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LeGarrett Blount Becomes An Eagle

LeGarrette Blount is best known for this:
The Ducks opened their 2009 season with a 19–8 loss to the Boise State Broncos. Blount ended the game with negative yardage (−5) on eight carries. Blount had been interviewed by a Sports Illustrated reporter earlier in the summer and was asked about the excessive late hits in the 2008 game in Eugene between Oregon and Boise State. He had been quoted that because of the way Boise State beat Oregon in Eugene they “owed them an ass-whoopin’.” In the 2008 game, Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was forced to leave the game after taking a helmet to the chin on a late hit by a Boise State defender. Oregon lost that game but the late hits were a topic of discussion as the teams prepared for the season opener against each other. Shortly after the game’s end, Boise State defensive player Byron Hout came up to Blount during the team’s handshakes and said, “How’s that for an ass-whoopin’?” Blount punched Hout, knocking him to the ground. Blount then hit teammate Garrett Embry, who was attempting to restrain him, in the helmet.

Other Blount Points

Do I think Legarrette will be good on the Eagles? Simply put – No.

He rushed for a career high last year, 1,161 yards, and 18 TD’s. This is with the Patriots. The Patriots make the playoffs every year and seemingly don’t care what personnel they have. DeMarco Murray, a much better RB than Blount, did nothing with the Eagles 2 years ago. I’m not even that impressed with his 18 TD’s last year. His rate of scoring from inside the 3 yard line was 12 of 17, 50%. David Johnson was 58%. Melvin “can never stay healthy” Gordon was 56%. Sure it’s better than Ryan Mathews schmohawk rate of 30% (4 of 13), but no one else was even close to 24 times inside the 3 like Blount (Johnson was the 2nd highest with 17).

The Birds have done a good job filling much needed offensive holes with Jeffrey and now Blount. As an Eagle fan, let’s subdue the enthusiasm from Blount. He’s a good signing, but he’s a role player, not an RB1.

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Being the Anchor

Last night was round 1 of our bowling playoffs after 32 weeks. We started back in September and have finally gotten to the nitty gritty. Sam had a race to run in Swarthmore at night that made it so he could only bowl 2 of the 3 games (which I’m thankful that he decided to roll). Since it was a best of 3, we were hoping to make short work. That didn’t exactly happen.

I’m going to detail this from my perspective so there are going to be a lot of I’s in the following paragraphs. This isn’t the best way to write to the reader but it’s my fucking blog so deal with it.

I came into this week feeling great. I drank a total of 10 beers over the past 3 days which is minimal despite how it appears. I drank 2 PBR’s pre game and hustled warm-ups because Sam was on short time. On the previous Saturday I had rolled a 276 so I had a lot of positive energy in my game.

Our team started off well…except for me. I rolled 2 opens to start the game but didn’t get down. I then rattled off 6 straight and the team was pumped  because we were all bowling well. The first game was a breeze as 3 of us were in the 200’s and we won by 40 pins as I recall.

We started the 2nd game off hot and through the first 5 frames had made up the handicap and were cruising. What happened next was a disaster frame as I missed a single pin, Evan split, and Sam and Jordan opened. The life got sucked out of us and the other team capitalized. We lost game 2.

During the short break before the 3rd game I saw Sam as he was leaving in the bathroom and said, “don’t worry Sam, I got this”.

I threw a 9 spare in the first frame and then the strikes started rolling. Every ball I threw was nicely targeted and hit the pocket with force. I was starting on the 26th board and getting it out right. The oil pattern had been carved exactly to my ball as luck would have it. I had thrown 8 in a row and the game was close. Weens was having some lack of experience issues and Evan and I were carrying him towards the finish line. It came down to the 10th and the opponent anchor had opened the 9th. All I needed was a strike and the game was pretty much clinched. I wasn’t nervous as much as I was in the zone. I rolled another perfect strike. The opponent rolled a strike and we were up 13. All I needed was 8 pins and we had advanced. I rolled another strike…and closed with another (jersey) strike for a 290. The final ball was the only one to miss the pocket.

In the last game we needed every single pin and I stepped up like I said I was going to. Yes this is a brag. It’s why I’m the anchor. It’s why we’ll never talk about who’s the anchor again. It’s stepping up in a spot where the team needs it and we bowl as a team. As Adam says, “team game”. This was my career game and highest series ever so I would lying if I didn’t say we are pumped for the 2nd round. I wouldn’t want to be playing us.



