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15 Jan, 2017

Auf Weidersen USA

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Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Zurich, Switzerland to begin a European adventure. I feel the same type of anxiety as I have on previous trips which shows the feeling never goes away completely. It stems from the idea of going to a place where you don’t speak the language and having to navigate all by your lonesome. Trains in different languages. Ordering food like an idiot. Looking at people like they are from Mars when they talk to you. Fortunately you get used to it to a certain extent and there are English speaking people along the way.

I’m feeling pretty good which is important. I took 4 shits today and my system is clean as a whistle. I ate a salad and some fruit for nourishment which is a bit different than usual. My brain is working and I still have to pack but it should be too long. I also cleaned my entire house which I like to do before I go away so I come back and it’s like a full reset. The blog will be updated on 1/25/17. Until then you don’t have to come to this site because it won’t be updated but if you want to follow me on Snapchat, I’ll be snapping. Rnningfool is the name.

I’m too late to make a football post but I’ll be taking the Packers +4 and most likely the Chiefs. It really depends on how the first game goes and if I like my reads or if I have to pivot off of what I think. Sorry for the Seahawks pick last night.

I’ll be missing some important bowling weeks (and Winter Jam today) but I have full confidence in the squad to pick up my slack. I’m probably the only one who is over-achieving anyway so we might even be better. Viel Gluck.

14 Jan, 2017

200 to 2k Update

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I’m currently sitting at exactly even after the first round of the playoffs after a 50 dollar loss on the under of the Alabama – Clemson game. To make matters worse, I was sitting in first place in the College Bowl Mania Pick Em, had the last game for the most points, knew the two people behind me were going to take Clemson, and I failed to make the switch and lost 150 because of it. Bad management.

Falcons / Seahawks

Remember the name Paul Richardson for next year.

Already kicking myself for waiting too long to jump on this line. When I first looked I saw the Falcons were giving 4. This struck me as a fairly large number but if you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know that I believe the Falcons are a Super Bowl contender this year. The line has since moved to 6 and I don’t see this as an obvious choice. Everyone knows the Seahawks are better at home and only 3-4-1 this year on the road. In the meeting this year at Seattle, they edged the Falcons 26-24 with Matty Ice throwing 3 TD’s to 0 INT’s. Julio had a big game as the Seahawks stopped the run completely. I expect more of the same from the Falcons in this meeting at the Georgia Dome. SOOOOO, where does that leave me?

I think the Falcons win the game and the Seahawks cover. 6 points is too many points to lay to the dangerous Seahawks. I know their defense is banged up but they have emerging offensive talents with Rawls, Baldwin, and the came out of left field Paul Richardson. I think their D is still solid enough but I could certainly be wrong if they get beaten early like the Steelers did to the Dolphins. Read that last line again. Do you really think this will happen to the Seahawks? I do not.

Patriots / Texans

  • The person who saved this picture titled it “biggaytom”

  • Get the likes ready Rob.
  • There have only been 3 games in the past 30 years that have had a higher point spread than 16.
  • The Patriots were 13-3 this year ATS.
  • The Texans were 2-6 on the road this year.
  • The Patriots have not given up a rushing TD since week 8.
  • If you bet the Belichick Patriots from the moment he was hired, you’d be 170-125-8 against the spread (about 57.6 percent)
  • “The historic 16-point opener was quickly bet down (by professionals),” Scott Cooley, BookMaker’s odds consultant, told “The public has had no qualms laying the chalk with New England.”
  • I read one tweet a few days ago that gave the statistics on how the Patriots fared against double digit spreads and can’t find it. I remember it was favorable but I know that means little.

Let’s get one thing straight, there is nothing worse than betting on a huge dog, rooting for them, and watching them get punished. This happened in week 3 when the Pats sent out rookie Jacoby Brissett to manage the game against the “rising star” Brock Osweiler. I bet the Texans this game for the exact reasoning that a rookie QB has to suck and Brock will be better than when he was on Denver. What happened was that it didn’t matter if they sent out Rob Kelley as the QB that game. The Texans couldn’t move the ball and it was a sad state of affairs to be a Texans fan in Foxboro that night. Is there any reason to think it will change? The answer is no. Lay the 16 and count your money at the end of the night.

