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21 Jun, 2017

Tex Mex 5k 2017

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What did you think about the race?
It was good. The 2nd mile sucked. – Dave Gildea

I’m going to start this post writing that I know I plan on posting this to the Facebook page of the Tex Mex 5k with the hopes that random people read this experience.

Tex Mex 5k

8th place, 17:08

First things first, I don’t do a lot of races and I know what I like about the ones I do. This is my 3rd or 4th year running the Tex Mex and I’m always pleased with the preparation and organization that goes into this one. It’s not easy getting 1,300 runners all in one place and making it run (nice pun) smoothly.

This is my blog so you have to read about my experience. I understand if you pass on. I ate a bagel and coffee for breakfast and ate a Jewish hoagie for lunch. I came home and drank a coco-water and ate some pineapple before the race. I sat in over an hour of traffic from Philly to get to the race which I was prepared for. I parked in the Merck lot and jogged over to take a whiz and get my bib. I did so no problem and warmed up a bit before the race.

Coming into this race I was encouraged after a nice 40 minute workout on Friday but had taken it easy since then. I wasn’t sure what to expect time wise. Last year I finished in 10th place with a 17:15. This year, my ankle was bothering me and I’ve been training every other day so I wouldn’t sideline myself permanently. My expectations were tempered but I was hopeful.

The Race

2017 Tex Mex 5k Start


I started near the front and got out relatively quickly. I was packed up at about the 10 spot early on and was moderately surprised that they didn’t pull away faster. I hit the first mile in 5:13 and saw that Sam, my brother, was only a few seconds ahead. I wasn’t breathing heavy and felt good on the uphill following the 1st mile. No one was passing me so I was feeling pretty confident crossing the 2 mile mark. After finishing the next uphill, I knew I had only the downhill left. Unfortunately I was gassed and didn’t have much kick coming in. A guy who I’d been running with for the race put about 10 meters on me and I was pleased no one out kicked me towards the end. I finished with a 17:08 and in 8th place.

Click for full results

Further congrats go to Sam for finishing in 5th with a 16:17. Dave Gildea was in the low 21’s which I believe was satisfactory towards his goal of lower times. CK4 set a PR with a 23:23 time that I’m sure he’ll remember for quite some time. Nikkii was in the 27’s and the rest of the Softerware team finished strong. I guess Sam will indeed be shaving his head. Click here for full results.


  • C’Mon!

    I like the promptness of the race starting on time

  • The after-party is well done. Free beer and food is enjoyed by all. I wasn’t a huge fan of what was actually being served, but it seemed healthy and well placed for runners.
  • Cash bar is fine but charging $8 for the Blood Money pint is overkill. We just ran a 5k and instead of $6, it’s $8.00. People notice.
  • Results came in quick and timely. Prizes distributed quickly
  • The t-shirt is not one I’d ever wear. I don’t wear shirts that have maps on them. Think style in terms of getting your name out there. I don’t mind wearing a logo, but I have to pass on an entire map.
  • The band is a cool feature.

I only do about 3 or 4 races a year and I’m happy to make this one of them.

Do not read further.


If you’ve read further. This is the blood blister I got on my foot after the race and the aftermath.

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20 Jun, 2017

How’d He Die?

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I went to Yahoo and looked at the top headlines:

Daniel Day Lewis Quits Acting – Who cares?
Johnny Depp is Now Johnny Debt (How Didn’t They Use This Title) – Boo Hoo.
Colin Kapernick Still a Kaperdick – Get a new schtick

Then I saw this one

Prodigy dies at age 42 

My first instinct was the guys who sang Breathe and Firestarter died. I thought they were a group (actually The Prodigy) so I read on to make sure I got my facts straight. Turns out it’s Prodigy of Mobb Deep who died from sickle cell anemia at the age of 42. I’m not that familiar with Prodigy and his impact made no difference in my life, but for some reason or another I needed to know how he died at the age of 42. This was not normal.