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EPL Non-Playoff System Is Disgusting

I’m going to flat out say it that the English Premier League non playoff structure is why Britain lost the Revolutionary war to America.

British Stereotypes 

  • Bad Teeth
  • Well mannered
  • Witty and intellectual (think the Wolf from Fargo)

It seems odd to say that the future determined the past but there is nothing more emblematic about the Brits than this pitiful idea that the season champs should be determined by a point structure. So you are aware of what I’m talking about, Chelsea has won the league by week 36 of 38 and these last 2 weeks are only played to see what 4 teams qualify for the Champions league and who gets relegated. They may have even clinched weeks ago, who the hell knows.

Don’t try to defend this is a good way to decide who the league champions are. I’m purposely not reading any reason why the league may do this because I don’t want to be convinced otherwise. This is a perfect example of the Brits being spineless. We here in America love the playoffs. Pressure. Do or die. The cream rises to the top. Underdogs have a chance to knock off favorites (Leicester City was a fluke). The playoff structure is so American that it defines us as a country and shows why we now have 320 million people and the British are stuck at 65 million.

As an American who is mildly entertained by the English Premier League, this concept is such a turn off that I will continue to be mildly entertained. Do you know why I know who Kelly Oubre Jr is? Because he got knocked the shit out of Kelly Olynyk in a game that was meaningful. Athletes make names for the themselves in big games. The EPL doesn’t even have a championship game!  This is horseshit. Soccer loving people please comment on why I’m wrong here.



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Russ for MVP!

My time spent analyzing the Thunder this season boils down to about 20 minutes of interspersed watching throughout the last 5 games, mostly the 4th quarter. During these minutes I found myself rooting particularly hard for Russel Westbrook to put his team on his back and pull out the W. It brought me back to 2001 when it was AI against the world. Being a super star on a team of role players has its perks, but also some major flaws which were apparent in this playoff series against the Rockets. Here’s what I witnessed:

  • Goddamnit. Why’d they have to intentionally foul me. This is humiliating.

    Russ gets paid 26 million a year and is worth every penny. He makes the best of a bad situation.

  • Oladipo averaged 15.9 PPG in the regular season and only 10.8 in the playoffs. This is noticeable when the opposing team knows your team is limited on offense and strategically makes the weaker offensively players beat them which doesn’t occur as pronounced in the regular season.
  • Enes Kanter averaged 9 minutes and 4.8PPG in the post-season vs 21 and 14 in the regular season. He is a huge defensive liability with his lead feet and was useless in the this key stretch of the season.
  • Andre Roberson who was a 42% FT shooter from the line this year went 3-21 in the post season. I felt bad for the man as he shouldn’t be on the floor in the 4th quarter. He’s another Hack a Shaq or DeAndre Jordan.
  • Russ averaged a triple double in the playoffs with a ridiculous line of 37.4/11.6/10.8/ 2.4 steals. This is other worldly.

I tend to put a decent amount of blame on Billy Donovon as he didn’t grasp that his team couldn’t play without Russ on the floor. Last nights game had Russ with a +12 when playing. They also finished the 3rd quarter up 5, let Russ rest, and when he came back in they were down 5 points in the 4th. No doubt Russ was tired in the 4th, and petered out like he’d done in past games, but if I was the coach I’d play the guy 48 minutes. His team stunk that bad without him.

No one thought that the Thunder were going to win this year and they got beat by a superior team. Harden is stealth-like in his ability to score buckets and shoots foul shots better than almost anyone in the league. Lou Williams added timely scoring. Beverly played strong D on Russ. Nene gave some added boost inside. The Rockets were simply a more balanced team and Harden’s numbers are superstar enough to carry this team past the Thunder. The Rockets don’t have enough experience to beat the Spurs or fire power to hold off the Warriors, but they no doubt will fight.

This team may have done some damage.

All of that being said, my vote for MVP has to be Russell Westbrook. MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. If you put any other playing in the NBA on the Thunder to replace Westbrook would that team have won 47 games? My answer is no. Kawhi Leonard is too fundamental to be a ball hog. Steph can’t do it all and is more of a pure shooter. Harden would be the closest pick but his lack of defense has been noted (I have no clue if Russ plays D). If you make the argument that the MVP should help his team win the title, which is valid towards winning the championship being paramount, Kawhi Leonard would be my pick. But if you are looking for a player that if removed would be worse than the Sixers, it would be Russell Westbrook.

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Let’s Applaud Jordan Hasay?

Sam would write a better post than me on this topic but since I’m pure like the Garden of Eden, and not tainted the Nike Oregon Project, I should be able to give a clean perspective.

