TC’s Takes on Topics

I wanted to tackle a few topics that are universal to each and every person roaming the globe. Understand that I have zero interest discussing this in person so if you see me in the real world, ask me how much I hate the smell of a sponge that washes dirty plates instead of these.

wealth-gap-2Money – A topic that everyone must contend with because without it, you have better be one hell of a survivalist. Imagine Earth before man existed on it with pure blue water, growing trees and plants, nature lizards (just lizards), and oxygen to sustain life. Resources from the ground were abundant. When man arrived, resources were needed to survive. Money is only the intermediary between the trade of resources. Instead of trading you a goat for your lumber, money is a universal medium for trading goods. It simplifies trading. So most people look to making more money as a plus because it gives access to more resources. This is why the cliche statement, “money doesn’t buy happiness” rings true. Money only buys resources, not happiness.

National-Geographic-Magazine-illustre-le-monde-en-video-7-Billion-4[1]People – With 7 billion people in the world, it’s hard to view yourself as unique. The ratio of 1/7,000,000,000 gives a much better understanding of how inconsequential you are. Everyone you interact with is another one. It’s easy to view people as your best friend or I went to school with them but reality is that it’s only a single person who you may interact with in a small glimpse of time in your life. There are of course life long friends but it’s rare and viewing people this way is a varying opinion than believing that everyone is special.

quote-there-is-something-fundamentally-unfair-about-a-government-that-takes-away-so-much-of-people-s-steve-forbes-63660Government – The top 1% of the world possess 40% of the world’s wealth. This wealth has heavy influence on the Gov’t. When the rich have this much money, they strike deals with the Gov’t in order to make their world tick the way they want so that they can continue being so wealthy and powerful.

Small players have no power whatsoever and it’s sickening to think that you are powerless against the Gov’t. This is why getting hyped up in politics is as smart as banging your head into a wall. The flip side is doing nothing and accepting that this is the way it is. There is no good answer unless the lower class pull together and start a revolution demanding change. It would be bloody and no good would come from it.

19053Death – No one know what happens when you die but death is a part of life. A cat of the family has passed recently and he had a lifespan of around 15 years. He had bad breath. Now that he has passed, it’s foolish to think that his trait of bad breath was disgusting. You take his life as an all encompassing 15 year journey instead of a day to day event and realize how much love the cat gave and the joy he brought into our lives. Death is sad. Some people can understand it’s part of the life cycle and inevitable and others can’t. This thought will usually lead to afterlife discussion and the hope that the dead are not really dead. This is hard to grasp.

I know very little about the last 4 topics I wrote about.  I don’t have Mark Cuban money.  I only interact with dozens of people.  I barely know who the Vice President is.  I’m still living.  So why did I take the time to write about them when I know so little?  It’s to show that I have the ability to think.  This would never be a paper in college and no self respecting professor would pass it.  Yet this is the best representation of how I think.  This is an A paper from my mind.  There was no research (I looked up the wealth stat).  For that I’m 1% proud and 99% apathetic.  Do you think like this?

Where are the Updates?

blog-ideasFirst and foremost, I must apologize to the 12 people who check this blog daily. One half hearted update in 5 days is not a blog that is worth checking in to. I have reason for this though as I told myself I wasn’t going to waste my audience’s time with pointless posts about life that I barely care about so I wouldn’t expect you to. The posts, not my life.

I suppose you could say that over the past few days I’ve been doing much “research” (I have no idea why I used quotes or why this in parentheses other than because research is definitely not the right word I just don’t know what else to call it) for blog entries. I’ve been reading a book recommended to me about a scam artist, a book about a revolution, and a fair amount of Shark Tank shows that I’ll comment on when I finish the series. It’s also fair to say I’ve been very busy with work as the job has gotten more serious since our 1 week vacation for some inexplicable reason.

Hang in there though. I’ll have more posts shortly.




How to Find Happiness

I was surfing around Reddit and stumbled upon a Calvin and Hobbes strip, which lead me to the /r page on calvinandhobbes and that led me to this insight from Bill Watterson. I’m probably the last person who should be showing this based on my job but I still like it.


My New Haircut

I got a haircut yesterday.  Nick cut it.  He spent 12 minutes on my head.  It’s a little pricey at $18 plus tip (I give $22).

That’s all I’ve got.  Watch Terio get punched in the face.

The Ebola Apocalypse

Although the likelihood of the Ebola virus turning into the Bubonic plague is slim, it is certainly the talk of the town.  Deadly viruses are a complex beast because of the uncertainty and what precautions must be taken.  Here in America our media makes it seem like Ebola can be spread by talking to someone else when there have been a total of 2 documented cases.  This isn’t Africa where we are rubbing our wounds together.

6-thriller-michael-jacksonWith the popularity of all of these zombie shows, they make you think that the living dead is an actual possibility.  Who says it isn’t?  Some scientist may believe that this is impossible but if Michael Jackson in Thriller was actually staring you in the face, you might sing a different tune.  I know I’d be screwed if it were to happen.  I have no weapons and no survival skill-set.

I’m certainly not concerned quite yet about catching any deadly virus but I have been feeling a little odd.  I’m pretty sure everything is fine.  Here is a recent selfie I shot.  See you soon!


Backed Up Blogging


Laura and I went to The Barrel House on Bainbridge and they had one of the best beers I’ve ever had.  We talked family and business matters which was pleasant.  It’s now 9:26 and I’m sitting at the office taking care of matters that I think about but don’t usually get to.  I know people are into specifics so I’ll give some insight into what I’m doing.

