Where Did March Go?

I saw this on Reddit and had to smile. I also liked a comment that said he should play Quagmire if Family Guy ever makes a movie.

Alllrighty then!

Alllrighty then!

Back to the grind. Last week was the first in a while where I spent all 5 days and the weekend in Philly. It’s nice to do some activities close to home. This weekend these included watching basketball games, bowling, and having a family brunch.

sabonis_domantas-e1396251855793On the sports front, I was close to even betting on the BBall games but got hit hard on a big bet on Gonzaga yesterday. My brackets also were sunk which is nothing new.  I needed Arvydas on the court instead of Domantas.

I also went bowling on Saturday.  After bowling at Hi-Spots I welcomed the lane conditions of Facenda Whitaker. The usual crew of the 3 Cohens and myself hit the lanes where I swept high game and high series with a much improved performance from my league play.

Other than that it was pretty ordinary and I’m planning on heading south for a sales trip this week so I’ll most likely not be posting as frequently. C’est le vie.

How Much is a Logo Worth?

I was watching the below movie (bonus points if you can get it) and noticed the Spike logo in the corner was sleeker with a creative line cut through the lettering.

Matt Damon Movie


Old spike logo

Old spike logo

We had a situation at work where we didn’t have any high res images of our logo. We had to pay a designer to create a new logo for us. Starting from scratch, aside from the initial design, he came up with this.



Old logo

Old logo

The outside text was all removed but for the most part it’s the same logo in a different shade of red.  The S may be a little sleeker but it’s essentially the same without the lettering.  How much do you think this logo re-work cost us?

I finished the Steve Jobs biography last week and my situation was similar (aside from everything being different) to his in that he needed to create a new logo for his company. He ended up paying $100,000 to a renowned designer, Paul Rand, to come up with this.


Steve Jobs company “Next” logo


If Steve Jobs was willing to pay 100,000 dollars back in the 80’s, there is obviously a strong desire in one of the greatest minds of this generation to create brand awareness and a company “image”.  How much is worth to a person is very subjective.  An image that represents your company for decades is more than an $100 image anyway you look at it.  Anyone out there have any experience with logos?

Letting the Cosby Bowling Team Down

What I’ve learned about league play is that it’s all about the handicap.  Whether golf, bowling, or any other sport that involves an attempt at fairness, your handicap determines how useful you are.  I was not last night.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Coming into Wednesday night I was 3rd in the league in average and held the #1 and #2 top score.  This is extremely deceptive as aside from the 2 high games (238 & 247), I didn’t break 140.  That being said, my high game didn’t come last night.

We were giving up 100 pins to a team from Camp Jewbec and I’ve learned in situations like this the better bowlers will usually prevail if they can bowl close to their averages.  I rolled a 118 the first game.  A 125 the second.  A 135 the 3rd.  My 164 average killed the team as we ended up losing all 3 games.

bowlingThe feeling is horrible because without pointing any fingers, I’m the main culprit for losing.  The lanes are such that they have so much oil on them that my ball tends to skirt right through the initial 40 feet of oil right into the gutter.  This means that I have to start adjusting and once that happens, the game becomes a bit of a crapshoot.  No excuses.

The only benefit is that my average will start to even out for the next game and we should start to see a fairer game being we are giving less pins or actually getting pins.  Thumbs up to Dan for bowling good games despite our pedestrian performance.

Learning About Yourself – Nola Induced

bill-hicks-its-all-about-money-not-freedom-you-think-youre-free-try-going-somewhere-without-moneyThe next couple posts will be New Orleans themed because I spent some time there and lived instead of worked.  Most people spend their life working and forget about living life.  Living life requires spending money and this constrains freedom.  Money = Freedom.

With that intro aside, I spent 4 days with 13 dudes for a bachelor party to send one of our brothers off to married land.  Of the 14 people who attended, a mere 2 were single.  At 31, being single is becoming a rarity.  When you get to be my age people begin to fear loneliness and I understand the sentiment.  A topic that I could probably share pages about, I’d rather focus on specifics of being away for 4 days with nothing to do but enjoy life and hang out with your friends.