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon and 2 members of the Nike Oregon Project put on dominating performances for Americans. Jordan Hasay finished her first marathon ever in 2:23 which was good for 3rd place. It was the fastest debut by an American female ever. The fastest time ever by a woman in a marathon is Paula Radcliffe with a 2:15.25. The fastest time by an American is 2:19.36 by Deena Kastor. The 2.23 flat time posted by Hasay is good for the 180th fastest marathon by a woman ever (I heard that Boston isn’t a legal course for whatever that is worth).

As I was watching the coverage yesterday, I was really impressed with Hasay. I remember watching her a bit in college for Oregon and she was top talent, but not finishing 3rd in Boston so whatever she’s been up to is either intense work or PED’s. Considering Rupp got 2nd and is partaking in the same training, they are up to shenanigans.

Why shenanigans? Once again, I’m not an expert on this subject but here’s what I’ve read. Nike’s Oregon Project is a group created by Nike to promote American Long Distance Running. They are using elite coaching, revolutionary training and the use of air thinning technology. The group of athletes on the squad is no joke. Centrowitz, Farah, and Rupp, are all Olympic medalists. Suguru Osako just got 3rd in Boston yesterday. It’s pretty clear that whatever these athletes are doing is working.

Now here is where the questions start building around head coach Alberto Salazar. “In June 2015, Salazar was named in a joint BBC Panorama and ProPublica investigation into doping allegations. This involved testimonies from various athletes and people associated with Salazar about alleged microdosing of testosterone and prednisone at the Nike Oregon Project. Salazar declined to be interviewed for the programme, but denied any wrongdoing, saying in a statement that the “allegations your sources are making are based upon false assumptions and half-truths in an attempt to further their personal agendas”

So when you see an American hottie like Jordan Hasay competing with women from countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, who are renowned for their past efforts, there is a bit of suspicion. It’s sad that we have to draw these conclusions when people of our country perform feats of this nature, but out of the ordinary circumstances cause out of the ordinary questions like, “how did this happen?”

I visited the Let’s Run Forums and found some great comments regarding her race:

On the course

How is Boston a major marathon? How many of the world’s best marathoners were in that race? Boston is a hobby jogger’s race with some overpaid Americans thrown in so the hobby jogger set don’t complain too much about all the Africans winning everything.

On the probability of doping

Probably about 7% (Rupp), and 2% (Hasay). Seems like NOP bends the rules all day long, but maybe doesn’t break them severely. Also, Nike has the money to dope and not get caught (e.g., Lance Armstrong)

On why people like Hasay and not Rupp

She is relatively outgoing and articulate and seems comfortable expressing her relationship to the outside world. Rupp is probably a bit introverted, maybe a bit on the autistic spectrum. He seems mostly comfortable expressing support for those closest to him, his family and Salazar. He doesn’t seem collegial with fellow competitors. One could just call that arrogant I suppose, but it could also just be an introverted personality. He isn’t easy to root for compared with Hasay, and certainly Meb or Abdi or Ritzenhein.

So there you have it. Jordan Hasay is probably legit and will hopefully represent USA without any implications. All that being said, why are the hot ones always the most talented? I think it’s great for the sport to have a role model like Hasay compete in these world class settings. Maybe she’s not the cream of the crop yet, but I enjoyed watching the race and was happy to support her. It’s hard not to like her style and running. Sam, anything to add?

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Pushing Past the Limit

Pain is temporary, Pride is forever. This was the cheesy cross country quote that Mr. Ames used for our XC team in the late 90’s. He tried to sell this motto hard and no one cared.

I was on the treadmill yesterday, after a needed day off (I ran 4 days in a row which is pushing it for me), and set the workout for the Mountain Peaks at 8.6 mph. Mountain Peaks is the hardest programmed course that the treadmill has. It starts at 0.0 incline and reaches 9.0 with various levels in between going on for 1-2 minutes at a time. My goal is usually 40 minutes and 8.6 is 6:58 miles. I’ve completed this workout at 8.5…and failed at 8.6. My running log if anyone was interested.

I felt really good yesterday and had to stop at the 2nd minute of the final 7.0 incline. I completed 35 of the minutes of the 40 minute workout, I was spent. It’s not often where I feel good and have to force myself to stop. Usually I can power my way through but I’ve reached my physical max and pushing past will mean I have to seriously dig deep.


