Sam and I haven’t actually ironed out any details and I think the storm is brewing. I don’t think I will ever see die as I have a many year attachment. I only feel that my time is better spent on a collaborative effort. I think Sam must agree because he was the one who introduced the idea. I didn’t think about it much and want to run with it.

Coordinating the website will take a bit more effort because we are going to have to be on the same page with regard to content. I see it as a debate like issue on certain topics. Some current events. Some philosophical. Some sports. Typical everyday thoughts. What I’d like to see happen is that more people get involved. Start small and try to bring in more thoughts all the time. That means that we are going to need some people who make comments. You know who you are. You’re called lurkers. Not the Starcraft character who was known for hiding. I would never force anyone to comment. That’s not the game. It’s if you see a point that you may feel strongly about or can add a viewpoint, take the 30 seconds and comment. It helps tremendously.

I finished Altered Carbon and this would be a point of discussion that I’d bring forth as an idea. The show takes place 300 years in the future and the wealthy don’t die. They become “godlike”. What this means is they have “stacks” which are their (I have no idea how to describe this) lives. You can transfer your stack to different “sleeves” and essentially live forever. They put people on “ice” which is where the story begins with an “envoy” being brought back to solve a murder mystery. I liked it and don’t think many people will watch it.

That being said, the idea of a future is a great topic. What to actually do with these ideas…I don’t know. I try to visualize how I see it happening and it’s not so easy. The idea is that it’s not being done for money. It’s being done for truth. I relate to Catcher in the Rye and the term “phonies” used a lot. I’d like to think that what we would deliver would be as real as it gets. People in today’s age are abusing this notion. You don’t know what’s real or fake any more. I believe 95% is bullshit. That’s why this site could succeed. We want nothing. In return, we’ll deliver whatever facts we can bring to the table. I see Crypto being entertaining. I use Labs for insider info that has to be valuable to some people. It can become a a SITE and not just a blog. Picking the title would be done carefully.

Is it possible we lose an entire fan base going this direction? If you’re already reading this and I stop posting on it, are you seriously telling me that you wouldn’t read what is going to be better information on a different site? I’d like to hear any downside I may be missing. I have no problem with the way I’ve been handling the blog since it started but it’s time for a change.