14 Jan, 2017

10, 9, 8, 76ers

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Can someone clue me into the reason behind the HHH entrance?

I’m not jumping on the Process bandwagon but last night was the first 3 game winning streak the Sixers have had in 3 years. It’s true that the combined record of the team’s they beat were 45-70, but I have to acknowledge that they won 3 games in a row. I get the feeling that this team is genuinely having fun and buying into what Brett Brown is teaching. The players are starting to have more defined roles and don’t seem to mind being role players to the one genuine star, Joel Embiid. Let’s also give full nod to Embiid for showing hustle and speed of a 7-2 player that hasn’t been seen since young Shaq. He is a bonafide stud as long as he stays healthy.

There are still major concerns and this team is very, very far off from being a contender. You can look at Nerlens stat line last night and see a -14 next to his name and 2 rebounds in 19 minutes (he was -8 against the Knicks, and -1 against the Nets). Jahlil sitting the last 3 games, and them winning them all, should also be a major concern along with this comment, “Obviously, it’s a funky situation. Funky for all of us. Right now, I’m the person who’s sitting out.”. You still have Nik Stauskas, Robert Covington, and TJ McConnell in your starting line up which won’t fly against playoff teams.

No longer.

Winning brings out fans and the Sixers are finally, finally, finally, doing some winning. This is what the process trusters like to see. I don’t think you can say the flip is switched but if they start beating the worse teams in the league, they will start moving towards being a .500 team. Once they get there, you can start the next chirping of playoff bound. What I can’t wait to see happen is when the band wagon fans start saying how big of Sixers fans they are, and then the reaction they get from the “process trusters”. Should be a fascinating social experiment.

14 Jan, 2017

Twin Peaks on Showtime

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Dale Cooper and his love for coffee.

A new series of Twin Peaks is being aired on May 21st, 2017 on Showtime. They wisely got the rights to air the show’s only 2 seasons while they lead up to the new release. I noticed the first episode being played 12 minutes ago and decided to write this post as I have 5 more to write and wanted to get started simply.

Twin Peaks is originally a series created in 1990 by Mark Frost and David Lynch. I watched it 5 years ago on Netflix and enjoyed the first season immensely. The 2nd season is not that great. This show is more of a cult classic than must watch TV. Wanted to write this post to mention that Benjamin Horne is a highly underrated character.

12 Jan, 2017

Let’s Talk Uber Drivers

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Who doesn’t have an Uber story that they want to share? Uber is the collaboration of a billion dollar app and the common man who is looking to make a buck. The experience of getting into a car with someone you’ve never met before is both exhilarating and terrifying.

For people who read this blog who have never used Uber, it’s a service where regular Joe’s drive you from point A to point B. It’s about 50% cheaper than a taxi. Amazingly every Uber driver I talk to says how easy it is to make money and I’m not sure they consider wear and tear on their vehicle, gas, and taxes for the revenue they are bringing in. Here is an actual example:

For 12 minutes this driver made $6.69. To get an hourly rate we’ll multiply by 5 and we’ll see that Adrian is making upwards of $30 dollars an hour. That’s about 60k a year. He’s going to be rich!

Of course this is not the case as Uber take 25% of the fare. So now our $30 dollars an hour is down to $22.5. There is also a $1.65 rider fee which goes to Uber. Now we’re closer to $20 an hour before expenses. Gas and mileage probably reduce this number a bit further but it appears the typical UBER driver can make around 20 dollars and hour BEFORE taxes. Here’s a good website if you’re curious for more details.

How much Uber drivers make was not the main part of my post but I got caught up in it because I was curious myself. What inspired me to write this post is that, from my experience, Uber drivers are flat out bad drivers. This one white woman was telling me how good of a driver she was as she proceeded to make a right turn on red, WHILE AN ONCOMING CAR WAS GOING THROUGH THE GREEN LIGHT. My guy last night almost clipped his mirror by an inch as he tried to sneak in this tiny lane to make a turn. I have to say that cab drivers are flat our better drivers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Uber. That same 6.69 fare was $15 in a cab when the driver didn’t have change for my $20. I’ll also say you’ll get a range of drivers who take being an Uber driver seriously (clean car would be my main thought to taking it seriously) and guys who have a jalopy just trying to make a buck. Here’s a quick pro con list:


  • Cheaper
  • GPS App that picks you up where you want
  • The driver rating system seems to work well


  • Ordering the Uber and watching the driver drive to you in the worst way possible
  • Moronic people who shouldn’t be drivers
  • Some drivers flat out aren’t professional and will talk on their Bluetooth, through the speakers, to their friends (this has happened to me multiple times) using absurd language
  • No one has any idea if tipping is appropriate

What’s everyone’s experience?