What I Learned

  • Public-Speaking-headerI’m not much of a speaker in group settings.  The final night of the trip we had a dinner to recollect fond memories of the man of the hour, Ed McGrath.  We went around the table sharing stories.  For the life of me I couldn’t think of a good story to share.  This had to do with my inexperience of speaking in front of groups an also not being able to think of one.  My comfort level is far greater in groups up to 6 people where there is a more personal experience instead of entertaining a group.  There’s a part of me that says, don’t share something stupid, make it count…except it never came.
  • 1580bWork guilt doesn’t leave me.  I have a hard time feeling totally free from work.  I wrote a post about this a while back and didn’t get to experience it on this trip.  It has to do with having responsibilities and not attending to them.  I get constant emails about customers and projects that as hard as I try, I never seem to leave it.
  • ideal-job-venn-diagramMy job is a blessing.  I’ve always knew this but as Dom puts it, “you can’t get fired”.  I hear what others in the group do for a living and it’s a pretty solid group.  Everyone has a decent job and earns a living but none are fortunate to be born into a business of self-employment.
  • giphyI’m hyping up a story that I still can’t share but when I get drunk, money becomes an afterthought.  It’s like I become some prince from Saudi Arabia with all of the money in the universe to spend.  Money starts to become a number instead of a an actual resource.  More on this.
  • MFW-02-06-12The final, and most important, life lesson I learned is that as much as I know weekends like this will damage my existence, I’m glad I do it.  I could have stayed home this weekend and done the same old, same old but I would never remember it.  I’ll never forget this one.

The Delayed New Orleans Trip Report

I’m not pulling a Gourlay, don’t worry.  I haven’t posted in almost a week and this was mainly because I was in New Orleans for Ed’s bachelor party from Wednesday to Sunday.  I have a pending story that I want to share but it’s still, well, pending.  Nothing seriously bad happened physically but there were some financial shenanigans that I’ll go into once they are cleared up. I also felt like death yesterday and coming out of it today.

labayou2A part of the trip that I can describe was canoeing through the bayou True Detective-esque.  A group of about 12 guys went into the canoes like you see to the right and paddled for about 2 miles out to a lake.  The decision to paddle all the way to the lake was questioned but it was worth it.  On the outskirts of the swamp you could see alligators and there was definitely a feeling of uneasiness because you are so vulnerable in the canoe.  I should also add it was quite tiring and a good shoulder workout.  The coveted view of the lake below.




Image > Quality – Beats by Dre

beats_by_dr_dre_beats_studio_2pt0An article about Dr Dre’s Beats explains that the headphones cost $14 to make and sell for $450. TIME Magazine ranked Beats by Dre as the second to worst headphone brand out of 18 in terms of sound performance last month.

While Beats by Dre may be made for cheap and have questionable sound quality, the brand is a marketing juggernaut. Beats by Dre owns an 27% of a headphone industry that reported $1.8 billion in sales last year.  (Allhiphop.com)

What does this tell us? That these two guys are geniuses.

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine

The music business?  LOLOLOL

The music business? LOLOLOL

In all fairness, just because it costs $14 in raw materials doesn’t mean it takes into consideration all marketing and packaging expenses. Either way, people are paying a huge premium to be recognized as “hip”. I hate the word hip but it works better than cool here because by buying these headphones you aren’t being cool; You’re being stupid paying a huge premium for an inferior product. Hip means you are trying to be a part of a crowd. A crowd that shows that product research is an after thought.

Beats were bought by Apple for $3.2 billion last summer.  I always believed that higher quality products would rise to the top but this is foolish thought.  People would much rather make a statement than use a quality product because it feeds the ego.  Who can forget Dr Dre drinking a bit too much and almost ruining a huge deal.

Top Reddit Comment:

dr dre is a genius. he realized that since nobody is buying music, they will be spending their money on rediculously priced headphones

My Favorite Comment:

Its all about the look and the fact that you can “afford” beats by Dre. You don’t need to be rich if you can look like you are rich

SHHHH…Don’t Wake the Sleepers…

Fantasy Baseball 2015 by Brookes Britcher

Milwaukee-brewers-hot-girl2015 is a year of great promise in baseball. The SF Giants have already won their “off-year” World Series, so oft outlier teams like the Marlins, Cubs, White Sox and Padres are spending money and hoping for a Fall appearance. 2015 will be a year where all of the deep farm systems may finally start to pay off for some clubs, while other aging “giants” may see a steep production decline. 2015 will be a year of star injuries, post-injury redemptions and young talent getting substantial chances.

