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6 Jun, 2017

Being Raped On The Lanes

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Dave Gildea is laughing all the way to the bank as Sam replicated his last performance against Strike You in our bowling finals. I’m kidding…not. Was it Sam’s fault we lost? No. It was Evan’s. Am I throwing blame around unnecessarily. Yes. The bottom line is we win as a team and lose as a team.

I’ll elaborate further on the game last night before you get sucked into the minutiae in a post I wrote prior to the finals below. We showed up bringing about 20 spectators and the other team had 0. The final game was being played for the difference of $100 dollars which was news to me. Essentially the regular season standings is where all the money lied. So what I conjured up as a big game, was essentially for who wins the league. Either way, we still wanted to win.

We started off lackluster, but held them off until about the 8th frame. In crunch time they rolled strikes, we rolled opens and spares. I rolled a 255 leaving the 5th frame open with a shot I should have hit, and then didn’t double in the 10th but all else were strikes. Evan was leaving splits and missing pins and Sam’s ball didn’t have the power through the pins. My opinion is that the ball was spent. It was a combination of the ball being rolled to death, being chipped, and Sam knowing this. We needed Sam to show up big in this game and the timing of the deteriorating ball threw off his stride. Weens didn’t have a drink during the games and rolled sharper than he’s been rolling. I still think he has more room for improvement in the mental game, but he took it seriously when it counted and rolled well.

The 2nd game was over by the 5th frame. Weens and I started with turkeys and then I missed a fucking 3,6,10 which I’ve been missing lately. Once Weens and I extinguished our strike run, the other team kept firing. They didn’t have an open from the 2nd frame to about the 7th, and we were toast. 2nd place are the first losers.

It was a good season and this league will keep getting more competitive. We made some headway in our games. I can safely say that I’ll be over a 200 average with my new ball for a full season. I almost nailed my first 700 series in competitive play with a 698 in the playoffs. I’d bet I’ve been practicing more than anyone in the entire league and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll move on to a new activity, but for now I still have about 10 to 15 more pins of improvement. Sam will benefit from a new ball the same way I did. I’m sure you’re reading this so get a 15 lb ball and make sure it’s an upgrade in the hook department from what your using. I moved a clear 5 boards left with my new ball and it’s all in the hook. The spares will take about 2 months to get comfortable, but the change has to be made. If you go to Pavlinko’s tonight, give me a call and I’ll go with you. Evan and I agreed that his ceiling is capped with a shot that isn’t hooking. Considering a two finger shot or another adjustment should be looked at. Jordan is easily the toughest bowler to break down as the more I say, the worse he does. My thought would be to make sure every ball stays to the right. Jersey strikes are failures. If you want to get more consistent, you make sure every ball stays right.

Onto a post that I wanted to release at the start of the playoffs but figured it would do more damage than good.

What I Learned From Being Captain

Our bowling team is entering the playoffs after an absurdly long 31 week regular season. In mismanaged taste, the commissioner’s decided to merge two seasons of bowling to, in my opinion, keep more teams paying money for longer. Here is how our league finalized right before playoffs. We are Snaking Back Monday.

This is our 3rd season in the league. Our first league game started on 1/18/2016 and our team average was 658 at the end of the season. Our 2nd season raised our average to 731. This season our last 10 games have seen us roll a 751 team average (Getting the total would take to long as it averages Jeff in there for the 12 games he played). Here are our averages after each season to date:

Bowler Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Evan 161 175 174
Sam 181 181 187
Jordan 175 182 182
TC 184 193 194

Being the highest average and anchor, I’ve elected myself captain of the team. As much as our team is a democracy, at some point there has to be someone to make decisions. Making these decisions doesn’t always lead to happy campers but I’ve learned a lot from spending so much time with the same group in a team environment. Here are some of the situations that I took away some knowledge.

