A 2014 look at 1960’s Batman

batman300The show Batman, produced in 1966 through 1968, is hilarious.  The dialogue is clever and it gives a clear feeling of 60’s television.  The special effects are lame by today’s standards but that’s what makes it enjoyable to watch.

Watch Batman and Robin climb a wall and imagine them doing it standing upright with the camera sideways.  I can’t say for certainty that’s the way it was done but I would have to think so.

serie_biffThe phrases used to described when Batman and Robin got into fights were great too. Sock! Crack! KaPow! What is even more incredible is how one man and a boy (Robin is like 18) can beat multiple foes with nothing but they’re normal skills.  Batman’ s utility belt is viewed as the greatest invention since sliced bread and all it does is emit some gas and has a grappling hook.

In this episode Joker was playing baseball and got launched over the jail wall by a huge spring.

In this episode Joker was playing baseball and got launched over the jail wall by a huge spring.

By far though my favorite part to watch is the villains and how incompetent they are while seemingly being smart.  Joker in particular is moronic.  He likes to give clues to Batman to ensure that he gets caught.  In an episode he says, he laughs last laughs good.  The following dialogue takes place:

Alfred:  The sentence was grammatically incorrect. One does not laugh good, sir. One laughs well

Batman: Why, that’s it, Alfred! Laughs well! Laughwell! Professor James J. Laughwell!

Then Batman arrives at the scene and the Joker is surprised!  Adam West is wonderful though and it make you appreciate the Family Guy reference.  The show produced 120 episodes over 3 years so there isn’t much behind each episode except for the same story line being used episode after episode.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3 Questions With My Brother Sam

New segment being introduced. 3 questions that my relationship with a person would entail me to ask that you normally wouldn’t.

Her face at 28 & 49 is priceless.

Her face at :28 & :49 is priceless.

1Q) In this interview, I counted a total of <5 seconds of eye contact from you and Dana Feigenbaum was staring at you the whole time.  She’s obviously attractive.  Would you say your lack of eye contact was due to your inexperience with interviews or because she’s a babe?

1A) I didn’t look at her because I was pissed off. This was the second or third take of this interview, and I thought the questions were stupid (not her fault, but they were). It was also after practice, and everyone was going to dinner, so I wanted to leave. I’d never spoken to her before, and to your point, never again after, so needless to say I didn’t make a great impression.

2Q) I know the name Banshee was your first bike but the domain name bansheemann7 is unusual. If you could change the name to something more appropriate for your current situation, what would it be?

bansheemann72A) I’m genuinely embarrassed to share that URL with people who have never seen the blog before. I want to change it, but have no idea what to change it to. What’s appropriate to my current situation? I work a 40 hour week, I drink a lot, I like sports, I’m young and single, I maintain a shitty blog, and I run a lot. How can I combine those into a URL? I welcome in any suggestions. You already stole the “rnning” theme.

3Q) You suffer from binge drinking which leads to black outs like myself. This is a risky way to go through life and it will catch up to you. Do you think this is because of an uncomfortableness in social situations sober or having no control over the situation when you start bombing shots? Does the first lead to the second?

blackout3A) It depends. First off, I never try to black out. At bars, I generally feel I should always drink more because the looser I am, the better chance I have of picking up a girl. In the comfort of my own home or a friend’s home, I drink a lot because I like drinking games and encouraging others to drink (if you talk the talk you have to walk the walk), with the chance of a hook-up being secondary. I also think making bets that involve drinking is always fun, “Loser of this game of FIFA has to shotgun”, etc. so that leads to binge drinking.

If I had a real incentive to not drink so much, I would. I could go into the night and say alright, because of reason X I’m taking it easy. But I haven’t come across reason X yet. Sacrificing a fun night to compensate a bad hangover isn’t worth it to me, at least not yet. On a final note – shots ALWAYS lead to blackouts for me, so I try to avoid them.

U Wot M8?