I asked myself, why did I care how he died? In the mortal sense, I’m always concerned for my own well being that it’s important to be cognizant of how people around you are dying. When you read about terrorist attacks or people being burned alive in buildings, you chalk these up to freak occurrences and “wrong place, wrong time” type deals. Nothing to worry about. Then you’ll read about the other breed of people who are too rich and get into drugs or too poor and get themselves shot over drugs. Drugs are bad, mmmkay. These don’t apply either. So when you see someone dead at 42 due to neither of these instances, it’s important to know why.

Sickle Cell Anemia is inherent at birth so I let out a sigh of relief. The #1 instinct of a human is survival. Some people disregard this natural born instinct but it’s very much in my mind. I’m pretty sure you only get one crack at life before you get reincarnated as a leaf or kite. Who knows. But dying at 42 is too young. Go see your doctor.




20 Jun, 2017

Don’t Be Weighed Down

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Below is chart of obesity by State from 2003 to 2015 in the United States. Yellow means fat. What should be startling is that the dark black is still 20%. Colorado and DC are the more fit states while the Southeast is scary.

I’ve had this post in my back pocket for a bit but this chart was the icing on the cake. I can’t quantify it, but when I look around the 1 mile radius that I live in, I’d guess 85% of the people are overweight. Being in shape now a days is a rarity. I can’t tell if people take health less seriously or it’s straight up laziness. A few factors to consider:

  • Income level – People with less money eat unhealthy foods which in turn makes them fatter, quicker. Think fast food.
  • America – The portion sizes in the US are huge. After scrolling through the comments, serving sizes in America are 2x as big as Europe.
  • Exercise – Or lack there of. This can also go hand in hand with a general apathetic attitude towards staying fit.
  • Personally – I don’t eat healthy but I also exercise almost daily. If you are going to drink 20 beers a week and never eat a vegetable, you have to balance that out with some sort of exercise. It’s not that hard to do so and keeps you feeling better about yourself.


20 Jun, 2017

Same Old Song and Dance

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I upgraded to a server with a “prime” level so I’m hoping the speed will improve. It was only 2 dollars a month more, so I’m going to assume it won’t.

I haven’t been able to post effectively. I start a post, write for a few minutes, then I can it. Without being able to find the time to sit down and write, I can’t hammer out posts in 15 minutes because I’ve done that for so many years and they suck. Problem is, I have too much going on to make this blog happen and I’m disappointing myself.

I’ve been bowling in 2 leagues which pretty much shoots my Monday’s and Wednesday’s (which also happen to be the best TV nights with Better Call Saul and Fargo). I have been trying to do Trivia on Tuesday’s and that kills a night. Thursday is an open night for me but usually I’m so beat from 4 straight days of working that I’m happy to relax and either read or watch TV. When Friday rolls around I’m so excited to get a few days off that I go HAM into Saturday, and then recover all day on Sunday. Toss in a few golf rounds, runs, and bowling and you have my life.

Now you couple that action with a business that is doing more and more and you have a plate that doesn’t allow for blogging. I envy a life where I can wake up at 8am, have a leisurely coffee and breakfast, exercise, then sit down and write on my stupid website. The subtle problem is that this generates 0 income. So instead I have to work a job that pays the bills and the  last time I checked, will never stop coming. Don’t get me wrong, millions of people would die to live this life instead of whatever they are doing, so it’s not like I’m complaining. It’s only this is the same loop over and over again. It’s the rat race of life. And to the people that read this that have a wife and kids, good fucking luck.

Toss in a missed 8 pin in the 10th to go 3-1 last night, my fantasy team losing the last 2 to slip to 8-3 and out of 1st, my DFS Golf hemorrhaging money, the losing poker session at the SugarHouse, my hurt ankle to prevent me from beating Sam in the 5k, and you feel my further frustration.

16 Jun, 2017

Choosing the Correct Words

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I was sitting at the bar and the movie Kick Ass was playing. The girl in the movie is Chloe Grace Moretz and a guy at the bar said, “that girl is gorgeous, I’d totally F her.” I’ve never seen Kick Ass, or know who Chole Grace Moretz was, so I was judging off a quick glance, but I felt like the term gorgeous didn’t apply. Now since I’ve done some further research, I see that she’s the girl in Neighbors 2 who I thought was pretty, but not “gorgeous.” I’ll also add that the bartender said she has a potato face which I gathered was mushed.

