Music Artists Adapting

B4SEOjMCUAEqWhVStreaming is the new way to listen to music. What is the point of having physical objects whether it be CD’s or pieces of vinyl? Whereas in the 90’s you’d buy a $16 dollar CD from the Wall or Sam Goody and then get the right to listen to 10-16 tracks by 1 artist. Millions upon millions of CD’s were sold. This worked well in the time period but today New Music Friday on Spotify is the way to get heard.

verizon-fuIf you don’t have a paid subscription to Spotify, I’d imagine you are not listening to music on a daily basis. With a $15 a month you have access to an unlimited amount of songs (minus Taylor Swift because she must a be greedy bitch ((or more likely she is just managed by intelligent people who are building an empire) that can be played ANYWHERE. Today I’m going golfing and bringing along my portable speaker and then streaming music through Spotify. Yes it uses data. My plan currently has 4gb of data because I used to only have 2 and was going over. The last 2 months I’ve used 5.1 which caused a $30 dollar overage charge. I even called up and tried to negotiate down and the woman was being a stubborn SOB. I wasn’t going to start screaming because it really all depends on who you get that day and how good of a mood they are in. Anyway, I started rambling a bit and got off-topic.

Young-the-Giant-Home-of-the-Strange-Single-2016The point I had used to originate this post was that musicians are releasing their music one song at a time every Friday. It’s genius. You hear a song released by a certain group and it gets played by The Spectrum or AltNation on Sirius which gives you insight into which groups are worth listening to. Then if you like the song, you anxiously await hearing the next released song. I’ll give an example, Young the Giant started with Amerika which was a great song. They followed up with Something to Believe In, then Titus was Born, and then Repeat. A month later they released the album “Home of the Strange” and I listened to the entire album because I liked the prior songs.

spotify-dnaSo I ask the question, Young the Giant is not making as much money doing this as they would have if people bought their CD? However, I actually enjoy the music of Young the Giant and would be more apt to give them money at a concert or through merchandise. It’s a different form of commerce and I like the other Alt artists who are using this method such as GroupLove, St Hotel, and Modest Mouse (the part in Lives (Your Life) at 1:24 comes out of nowhere). High and Low just released by Emipres of the Sun is a jam worth hearing.

I’m finished with this post. I started at 11 am and it’s not 11:18. That was pretty much 18 minutes of a stream of thought that I went with one way or another. I’m leaving here in 25 minutes and am posting this no matter what.

Who Walks Like This?

I’m love/hate on Taylor Swift but these are definitely some love pictures. I do notice she seems to be acting like she’s the hottest bitch and can’t nobody fuck with her. I suppose she’s right.






My Favorite Actor is ???


You guessed it, Woody Harrelson.

JdloQN4What is somewhat amusing about Woody being my favorite actor is that he hasn’t exactly been in a ton of great movies. Sure, Kingpin is an absolute gem as we make sure we don’t get Munsoned out in the middle of nowhere. White Man Can’t Jump as the clueless, gambling man Billy Ho is as solid of a movie as you get. True Detective could be considered one of the top 10 series of all time and Woody got ridden by Alexandria Daddario is a strong showing. Plus, who can forget Carson Wells as the cocky bounty hunter in No Country For Old Men?

tumblr_nzfvy1wzIm1uxb6zvo1_500These movies are all classics and his part is always played to perfection. Now if you start going down his filmography, I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve hardly seen many of the movies. The joke in Kingpin with the reference to Indecent Proposal involving him flew right over my head. I thought the People vs Larry Flynt was decent but I have no reason to ever watch it again. Natural Born Killers is on my list of movies to watch to better define my Woody filmography. That sounded bad.

I haven’t seen any of the Hunger Games movies. Never seen Now You Know Me and Zombieland and I can’t remember his character in Seven Pounds. There are also about 50 movies he has made appearances in that I haven’t heard of. I’m well aware that this isn’t a strong backing for how he could be my favorite actor when there are guys like Robert DeNiro (#45), Tom Hanks(#1), and Jack Nicholson (#26) out there. They must have left Woody off…

tumblr_m2557rAUbN1qk8bdiThe reason I like him is because he seems like a fun guy to be around. He isn’t going Heath Ledger and killing himself for a role (Joker) or Christian Bale and starving himself (the Mechanic). He seems to me like he shows up for work, nails his part, goes home and smokes a doob, and then does it again the next day. I bet he has stories for days. Perhaps I’m partial because KingPin has become one of my favorite movies but maybe I’ll create a part 2 after watching a few more of his roles. I also think he’s a pick that most people wouldn’t select which is another reason I like him more.