The Spirit – Easily the hardest part of a functioning bowling team. Bowling is a team game at heart, but the core is the individual performance. We all want to bowl a 300 but when you throw a pocket 7-10 in the first frame, it’s not simple to pick yourself up and come back strong. Each person on our team reacts differently to the ups and downs. Jordan is the best example of saying “blind me out” in one game and then coming back to roll a 276 the next. Once you’ve been doing it a while, and this is why we are better than we were, you move past the downs and keep doing what you’ve done thousands of times before.

The Pre Bowl 300 – This was easily the most cumbersome decision of the season. Both Cohen’s are Jewish and missed the same week for a Seder. In our league bowlers are allowed to pre bowl. We have a sub on our team so that we can avoid pre-bowling. I’m very anti-prebowling for various reasons that you can ask me later if you really care, but it’s not a fair substitute. Anyway, I would say that the Cohen’s would be incapable of making a decision that allowed one of them to pre-bowl and the other to sit out for the week. I couldn’t make this decision without one of them holding it against me. In order to keep the balance of the team, I said it was fine to pre bowl even though I knew having one of them pre-bowl and Jeff to sub was more appropriate. In my worst nightmare, Jordan rolled a 300 and a series high that is still the entire league high after 31 weeks of data. The great part about this happening is that it could never get worse. As I look back it wasn’t as big of a deal as it felt at the time, but still an odd ball everything.

The “Anchor” –  After Jordan’s big week, he started bowling better. After 26 straight weeks of being between 175 and 177, Jordan rolled that huge week and followed it up with 1 one more week of a 636 series. The following week he rolled a 201, 201, and was clean into the 5th and he made the comment “so, if I keep rolling this well, when do I get to be anchor?” Knowing that Jordan is a little green with regards to competition, I didn’t take to keenly to this thought and replied with, “that’s such a little boy comment.” Well what happened next was fairly funny as Jordan went open the next 5 frames and finished with a 148. Looking back at that spot, this wasn’t a captain’s comment. I should be doing what’s best for the team at that time and rather than brush it off, I crushed his spirit and Evan and I both knew it immediately after I said it.

Moving – The biggest adjustment to maintaining a high average is moving with the lane. Early on I didn’t pay much attention to where I was starting or playing on the lane. What difference did it make? I never threw the same ball anyway. At this point of bowling, moving spots until you start to land is a huge factor and what separates the best from the rest. I’ve learned to make board adjustments. The common thought is “miss left, move left.” If you notice 1 ball missing, you don’t need to adjust. Once it happens twice, you need to move.

The Ball Change – After rolling a 270 and 279 in consecutive weeks, the highest of my career, I switched to a new ball a month after. Without a doubt, my scores took an initial hit but it was a long term move. Not being scared to experiment is a key to bowling. *I wrote this post prior to rolling a 290 which should add to the effectiveness of equipment.

So that’s my 1,500 word write up about bowling. I’m pretty sure only a few made it this far but I’m sure those that did appreciate my thoughts. Sadly, I don’t think any real reward will come from bowling as much as I do but I do find it fun. I like the competition. I like trying to improve. I like drinking and bowling. I like the people. I would even consider running a bowling alley because it’s something would actually like doing. Hi-Spots is being sold. Investors? Possibly you!


5 Jun, 2017

What I Know

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I would love to write more about each topic but I’m pressed for time. Here are a few thoughts on topical events:

  • Super Team – I’m back on forth on the NBA Finals and what’s happening. On one side you have a team that hasn’t lost a game in the playoffs laying pipe in their own stadium. The one dimensional, click bait, dipshits start posting headlines like “Can the Cavs Win a Game?” or “Is KD the Best Player in the League?” Hold on one second. The Cavs got blown out by 15 and 33 last year and the same people start chirping. They won game 3 by 30 and ended up winning in 7. Does this feel a little different because of KD? Maybe a little, but cool your jets. If the Warriors win by double digits in Cleveland, I’ll write about the idea of  a super team, both good and bad, but we’re not there yet.
  • Kathy Griffin – This is the news that I can’t stand. It’s not news. Let this idiot chop off the President’s head. Stop paying attention to her and she’ll go away. It’s like she sits down and says, “this is easily the best idea I have to show my disapproval of what is being carried out.” It’s another turkey who instead of making good happen, they spew their bad after bad.
  • Snaking Back Monday – I finally got to a topic worth commenting on. We are playing tonight for the finals for thousands of dollars. I don’t know the actual breakdown because the league isn’t as transparent as it should be, but I know winning is the move. Money is nice but the reputation of champion is better. It’s what we’ve been playing for from the beginning and I’m sure I’ll post after it’s over.
2 Jun, 2017