I’m sure not everyone has my sense of humor but I love the U Wot M8’s.  From what I gather it’s British and you say it when you are ready to step to a fight.

My personal favorite to get us started

Cat in trouble.

Cat in trouble.







A perfect Elephant U Wot M8

Don't mess with an elephant if you have a long neck.

Don’t mess with an elephant if you have a long neck.






Don’t step to squirrels








Inanimate objects can get themselves in trouble as well.

This is one badass billy goat

This is one badass billy goat









Lettuce needs to learn when to back down.

Lettuce should have backed down.

Lettuce should have backed down.






This guy gets it.

Don't Step







So does he.







This guy did not.


The Comment Rule

I’m going to reward you with an idea and I want you to reward me by proving how good of an idea it is.  Here goes:

If-someone-from-the-1950s-sudd-vqcgPeople prefer comments over the post.  This is partly why Reddit is as popular as it is.  Reddit works off the magic of user contributed information.  Readers then grade the information with upvotes which determine what info gets on the front page.  Get on the front page, get more views, get more comments.  A show of comments is a good indicator of how successful the material is.  The comments also get upvoted and they are the 2nd best part of Reddit.   Certain commenters are golden like the above example.

I want to make a blog off of the idea that people WANT TO communicate back and forth in the comments.  More people would interact with the comments and the post would become secondary.  I’d have to give tremendous thought on what posts would spur this collective effort but it could be massive with a huge snowball effect.  It’s essentially a forum with key participation from dependable, and insightful, people who want to contribute.

commenter-swift-saturdayUnfortunately, as I wrote this idea I’m thinking more and more that all I described was a forum.  I still believe though there is a key difference between a website with comments and a forum.

fotolia_what_doyou_think_xsWhat do you think?  I’m seriously asking what you think.  I mean it.  Actually comment on this post to prove the strength of this idea.  If you are sitting behind your computer and reading this sentence, this last sentence, you have just read 300 words and I’m requesting your opinion.  Don’t feel weird.  No one cares that you are making a comment on a blog.  Everyone only cares about themselves and after they read your comment and think how stupid it is, they’ll forget about in the next 15 seconds and never think about it again.  The process is simple and you need a name and email address.

All I want to know is do you look forward to reading the comments and do you find them more amusing than the actual blog?  I’d also like to know the main reason why you don’t comment?

A Tribute to Tune Time Tuesday

He takes pictures of rocks.  Tell me this guy isn't next level shit?

He takes pictures of rocks. Tell me this guy isn’t next level shit?

So Gourlay has been way off track lately.  He’s posting about bands on Sunday’s and concerts on Thursday’s when the essence of consistency is Tune Time Tuesday.  Since his blog is sending exactly 0 people to my site, I figure I need to appeal to the good side of an upcoming blogging extraordinaire.  It may not happen in his lifetime, but I support the Goodies.  Don’t worry Sam, I support you too but aside from the questionable drive from Gourlay, he has the most writing potential.

siriusplayerIt’s 10pm right now.  The Smiths are playing on my Sirius player which I’ve been using more than Spotify because I prefer listening to songs I’m not as familiar with and this radio is far superior to Spotify.  The song before was a deep Asia song called Don’t Cry which is an above average song.  Asia is a “super” group formed from the bassist/vocalist of Roxy Music, guitarist and keyboardist of Yes, and drummer from  Emerson, Lakes and Palmer if you didn’t know.  I know it’s small but the box above the Smiths song is Alex Chilton by the Replacements playing on the Spectrum which I also enjoy.  In the coming days I’m going to make a post about my top 5 favorite New Wave bands and I’ll be the only person who will appreciate it.  I hope that is enough info to warrant a Tune Time.

