are a few times I’ve incorrect.

Nick Foles – I’ve been hearing a lot of Big Dick Nick and very few Nick Folds. Before the playoffs started I was ready to call into WIP and tell them how not having a stellar QB will derail any chance the Eagles have of making the Super Bowl. I do believe that the Eagles got lucky that Stefon Diggs caught that miracle pass or else Drew Brees may have put up more of a fight than Case Keenum. As such, St. Nick was able to deliver and lead them to bowl, much to my surprise. The lesson learned is that one player does not make up an entire team in football. As the Shee says, “team game”.

Bitcoin – I was, am, a Bitcoin skeptic. Too many uncertainties surround it for me to put my money behind it…so far. I don’t like the idea of 500 million dollars being hacked from Coincheck. I don’t like that I have to use additional security to protect my investment and that if I somehow misplace my info, or someone gets it from me, I lose my entire investment. I don’t like that the currency has no actual purpose with regards to transactions. I don’t like that I’m so far out of the loop from what is going on that it feels more like a hodl and pray situation rather than investing in a company that produces a profit. Even with all of those negatives, I still think there is something to be said of a currency that uses the blockchain with a limited demand. Now whose to say that the 21 million Bitcoin is all that will ever be produced. It’s ludicrous to think that. Howeva, if that is the case, I don’t think investing in the coin, taking appropriate security measures, and waiting to see if it goes off in the future is a bad idea. How was I wrong on this? Ehh, I think it should be worth about $2,000-4,000 per Bitcoin. It has been trending that way.

Uber – When Uber first started I didn’t like the idea of getting into other people’s cars who could have just murdered their last passenger. I didn’t like how the driver’s would seemingly loop around your position for endless minutes while you stood their with your thumb up your ass. That is the expression, right? The app felt more like a thing you said you did to feel “in”. I guess I’m not necessarily surprised it caught on but I don’t quite comprehend how people make money doing it. Every Uber driver says how well they are doing and I’m not sure how that’s possible after they just spent 15 minutes making $5.65. The positives though outweigh the negatives as it literally turns any human being into having a job. I wouldn’t say that I thought it was going to fail, and it’s still not a certainty based on all the regulations, but it’s proven itself mainstream and here to stay.

Migos – I’ll start this one by saying that I have never listened to Migos. I think this is probably the worst music that has ever been created. It’s like a choppy,  lack of beat, auto-tuned, nursery rhyme, filled with curse words. Who listens to this?  Obviously a lot of people when their top song has 430 million listens.  It has to be some sort of younger generation infatuation. This is what it’s like when you get older and you start talking about the way things used to be. I’m not hip. I’m not with it. Tuck-a-tuck-a-tuck-a.

31 Jan, 2018

Stormy Daniels On Jimmy Kimmel

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I don’t watch Late Night TV, or any TV, on network programming aside from sports because it’s filtered, censored, and the truth is shaped to how they want it to be. This is a perfect example. The interview starts with Jimmy saying that Stormy released a statement that denies her involvement that the affair ever occurred. Not that she was paid hush money. That it didn’t happen. So the interview continues in a half hearted manner with a porn start laughing and feeling uncomfortable because she can’t say anything because the US Gov’t probably threatened her entire existence is she kept blabbing. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  • Maybe I’m backward on this one but why does she deserve applause?
  • Look at her boobs rise when she’s heavily breathing early on.
  • She didn’t do the InTouch interview as it was written.
  • Horror movie is a whole other pay scale?
  • Trump watches Shark Week.
  • She thinks she’s a victim of “the internet” lately.
  • She feels guilt towards her family and what she is putting them through now.

I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for her. She tried to come out and gain publicity for ousting Trump and now she’s paying the consequence of notoriety of all the wrong reasons. Stormy weather ahead.

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