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Stop the Fight!

This was one of the rougher few weeks that I’ve occurred, but as I told the Shee, shooter’s shoot. With regard to losing though, I’m winning at losing. Where to begin. Where to begin.

Let’s start with bowling in an absolute meltdown from our team. I haven’t been under 500 pins for a series since 1/25/16. We’re talking a streak broken of 20+ months last night. I have no explanation either as I felt fine and thought I was rolling a good ball, but those goddamn straight plastic bowlers were killing my shit.  I didn’t adjust right like I needed to which is on me. I have made a fairly drastic change to my shot which is still getting the kinks straightened out but when I can hit 16 mph, I have to stick with it. Evan put on an epic performance as well. I’m actually ecstatic we went 1-3.

Gambling was a mess as I rode the hot streak into the ground. I went 1 for 4 on Saturday and then turned that into a 1 for 3 performance on Sunday for a major dent to my bankroll. I’ll update  later in another post, but it’s not pretty. DK was a total whiff as well with guys like Evan Engram putting up a 0 spot as one of my key plays. Now combine all that for an 0-4 week in fantasy and I’m having a bad run. Fortunately, I don’t get discouraged even though it’s easy to. Life goes on. Another week, another set of circumstances to deal with.

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Worst. Loss. Ever.

Starting this post with a guaranteed “like” by Rob Kelley on Twitter.

I bet sports all the time so I know to expect the unexpected. It is almost reasonable to say that you should be chasing the unexpected. Monday Football brought the unexpected and I’m writing about it. Here’s the reaction to the game.


Here’s the current betting log and where I stand for the season. It’s done by units and units are 10 dollars. Don’t ask me why but Adam and I think it’s funny.

It stands to say that the Redskins game last night would have been nice to have. Instead I’m coming off a momentum swing that has my head spinning. After the Skins gave up the long play to an Alex Smith at the end of the game to put them in field goal range, I was pretty happy. Overtime was worst case scenario and the FG nails the win. They hit the FG and I turned off the TV and put on my radio because I need 1.5 points from Reed and wanted to hear if he got the last play. When I heard what unraveled, I couldn’t believe my ears. I knew it was a possibility, but after leading for 99.9% of the game, it hurts to lose that one. Redskins were the play and people who took the Chiefs are getting the spoils. In regard to the Jordan Reed point, I’m watching Vernon Davis run wild…WHILE REED ISN’T EVEN HURT. The fuck is that.


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A Reprieve From the Gambling Gods

There is no better feeling than thinking you’re busto and then looking in your gambling account to see money. What happened? Did Bovada make a mistake? Why are the gambling gods allowing me to continue? This new found money feels like funny money. If you have never bet, you wouldn’t know that the worst feeling in gambling is depositing. First of all your account says 0 which is bad. Plus, every time you deposit you get hit with fees that you know is wasted money. Then there is this other feeling that you know you are going to lose the money. I have 0 expectation when I make a deposit that I’m going to cash out. I gamble not to win money, but for entertainment. If I can make $100 last a month, I’m happy. I get all of the entertainment and the chance of running up a roll.

Here is my gambling log for the football season:

It says I’m down 3.76 units from 10, but I still have 7.5 units in my account so I may have missed a bet or two. Either way, this post is created because I forgot I put a bet on the Lions on Friday night for Monday. I have no clue why I would do that but when I checked this morning, I had 7.5 units of gambling dollars. Each unit is 10 bucks but we like to sound like we know what we are talking about talking in units (we is Adam and I can’t think of 1 other person I talk about betting games with). A unit is $10. I must have been reading Evan Silva’s blog and it clicked in my brain to bet on the Lions. It’s so weird because I rarely ever put a bet in days before. What if I wanted to use that money for another game on Friday night or Saturday? It honestly feels like a mistake. 100% Rob Kelley will favorite this post on Twitter.

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Clay Travis, JeSmelly Hill, and Brooke Who?

Clay Travis is the infamous sports commentator who got into an argument with El Pres from Barstool and used Sam Stortz as a reference point for the 6, 12, 18, 24 challenge. You have no idea how hard it was to find this. LOL at “a true hero”.

With that little side story behind us, Clay Travis said he likes boobs and some hot woman named Brooke Baldwin lost her shit. Was it inappropriate? I have to say yes. Why you’d say that on CNN is dumb because it’s not appealing to the cuck audience. Gotta know your audience. At least I know who Brooke Baldwin is now.