Gorgeous = beautiful, very attractive
Pretty – attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome

I would say that Chloe Grace Moretz is more on the pretty side, but obviously no slouch (that picture was chosen to make my point but she looks way better as she’s aged). Words get thrown around too recklessly that they start to lose all meaning. When people use the word “interesting”, I substitute “I can’t think of any better word to use and don’t give a shit”. Since I’ve been doing the crossword puzzles, my vocab has gotten better, but I still have a hard time placing precise words. Yesterday I learned what astral means but I could never use it in a sentence. This comes from aging which means that your brain is getting filled with a lot more useless information like words and shit and shit. I would love to sound smart, but it ain’t happening.

If I was going to use “gorgeous”, I’d go with these:

15 Jun, 2017

Writing Posts

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I’ve been looking at moving to a dedicated server to speed it up. I know it’s like a turtle with all of the gifs I put on. Only little problem is it moves the annual expense of about $150, to nearly $1,000. I’ve never run ads on the site (except that one time Gapinski clicked on the same ad 20 times and got me banned from AdSense) and I don’t intend to. I’d also never ask people for money. I’m only writing this post so people know I’m struggling to make this decision. As much as I want to make the site as best as I possibly can, the benefits of a speedier site have little pay off to me personally.

All that being said, I’ve been extremely busy at work and haven’t had my usual breaks to post like I prefer to. I’m not sure how many people actually check this site on a multiple times a day basis, but know that I do my best to update as much as I can even if the post is filler like this. Also please comment and tell me the site is extremely slow as that may sway my decision. Enjoy the video below.

14 Jun, 2017

Open Water vs The Shallows

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This post is a surefire way of bringing Blake Lively pics into it while also trying to make a point on what makes a better shark movie.

Let me take you back to 2003 when Open Water was released. I was a mere lad of 20 and mainly remember thinking the movie was short (79 minutes) which always bothered me when I spent $8.50. Last night for some reason I turned it on and watched the last 30 minutes. Already knowing the premise, I don’t know if you really need to watch all 79 minutes. Essentially 2 scuba divers get left behind and spend X amount of hours in, you guessed it, open water. Eventually sharks eat them but the film does a great job of giving you the feeling of what it actually would be like to be stranded. At the end, they show all the search teams being released but by then it was too late. Far too much ground to cover in the vast ocean and I walked away satisfied that the girl who showed her boobs (one of the few parts I remembered) didn’t survive. I hate happy endings.

Considering I was going to make a Blake Lively post to void this Katy Perry residue off my blog, Open Water was the perfect segway. To clarify on the annoyance of Katy Perry, her music flat out sucks. I’m sorry but I didn’t have any problem with Firework or Teenage Dream, but the latest album Witness is trash truck juice. Blake Lively, wife of Ryan Reynolds, turned my head in the Shallows and I’m happy to replace Katy off the hot list with Blake.

I knew she was hot from her role in Accepted but holy smoke show in the Shallows. Watching her in that orange bikini made the movie a rising, er, star from the get go. That being said, the movie was not good from a review stand point (I was surprised by the 77% on Rotten Tomatoes). Blake does some surfing, hangs out by herself for too long, winds up on a rock, then a buoy, then she pulls of an unrealistic move where she gets pulled down to the bottom and the shark impales itself. She helped some seagull along the way who I can’t remember if it survived. I watched the full movie so I wouldn’t say it’s a bad movie, I just prefer more realism.

The take away from both of these movies is that they both made money. Open Water had a $500,000 budget and made $54 million (2003 dollars) and the Shallows was a $17 million budget for $119 million in the box office. Shark movies sell. I liked the feel of Open Water more because it was realistic whereas Blake’s movie was just Blake being Blake with a giant animated shark roaming around. This is hardly an endorsement for either movie, but you can spend your time on worse shark movies like Sharknado, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, or Attack of Jurassic Shark.