A Weird Question During Tiger’s DUI

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“Do you know the reason I’m out with you now?
“It’s cause you’re stopped in the middle of the road.”
You remember me telling you that before.

I need you to look at the light…you’re not even following the light.

My personal favorite:
“you had anything to drink? Cause there is an odor coming from you”…

What’s even weirder is that this video doesn’t produce that question. During the 1st minute plus it’s muted, then ticks on at 2:12. I watched it last night and I heard the same exact thing that is the #1 comment in the YouTube video, but I don’t hear it here anymore. Here’s the #1 YouTube comment.

Obviously should not have been on the road…but what a douche bag cop…”you had anything to drink? Cause there is an odor coming from you”…he was on pills and blew a .000. That cop is full of shit with his “odor” comment.

He blew a 0.0. Someone is lying somewhere. The cop most likely, because he is trying to find a reason to pursue this further. Or Tiger bribed the shit out of the police and had them lie and say he blew a 0.0. A drunk driving arrest looks WAY worse than taking too many prescription pills. Either way, something is fishy because now even the video has been tampered with. The fuck is going on!

1 Jun, 2017

Moving Forward From Devastation

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“When we come to the office, we don’t know if we’ll come back,” said Ekramuddin Hamdard. “Every day is death for us,” he said. This is in response to a truck bomb going off in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed at least 90 people yesterday.

If I didn’t read this in the WSJ, there’s a good chance I would have never heard about it or ever thought about it. Where we are living, I use we as the few people who read this blog, is the epicenter of prosperity. Even if you have 0 dollars in your name, you don’t have a major fear of some maniac blowing up an area to send a religious message. Be thankful for that.

This blog keeps it light. While I’m updating my Boner Material with hot girls I found on Reddit threads, other people in this world aren’t so lucky. Most of the time we take this for granted. It’s important to take a step back and view what is on this planet from afar. You have billions of people from all over the Earth trying to get along in time. The majority believe the world revolves around them. Events like the aforementioned should help keep your place in perspective.

Feeling sad over events you can’t control is a difficult human emotion. On Sunday, I saw a cat that had been hit by a car in the middle of the street. My first instinct was sadness. How’d the little guy not know to run in front of a car? How did the car not stop? Is the cat even aware that he has one life to live? Then I’m overcome with, “this probably happens hundreds of times a day. If you got sad over this cat getting hit, you’d get sad over every cat being hit. You need to galvanize yourself.” With that I moved on. Life is hard, but you can never stop moving forward.

30 May, 2017

Movies I Like

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Brookes and I don’t agree with what makes a good movie. He admires the process going into making the movie and I focus on the outcome. Movies that don’t move put me to sleep, whereas the slower they move, the more Brookes gets into them (The Revenant). It’s good though because difference of opinions allow for discussion.

For me, TV series have surpassed movies. A 2 hour movie can’t compete with a 12 hour series – followed by multiple seasons. This has skewed my expectations for what I expect out of a movie. I  want a jam packed, thought provoking, movie experience to wow me in 2 hours. Realism is key. If I feel that the movie is taking exception to reality, I get turned off.

Here are 6 movies that keep me watching that aren’t “The Shawshank Redemption” or “Goodfellas”.