The thing with running is that even Ian McGrath was good at it. Anyone can be if they try hard enough. To some people it’s easy, and other’s have to work. At 33, I’m not looking to win races but just to push myself physically. The next step past 8.6 on Mountain Peaks will be 8.7 and that will be extremely challenging. I’ve reached my limit and I’m not sure I want to push through or I’ll suffer a torn Achilles.

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WGC Dell Match Play Predictions

It’s fair to say that last year’s WGC Dell Match Play got me into professional golf. Sure the aspect of betting and Draftkings has helped, but I was hooked when Louis went to the finals last year and I had bets to start and finish along the way. Here is the post I made last year when they were down to the final 4. Of course I lost and the Aussie to the right took it down, but it was intense the entire time.

This is truly one of my favorite events of the year and you can see my picks here. I have Louis in the finals obviously against Rory and Rory winning. This is strictly a hedge as I already have Louis as a 40-1 shot for $20. Day has been off his game and DJ is a pussy when it comes to match play even if he is the best player in the world. DJ lost to Louis last year if you were wondering. I like Spieth a lot too but he’s going to get mowed down by Louis for the 2nd year in a row. Obviously we start today with getting out of the group. Cheers to golf.

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Who Do You Listen To?

First and foremost, do not listen to me. Here is why:

  1. I react emotionally
  2. I think I’m smarter than I actually am
  3. I have bias for some reason or another
  4. Nobody knows shit

#4 is what you should take away from this post. Unless it’s Bill Belichick giving you advice on football, be wary of everyone.

NCAA Tournament Brackets

If you don’t fill out a bracket, you’re pretty much a stick in the mud and not a fun person. This is a blanket statement because there isn’t a better tournament on the entire planet and these next 4 days of sports are one of the best times of the entire year. It takes 5 minutes, it may cost you 10 dollars, just do it and enjoy it without worrying that you don’t know anything.

Jeff is picking against dunk city. He hasn’t seen this gif.

A fascinating part of this tournament is people who supposedly know what they are talking about give advice. These people range from commentators, former coaches, former players, and anyone else who looks pretty for TV. What you’ll notice is everyone has varying opinions so they can’t all be right. My strategy is to listen to everyone, than compile that info into what I think works the best.

Here are the teams that the ESPN analysts pick to make the final four – Arizona, Gonzaga, UNC, Duke, Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville and UCLA. There are some straggling WVU, Iowa State, Florida State, Michigan, Wichita State, and Oregon picks in there as well. That’s roughly 1/4 of all the teams in the tournament. I would not be surprised if there is a team that makes the final 4 that isn’t one of these teams.

That being said, you need to make a bracket to plays towards whatever pool you are picking. If it’s a pool with 200 people, you’d be an idiot to pick Villanova (16.4%) or UNC (15.8%)  who will be this years most picked champion. Especially since we are in Philly, the only way you win outright is if you outpick the other games of 40 other people if Nova manages to win. Not happening. You need to go off grid with the Jayhawks or Arizona to give yourself the best chance.

I listen to one true source for my upsets…VEGAS. Did you know the #12 seed Middle Tennessee State is favored by 1 point over Minnesota. #10 Wichita State is 6 point favorites over Dayton. Obviously you can’t see the 2nd round spreads but at least to get an idea of how good the team you are picking as an upset. I tend to use this indicator as who I then choose to move on further.

A final thought is the conference the team plays in. You could deduce that the Big 12 is a far superior conference than the Big 10. Picking the top 4 teams (Kansas, WVU, Baylor, and Iowa State) to make runs verse (Purdue, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) makes sense. These teams mostly play each other so you have no idea what out of conference basketball looks like until this part of the year. Your guess is as good as mine.

That being said, I like to go with hot teams who won their conference championships. My brackets will have varieties of Nova, Kansas, Arizona, UNC with sprinkles of some Shocking teams, Wolverines, and Cyclones. FYI, I was close to last in my picks in last years brackets.


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Sixers Back to Tanking!

Colangelo speaks at 10:30 so I’ll squeeze this post in before more news comes out. The one positive I’ll give the Sixers is that they have everyone talking about them. I’ve heard mostly negative comments about the trades regarding Ilyasova and Nerlens. Most people say they received nothing for these two players. The people who are holding on to dear life are saying that they weren’t part of the long term plan anyway. I have no idea what that means.

I’m going to throw some facts, not wishful thinking, about what is actually transpiring and why the Sixers could very well be in tank mode for the next 3 years.