Tom has been gracious enough in the past few years to allow me to present some fantasy predictions or selections for consideration. Some suggestions have failed, but some have proven well worth it. I think my success rate is about 65%+ over the past 2 years with predictions. Not great – but pretty good for baseball. Last year I played in 7 leagues (Won 3 – Final in 4 – Playoffs in 5 – Selectively forgot the other ones…)

This year, I thought I might suggest some positional “sleepers” only – as opposed to positional draft value picks. The players are selected based on a Head-To-Head Points league. ROTO is a different story. The players below probably are not on the top of the draft boards – but can be had in the late-middle to late to midnight rounds, depending on position. They probably will not hit 40hr or drive in 120 – but these are the type of players you want on your team from those late draft spots: somewhat flawed, but strong production with upside. They are the players people scour the waiver wire for once their “star” player goes down for 2 months and need to fill the hole. They are the “glue” players that keep a fantasy team winning and competitive over the long haul of the season. Plus, all of these players have some major upside to outperform and perhaps become starter gold. Maybe…



yasmanigrandalYasmani Grandal (Los Angeles Dodgers) [#15 Rated Catcher by YahooSports]

In his rookie season for the SD Padres, Grandal hit .297 with 8 HR and 36 RBI in only 60 games. Drug suspensions and a prolonged ACL recovery slowed him down over the past few seasons. However – fully healed now, new setting (with a stronger lineup) and only 26 years old… Grandal could easily realize his potential as a slugging backstop in 2015 – and reassert himself as a valuable Cuban import at one of the weakest fantasy positions. Perhaps the most under-valued Cuban of 2015! Gotta catch ‘em all! 26 year old Cuban, “potentially” on PED’s, with crazy power potential, playing Catcher with eventual 1B potential on a team dysfunctional enough to let him play. #15 Catcher? If anyone can name 10 starting 2015 catchers in MLB (san Google) in the comments I will buy you a beer at the next Phillies game we go to together. (Hint: here are 5 to get you started – Posey / Molina / Rosario / Ruiz / Grandal).



(“I can’t say for sure…I guess my head has always been this way.”)

“I can’t say for sure…I guess my head has always been this way.”

C.J. Cron (Los Angeles Angels) [#44 Rated 1B by YahooSports]

Most of the time when young, promising stars get a chance to play due to drug suspensions we get to blame PED’s. Sadly, Josh Hamilton has relapsed into something which has been a lifelong struggle for him. However, this terrible scenario has opened the door for C.J. Cron. Cron can’t do much on a baseball field. In fact, sometimes he can barely hit the ball. But when he does – it is insane. He reminds me of another player with a similar skill set when coming up – Chris Davis – the one everyone drafted in the top 6 in 2014 after he suddenly “figured it out” and hit .286 with 53 HR’s.

Cron has the same raw power but the same poor finesse at this point. He only played in 79 games last season, but the absence of Hamilton (and the eventual Pujols injury) will give him ample AB’s at 1B, DH and perhaps a stint in the OF (depending on how desperate the Angels get). More AB’s and some consistent time will potentially make him a potent late-round power source in 2015. Sitting at #43 is Ryan Howard…if you think that will work out…



Martin Prado holding up the # of positions he can play…just to remind you.

Martin Prado holding up the # of positions he can play…just to remind you.

Martin Prado (Miami Marlins) [#20 Rated 2B by YahooSports]

My love affair with Martin Prado will never end. Massive position eligibility always attracts me to him (2B, 3B, SS, OF, 1B, Hitting Coach, Manager…). Plus, he is simply put: a professional baseball player. He wins baseball games – and has the multi-tool ability to add valuable “random” points to your week. And now, he is playing on a team which really needs him…everyday.

He batted .282 last year with 12 HR. If he stays healthy, the Marlins will be playing him every game they can – at any position, so perhaps a spike in production. .275 and 18 HR out of 2B is pretty good…Certainly keeps Utley in the top 10-15 2B each year. Plus – his position eligibility can potentially fill almost any injury hole you have for sustained periods – with solid production.