  • I wrote a business associate who invited me to Europe an email asking what he has been up to because he left the company a few months ago for personal reasons. To describe this type of fellow: he invited me to Europe, his company paid for my accommodations in full, and then he left the company after spending 20+ years there.  This is incredible hospitality and I learned that it makes you want to do business with someone who extends that much reach.
  • SlateUSGOVI wrote a business partner an email to set up a trip to visit an area of the nation which was prominent in slate decades ago but due to cost of production, has shut down.  Since Jeff has been working with the company, I’ve been able to get out more and this is a trip I normally wouldn’t get the chance to make.
  • I wrote a “mentor” an email asking if he would sit down and talk about various business that I’ve been getting myself involved in.  This helps get an outsiders opinion of deals that I may be blindsided because I see it everyday.

Those few examples are only the tip of the iceberg and emails that I’m writing on my free time because we’ve been so busy with orders and taking care of normal business.  I’m actually backed up blogging to the point that I can’t concentrate on writing good entries.  The only thing on my mind is business and I’m fine with that.

fotolia_3416162_XSI’ve been watching Shark Tank (a separate entry will occur on this show) and I understand that success isn’t granted by luck.  Life is a relatively simple formula that the more you put in the more you take out.   This is my time to make something happen and I’ve purposely set my life up like this.  The reason I can focus so much of my energy on business is because I have nothing else in my life to focus on.  I have exactly 0 “life” distractions.  This is both good and bad but for the time being, this is my life path.

The Intrigue of Handwritten Notes

handwritten notesThere is a naughty, adrenaline pumping feeling that gets created when you read a piece of handwritten information you are not supposed to read. This sense is similar to watching a person who does not know you are watching them. The mystery in what they are going to do next in a completely natural setting is the most fascinating human observation.  Notes work the same way.

I remember in 6th grade I secretly picked up a note dropped by Morgan Watkins for Anne Marie (I can’t remember how to spell her last name) and instantly felt giddy. I kept it hidden in my backpack because I was certain it was going to have top secret information that was going to create a rumor mill all across the Blue team. When I was safely back at my house I opened the note and it said, “is your mom driving us to the mall later?” I was disappointed.

mscl-noteThis little anecdote speaks volumes in the nature of hand written notes. When someone goes to the trouble to write a note down on a piece of paper, you deem this info at important or personal. People like knowing intimate information about other people. Deep down it makes you feel like more of a person knowing how other people carry out business that is for their eyes only.

My dad keeps a non-secretive TCB (taking care of business) list that I will glance at to see what he prioritizes as work to get done. He hand writes it and it gives me insight into his life. It helps me understand the way he ticks. When you can gain insight into what another person feels is meaningful information, you can use this knowledge to make yourself feel appreciated by giving this person what they are looking for. One of the main purposes of life is to feel appreciated.

Nosy-NeighborIt should also be noted that handwritten notes can be used as a means of creating false info to throw snoops off. There is nothing worse than a snoop because it shows distrust. Notice the disconnect between this post. On one hand I say to look at handwritten messages to gain info to gain a closer knowledge base about the person and on the other I say there is nothing worse than a snoop. I wish I could say that this post had this conclusion in mind when I started but I only arrived at it by accident. /post.

Dude’s Car Got a Little Dinged Up

“The beauty of this is its simplicity. Once a plan gets too complex, everything can go wrong.”

Best line: “No we can’t do that, dude. That fucks up our plan.”
Alternative Best Line (which is made even better because this was Walter’s “simple” plan):
“Your wheel! At fifteen MPH
I roll out! I double back, grab one
of ‘em and beat it out of him! The uzi!

This scene ultimately lead to my favorite line of the entire movie. I think we can all agree “dinged” may not have been the correct word choice.

Finally, another wonderful line in “calmer than you are.”

Normalcy Returns

meatball-sandwich-03Yesterday evening after eating a 10″ classic meatball hoagie, drinking two for $3 dollar Blue Glacier Gatorades, a 20 oz coffee, and a bag of Honey BBQ Fritos from Wawa, I was back to normal.  This was a solid 3 days after my last drink at around 4:30pm on Sunday.  As unbelievable as that sounds, I swear it’s true.

I would guess that I consumed 20 high ABV beers and a half a fifth of bourbon over the entire weekend.  For 3 straight days I experienced symptoms of dehydration.  Every time I drank a bottle of water, I took a piss.  My mouth was completely dry.  I tried licking envelopes and everyone would pop back up after trying to seal them.  I felt like a student in a remedial class when I tried to use my brain.  Instead of being a Ferrari going 150mph, I was my mom’s 1985 brown station wagon which maxed out at 55mph and it wasn’t easy to get there.  My hand eye coordination was awful and my backspace count was through the roof.  3 days later, I’m back.

top-five-get-smarter-1When I sat down to write yesterday, I fired off 3 blog posts in a matter of 2 hours.  None of them were planned and I shot from the hip.  I’m not saying they were my best entries but they came easy.  When I’m in the period I described above, I can barely watch television let alone produce anything of quality.  The best part about the mentioned period of time is that I know it will end.  When I was younger I may have been able to sleep it off but my older body doesn’t respond the same way.

alcoholicI’m sure if you reviewed by blog over the years you would find numerous entries similar to this one but I feel it’s important to comment on my state of mind because this blog acts as a mental output for me.  The obvious question to ask is why do you put yourself through this and the answer is fairly simple, it’s not my intention.  Once a certain amount of alcohol hits the bloodstream, the situation snowballs.

Hopefully in 50 years when this blog becomes a national phenomena, people will look at this post and get some better insight into the effects of alcohol on a 30 year old binge drinking alcoholic.  Just doing my part.