Schindler’s List (1993)

Out of my list, I imagine this is the highest on other people’s lists. Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler saves Jewish workers is the premise of this movie. Set in WW2, Oskar Schindler needs to walk a fine line as a German, between playing nice with the SS and putting his plan into action. Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort in Harry Potter) is amazing as the Nazi general and Ben Kingsley plays Liam Neeson’s right hand man perfectly. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie is a much watch. One of the few movies that makes me cry because of the testament to self-sacrifice.

Memento (2000)

This movie isn’t fair to put on my list as I rarely see it played any longer and I haven’t seen it in 10 years. However, the structure of the movie is one that leaves you wondering what the hell is going on. Guy Pearce plays the lead character who suffers from short term memory loss. He has to write notes to himself to continuously remind him as quickly as possible what is happening each day. The story moves from a black to white format and color to span different periods of time and keeps you guessing. Is it fair that I add this to my list even though I haven’t watched it in a long time? I will and get back to you. Watching this movie also made me watch LA Confidential.

Platoon (1986)

Memorial Day was yesterday and Platoon was on. After telling Brookes that this was a movie I enjoyed, I wanted to back it up by watching it. With another viewing, this movie depicts war accurately (or at least to my expectations). Directed by Oliver Stone, who also did Deer Hunter, Full Metal Jacket, and Apocalypse Now, he does a nice job of personalizing the friendships, hardships, and different viewpoints of war between the characters. Barnes played by Tom Berenger is the most fascinating character because he’s as hard nosed as they come. Elias is played by Daniel Defoe and has his place but doesn’t gravitate the way Barnes does. Charlie Sheen does a fine job of playing the role of main story mover. Even John McGinley (Bob from Office Space) makes an appearance as a soldier stuck in the system.

Gran Torino (2008)

I haven’t seen this on television much aside from Fx, where I can’t watch a full movie because of the commercials. I’m going off of memory here but Clint Eastwood’s role is an old time Korean war vet who forms a relationship with his neighbor when he tries to steal his car. The story involves Walt, Clint’s character, taking the boy under his wing and helping him out with his gangster cronies. It is a powerful story which Clint Eastwood plays off to perfection as an old crotchety old man.

Snatch (2000)

I’ve seen Snatch a dozen times and it gets better every time. Once you’ve watched it through once, you start to know the characters and each re-watch becomes better because they all have their own identities. A Guy Ritchie directed film, multiple sub plots come together to form incredible action. Boris the Blade’s perseverance. Brick Top’s soulless attitude. Turkish and Tommy dealing with the Pikeys. Bullet Tooth Tony and his Desert Eagle .50. Brad Pitt as Mickey and the bare knuckle boxing. Tyrone the Getaway Driver, “Course I am”. A conglomerate of excellence.

Inglorious Basterds (2009)

I don’t know why Basterds is spelled like that so you’ll have to ask Quentin Tarentino and I’m too lazy to look it up. This movie was my first introduction to Christoph Waltz and he followed it up brilliantly in Green Hornet (watch this Sam). Let me start by writing that the intro scene with Waltz and the Nazi’s looking for the daughters is unbeatable. Shosanna! Brad Pitt leading the American side against Hans Landa is a work of art. The name game in the basement bar can be found below and is also one of my favorite scenes.  Even watching the main soldier vie for Shosanna has its moments. Plus who can forget the Bear Jew. The ending pays off as well which I find is a must for me.

So there you go. I like WW2 movies and any others pertaining to war. I learned something about myself. I suppose this also shows why any movie that involves fictional characters (think Batman) and bizarre animals (think Jaws, ET, or Jurassic Park) don’t do it for me.

29 May, 2017

Here, There And Everywhere

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James Mercer of the Shins

While driving in the car yesterday I heard a song on the Sirius Station XMU covered by the Shins. I started listening to XMU because my main stations, AltNation and the Spectrum, have grown tired to me. Aside from Advanced Placement on AltNation, I’m 3-4 weeks ahead of all the music they routinely rotate. Spectrum has a wider range but it’s rare that I hear songs I don’t recognize. XMU is a more indie station and even though I don’t like all the music, at least it’s new. Anyway, I heard Here, There And Everywhere which is a Beatles song covered by James Mercer of the Shins and thought it was awesome. I tried to find this song on Youtube but it was performed in the Sirius radio studios and only they have access to it.  Give it a listen as a lesser known Beatles track off of Revolver.