That is the chin of a man who wants to help you win – and obviously will settle…down.

That is the chin of a man who wants to help you win – and obviously will settle…down.

Coner Gillaspie (Chicago White Sox) [#31 Rated 3B by YahooSports]

Conor is a very boring player. But he likes to hit – enough that he will probably start at 3B for a team which could surprise some people. .282 with 31 2B’s in 2014. Even with the hits (131 in 2014) he needs to take more BB’s. Could he hit more HR’s … eh. He needs to do a lot of things a bit better for crazy fantasy attention. But – the White Sox are better offensively – and defensively. His hits and doubles will be key. Plus a 2nd year of Jose Abreu in the league. Maybe he could be on base more during those mammoth shots? At 27 years old – he is coming into his own with something to prove. Consistent numbers throughout the year are in store. Perhaps not your “starting” 3B – but possibly the best option otherwise – or for utility purposes. He’s not too picky. For perspective – Aramis Ramirez [#19 Rated 3B by YahooSports] probably won’t make it through the first month of the season – and if Gillaspie can improve a bit on power, will end up with better or comparable numbers. Even Alex Rodriguez is ranked above him!




Danny SantanaDanny Santana (Minnesota Twins) [#14 Rated SS by YahooSports]

 Oh SS…the horrible position with only 3 “real” options to draft…When you are #14 at SS you know you must be terrible for draft value. But, Santana (23 years old – inexplicably NOT Cuban) may offer some hope. In 2014 he batted .319 – had 20 SB (caught only 4 times) with 27 2B’s, 7 3B’s, 7 HR’s and 70 runs. 98 SO’s / 19 BB’s is terrible. But he’s just a kid – growing up in the big Twin Cities. Playing on a mediocre team – which is getting better – but needs runs (Green light Danny!) – Santana could offer major point consistency in a few categories at a historically weak position.For perspective, Jimmy Rollins is the 7Th overall SS according to Yahoo. Have to take my chances on the kid here. Curious what the Over/Under is for HR for Santana vs. Rollins in 2015…It surely cannot justify a 7 place ranking differential at the weakest fantasy position. And the kid plays some great defense if your league counts it. God speed J-Roll.



Soler going through the standard Cuban MLB intake process

Soler going through the standard Cuban MLB intake process

Jorge Soler (Chicago Cubs) [#26 Rated OF by YahooSports]

Snagged this young (Cuban) man before he was called up last year in multiple leagues. Wow.

In a 24 game call-up he did this:

.292 AVG / 5 HR / 20 RBI / 8 2B / 11 R

At 23 years old – and with a starting job on a “hungry” team filled with young talent – what is not to like? 24 SO’s in 89 AB’s is troubling. When he hit fastballs, he made the most of it – but a 26% K rate is alarming. 2015 may take some time for Soler to adjust – as he sees new pitches and finds his true legs in MLB. But obviously, the potential to do real damage is there – and the Cubs will be sticking with him for the long haul. Or you can get on the Charlie Blackmon draft train a round before him…Don’t “miss the boat” on this Cuban…





A malnourished RoboCop out looking for semi-Cubans…

J.D. Martinez (Detroit Tigers) [#33 Rated OF by YahooSports]

 J.D. was one of my best early Waiver Wire snags last season, and probably my favorite “sleeper” in 2015.

He ended up with these numbers last year:

123 G / 57 R / 30 2B / 3 3B / 23 HR / 76 RBI / 6 SB/ .315 AVG

For perspective – here are the 2014 numbers of Andrew McCutchen [#2 Rated OF by YahooSports]:

146 G / 89 R / 38 2B / 6 3B / 25 HR / 83 RBI / 18 SB / .314 AVG

At 27 years old, I think he may have finally have found his stroke. 23 HR playing in DET (largest OF in MLB) is an accomplishment. With the injury to Victor Martinez, his role will be even more vital for the Tigers – and he should see a bump in his lineup spot (potentially into a more R/RBI conducive spot). Will he have as productive a season as 2014? Probably not. But his draft ranking seems to suggest that most everyone believes he will regress off the face of the Earth. Even if he ends up with comparable numbers – while playing the additional 39 games he DIDN’T play in in 2014 – those are starter OF numbers – especially for a #33 ranked OF player. Expect the AVG to drop a bit (too many SO’s) – but Martinez could be a multi-category gem for next to nothing on draft day. So you could snag McCutchen in the top 5 – or have Martinez between 50-75 – with a potential for comparable output. Could free you up to draft Joey Votto…



He missed the ball btw.

