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13 Apr, 2017

You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve

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This is an easy post to write because I hate people. I suppose this comes from being brought up with all the opportunities and none of the struggles, but I’ve learned right from wrong. I am conscientious of other people. Other people are not conscientious of other people. It’s called the golden rule for a reason. Not the brass rule. Not the copper rule. The motherfucking Golden Rule“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”  I don’t know how much untoing I do but I know other people are not untoing me that often.  For that reason, I am out. Whoa had my Shark Tank pop up. For that reason, I hate people.

Double Flashers in One Lane – I was beside myself. Like, maybe beside myself, watching myself, being beside myself. Not sure what that means but when you are driving on a two lane road and you see two cars parked next to each other both with their flashers on, your jaw drops. I immediately got up behind them and honked. The truck on the right wasn’t moving. The car on the left was waiting for some little old lady who was coming out of an apartment buildling who was obviously as disturbed by the move as I was and told the driver to back up 5 feet and drive into the parking lot. This goes hand in hand when I saw some dipshit, who may have been an uber driver, stop in the middle of a one lane road and sit there for 2 minutes straight while literally 20 cars piled up behind her. Oblivious to the world.

Anthony Looking for Money – I’ve written about Anthony before and if you’ve been by Silk City on the weekend you may have seen him dancing in the street. In his spare time, he also holds the door at Dunkin Donuts and asks a select few customers for any “spare change”. I’ve given him money a few times before because i’m a nice person. The other day I parked by car and went to the Museum Deli which is 3 doors down from D&D. I tried to slyly move past Anthony who at the last second saw me walking in the deli and screamed out “hey”. This rubs me the wrong way. It’s one thing if I’m walking in the door that you’re holding. However you don’t go chasing me down for money. I’ve decided that I’m going to start asking him for money.

Getting Hit Crossing the Street – This is a tricky one. On one hand when I’m the driver, I can’t stand when people have their heads down looking at their phones with their ear plugs in and cross streets. They believe it’s on you to not hit them without their participation. This is incorrect. When you are walking, you need to be aware 100% of the time of your surroundings. Alas, people cross streets paying no mind of cars and deserve to get hit. You know who doesn’t deserve to get hit? Me when I’m going for a run. I almost got run-over by a woman in the projects who saw me crossing, decided to gun it anyway, and has me sprint across while she blared her horn at me. It’s called patience Miss and you should wait 1 second while I cross the street because that’s how fast I am and that’s how long it takes. Maybe even .8.

Fucking Get It! – These people should be exterminated but she must be on medication. Has she ever run a business before? You run out of material from time to time. It’s Subway. He’s telling you it’s not available. It’s no different than removing it from the menu. Can stores decide not to serve customers because this is one of those cases. How this goes on for so long I don’t know.

Go Make Out Outside! –  I don’t even know how to address people like this. Not punching her in the face is what is wrong with our country. She crosses so many lines that it amazes me she doesn’t relax when she obviously sees she’s being recorded.

12 Apr, 2017

All I Do Is Make Pages

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I have a few skills but none is more valuable than creating pages in WordPress.

Before I started blogging I never equated what I was doing to a skill. It was fun. I spent an hour here or there and transferred my thoughts to a blogging platform. The page would get posted, read by a few people, then archived into the abyss to never be read again. Depressing in a sense when considering it from the post’s perspective. 1% go on to live meaningful lives, and the other 99% go on to perish without second thought. Yes, this does symbolize humanity.

Today I noticed what I was doing was using an A to Z formula for creating a blog post. Jeff and I set up some application and took photos of it step by step. I took the pictures and compiled them into 1 jpeg which had lapping text. I took the picture and created it’s own webpage on our website and linked to all of our product pages. We then take that picture and page and insert them into a Constant Contact post which will then be sent out to our thousands of person email list. Last week we had a 47% click through rate which was inconceivable. People actually read what we write.

How this translates to sales is another story as the conversion rate is what separates the men from the boys. Many people have built up audiences over the years one way or another but getting them to purchase is key. Our formula has continuously improved so that people can try to copy it but they might not know every little step. I’m not even an expert either but I kid you not, THIS IS SALES IN 2017. You can knock on doors. You call people 1 by 1. You can spam fax or blasts thousand of people. None of these means is as effective as building up a subscriber base, creating content they want to read, and knowing how to get them that info in a pleasing format.