A further addition to this post is his Reddit AMA which has become an instant classic when he left after 15 questions when this story popped up:

I swear this is (allegedly) a true story. I went to a high school in LA and you (allegedly) crashed our prom after party (Universal Hilton). You (allegedly) ended up taking the virginity of a girl named Roseanne. You (allegedly) didn’t call her afterwards. She (allegedly) cried a lot. Do you remember any of this and can confirm or have you (allegedly) been so knee deep in hollywood pooty for so long that this qualifies as a mere blip?
/I’m (allegedly) not kidding.


Another Hobby in Bowling

Bowling is easy. It requires what all other activities do when you are trying to improve and that’s doing it often. I’ve participated in many different sports over my life and they are based off of how skilled I am, at whatever age I am.

  • cujo4nBFrom elementary school through middle school, I enjoyed basketball. I went to all the camps and was a pretty damn good little kid (proof here). Then I got cut from the 7th grade basketball team because I hadn’t hit puberty yet and that was the end of my career.
  • From middle school to high school I played a lot of baseball. I was still small for my age and had no power but we practiced a ton and I was a decent 2nd baseman.
  • In high school I realized the only sport I could successfully play was Cross Country and Track and Field. I had varsity letters in 10 of the 12 seasons. Being good at running only requires doing it all the time. Ian McGrath was a good runner…

03h1uwCOnce you get past high school you do whatever the hell you want. I’ve been golfing since the age of 12 and at various points of my life I’ve tried to develop my skills. I’ve had a few seasons where I’ve been mid 80’s consistently but have never broke through. Now I’ve pretty much reasoned that as long as I have a job, I won’t have enough time to practice golf to be a scratch golfer.  Which brings me to bowling.


Bowling Career

The “sport” that allows you to drink beer and compete. The sport that has no variation aside from the amount of oil on the lane. The sport that once you’ve done it enough, it becomes more of a mind game than a game of physicality. A sport that is easy to get better at with practice.

This is a screenshot of our team in our league (we are Snakes Strike Back):


bBAQDJGI started competitive bowling in Jan of ’16 averaging 165-170 pins through my first 5 weeks. I’ve risen my average by 20+ pins after 8 months of bowling “seriously”. This past week I rolled the highest series of my life, 861, which is a 225+ average. I got lucky multiple times and wouldn’t expect consistent performance like this but it shows that I’ve struck a pretty high ceiling. Our team stats below:


From Gutter to Glory

From Gutter to Glory

I’d estimate that I’ve bowled at least once a week for the past 30 weeks. Now raising an average from 190 to 220 may take another year, who knows. Adjusting in bowling, and not just adjusting but knowing when and how to do it quickly, is a major skill. Throwing the ball down the lane only requires muscle memory. There is some luck involved in hitting the pins but less can go wrong when compared to other games. Watching your ball, where it strikes, and then doing it better is all you need. Once you play for 8 months straight, you start getting better at it.

Would I be making this post if I didn’t just roll a 681 series? No. Obviously you can’t claim to be good at a certain game by doing well for 1 week. However, I’ve talked with people who are good bowlers and they claim that breaking through in bowling is mainly about believing that you can break through.

So this year’s game is bowling and I’ve been enjoying it. Socializing with other bowlers, although not the most athletic or motivated crew, is fun for all. The pressure in the last frames is also a feeling you don’t get from other sports. For my early 30’s, I found a “sport” I like. It’s an old man sport.

No real point to this post other than I’ll hopefully post again when I hit a 700 series which I’m hoping won’t be a year from now.