He missed the ball btw.

Ben Revere (Philadelphia Phillies) [#40 Rated OF by YahooSports]

2014 was the year of the coming of Billy Hamilton [#17 Rated OF by YahooSports – 2015] – the “next” Ricky Henderson. Watch – or you might miss it. The man who could steal home out of the batters box. A “must draft” if you want steals. The ONLY person you need know to get you steals. 2014 proved that Billy Hamilton is really fast. In fact, he was so fast that he often outsmarted his own stupidity on the bases to produce pretty incredible numbers. But, we also learned he can’t hit a baseball to actually get on base it seems…

Below are 2 season lines from 2014… #whoworeitbetter

611 PA / 72 R / 141 H / 25 2B / 8 3B / 6 HR / 48 RBI / 56 SB / 23 CS / 117 SO / .250 AVG

626 PA / 71 / 184 H / 13 2B / 7 3B / 2 HR / 28 RBI / 49 SB / 8 CS / 49 SO / .306 AVG

For all his “unnatural” speed, Billy Hamilton was caught stealing 41% of the time – and batted just .250. Ben Revere was caught stealing only 16% and batted .306. Billy Hamilton only had 7 more steals (with 15 less PA). Hamilton produced (via SO) 68 more OUTS than Revere in 2014. So, Hamilton literally cost 2.5 entire games worth of outs for the Reds just at the plate – without getting on base to run, to give himself a nearly 50% chance of taking second base (which, if caught, would be an OUT).. If Revere can continue to prove to be even half of the second coming of Juan Pierre – sign me up. Points! Points! Points!



Matt Cain eating like a horse…kind of.

Matt Cain eating like a horse…kind of.

Matt Cain (San Francisco Giants) [#58 Rated SP by YahooSports]

Matt Cain is 30 years old. His nickname of “The Horse” is so prolific that even Baseball-Reference attaches it to his name when you visit his page. How does one get such an accolade you may ask? Starting in 2006 these are the innings pitched totals (not including postseason) for Mr. Cain (and his corresponding ERA):

190.2: 4.15
200: 3.65
217.2: 3.76
217.2: 2.89
223.1: 3.14
222.1: 2.88
219.1: 2.79
184.1: 4.00
90.1: 4.18

It is almost as if the more he pitches, the better he is. Crazy, huh?

You may have to just trust me on this one…but (if healthy) there is no chance Cain hits a +4.00 ERA in 2015 if he pitches over 160 innings. Anything less, and he is a STEAL as a #58 SP – with a real potential to return to Ace status in a K-prone NL West (You’ve seen Justin Upton and Jimmy Rollins swing a bat,, right?). Plus he taught Bumgarner everything he knows…Bumgarner is going to break down about… now.




Justin loves his Mom. We all love her.

Justin Masterson (Boston Red Sox) [Below #93 Rated SP by YahooSports]

 What do you do when you have a short porch and a big wall that creates doubles? Strike people out. As often as possible.

2010: 140 K
2011: 158 K
2012: 159 K
2013: 195 K *
2014: 116 K

*All-Star (Cleveland Indians / 14 W / 10 L / 3.45 ERA / 195 K / 193 IP)

At 29 years old, I think Masterson finds his role with an old, familiar club. He did have a DL stint (knee) and pitched through a substantial rib-cage injury in 2014 – which may explain his absolutley terrible season.

He throws a 97mph fastball, a nasty sinker (84-96mph – depending on situation…), a strong slider and a changeup. If he regains the dominant K form of years past – PLUS. If he can keep his ERA at 3.80 at Fenway – with 130+ K’s – BETTER. He is finally on a stacked team – which will score runs – and he may provide not only WIN’s but substantial K’s for your team. Not even rated as a Top #100 SP by YahooSports. (Maybe I missed him on the list…he is the #3 starter for the Boston Red Sox, right?)