We haven’t mastered the video end of the world but that’s a large leap and can get costly, quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing…which is most everyone.

Figured I’d write this post to knock down some material for the good ol’ blog and add another post to my belt.

11 Apr, 2017

Change & Hundos

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The penny should be eliminated. The cost to produce the one-cent coin increased to 1.5 cents during 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported. So not only is the penny completely unnecessary, it loses money when produced.

I find all types of change to be utterly despicable. There is nothing I like less than emptying my pocket at the end of the day and spilling 15 coins out on my bureau that total $1.43 from daily transactions. If I’m lazy and don’t want to put my coins into my ever increasing change bag, they continue to pile up and make a mess. I can count on one hand the amount of times I purchase an item and reach into my pocket to produce the exact change without having to break a bill.

If we removed the penny and nickel, and had every item rounnd to the nearest 10th, the world would be fine. How many items cost 1¢? A tootsie roll? A night out with Mrs. Gourlay? The point is, not a lot. Change needs to change.

Approval Rating at 40%

This goes hand in hand with the hundred dollar bill. When someone gives me a hundred I know the first thing I’m doing is going to the ATM, depositing it, and withdrawing 20’s. People don’t always have change for 100’s. It’s an inconvenience to 95% of stores who do business in small bills. Unless you’re a casino or bank, the $100 has no place. People don’t use cash anymore for big purchases. You don’t buy a TV with a roll of 100’s or else you’re looked as a thief, gangster, or drug dealer. The only people who use 100’s are people who don’t pay taxes.

The problem with changing the money is that the cost to do so is generally more than it’s worth. How does the Gov’t stop circulation? “Send us all your pennies and we’ll issue you a check?” The paperwork alone would cost the American people billions of dollars. Unless you could set up US Gov’t coin counting machines around the US (also costly because you’d need 1000’s of these machines), it won’t be cost efficient. What a mess.

10 Apr, 2017

Becoming Ill

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4 posts in 10 days is poor. I need to step it up.

A few weeks ago Sam was sick and skipped our bowling league on Monday. I was pretty sure that if he wanted to man up, he could have bowled. After this weekend, I understand.

When I woke up on Sunday morning I felt ok, but I had a tickle in the lower part of my throat that I couldn’t hock up. I also had the chills which sucked. I took some aspirin and went to our Sunday morning brunch and did fine getting through it. When I went home, it was like I was zapped with mana burn and my HP’s were depleting by poison. I tried to go to sleep but that didn’t work because I would close my eyes and nothing happened.

I drove to my Philadelphia home and ended up crushing the Vitamin C drink and taking some Nyquil and zoning in and out of the Masters. In bizarre fashion, after an hour after the Nyquil, I started feeling a little better. I tried to eat but had no appetite. I zonked myself out at 9pm and woke up at 2am only to zonk myself out again. I woke up today and feel surprisingly better. I have no idea what I caught but it was brief and should be completely exterminated tomorrow.

If someone told me I had to bowl yesterday, I’m not even sure I would have been able to make the ball roll down the entire alley. Fortunately I’ve recovered most strength and will hopefully continue to improve. It seems like a lot of people either are sick or getting sick. I usually never feel bad for these people because I rarely get sick, but being sick sucks.

7 Apr, 2017

Sobriety Isn’t Funny

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My apologies for not posting much. I was going to make a post about Ween’s 300, but it would have lead to some thoughts regarding pre-bowling which would have detracted from the accomplishment. Make no mistake though, I witnessed a 300 game by Jordan and that’s a feat that is nice to have under your belt.

In other news, I sent out a sober William Penn snap yesterday and Weens wrote, “boooo, sober William Penn Snaps suck.” That may not have been verbatim but close enough. Before I sent that snap, I even thought to myself that there is no way this snap is going to live up to expectations. Frankly, it fell below the limits of my own expectations, but I figured “what the hell” before I hit share.

What I created when I was black out drunk that one night cannot be topped. It’s pointless to even try. I sent out a few on Saturday but it wasn’t the same. Now with this sober snap, I’ve come to the conclusion that my entertainment value is only high when I’m hammer time. It sort of reminds me of the last time Chris Farley was on SNL he was sober and it was sort of a train wreck.

