I had run up my Bovada blackjack account to $400. Drunk ideas sometimes pay off.

This morning i started playing 3 hands of $25 and then they have this “re-bet x2” button. Obviously I had to give it a try. So I resulted with turning my $400 into $100. It wasn’t my money anyway.

There was a hand that got me thinking. I had:

I thought to myself, “would I rather have a 16?” I quickly came to, Yes! I swear, the very next hand I had a 16 against a 10 and I hit it like you 100% have to. 10. Bust. I guess the 17 was better.

For this post I could look at the numbers, but I’d rather not. Off the top of my head I’d say a hard 17 wins more often than a 16. What annoys me is that I’m not a “soft” 17 guy. Soft 17’s are the best way to die. Convert this idea to life and you can see what type of person you are.

17’s are what it takes to go through life and advance, but never make a tough decision. It’s existing. You know you’re pretty much cooked.

I’m a 16 guy. 21’s are rarely dealt out in life. You always have to work for it. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

What I like about the 16 is that you have that chance at hitting 21. It doesn’t matter if you spike that 10 every now and then. That 10 is what you’re expecting and you STILL know that survival doesn’t reward the babies. Hitting that 5 is equivalent to Louis winning WGC Mexico. It’s losing $1,000 to Sam on the Sixers becoming a good team. It’s what makes like fun. If you stay on that 17 (and I swear to god I would rather hit it), you should just succumb to life and throw in the towel.

This is survival of the fittest out here. Thinking about it any other way is not going to result in solutions.