By the way, he allowed 6 R / 7H / 2 HR / 2 BB / 0 K in 3.1 IP against the “potent” offense of the Philadelphia Phillies on March 15th. So he certainly is a risk/reward prospect in 2015. Hopefully his lackluster Spring performances are simply him working out his mechanics after his prolonged, nagging injuries of 2014.




All these players watching Giles are barely playing baseball now.

Ken Giles (Philadelphia Phillies) [Below #63 Rated RP by YahooSports]

 When you draft a RP, you tend to look for SAVES. “Closers” record SAVES – and Ken Giles does not have a “Closer” job…just yet. The fact that there are over 63 players that YahooSports suggests you should select over him is just sad (RP rankings seem to end at 63 btw…). Touche YahooSports. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Aroldis Chapman (CIN) [#1 RP Rated by Yahoo Sports]

2014 Stats

54 G / 36 IP / 54 SV / 3 L / 21 H / 12 ER / 1 HR / 106 K / 24 BB / 2.00 ERA / 0.83 WHIP

Ken Giles (PHL) [Below #63 Rated RP by YahooSports]

2014 Stats

44 G / 45.2 IP / 1 SV / 1 L / 25 H / 6 ER / 1 HR / 64 K / 11 BB / 1.18 ERA / 0.78 WHIP

Within a few months of the season Jonathan Papelbon [#19 Rated RP by Yahoo Sports] will be gone or relegated – and Giles will take on the “closer” role. So “1 save” will go to 25-30 pretty easily. Frankly, the Phillies are going to be in a TON of “save situations” this year. Outside of the K rate (which Giles has proven in tough scenarios) – not quite sure why one would spend the pick for Chapman. 24 BB in 36 IP over 54 appearances suggests maybe he can’t really “close” a game out. 106 K’s is impressive – but suggests a velocity crutch. #1 Champman vs. basically unranked Giles. A save that ends with a K is pretty impressive. ESPN will show it. But a save is a save – no matter how you get it. 0.83 vs 0.78 is a nice split for Giles.



Billy Burns (Oakland Athletics) [Below #88 Rated OF by YahooSports]

 Billy BurnzI love Billy Burns. It took all of my effort to suggest Kolten Wong last year vs. Burns in this “True Sleeper” category [Wong is now the #10 Rated 2B for 2015 btw]. Billy Burns is now 25. He is a switch hitter. Plays great defense. And he could be faster than Billy Hamilton. Here he is scoring from 2B on a SACRIFICE FLY


SB / AVG Totals from the Minors:

2012: 38 (.322 AVG)

2013: 72 (.315 AVG)

2014: 54 (.237 AVG)


2015 Spring Training Stats:

13 G / 34 AB / 15 H / .441 AVG / 10 R / 3 RBI / 2 2B / 3 3B / 0 HR / 3 SB / 2 BB / 2 SO


One way to look at these number is that 33% of his hits have gone for extra bases. If you tally his steals turning a single into an “XBH”…then 53% of his hits place him at at least 2B. It is Spring Training, and the rating of pitchers he has faced is generally equivalent to Double-A level.

Even with this production, there is a strong chance he will not make the Opening Day roster for the A’s, but he will figure into the season sooner rather than later. With injuries to A’s OF’s Josh Reddick and Coco Crisp, Burns could sneak his way onto the roster. If he gets a call-up I doubt he will be sent down. If you have a pick to burn late in the draft, I would take Burns. You may have to stash him for a bit, but I think when he does get his chance he won’t disappoint.

Providence, RI with JC

JC and I ready for to do some business.

JC and I ready for to do some business.

When I first started in the company my dad and I would hit the road together to see our customers. I look back on these times and remember seeing myself as a youngster with no experience walking into dealers having no idea how to fit their needs with my product line. 10 years later, this has changed.

JC is from another generation. He would map (actually use a map) his stops ahead of time and visit them accordingly. As you can guess, times have changed. This past weekend gave JC and I the chance to hit the road to Rhode Island for a tradeshow. Not so fast.

The infamous FOB

The infamous FOB

The morning we were planning to depart it became apparent that JC didn’t have his car key. The key is a FOB and we weren’t sure if the key was left at (for some crazy reason you can drive without the key in the car once it is started) work or misplaced at home. We spent the first 3 hours of the morning searching and couldn’t find it. We made Jeff drive from Philly with my car so we could depart. Good start.