That snap actually feels the way of this post, not great. I try to have quality standards but if I adhered to them I’d never post.



5 Apr, 2017

A Slave to Your Phone

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I turned my phone to vibrate and it was liberating. I didn’t hear the *ding* when any message came in and I realized how much my phone owns me. I’d even go as far as saying I hate my phone.

There’s a sense of “I have to be on top of all means of communication in order to do my job to the best of my ability”.

  • Answer every email as soon as it’s received.
  • Respond to every text message so the person doesn’t think you are ignoring them.
  • Chat back to the person who Snapped you a message

I will advocate that if you want to get ahead in life, responding as promptly as possible is essential. People look at you as reliable and conscientious of them. Big brownie points when you do this. HOWEVER…

I counted 70 emails that I declared pertinent (ones I didn’t automatically delete) on Monday. I’m sure this isn’t even a large sum compared to others, but it’s enough to make my phone ding often enough that I notice it. What this does is that every time my phone dings, I drop what I’m doing and look at my phone to react to the latest message. This is not healthy and didn’t have to be dealt with a decade ago.

During the week, this doesn’t bother me much because it’s my job. I’m being paid to respond. I do notice though that when I go home, my phone doesn’t stop dinging and it is still begging for my attention. This is where I start to get annoyed.

When I leave work, I try to separate work time from me time. I’m not being inconsiderate if I don’t respond to you. My phone is not attached to my body. I don’t bring my phone everywhere I go. I don’t owe you a response as soon as it’s received. Believe it or not, maybe I’m thinking about how to respond to you before I actually respond. There are also times when I’m drunk as a skunk and either not paying attention to my phone or know that it’s dumb to answer. I don’t not respond purposely so don’t take it like a sleight of disrespect or dislike.

It’s wasn’t this way 15 years ago and society still survived. I would never argue that it isn’t easier without the connectivity of a cell phone. But there also aren’t rules that should be established that the cell phone trumps all and people who don’t use it accordingly are wrong. There isn’t right or wrong with cell phone use. The user can use it any way they please and not be judged on how its used.

I called Sam on Saturday and he didn’t pick up. He didn’t call back. I wanted to talk to him and he was either busy or didn’t want to respond. Do I find that annoying? Yes and no. 1% yes because sure I wanted to talk to him and he didn’t want to talk back. 99% no because he wasn’t doing it intentionally because he had other moving parts of his life and I judge him as a human far more than his phone etiquette.

Robots as humans in Westworld…not far off.

I know I’m becoming old school. I have no idea what the school kids are doing nowadays but I imagine their phone is being pinged 24/7, 7 days a week.  They probably respond at the drop of a hat and it’s considered rude if you don’t. I find it somewhat sad because we are becoming more machine like day by day. Minority Report. I Robot. Blade Runner. Demolition Man, Back to the Future. These aren’t movies. These are going to be real life. Robots and machines will start to become the norm. You already see it happening with drones and self driving cars. AI is taking over one way or another and the cell phone/internet and its ability to distribute information quickly is why it is accelerated. How that relates to me being annoyed by my phone, I’m not exactly sure, but I’m 100% sure they are related.

I don’t expect comments but I’m curious if you feel that the phone has made human beings unhealthy?

3 Apr, 2017

Welcome To The Table

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This entry is going to suck but I don’t care.

  • I bowled about 30 games from Thursday to Saturday with my new ball. I will admit that there is certainly a learning curve (nice bowling pun) but towards the end of those 30 games, I was throwing heat. I snapped what I rolled for the last 5 and I had to be close a 220 avg. Unfortunately I hurt my leg because I have to amp up the MPH and I’m not used to rolling so much. Either way I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the new ball.
  • I went to the Sugarhouse to play a session of 1-2 and they sat me next to a person who I absolutely hate sitting next to. He coughs this deathly cough every 2-3 minutes and it’s disgusting. I wanted to bust him pretty quickly so I made that my mission. He was straddling and playing like a tard showing down A4, a hand I didn’t see and then the hand we played together (a 3 hand read). I had TT and limped because I knew he was going to raise. He made it 25 and me and some bro called. The flop came A87 with 2 spades. He bet 25 which I called. The turn was a 6 of spades and I had a spade in my hand. I checked and he bet 90, all in. I thought for a minute, I looked at him and he looked right back at me, and I decided he didn’t want me to call. Even if I was behind I still had a few outs so it wouldn’t have been the worst spot. I tabled my TT and it was ahead and a brick came on the end. I had no idea what he had. It was a rather uneventful session after that and I left up about $75 for the day.
  • I went to Cavanaugh’s to meet up with some friends and put $150 on the Gamecocks which covered but then put $185 on UNC which did not. I didn’t have the most successful NCAA tournament as I was close to last in every bracket and hemorrhaged money betting. I was pretty drunk from drinking all day on Saturday and called it a night early.
  • My Draftkings teams in golf lost me about $40 which wasn’t bad. I had 0 or 7 entries pass all 6 players thanks to the Herminator, Cabrera Bello, and Spieth. Looking forward to the Masters.
31 Mar, 2017