Treadmill RacingI went to the gym earlier and ran 3 miles in 18 minutes which is getting lower each day.  My winter time exercise turns into more gym time and less miles than summer where I’ll strictly run outdoors.  I get stronger in my arms and my speed builds but I sacrifice endurance.  I notice a little knee tweak on the treadmill which put me out for months a year ago but I should be ok for the remainder of basketball and football.

unnamedI feel good but my eating schedule is completely thrown off.  Today we had a visitor that arrived late and I didn’t eat lunch until after 2.  Then I get home and tried to implement a new theme to the blog and it turned out to be a disaster.  For $40 dollars you’d think the transition would be seamless but its been problematic to the point that I have to keep the current theme until I work out the kinks.  I also started up German and Photoshop skills which are much easier after I’ve already grasped the basics.   Back to eating, I tried to eat dinner after I got done working out but I wasn’t hungry and ate a small portion.  Now I could eat but I’m not trying to go to bed on a full stomach.  Kids in Ethiopia would dream of this situation.


Facebook’s Ads Have Crossed the Line

Where does it end? This ad is taking my last name from my profile, attaching it to a sweatshirt image, and promoting their customized product. It’s freaking brilliant. Invasive perhaps but I guarantee that out of the hundreds of millions of monkeys clicking that this is far more effective to see what the product would look like exactly. How funny is this ad?

*JUST RELEASED! NOT IN STORES* – For god’s sake I hope no one is releasing this.  This company would be out of business in a heart beat.  It’s my own name and I wouldn’t buy one.  Why the hell am I keeping calm in the first place?  Next thing you know they’ll be putting my face on it.
Stortz Ad Sweatshirt

The 3d Printing Revolution Begins

I’m a believer that 3d printing will revolutionize commerce. I know very little aside from the broad concept of printing whatever object you would like. Obviously you are limited by the material of which the printer can print but over time this will continue to develop. I know 3d printers have been sold recently but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a big box store.


Top comment:
These things are not actually that great. Bought 2 desktops and 1 z18 and all 3 jammed within a week of each other. Sure the extruder (part where plastic is melted and forced through) is replaceable but the replacements just jammed up just as fast and they never responded to my emails. Went with an Ultimaker 2 and it is amazing. If you want to get an actual good 3d printer, get an Ultimaker. Makerbot may have quantity, but they lack in quality.

3d Printed Running Shoes

3d Printed Running Shoes

I don’t think a comment like this is surprising as the product will continue to be developed over the years. The top 2 companies involved in these deals are Stratasys (SSYS) and 3d Systems (DDD). Impossible to predict from my position but Jim Cramer has recommended SSYS over DDD in the past and I believe we are at the beginning of the potential for 3d printers.

If I had to predict what will happen, the cost to produce the objects the printers print will be far too high to make it worthwhile. As technology advances and the costs come down AND more objects becomes available for print, this will begin gaining acceptance. Tell me this website isn’t cool with all the 3d printable options.

Digging Out of a Hole

trafficLet’s chalk one up to Rnningfool.  The last post managed 9 comments (2 by me) and 16 likes on Facebook which has to be a record.  Jess Baker even acknowledged that she liked the Shark Tank post I wrote which makes me happy because I took a while to write it.  With the site performing as average as possible, it’s nice to get some interaction with people.  Yes, I had to post the link on Facebook and plead with people to like it but it worked.

referralsThe referrals are also worth looking at to see where the traffic comes from.  Organic Google traffic sent about 3,054 people this month and direct traffic is 1,045 (This chart does not show this).    Google traffic is mainly people finding random pages I’ve created over the years so it’s not that relevant.  Also noteworthy is that Gourlay’s Goodies has not sent a single person to my website.  Welcome back!  Sam sent me 67 satisfied viewers.

kardashian13f-2-webDeciphering the stats is fun for me because it shows concrete data of what I’m doing.  It’s work being graded.  I’ve always been a B student and I’m pretty much getting B marks.  I have a good feel for what I’m doing but I haven’t exploded with a Kim K ass pic that breaks the internet.  Considering I have virtually no talent and nothing of interest, this will take some serious thinking.