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

  • hhIRgLnI Haven’t Felt Like It – If you don’t have any reasonably good ideas, it’s not fun to blog. It could be argued that most of my ideas aren’t fantastic, but producing shit is bad for all parties.
  • It’s Been Busy At Work – I’m sure people out there think I don’t do much, and there are times when I blog at work, but lately it’s been frantic and I haven’t been able to squeeze in blogging.
  • The Weekend Knocked Me Down – Nothing out of the ordinary but I rolled a ton of games on Saturday and played an early round of golf on Sunday and I was pretty much zapped of all energy. Obviously I was drinking through it which can’t be blamed on the activities.
  • ogrxhQWVita-Coco Cleanse – Yesterday I drank 2 of the Vita-Coco’s which are a laxative if you consume to much. Much to my surprise, I urinated out of my butt for 10 minutes straight. This was a blog worthy topic but is only getting a bullet.
  • Football is Almost Here – You’ll start getting my fantasy football blogs in the next few days. I intend to spend this next weekend preparing for the drafts and I’m sure I’ll sprinkle my knowledge on my readers. I’d guess I devote 5 hours a week to research which cuts into blogging time.
  • Highest Series of My Life – Last night in bowling I rolled a 680+ series. This has nothing to do with my not blogging but since it’s my blog, I get to brag. Sam was over 600, Jordan was close, and Evan had more 9 spares than I could count.

Diner En Blanc is Still….Stupid

Not the Navy Yard.

I wrote this piece on the Diner En Blanc last year and was cracking myself up re-reading it.

I'm having so much fun!

I’m having so much fun!

Tomorrow I’m hoping will be a special guest blog entry from Jeff recapping his epic night of hauling tables and chairs across Philadelphia for the “secret” meeting place where the well to do can eat their own prepared food. Remember, you PAY for the privilege to dine on your own meal.

4,500 people attend this event and my feeling is that they say that the people who mock it are just “jealous”. As someone who has never attended I’m not judging as much as adding up the pieces to where no fun seems to be had. Here are the top Reddit comments regarding the event:

  • blanc-articlelarge

    Not the Navy Yard

    i cant wait to see what part of the city is rendered entirely inoperable so a bunch of shit pigs in white h&m clothes can drink box wine on a folding chair in the middle of the street

  • I’m not sure white people should wear all white and gather in secret.
  • I find this event more embarrassing than when we booed Santa.

Someone compared it to the Broad St Run:

  • foo_dinerenblanc_2483The Broad Street run, if I’m not mistaken, benefits charity. Pretty sure Diner En Blanc is an entirely for profit event.  Also, I realize Broad Street is on a much larger scale, but shutting down Broad on a Sunday morning for a non profit run that promotes health and benefits charity is a completely different animal than a for profit, mostly pointless gathering of privileged yahoos that jacks shit up at some location in the city on a weeknight around rush hour that is kept a secret until the day of so no one has the opportunity to plan around it.
  • If you don’t like it, don’t go. If you think it’s a waste of money, don’t go. I’ve never understood why there is such backlash towards this. I fully understand people who were mad about blocking Broad Street- I don’t agree with the decision to go there. But every other event has not impacted the city in any negative way. I would much rather be called elitist than judgmental.

The Brazilians Are Horrible People

Taken from a Reddit Post:

vJhyhHXIs this the face of someone who one Silver at the Olympics?

This is Renaud Lavillenie, a French pole jumper, at the the award ceremony for his Silver medal. Does he look happy? No, because the whole Brazilian audience is booing him. They boo at him because he was the favorite for the gold medal and concurrent of the Brazilian athlete. At all his attempts the audience booed, so that he fails and the Brazilian athletes wins. And in the end he lost to the Brazilian athlete, who won gold.


And when the national anthem of Brazil played he couldn’t stop his emotions anymore and cried. The Brazilian people are the worst audience and host of the Olympics. This shows only how bad the decision of the IOC was to chose Rio besides the open thefts and violence against tourists and athletes.

Dollar Shave Club Review

dollar-shave-club-dubin-blades-ad-01I signed up for Dollar Shave Club back in December. It’s a relatively simple concept that made Gillette, the leader in shaving, completely alter their business model. For $9 dollars a month, they ship me 4 brand new razor blades. I found 8 razor blades for the Gillette Fusion online for $24.38 which seems like a reasonable deal for reference.