I probably wouldn’t be making this post if I didn’t already hear the Shins cover Panic by The Smiths. You can find it on Spotify but it’s not on YouTube so your going to have to do some active searching on your part if you want to hear it. Here’s the original song which I’m sure you’ve never heard.

In terms of music, I know I don’t listen to the same music most people do. This post though outlines 3 of my favorite bands to listen to. The Shins, The Smiths, and The Beatles. Apparently to be liked by me you have to be The “…”. The Beatles and Smiths are no longer producing music so it’s cool to me to have another band I like covering their music. James Mercer and the Shins deserve a lot of credit for the release of Heartworms which was released this year. After 5 years of taking time off, The Shins started where they left off. Give the 11 tracks a listen and I believe you’ll agree.

25 May, 2017

The Best Character On A TV Series

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Step away Omar. Move over Walter White. No one really likes Jon Snow. V.A Varga is the best character on a TV Series.

Did I even remember his name was V.A Varga? No. It was mentioned in an earlier episode and you can be certain it’s an alias. If you have no idea who I’m referring to, which I’m guessing is everyone except for Jordan, he is the head honcho villain in Fargo on FX. Varga is played by David Thewlis who played Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies.

Fargo is in its 3rd season and I’m amazed at how few people are watching. It’s attention to detail, camera angles, thoughtfulness into every scene is unmatched. It is on par with Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and the Wire on my personal enjoyment meter. To give you an idea of how I rate shows, I prefer the turns and twists over the flash. So a show like Game of Thrones, as much as I like Tyrion & LittleFinger, is more a spectacle than a mind game. Fargo delivers on many fronts specifically with V.A Varga.

Last night’s episode was brilliant in the scene where Varga walks in with Stussy when the police were questioning him. It’s watching an amateur handle a situation with a professional stepping in. You can tell that in every scene Varga is in, the producers are putting the utmost effort in making him appear as a highly intellectual human being. The bulimia and chomping on that steel pick throws me off a bit but I’m sure it’ll be intertwined. Here’s to many more episodes of awesome Varga scenes.

I’ll also note that as much as I liked the 1st season of Fargo, the 2nd season was a step back. This season has me intrigued again and I like Ewan McGregor playing both brothers (for a while). I also see him turning to the dark side as the series progresses. Sy is amusing but I don’t see him making it through. Gloria is the name of the police woman and I see her and Varga battling it out until the end. Good stuff all around.

24 May, 2017

First Ever Blog Post

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If you saw my last post and got to the end, you’d see a sweet green backdrop, white title, and black text against it. High end shit. Moving forward I’m going to be using the Avada editor to build posts and you’ll see more sweet shit. My next step will be getting this site to its own dedicated server. The speed is unbearable for me and this can be improved by getting off of a HostMonster server filled with thousands of other shitheads. It will cost me a few more bucks but it’ll be worth it. With all of these fantastic steps forward, I wanted to bring back the very first post I ever wrote back in 2008. I’ll comment on it further in a subsequent post but all I can say is myself at 25 was pretty annoyed with life, an alcoholic, and gambled over his head. Some things haven’t changed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life Rant

First and last post.

Let’s starts with the small stuff that bothers me the most.

The songs on the radio give me a migraine. Currently I had “So What”, “Paper Planes”, “One step at a time”, and anything else that gets played hundreds of times a day. The only good stations are lucy and ethel with a mix of deep tracks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then get out of the stone age and buy Sirius/Xm. You are doing a disservice to your life by letting the radio brainwash you with their ads.

I find it funny people compare Pandora as a substitue to Satelite radio. After 2 hours of listening to a particular artists, you’ve exhausted 75% of the songs. I pick Paul Simon and I get Carly Simon. Plus it only gives you a certain amount of skips which only pisses off the listener.