11 Jan, 2017

Upper Dublin Basketball Gets Mercy Ruled

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I was not at this game but here’s the text I received:

Last night vs Upper Moreland (yes, tiny UM), UD was mercy ruled 49-9 in the 3rd quarter. Last week, they scored 10 points in the 3 qtrs vs Springfield

This is the first picture that comes up with Upper Dublin Varsity Basketball

I didn’t even know you could get mercy ruled in high school basketball. “Upper Moreland led 16-7 after one quarter, then outscored UD 20-0 in the second quarter. UM led 36-7 at halftime.” Whether it was an actual Mercy Rule, I can’t tell, the game seems to have ended 65-30.

The team is currently 2-8 (or 1-9 depending on who you read). Checking their schedule, it appears that they lost by 33 to Hatboro just a few days a go. So what? The basketball team is bad. Big deal. Hold on one second, Professor. Upper Dublin has an annual budget of 97 million dollars a year (67 million from Real Estate Taxes) and this is in conjunction to the 119 million they spent on new facilities completed in 2012. The state of their basketball team is embarrassing considering their financial support.

What is Happening?

I’m writing this with the reader understanding that I have not watched 1 game of UDHS basketball. I’m guessing that what you’re seeing is money making a team softer than Shawn Bradley. You have state of the art everything and the kids have been brought up with a silver spoon. You will sometimes see this work well when Lehigh upsets Duke in the NCAA tourney, but this is not what’s happening. It could be bad coaching or lack of talent or a combo of both like usual. Just throwing in my 2 cents.


Upper Dublin High School is Wealthy

First some background on Upper Dublin High School – “Upper Dublin High School is recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education.In 2007, the school was named the No. 1 high school in Montgomery County by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The school was also ranked No. 8 in Philadelphia Magazine’s 100 Best Public and Private Schools.”

This is what the facilities look like:

Here is what some random ranking website has for it’s current stats:

Upper Dublin High School Ranking


9 Jan, 2017

Turning 200 Into 2k

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Saturday did not go as planned. I had written that I was going to take the Raiders and the Seahawks which would have been ok. At the tail end of the Raiders game that I had just lost, I went with the Shee who lead me astray to the Lions. This was a double loss and resulted in my losing 200 smackeroos.

Who is going to bet on Dak?

I woke up on Sunday none too pleased and decided to re-deposit because that’s what winners do. I met up with the Mood Man at Fox and Hound and we both put money on the Stillers which hit.  It was an even money prop so I had 80 to win 80. With some liquid courage and against my better judgment, I put 180 dollars on the Packers even though I thought the Giants were going to cover. If you watch football, you’d know that this won. This has me up about 40 dollars and still a far cry from 2k.

Moody and I got pretty shit faced during the 2nd game and I feel like shit today. Either way, a win’s a win and I want to keep the blog updated.

7 Jan, 2017

Raider Nation

By | January 7th, 2017|My Brain|2 Comments

Rob Kelly, get ready to like this post on Twitter.

Steve McQueen, the Cincinnati Kid

The NFL Playoffs begin in a bit over and hour and I’m locked and loaded. After praising Adam’s sports betting prowess, he fed me two picks and bankrupted my account. Fortunately it must have been for a reason as I’m back today feeling more confident than ever, ready to turn 200 into 2k by the final whistle of the Super Bowl. Everyone needs a goal.

To do this I need to get off to a hot start. This means betting the first game which is the Raiders vs the Texans. The Texans have home field advantage and are laying 4 points to Connor Cook’s Oakland Raiders. I don’t like over-thinking these types of games. Looking through the Raiders schedule, you’d see that they have 3 losses with Derek Carr at QB and 2 of those were against the Chiefs, and the other against the Falcons. Both premiere teams (and my Super Bowl picks FWIW). They beat the Texans 27-20, in Mexico, on some questionable calls, in one of Brock Osweiler’s best performances of the season (243 yrds, 1 TD and 1 INT).