I hate Jemele Hill. Out of all the commentators, and I dislike a lot, she’s my #1 least liked. The guy who talks after Clay sums up exactly why I don’t like her. He’s like, “after all she’s been through to get to where she is now…” She fucking sucks. I’m sorry but I’d rather watch a cactus report on what happens in sports. I hated her before she said Trump was a white supremacist. I’d guess I’ve asked Sam 5 times if he likes her just so I can give my opinion that I hate her. I don’t even watch her but I just know. I can’t explain it, I just know. It’s not that she’s black. Sage Steele is wonderfully talented and nails her job. Jemele is a bobble head. You could say, “you have to give her a chance.” No I don’t. She’s an idiot and ESPN should fire her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew this tweet would garner attention because her career is sinking exactly like Clay said. I’d rather watch paint dry than get my info from her.

Here’s a person who must have fallen asleep to her show:
The SC6 branded show is not a good one, in part because you have two co-hosts who both are more serious and overly sincere than they are charismatic or quick with the snark. You don’t have the classic goofy/straight pairing, and they lack the tension of two co-hosts who disagree constantly. Neither is a particularly good interviewer, nor have they shown the ability to offer insight on sports that is deep, funny, or entertaining. The show is reduced to two fairly boring people sitting at a cramped table full of papers and laptops on a set that looks unchanged for the past twenty years talking about sports with less insight than a pair at the end of the neighborhood bar. Television is a visual medium, and visually, SC6 looks like local TV.

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Pearls of Competitive Wisdom

Today I rolled 8 strikes in a row to start a game. To date it is the best start I’ve ever had. My highest score was a 9/ in the first and 11 after for a 290. No chance at a 300. This was my shot.

Without building suspense, I didn’t strike in the 9th and finished with a 260 whatever. I bowled a few nice games after but never again had that chance. These opportunities only happen so often. It’s the people who dominate these situations that succeed.

You could say “it’s luck”. I’m not so certain. Luck can only take you so far. I have a good example of an oddly general question that can produce inaccurate results. How many times does it take the 20 handicap golfer to get a hole in one? My guess was a huge amount like 150,000. This is the reply from Google:

Actuaries at such companies have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1, and the odds of a tour professional at 2,500 to 1.

Hole in one stats if you’re interested

This answer is going to be lower than it actually is because they don’t want to pay out. What this question fails to address is the hole. If you change the question to how often is a player hitting a hole in one on a 200 yard par 3, my guess is the answer gets closer to the hundreds of thousands. It doesn’t happen by luck.

I raise this point because bowling a 300 doesn’t happen by luck. It’s practice and work coming to an end point. Hole in one’s are the same concept with differing variables. Any joker can put the ball in a hole from 100 yards. It happens all the time. Multiply that yardage by 2 and you’re talking single digits (if any digits) on a given day.

Bowling has the exact same set up on every throw so it comes down to muscle memory. Average bowlers don’t have muscle memory for 12 straight shots when they struggle for 1. There is a difference between a strike and and a real strike. Same concept with golf, any knucklehead can whirl a ball down the lane and knock over 12 pins 1 time. They may even do it multiple times. At some point the luck wears off and you have to muscle memory the same (or lucky) ball again. Strikes roll through the rack. When you are ready to throw 12 balls through the rack, then you’re ready to roll a 300.


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The 2 and 1 Man

It’s fun to use the blog in the early days to categorize my wins and losses betting on sports. After bragging about being the 1 and 0 man, I promptly became the 1 and 1 man with some misinformation from my source on a reverse line movement. This loss put me down 2.5 units for the season. With remarkable fortitude, I bet on Alabama last night at -8 and they dominated the game. The QB on FSU decided at one point to hurt his leg because he kept throwing interceptions. This 5 unit bet puts me back up 2.5 units for the season. I’ll update the juice closer to the end of the year but today I’ll use a general barometer. Most likely I’ll keep updating my picks and stats until it gets too embarrassing depending on my losses. I’ll try to give my DraftKings updates as well but I’m down about $700 since the start of the year so I’ll need a hit before I start bragging again. I did manage to pass 17 of 18 golfers (fuck Adam Scott) in my 3 teams so I’m hopeful for at least 2 cashes. This may be optimistic because there were only about 20 cuts and Rory is the only notable player to miss. I also have Louis at 6 bucks to win $240. LEGGOOO LOU!

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McGregor vs Mayweather Is About…Race?!?

I was watching Whitlock, Broussard, Kenny Florian, and another analyst discuss the McGregor-Mayweather fight and they landed on the major selling point of the fight being race. I’ve known about the fight for however many months now and that thought never even entered my mind. The idea that I would root for McGregor because he’s white, and I’m white, has no implication on who I would want to win. He’s not even American, he’s Irish. I’m not sure what difference that makes but I don’t have some unbridled passion for McGregor to come out victorious because my next life path is joining the KKK.

Now as it is, I would like to see McGregor knock Floyd the fuck out. Racist! His trash talk game is next level. Telling Floyd he has a little head is a first class insult. I’m sure he’s insinuating that Floyd can’t even read while also trashing the fact he has a small head. Does the problem occur to me that McGregor might not know how to box? That Floyd will be so evasive that McGregor has no chance of hitting him? That with padded gloves that are 6 oz heavier he won’t be able to do any damage to Floyd? All of these are concerns and my feeling is that he will lose this fight (as is Vegas with his +550 odds).

The reason I’m pro-McGregor and anti-Floyd is strictly how they hold themselves. Conor is a showman who at least knows he’s a showman. He’s very self aware. If you saw Floyd yesterday he reached into a backpack and showed his 100 million dollar check. Who does that? You can tell McGregor gets under his skin and that’s entertaining to watch lose.

Dance For Me Boy!

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ESPN Body Issue

I Photoshopped the Julie Johnston picture above that I think turned out ok. I’m sure I’ll be getting a warning from ESPN to not screenshot their shit and mess with it.

The ESPN body issue was unveiled and I’m not even sure what’s porn anymore. ESPN is like, “we can show asses, but no breasts, pussies, or dicks.” For someone who has been to 4chan and Reddit, there’s not much I haven’t seen. All these pictures do is make millions of people feel inferior about their bodies. Normies look at these and wonder why they will never have chests that flat and strong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in on the Caroline Wozniacki pictures below, but the US Women’s hockey team doesn’t make it move. Call me a homophobe, but I also am not sure that ESPN’s predominantly male audience, wants to see all of these males athletes naked. The whole premise seems off to me but I imagine with the loss of the Swimsuit issue to the annals of the internet, they need to toe the line.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s Ronda Rousey’s clam from last year.

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Embiid’s Tweet About Lonzo Ball

I couldn’t have said it any better than Jeff did:
Embiid, get on the court.

The Best Time Of The Year – Summer

Here we have Joel Embiid making waves with Lonzo Ball insults. What does this accomplish? It allows the media to have a field day with story lines that draw attention away from the actual basketball that hasn’t been played.

What I love about what is happening is the hype train. You fully see that hype sells just as well as success. How does a team that is 75-253 in the past 4 years sell out its stadium before the season even starts? It’s the mystery behind the potential of the unknown that people can’t get enough of. They want to say “I told you so” before the “so” has even touched the court.

It’s miraculous when you think about it.

  • The Sixers best player, Embiid, has played 31 games in 3 years.
  • Ben Simmons has never played a game in the NBA.
  • Their newest draft pick has 1 year of college experience on a team with a 9-23 record.
  • Dario averaged 17.5 in the last 24 games of the season in which he started which shows he can score at the NBA level.
  • I’ll use Covington at the 5th starter who hasn’t shot higher than 40% from the field in the past 3 years and was 33% from deep last year.
  • The bench consists of Okafor (Sixers fans would value him near 0), Holmes (ready to break out), and McConnell (who has convinced fans he is a serviceable PG).

This is your starting point 4 years after the fact when Hinkie started the process. Now don’t get me wrong, this is an entertaining starting point. You don’t really know how much talent you have, but you know it’s oozing. Whether these guys can turn this to success on the court is unknown.

Process Trusters will say, “dude, you’re a hater”. What am I hating? How am I being realistic vs living in fantasy Sixers land? Take a look at the odds to win the 2018 championship:

That’s progress. They have the 13th best odds to win the ship this year. 16 teams make the playoffs so you even see Vegas predicting they are going to. I tend to think this is more because Sixers fans are unpredictable and may hammer this 66-1, so why make it 100-1? It’s the power of the unknown.

To bring it all full circle, the 17′-18′ season is going to be incredibly fun to watch as a Sixers fan. The energy created around the team is electric. It’s hard to not get caught up in what the team has been able to do after 4 years of losing. What have they actually done is more off the court than on the court, but that’s what makes it so enticing. You have one side saying it’ll never work and another saying that it can’t fail. At this point in time, neither is wrong which makes for the most talk.

I’ll finish this post the same way I started this post. The Sixers future lies in their health. Get (and stay) on the court! 

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