8153826_origI shave about every 3 days and I would say I grow regular facial hair. Pretty consistent throughout and not too thick. After 9 months, I’ve stored about 10 extra blades that are mine. I go through 3 a month. The razor is never dull and I don’t feel like I’m burning money by throwing it out. One critique I have is that I don’t think the razor blades are as good as the Gillette ones. If you feel like you spend too much on razor blades, I’d say the Dollar Shave club, for $108 a year, is pretty good.

HOWEVER, if you say I go through 3 blades a month, and the cost of 8 is $24.38, than 4.5 x $24.38 – $109.71 which would mean if I think the Gillette blades are better, I should stick with Gillette. This is a valid point but I also accumulate 12 extra blades through DSC. I also saw the Amazon review was 2 out of 5 with 121 reviews. HMMMM.

You Do Like Money, Right? Part 2

Coming off a huge $30 dollar win on my Olympic Golf DraftKings team I’m primed and ready to go into earnings season.

Ezekiel Kemboi (WAS +170)

KenyanRunnerDance_originalThe 3000m Steeple has been removed from the Bovada betting as Vegas re-evaluates the odds after the trials went off today. Sam noted that Kemboi’s odds moved all the way to +200 last Friday and settled on +150 which I have a feeling will continue to trend downward as we get closer to the race and more eyes land on it.  Kemboi made the finals after Monday’s race as well as the other big names in Conseslus, Brimin, and Jager. This is a great read on the race from Let’s Run better than any resource I can give you. They believe Kemboi will outkick Conseslus for the Gold which is what Sam predicted.I currently have $350 to win $595. THE RACE IS 10:50AM on WEDNESDAY 8/17/16. Congratulations to my future wife Emma Coburn for her Bronze medal in the 3000m Steeplechase this morning (she was one of the likes).



Novavax-NVAX-Stock-NewsThe earnings were underwhelming. The stock dipped from $7.60 to below $7 bucks last Tuesday. Today NVAX has come back with a vengeance going up to exactly where it was last week at $7.60. This is a good sign. I’d recommend sticking with the stock. A quick update on my position. I bought 6 $9 OCT option contracts at $1.20 which is equivalent to a $720 investment. Today those options are worth $1.55. This is a .35 gain on a $1.20 basis which is 29% gain in about 3 weeks time. Let’s keep running up!


Fantasy Baseball

You cannot get a piece of my fantasy baseball action but I manged to make it to the finals in my $100 league. First place is $700 and 2nd is $300 (I think). Considering I know very little about baseball, this is a bit surprising but shows being active on the waiver wire, listening to others, and getting lucky can be all you need.

papiBrookes did my draft because I don’t know the players very well. I STILL don’t know the players except for who is on my team because I never actually watch the games. Goldschmidt was my first pick (pick# 3) and proved consistent but is 15th in total points scored among batters. Dee Gordon (missed most of the year), Gerrit Cole (underwhelming) and Matt Carpenter (solid) were the next 3 picks. 5th round grabbed Tulowitzki who was hurt for  some of the season but is a good shortstop when he plays. The steal of the draft happened in the 6th round with David Ortiz (5th most points scored among batters). The remainder of the draft yielded Zimmerman, Hanley, and Kemp but no one else who remained on the team to completion.

Why I think my team is in the finals is because I have no attachment to the players who were drafted. If they players weren’t performing, I cut them and moved to a player who was. Russell Martin was horrible and I grabbed Wilson Ramos off the waiver wire who was an all-star. I added Rick Porcello (16-3), Rich Hill (9-3), Danny Duffy (9-1), and Marco Estrada (7-5, 1.04 WHIP) thoughout the year to basically become my staff. Not a single closer remained for the entire season as Rosenthal was replaced and Ziegler and Rodney were traded.  I also added Adam Duvall and Jean Segura who helped out along the way.

A final thought was I got really lucky. I had the least points scored against in the entire league. I had the guy in the first round of the playoffs only score 166 points against me. In the second round I streamed 4 pitchers who all had positive results. Call it great managing but it has more to do with getting lucky. That’s why I think there is about a 0% chance I lose this week. Big thanks to Bud and Brookes who answered any questions I had as the season progressed.