More Blake Pictures:

12 Jun, 2017

The Herd Doesn’t Abide By Traffic Regulations

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How do these things not get shut down immediately by police?

It’s unfortunately really hard to stop them. They’re not exactly going to pull over for the police and when chased people tend to get hurt (not just the bikers themselves, but pedestrians as well). I don’t know about other cities, but DC has taken to photographing and looking for them afterwards

This was scene in Atlanta. Am I the only one who sees this as a Lord of the Flies governing body? You can’t have 100 motorists saying “fuck it” to the traffic laws. I’m a big supporter of freedom of expression, however, expressing your right to get a group of people together to do whatever the hell you want on the rules of the road, is where the line has to be drawn. I saw these guys in Philly too, and I thought that a police helicopter was following the crew but maybe that was wishful thinking. Undoubtedly people get hurt. This is like Mad Max meets real life. It would be hilarious to see the cops pulling these guys over and handing out traffic violations. The wheelies are also insane.

11 Jun, 2017

What’s Eating Gilbert’s Gaping Grapehole

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We were considering some team names for our bowling squad and the title of this post was my favorite. There’s something about the absurdity of the way the words go together. Gaping is a word that runs its course with moist, that isn’t associated with any other activity other than you know what. Throwing in a grapehole is just flat out funny. Next you have to take into context the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Leonardo plays a special kid. I still literally laugh when I read the title because I’m not sure if it’s offensive or ridiculous. 


I’m a big Jimmy Carr fan too. His jokes are always crossing the line and I find him hilarious.

She’s a walking, talking, Stephen Hawking. She’s brainier than Kurt Cobain’s garage ceiling.

Went to my daughter’s netball finals the other day. What a semi!

My girlfriend gets annoyed about my loud chewing, but I don’t complain about the pubes in my teeth. It’s a joke. My girlfriend doesn’t have pubes, yet.


A Few From Reddit

A family walks into a hotel and the father goes to the front desk and says “I hope the porn is disabled.” The guy at the desk replies. “It’s just regular porn you sick fuck.”

My girlfriend caught me blowing my dick with the air dryer, and asked what I was doing? Apparently “heating your dinner” wasn’t a good answer.

And one final joke to top it off:
What has 4 letters, sometimes 9 letters, but never has 5 letters.

8 Jun, 2017

Appropriate Email Response Time

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I’m an Email guy. I grew up with the keyboard since the day Ms. DeFranco taught me “B for baby baby make that LOOOONG stretch.” I remember Morgan Watkins was typing 50 words a minute when I was typing 5 in 7th grade.  Plus who can forget Arkanoid during that class. I got off topic for a minute but I prefer communicating by email. Here’s a text from our bowling team:

As you can tell, the Weenis prefers texting. I have nothing against texting. I tend to hit send before I spell check, and my phone case makes the touch screen not as precise as I like, but it gets the job done. The difference is that I can type about 10x faster than I can text. So to me, I treat my E-mail almost like a text. If I’m sitting at my desk (with keyboard) and get an email, there’s a 95% chance I respond as soon as I can. I gather that I’m not the norm as I deal with tons of customers a day who obviously don’t check their emails as often.

Your email should go to your phone which means you should see every email in a prompt fashion. If I see the email from my phone, there’s about a 5% chance I respond immediately because I don’t like typing on my phone. However, I always see it almost instantly. Based on that chart to the right, texting on your phone is more common on the phone which makes a ton of sense. What’s shocking is only 34% of the population sends/receives email on their phone. This means that when you send an email, 2/3’s of the time the only way that person see it is when they are at their desk. This brings me to the appropriate amount of time for an email response.

For an email that requires a response, I email back within 30 minutes. Sometimes 1 minute. If it’s after work hours, most of the time I don’t respond. If I email someone in the morning about a business related matter, I expect an email that day. 48 hours is the absolute max. If there is no response after that, I consider it a closed matter or the person is purposely ignoring it. Anyone else feel differently? Anyone prefer using email to texting?