PROVIDENCE_RI_We got to Providence without any problem and checked into the hotel. JC gave the doorman a $13 dollar tip to bring the bags up to the room which seemed a tad pricey. I received a text a bit later from my mom that she found my dad’s key within 30 seconds of searching for it in his room. Wonderful.

"The bowl was slippery" - JC

“The bowl was slippery” – JC

JC had been alcohol free for 90 days and decided to celebrate the occasion with his oldest son of breaking the streak. I wasn’t an advocate for this but certainly wasn’t going to stop him. Within 3 minutes of having his first sip of alcohol, he tries to pour some sour cream on his baked potato and ends up fumbling the small serving bowl on his lap.  Could have been a sign. Wonderful.


JC’s almost alma mater

We get through the meal and hit the sac for night 1. We woke up the next morning and set up our booth for the show. It was a relatively painless process. Afterward we toured the streets of Providence where JC used to go to Bryant college back in the late 60’s. JC told me that Brown absorbed Bryant and Bryant had moved. We were driving around looking for Bryant and he wasn’t sure why he couldn’t find much of what he remembered. Turns out this absorption happened in 1971. JC tracked down a cop who he asked about Bryant and we got pretty close to where it used to be. Fun times.

The booth

The booth

The next day was the trade show which was 9 long hours standing at a booth. Everything went well. After the show we watched the Nova game at a nearby Italian restaurant in an area called Federal Hill. The next day was the trade show again and we left as soon as it ended.  It was good experience in trying to get further distribution through a master wholesaler.

Lost WalletAs I was driving home after dropping JC off at his house, he texts me “is my wallet in your car?” At this point my car is packed with stuff leftover from the trade show and I can’t see anything. I search a bit but tell him I can’t find it. He thinks he must have left it at a rest stop. The next day I end up finding it in a compartment of my car I’ve never even thought to look in. All is well that ends well.


The man, the myth, the legend

JC is a bit of a hurricane but he certainly keeps life interesting. As the years go on we won’t have as many opportunities to go on trips like this together so it’s fun to spend the time together. He can drive me a little crazy because he packs like he’ll be away for a month when it’s 3 days. He brought 8 different button down shirts to give you an idea. He is also never on time which is the complete opposite of me. This can be a funny scene because I also walk a lot faster than him so when we are rushing some place because we are inevitably late, I’m leaving him in my dust. Either way, we had a good time and I’ll probably laugh at this post sometime years forward remembering this small details.

Brian From Family Guy Acting Like a Dog

Brian-the-Dog-Returns-to-Family-Guy-in-December-15-Episode-407115-2I’m a Family Guy fan.  I’ve been watching the show since I’ve been in college and I think I’ve seen almost every episode.  Earlier episodes were funnier than latter years because Seth MacFarlane was more involved in the creation process.  Even still, I still watch the new episodes and it’s the perfect show to pick up in the middle if you are looking for a laugh.

I do have a favorite part of the show and that’s when Brian acts like a real dog.  He’s a sophisticated character (he went to Brown) who dabbles in writing novels and intellectual political discussions.  However, there are times when he still acts like a real dog and those are my favorite scenes.

My Brain Worketh

Expand-my-brain-learning-juice-beer-score-addicaid-simpson-homerI took the weekend off from posting because I was out and about on Saturday and then didn’t feel tip top on Sunday.  I’ve noticed that my recovery time from even 1 night of drinking has gotten to be 2 days.  It’s absurd but the truth.

I ended last week with a few good posts (I particularly liked the Kobe post which I think was read by 4 people) and unfortunately couldn’t keep the momentum.  This post will also be disappointing and then I most likely won’t have any posts this week.  I’m traveling to Rhode Island for a trade show until Saturday.  This means I pretty much miss all of St Patty’s day which is a bummer but old men have old man responsibilities.

I’ll also be traveling to New Orleans again the week after starting on Wednesday.  This is an all pleasure trip though so I’m not complaining.  Blog entries though will suffer.  It’s  shame too because I thought I was hitting a stride where I was able to produce entries almost at will.  Alcohol always delays this process which sucks.

No real point to this post other than I won’t be posting much so don’t check back.