  1. The good ol’ days.

    The Sixers are winning games! – The past 3 seasons the Sixers won 19,18, and 10 games with Brett Brown at the helm. This year they have already won 21 and pointing in the right direction. I’m going to point out that the combined record of the teams they have beaten are 506 -689. Only 3 teams out of 21 had winning records and the Clippers didn’t have Chris Paul. Their wins are coming against bad teams. Noted.

  2.  Joel Embiid – The Sixers are 13-18 in the 31 games that Embiid has played in. He is a game changer. If you want to believe that the Sixers have a chance, you’re entire belief should lie in this man. Remember, he got injured again on limited minutes and not playing back to back games which is serious concern. It’s hard to believe that he’ll ever play more than 60 games in a season. Also trading away his best friend seems moronic.
  3. Simmons will be back – Ben Simmons put up on Instagram a frown face and then took it down last night. People are speculating it could have been about the trades or bad news on his foot. Colangelo may elaborate. The problem is that Ben has played exactly 0 games in the NBA and is recovering from a Jones fracture. KD missed 60+ games with the same injury in ’14-’15 and seems to be back to full health which is a good sign for Simmons. At this point in time, it’s hard to know exactly what you have in Simmons but he’ll still be an upgrade at the point guard position.
  4. They can’t draft – The most common argument to why the Sixers will be good is because they have lots of draft picks lined up. Over the last 3 years they’ve missed on most every pick except Embiid and hopefully Simmons should work out. MCW was picked at 11 and “wasn’t the future.” Okafor isn’t worth a 1st round pick anymore (he went #3). Nerlens (#6) was traded for two 2nd round picks. Saric (used Payton at the 10th to obtain) is a fine role player but I don’t see him developing into a superstar. The best pick they made in the last 5 years was Nik Vucevic in 2011 who was traded away by the old management. Nice slideshow of all their picks over the past 5 years.

Why the Sixers Are Back to Tank Mode

They don’t have good basketball players. Embiid is a beast. When, and only when he plays, are the Sixers going to win games. Simmons will improve the team. The rest of this team stinks. Sam gave TJ McConnell an A- for this season. That’s great but he averages 6 points a game and shoots 21% from 3 point land. An A should be given out to A players. Stauskus is limited on defense and wouldn’t start on most teams. Sam writes “solid all-around player” for Gerald Henderson. When did avg 9.7pts, 2.1 rebs,1.7 assts, and .2 blocks a game turn into a solid all around player? These standards are great for a team that stinks.

I’m not a hater. I’m giving an opinion on a team that has spent 3 years being the worst team in the league and you have to be critical at what those 3 years have got you. As such, it’s an All-Star center who can’t finish a season, the 1st pick of the draft who we’ll see what he delivers (hopefully soon but we’ll be waiting another year), and a bunch of, well, players. This trade deadline and the moves they made was not forward progress. You’re still banking on picks that haven’t delivered in the past as sure things.

Per Jeff’s Comment

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Ersan Ilyasova Gets Traded For…Nothing

I don’t see it.

Technically the Sixers received a 2nd round pick and Thiago Splitter. Splitter will most likely be waived and act as a mentor in the meantime. This website, who is far more knowledgeable than I, rated the trade an A for the Sixers.

In the short term they lose a bit of shooting, but they’re not winning a ton of games this year anyway, and Dario Saric is probably ready to step into Ilyasova’s shoes. This might also be an indication that Embiid will miss more time than originally thought, but that’s not for sure. Turning an expiring journeyman into useful assets is a smart move either way.

From an outsider’s view, I understand that the Sixers are not competitive and doing any moves to help their future and cap space makes sense. Ilyasova probably would have tested free agency and left no matter what so it didn’t make much difference.

The sad reality of this situation is that your 2nd best player is worth a 2nd round pick. Ersan averaged 14.8 pts a game, 6 reb, 2 assts, and leads the league in total charges drawn. He’s not physically special, not the fastest, but is a smart player who hustles and plays good D. The idea is that the departure of Ersan frees up time for Dario. I don’t think Dari0 plays anywhere near as big as Ersan and would get dominated by 4’s in the league.

This post isn’t trashing the Sixers. I was actually worried when the Sixers went on that little winning streak that they are progressing faster than I thought. My 1k bet with Sam was in jeopardy and much faster than I had expected. Bottom line is that they have 1 hurt all star (Embiid), a 2nd hurt potential good player (Simmons), and a bunch of wet trash truck juice. I don’t doubt there will be many changes in the future, but for now, the losing continues with a future that depends on injury prone players staying healthy.

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