Bill Treasurer Comment

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This is a comment I received on my blog pointing out my inaccuracy in this post:

Few funny parts about this comment.

  1. How did he find the blog? – Easily the most important question. Bill Treasurer comes off to me as a man who Googles himself. Somewhere along the line my post must have popped up in Google and he read it.
  2. Is this his marketing strategy? – There is nothing wrong with finding the most popular blog on the planet and commenting on their website. I get it. Smart, CEO, like move.
  3. Did I send him my address? – You damn right. I treasure bills too.

Who says doesn’t make the rounds in certain circles?

31 Mar, 2017

Buying a Brand New Bowling Ball

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Sometimes a bowler…
just has to face the music.
And that bowler is you.

There comes a time in every man’s life, when he has to purchase a new bowling ball. For me, that day was Wednesday.

I went to Pavlinko’s in Deptford and met with Steve, the head honcho. He asked to see me throw my ball a few times which I did. He then gave me his personal ball to throw to see how that one reacts. I threw a few that didn’t get right enough and went Jersey. He told me to really crank one out to the right. I winded up and aggressively threw one that was heading straight for the gutter. He let out a YELP as the bowl went right in the channel. He said, “that ball has never felt the gutter before.” Whoops.

We talked about some of the various options and landed on an Ebonite (I can’t remember the type) and a Storm “Phaze”. Storm owns 50% of the bowling ball market, mainly because of BelMo, and the publicity he brings to the name. I’m going to be digging deeper into this topic in a subsequent post. I didn’t want to go with the mainstream but I decided to purchase the Phase. He drilled the holes for me and I was off.

Last night was the first time I got a chance to use it and I rolled 8 games with the Weens. My low game was 111 and my high was 201. As Steve put it, you are going from a V4 to a V8. The ball will be harder to control but has more striking power. I did notice this last night. I’ve had to move further left and I can throw the ball as hard as I want which is nice. I’m hoping to see my MPH’s get into the 15’s. I was having considerable trouble hitting the pocket but I have to imagine this will improve with practice.

30 Mar, 2017

Pushing Past the Limit

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Pain is temporary, Pride is forever. This was the cheesy cross country quote that Mr. Ames used for our XC team in the late 90’s. He tried to sell this motto hard and no one cared.

I was on the treadmill yesterday, after a needed day off (I ran 4 days in a row which is pushing it for me), and set the workout for the Mountain Peaks at 8.6 mph. Mountain Peaks is the hardest programmed course that the treadmill has. It starts at 0.0 incline and reaches 9.0 with various levels in between going on for 1-2 minutes at a time. My goal is usually 40 minutes and 8.6 is 6:58 miles. I’ve completed this workout at 8.5…and failed at 8.6. My running log if anyone was interested.

I felt really good yesterday and had to stop at the 2nd minute of the final 7.0 incline. I completed 35 of the minutes of the 40 minute workout, I was spent. It’s not often where I feel good and have to force myself to stop. Usually I can power my way through but I’ve reached my physical max and pushing past will mean I have to seriously dig deep.


The thing with running is that even Ian McGrath was good at it. Anyone can be if they try hard enough. To some people it’s easy, and other’s have to work. At 33, I’m not looking to win races but just to push myself physically. The next step past 8.6 on Mountain Peaks will be 8.7 and that will be extremely challenging. I’ve reached my limit and I’m not sure I want to push through or I’ll suffer a torn Achilles.