Read Sam’s Take

Why would a well established blog like myself join forces with a blog with the name Bansheemann7? The owner would have had to have had a stroke to make a decision like this. That, however, is not the case.

What I learned in life is that 2 is stronger than 1. Do I find many flaws with Sam’s blog? F5’ing the front page. Lack of attractive side bar. Probably hasn’t even looked at the customization of the theme since inception. These details are all parts of blogging that I probably look at with a tad more frequency than he does and we can make some joint decisions with the idea that they’ll come to fruition.

Sam is worried about a strain on the relationship…I’m none too concerned. I don’t think I care enough about it to ever be a strain. Now if he starts shit talking my work or gets a big head if the blog explodes, you never know. I don’t think it’ll matter.

What will the website become? This is where I get a little excited. I have no idea. I’ve been maintaining an individual blog for years on years and nothing ever came of it. The vision was cloudy. Will a new duo have different results? I think so. We’ll have to hash out the details if we want to keep both personal blogs and start a brand new site or sort of merge all the posts which I don’t think will go over too well.

I like the idea of being more topic oriented and less personal oriented. We could even pick topics and both give points like Around the Horn. I honestly don’t know. It’s smart to keep it fresh though and I think it also gives us the ability to grow whereas this is too individualized. I’m sure if anyone wanted to participate, we’d be open.

These are my initial thoughts.

2 missed birthdays to the Sheee (3/4) and J-Smash (3/6) over the last few days. Apology for not knowing, but I don’t know if this will change much moving forward, so don’t get your hopes up. If i’m a bad person for not knowing the day you were born, egg on me. My priorities lie in other areas of life that have nothing to do with birthdays. If I was sitting home all day eating bon bon’s and watching soap operas, I’m sure you’d get a card from me.