In this game, I intend to summon my inner Brian Hoyer and cast that on Brock Osweiler. What am I referring to? Just the 15 for 34 performance against the Chiefs last year that ended 30-0 while the Texans were home. This is not a new storyline for them. Do I expect it to be a close game? Of course. The O / U is 37 which means that not a lot of points will be scored. I think having the 4 will be the deal breaker and I wouldn’t call you a fool for taking the ML. I do like the over as well.

If, I cover the Raiders, I’ll be taking the winnings + my principal of the 100 and making a 2nd wager on the Seahawks. It’s 8 points. 8 is a lot in close games but Matthew Stafford is hurt and as much as I like Zach Zenner’s potential (I truly do), they aren’t going to roll into Seattle and issue a beat down. In fact, I think they get beat down. The Seahawks may not be the intimidating Seahawks of old, but it’s still the same CenturyLink field where they were 7-1 this year. It’s still 8 points you say. I’m not saying this is a absolutely, sure lock but I think you have to be crazy to bet on the Lions who lost by 21 to the Cowboys, and then by 7 to the Packers, in subsequent weeks.

5 Jan, 2017

What Company’s Application Process?

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The reward for solving puzzles, acting clever in interviews, and penning up a good essay is meeting with ?. He interviewed almost everyone of ?’s first one thousand hires, including the janitors and technicians, and has continued to interview engineers as the company’s workforce swelled. Each employee receives a warning before going to meet with ? The interview, he or she is told, could last anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. ? will likely keep on writing emails and working during the initial part of the interview and not speak much. Don’t panic. That’s normal. Eventually, he will turn around in his chair to face you, even then, though, he might not make actual eye contact with you or fully acknowledge your presence. Don’t panic. That’s normal. In due course, he will speak to you. From that point, the tales of engineers who have interviewed with ? run the gamut from torturous experience to the sublime. He might ask one question or he might several. You can be sure, though, that he will roll out The Riddle: “You’re standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk one mile south, one mile west, and one mile north. You end up exactly where you started. Where are you?” One answer to that is the North Pole, and most of the engineers get it right away. That’s when ?  will follow with “Where else could you be?” The other answer is somewhere close to the South Pole where, if you walk one mile south, the circumference of the Earth becomes one mile. Fewer engineers get this answer, and ? will happily walk them through that riddle and others and cite any relevant equations during his explanations. He tends to care less about whether or not the person gets the answer than about how they describe the problem and their approach to solving it.

No, the answer is not Softerware.

4 Jan, 2017

Let’s Give It Up to Connor Cook

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Connor Cook, the new Raiders QB, will be starting the playoff game against the Houston Texans. This is why I love the NFL.

Gannon and Tim Brown

The Raiders haven’t made the playoffs since 2002. This year, Derek Carr led the team to a 12-3 record. A season-ending injury occurred to Carr in the 15th game and the team turned to Matt McGloin – a really, really shitty QB who played for Penn State in 2010-2012. McGloin managed to get hurt in the first game he started. His NFL record is 1-6. This brings me to Connor Cook and why I really, really love the NFL.

Who is Connor Cook? I have no fucking clue. However, he is tossed right into the thick of things getting the start in the biggest game for the Raiders in the past 15 years. Their entire season and all the hopes and dreams of a fan base fall on his shoulders. Some minor research:

  • QB for Michigan State Spartans from 2013 to 2015
  • Hold the record for the most career wins at Michigan State
  • Can make throws
  • Played 1 game on 1/1/17 going 14/21, 1 TD, 1 INT

This game is going to bring me so much joy because finding a QB is the most important part of an NFL team. Cook was picked with the 100th pick of the 2016 draft. Jared Goff, 0-7 career record, was picked with the 1st pick and he’s an absolute mess. There is no reason to think that Connor Cook can win this playoff game unless…the opposition has 2 of the shittiest QB’s to walk the Earth in Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage. There may not be a point scored in this game. 2-0 is the score I predict wins it.

A better catch than pass…the only TD he threw: