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I saw 2 “almost” interesting news stories.

Eminem Trump Diss Track #DonaldsABitch

I know it’s YouTube but I read about it because of this tweet

Original Tweet

Britt McHenry’s Reply

I follow Britt McHenry and Tomi Lahren on Twitter because they are hot smart. Britt either worked or works for ESPN doing sideline nonsense and Tomi got hired by Fox News because she’s opinionated towards Republicans. This tweet by Britt is like watching her head explode. It’s like “I like Eminem, but he’s not supporting the President, what am I supposed to do?” I’m not sure when our society decided that these women are were aren’t our best source of information, and I truly don’t mean that in a demeaning way, but

Pardon My Take Going To ESPN

PMT is #20 if you feel like clicking to view the top Podcasts.

Here’s Matthew Berry giving implication that ESPN is going to buy Pardon My Take. I have not once listened to Pardon My Take. I honestly have no clue when people listen to Podcasts, but it ranks near the highest in popularity on ITunes. If it’s true, just another piece of Barstool being subjected to the masses. Once the censorship starts taking place, it falls into all the other shit out there. The collapse of good shit continues (although you could make the argument I don’t know if it’s good, which is true, and I personally think it’s probably not good, but the point wouldn’t be as strong).

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The McGrath – Patel Wedding

Let’s remember that even though I’m writing this post, it’s all about Steve and Arpita (just from my perspective). And who better to give a summary then the person who drank the most and remembers the least. If you’re asking why the feature image is so grainy, it’s because I had to crop that cutout from another photo, so we’re low res as it is.

The Rehearsal Dinner

This was actually from the wedding day but I don’t have any pictures from the rehearsal dinner.

I started my journey picking up Gerald in the middle of Center City…during rush hour…much to my dismay, but I’m a nice guy so what can I do. We battled the traffic and I checked into the hotel. I showered under an extremely high water pressure head and met up at the rehearsal dinner. We went through some pre-wedding motions, had some dinner, and shot the shit while people arrived for the wedding. Mr McGrath was telling us about his feud with the neighbors and how he now knows it was Sam Stortz who put a flaming bag of shit on his doorstep (that he didn’t step on or even find until it went out).  The highlight of the evening was when Ron Pearlman of Sons of Anarchy came in and took a seat at the bar. Here is Sam getting a picture with him. He took another picture with one of our friend’s GF’s and Clay was smiling head to toe. Not so much in this one. Also you’ll see Steve and Arpita with the Irish dude.


Wedding Day

I woke up the next morning feeling well and we all gathered for some pictures at Valley Forge National Park in our Indian garb. I’m sure the pictures will posterize later, but I don’t have access to them. Never forget that you don’t unsheath another man’s sword and Gerald is the center. Next there was a somewhat different Indian wedding custom where Steve, Ian, and Ed got into a Cadillac while the rest of the party followed a van blasting Jay-Z and DMX. This cultural custom was a bit confusion while the DMX line “and all you other B****** can suck my d****” was blasting. I’ll note the groomsman had little dancing skills and following a van for 15 minutes asking us to dance while 150 people looked on was not the most pleasant experience. After that we did the Indian portion of the ceremony which was a fair amount of chanting, toe touching, and flower throwing. After the ceremony was some lunch and I had a few beers while watching college football. I changed into the tux to get ready for the traditional ceremony.

To boost my confidence, Lauren told me that I looked like Pee Wee Herman in the tux. From that point on, every time I looked in the mirror I thought I was Pee Wee. What do you think?

My thoughts exactly. The terminology used for the next portion of the ceremony was “American”, which I feel like should have been called “another ceremony”. Apparently us Americans aren’t big for tradition as this portion was over and done with in appropriate time. Always looking to steal the thunder, Ian walked down the aisle with his fly down. He was telling us how book smart he was earlier and that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t street smart. This was one of those times.

There was some drinking and then the reception begun. We had practiced a flash mob dance during the wedding entrance which was a bit scattered if I must say. Some people were doing the dance, but most people were just waving their arms. Good idea in theory, poor execution. We all sat down for dinner after that and the Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches began. The girls did a good job while weeping and telling how much they meant to each other. Ian killed the crowd with his fart story, which I told him was always a hit. His broccoli story was a bit odd. Ed ran a 15 minute monologue through Steve’s life and was entertaining throughout (specifically with Steve’s hand me downs and snake bite story). Well done to both McGrath’s. The reception went off like a typical McGrath party should as people drank through the night. A nice part of the night was 11 out of 12 current members of our Fantasy Football League were all in one spot for this great picture. I’ll photoshop Gerald out later.

I was sort of back and forth on whether I was going to write this post only because I hate rehashing what already happened, but I’m happy I did it. I can always go back to these days and remember exactly what I was thinking days after it instead of years. If there are any parts I missed, feel free to leave a comment.

I wish Steve and Arpita the best and I’m happy to be their friend. They are first class people all the way.


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Re-Visiting College

College is a shelter. You don’t realize it while you’re in it, but once you leave for 12 years and gain real life experience, you recognize it for what it is.

These next few days I’m at Cornell University for a slate conference. I had a few minutes to explore and I’m a minority as a 33 year old white male. If you’re a white student here, you’re the minority. I looked at the acceptance rate of Cornell and it was 14%. Combine that with the fact that the school has a 5 billion dollar endowment and you have an elite Ivy league university.

What I see being a decade removed from college is a lot of young people being told that getting their education will help them succeed. I call bullshit. Being a poindexter doesn’t equate to real life success. Being able to talk to another human about their life experiences has far more creedence than learning how to design a program to shoot a rocket into space. Coming back to a college feels like I’m living in a bubble.

I imagine that’s mostly my viewpoint as I hardly use any skills I learned in college. I also think it comes from learning more out of books that I read that out of school that have had far more value in my life. Knowing the equilibrium point of the supply and demand curve has 0 use to me. Knowing how to calm someone down and solving their problem as a consumer isn’t taught at school. It’s learned from real world experience. My perception as I walk around this campus is a lot of young people going through the motion of education. I’m sure they’ll be well off at the end of their lives with 4 years of this studious program. However, recognize that I’m walking around one of the most prestigious universities in our country. What about the other 95% of university students who compete with these nerds?

I can’t offer a solution here. On one hand, teaching humans more than they most likely need to know is helpful. These students have the opportunity of a lifetime with all the resources at their fingertips. There just seems to me to be a disconnect between what is learned in school and what applies in real life. The world doesn’t care that you have a degree from Cornell and earned straight A’s. It cares how resourceful and quick thinking you are in whatever situation you are in. For some reason, being on this campus isn’t making me that these kids are coming out with all the right skills.

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This Will Make Laura Cry

For some reason I remembered when Howard Stern asked Jerry Seinfeld if he was afraid to die and Jerry was like “no”. That’s probably the best mentality to take when aging because death is inevitable. I look at people know who I’m older than and think, “when did that happen?” Do I wish I was young again? The answer is no. I’m a part of this life exactly like you are part of this life and we all go through it our own way. The shared image above definitely strikes a chord with me though. It’s essentially answering this paragraph.

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Helping Out

Yesterday I was approached by 2 kids about 12 years old. The one kid looked kind of nerdy with glasses (he was holding a binder) and the other kid was a slimmed down Terio. I was getting out of my car and heading to my house when the kid said, “can we talk to you for a quick second.” I knew they were raising money and I wanted to start running down the street, but stayed to listen. The one kid starts rambling about a newspaper and how $20 (it was actually $19.97) gets him 14 points. I was on a time frame so I could only listen to this kid babble for long, so I looked in my wallet and only had 20’s. My brain started working and reasoning that asking these two youngsters for change didn’t make sense because they needed the money more than I did. I gave them the $20, signed their loose leaf, extremely unofficial paper, and walked away. Whether that money went to a newspaper or crack, I have no idea.

I know it sucks to be a door to door salesman. I’ve done this in my own capacity selling tools. You can walk into a place that won’t give you the time of day let alone purchase a product from you. It’s not fun. Unless people help you out, you get the feeling that it’s hopeless. I wanted to instill the feeling of hope in humanity by giving these kids money.

After this interaction took place, it reminded me of the dinner we had last week when our family was discussing donating and how I had no intention of giving to hurricane Irma victims. Others around the table said they gave a nominal amount or they were planning to and I post this question: “Did you donate to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico? Or do you only donate to victims in the USA?

These are the types of scenarios that people are good at justifying in their head that what they are doing makes them feel better about them self. “I’m happy to donate to victims of this country, but that’s where I draw the line.” Sam made a good example that people in China eat dogs on a national holiday. This is their culture. To us we think it’s an absurd and cruel notion to eat a dog, but we’re perfectly justified in eating a cow. It doesn’t make sense. Everyone creates their own mentality and lives by it.

For me, giving $20 dollars to 2 kids serves a better function than giving $20 to the Red Cross in a natural disaster that is going to require billions to fix. I wasn’t thinking about writing this post when I gave $20 to brag to everyone how generous I am. My mind brings me to the conclusion that these 2 kids can use $20 more than I can. Whereas with Irma, my $20 will be lost in the shuffle. I helped 2 kids instead of buying 50 people a water bottle, giving 3% to the processing company I donated to, and giving whatever amount to the thieves at Red Cross. It’s possible those two kids spent my money on Purple Drank (I’ve been watching Power), but in my mind, it feels better.


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When the Premium Pops

With Jeff and I running the business, it would be damaging if one of us were to get into an accident. This being a major concern to my father, he wanted me to get life insurance. I had no problem with this.

I went online and typed in “life insurance” and went with the cheapest option from a name I recognized, State Farm. You fill out an application and they sell you on the cheapest policy based on the way you answer questions. They have someone call you and ask a few more questions and set up a physical. I took the physical 2 weeks ago and had high blood pressure on the 3 readings. 160 over 100. I was coming down with the flu but I’m not sure that had any effect on my blood pressure. It doesn’t really matter as I got a call from the agent saying he wanted to meet. I didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t send the documents electronically and me e-sign them so I had a sneaking suspicion something was bad on the blood work.

He let me know that the policy had changed (codename for increased premium) and he wanted me to come in after I resisted a second time. I went today to Lancaster Ave where I was the only white person on the block and was wondering how well life insurance policies sell around this area. I told the agent that I didn’t have a lot of time and to cut to the chase. He had a sealed envelope with my physical results that he didn’t seem anxious to let me see. He told me I was a level 6 (out of 40) and my premium was going to be $1,500 when it was originally quoted at $300. I said, “enough’s enough, let me see the results.” I scan through them and all is perfectly fine (I tested negative for cocaine and Aids) but had high blood pressure as I already knew. At this point I was pretty pissed off because he made me come into the jungle to tell me that all I needed to do was have the doctor re-test my blood pressure. Then he starts asking me about my car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance like a typical insurance scum bag. I know he’s just doing his job but this was his main reason for having me come in. I left telling him that he had about a 0% chance of getting any business from me and now I know I’m going to have to deal with his follow ups. This went hand in hand with some FedEx rep looking to set up a meeting with 3 people. 3 people! I’m thinking that I know she’s love to spend her days traveling around and shaking hands, but I’ve got better things to do. Sales people know other sales people.

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Bovada’s “Reward” System

Adelaide Bird

I had $100 bucks on Gennady Golovkin last night, that if it wasn’t for a scumbag judge named Adelaide Bird, I would be the proud owner of $62.50. The 3 judges scorecards were 113-115 GGG, 114-114 Draw, 118-110 Alvarez. The first decision was a close one for GGG, the next an even fight, and the final is a wildly outrageous, decisive winner for Alvarez. 2 judges see close fights and the other a blowout. My best guess is that a mobster / promoter put a gun to her head and said Alvarez is winning. Why you wouldn’t make it less obvious would sort of defeat my thinking, but that’s possibly why it looked this way. I fully expected to lose the $100 the same way you would in soccer, but turns out it was a PUSH. I got my $100 back and was ready to put it to some NFL action.

While I was looking around my Bovada account, I noticed I had $16 of rewards to claim.

I redeemed the $16 dollars which didn’t go to my money account, but to the bonus funds that currently says $150 (it moved to $166). The bonus details had their own page on how to clear it with its own progress bar. Notice the “Total Balance” is $248, which in reality is $98 REAL money in there. I can’t tell you how fucked up it is that it says $248 when you start to understand how hard it is to get the $150. This actually tilts me because when I’m betting a game with $100 in the account, it makes me think I have $250, and I will spend more than I should.

Back to clearing the bonus. This is the table that shows how much % of each spin goes to the bonus.

Best way to get the bonus is to play slots. I started off in Caesars Empire where I was playing $.20 spins. I won a big 60x ($12.00) early on which made me feel a little more risky. I checked the progress bar and saw I was only 3% there. $.20 wasn’t going to get it done. I moved up to $.40 and hit another $12 spin. Things were flying as I got to 45% on the progress bar with my bonus dollars around $35.

I moved over to Cleo’s s Room which offered “Mature Content” (there was none), and started playing $1 spins. I hit early and had over $60 bonus dollars with 83% of the bonus progress bar. I would have liked to cash out, but I had to keep playing because there was literally no other choice if I wanted those bonus dollars to turn into withdrawable dollars. As the payout was getting close, I lost about 30 spins in a row as the progress bar and my bonus money started evening out. On the final spin the machine started going real slow and took 5x longer than usual as I lost my final spin. At the close of the session, I earned $2.33 bonus dollars.

Clearing a Bonus

There is a “welcome” bonus for the $150 which can be seen in the picture above. In order to clear that $150, you have to use your own money to clear it the same way I cleared the $16. What I just did to make $2.33, you have to 9.9x that. It’s a miracle that I cleared that $16 without going into my own money. Think about that, they gave me $16, and it would be possible for that bonus to say $0, while the progress bar wasn’t finished. Almost has to be rigged.

That $150 is a different story. It won’t go up or down. Using your own money, you have to get that progress bar to 100%. How smart is this? The question is how much money are you going to have to spend to clear it. Remember this is gambling. You can use $100 and go up $500 and play with house money to clear the bonus sort of like my experience. OR, you could quickly lose $100 and have to keep playing to get that $150. It could cost you $1000, which is my intuitive guess. Now you could counter with you have a chance to hit it big with that $150 and at the end you get it back anyway. That is the risk you take but Bovada isn’t billion dollar company because everyone wins.

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I Can’t Stand “Looks Great”

My day job atmosphere consists of me and Jeff. We don’t compliment each other. The work environment is get shit done and don’t expect a pat on the back for doing your job. As of late I’ve been working with a group of people in an association. Since no one gets paid in this association, you’re not required to do anything. So whenever I do work, it gets lauded with “looks great” and “great job”. It’s this insincere motivation that I don’t need.

I’m not emotional. Life is life and it can be over in a blink of an eye. When I’m driving down the road at 80mph’s there is always this doubt in my mind that the tires are going to fly off and I’m going to go careening mid air and wondering if the air bag will save my life. This thought didn’t enter my mind when I was 16. As you age, you start to appreciate how easily life can be taken away. Now it’s probably rarer than I think, but it can still happen. This leads me to the first sentence, I don’t get emotional when I know that life is what it is.

I’ve been watching Power and Tommy will kill a wanksta without thinking twice. No regard for the other human’s life. Rolla had a family! I’m getting off course a little bit from my main subject. People who say “good job” are probably good at not doing a “good job”. It’s like they are giving praise for work that they have no intention of producing. You can get away in this world by only producing compliments. It makes you fit in and become well liked but that doesn’t mean that it’s sincere. I’d much rather someone tell me “that sucks” than appeal to my insecurities by saying “it’s good”. Tell me this post sucks!

BTW, Pats – 9 tonight for 8 units. Count it @ even money.

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Cheers to PBR

Over the past 2 years I’ve been drinking a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon. PBR is the cheapest beer at North & South bowl. Since I’ve been bowling a lot, I’ve been drinking it a lot. Here is the best info about Pabst: “The beer experienced a sales revival in the early 2000s after a two decade-long slump, largely due to its increasing popularity among urban hipsters.” Why do I like it?

  • It’s light beer without actually being light beer.
  • I’d rank it above the regular light beers like Coors, Bud, and Miller.
  • I enjoy the lower priced approach to marketing.
  • The CityWide is supposed to be $3 (I feel like it’s $5) with a PBR pounder and some brown syrup.
  • I’m supporting the underdog.

Here’s to cheap beer that doesn’t seem forced upon you.

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The 1 and 0 Man

Shoutout to the Shee for last night’s pick as the kid is getting off to a hot start to the betting season. How did he know that Buffalo would cover the 22.5 spread against Minnesota last night? I have no idea.

Will I bet on almost anything? Yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s baseball, soccer, Nascar, or track and field. If people or cars are running around in circles, or professional athletes are tossing or kicking a ball, that’s all I care about. PGA Dell Technologies Championships starts today and I have 3 DK lineups that consist of guys like Patrick Cantlay,the Kuch Man, Old Charley, and Louis. If anyone watched Louis on Feherety, how can you not like the guy?

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