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Rnningfool’s Running Log 2017-03-26T20:01:35+00:00


3.25.17 – Bumped up the first part of Rolling Hills to 8.6 and then moved to 8.7 for the second half. I couldn’t finish it. I had to back off at the rise to the 8.0 incline about 3 minutes past the 30 minute mark. I regrouped and still finished the run at 40 minutes with 5.67 miles completed and almost 900 calories.

3.24.17 – Ran to the Walmart. Did the first half in 18:20 and the 2nd half in 17:10. The wind was the big difference in the first part. Felt pretty good after a night of drinking but got a full night’s rest.

3.23.17 – Ran 30 minutes on Mountain Peaks at 8.5 mph. It was pretty tough and I would have struggled through the last 10. I did a minute or two at 11mph winding down

3.22.17 – Ran 7 miles at 40:05 and felt great. Really had to stick with it throughout the last 10 miles but felt pretty strong. 920 calories burned.

3.21.17 – Ran 4 easy miles outside. Nothing special.

3.20.17 – Ran 6 miles on Rolling Hills with the first half at 8.5 and next at 8.6. 40+ minutes total. 900+ calories.

3.19.17 – Ran 3 miles in 21 minutes. Dead from the weekend and just happy to sweat.

3.13.17 – Ran 5.75 miles in 41.30 on the Rolling Hills setting. Did the first 20 minutes at 8.5 and the next 20 at 8.6. Getting stronger.

3.12.17 – Ran 5.5 miles in a bit faster than 6 minute mile pace. Felt decent but not great

3.9.17 – Did 30 minutes on the Mountain Peaks setting at about 8.5mph. Felt ok.

3.6.17 – Ran 7 miles in 41:20. Felt strong throughout which was surpsinging because I haven’t been running a ton since Frostbite.

3.3.17 – Ran 5 miles in 31 minutes after getting off to a slow start. Felt good towards the end running the last 10 minutes at about 11mph.

3.1.17 – Ran about 5 miles in Vegas easy.

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