So the radio bothers me in my car but of course driving is a whole other issue. Whenever I drive down manayunk ave I get stuck behind a septa bus. They are so wide and make driving hazardous plus they stop every block. And when I get on ridge I find the one trash truck that also has to stop every few seconds. Traffic is always backed up in the morning where ridge moves onto kelly. Then there are two protruding manholes which blow up tires and are impossible to avoid.

Once I get over the driving crisis each morning I like to engage in the financial crisis. It used to be that if the DOW moved 200 points people would be wondering what the hell is happening. Now a 200 point swing is tranquilty. People are so frightened with the money that is disappearing out of their 401k’s and their mutual funds that Chaos has ensued. I have gotten numb to the point that I just figure i’m somewhat young and hopefully this will pass. Although I certainly don’t expect it to fly by.

My computer has gone hay-wire. My pokeroffice has stopped responding due to a javalanchermachineerror and my outlook one day decided to stop sending emails. I think it’s time that I uninstall aim due to the fact if I deleted everyone I still talk to I’d be talking to myself (hence the blog).

And when all this gets mushed into a 5 day workweek, it makes me want to get smashed to the point of oblivion. Which obviously just exacerbates the situation. People held accountable for things you can’t remember doesn’t seem fair, however let me tell you certainly is true. Being drunk has lost me so many dollars that I probably wouldn’t have to save for retirement anymore. So pretty much every Monday morning I wake up feeling awful, extremely dehydrated from Sunday drinking (obviously) and thinking that I can’t believe I have to do it all over again.


24 May, 2017

My Friend Ck4

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Man Hits Drive 2 Total Yards!

Yesterday I left work at 2:45 to meet up with CK4 for a round of golf at Lederach. I’m going to combine our enjoying round of golf with important facets of life that come with a lifelong friendship. Also, I don’t know if anyone else enjoys being mentioned in more than Chad.

I’ll start by thanking Jeff for giving me the opportunity to play golf on days like these. We are lucky to be able to cover the office as long as one of us stays behind, and we do a decent job of switching this on and off.

The traffic was bad on 76 (what else is new). It seems like no matter what time you leave, you hit 76 traffic. It took me a bit over an hour to navigate to Harleysville. I paid the $40 and Chad and I were sent off the back 9. I started off hitting one off to the right but catching the fairway. Chad managed to top a drive that had so much top spin that it landed behind him, then rolled forward about 2 feet. He breakfasted 1 and then fired one up the chute in the miraculous ways of Ck4.

As much as I’d like to detail every shot, I’ll give a few of the finer examples of the round.

  • Lederach from the blues is a 6600+ course. Our 3rd hole was a 600+ par 5. Chad and I both crushed drives. I hit a 3 wood on the screws and then a flush 6 iron and was still 15 yards short.
  • Our 4th hole, the severe dogleg leg is the perfect example of a hole that can destroy an unknowing golfer (Ck4). I hit a nice 3 wood off the tee and Chad used his driver to hit one left in the woods. Now he had to drop on a sidehill lie and before he hit that shot I thought to myself, “please, please, take this shot seriously and make sure you punch out effectively to the fairway. Much to my dismay the sidehill lie ruined his shot and he plunked it back into the woods about 15 yards to blow up the hole.
  • On the 6th hole CK4 managed to hit his ball into this bizarro sand trap that engulfed his ball. Picture to follow.

The rest of the round was fun and CK4 recovered from a high scoring front 9 to beat me by 2 on the back.  I finished with a 94 and with 2 triples and a +5, it was easily the best round of my year.

When Chad and I were living in Manayunk, we’d go golfing all the time together. Since he got married and moved to the burbs we still get together but it’s no where near seeing the person every day. It’s why I make it a point to take time out of my life to stay connected to my friends. When I was leaving work I thought to myself, “I have a lot going on with work, but this is more important.” Chad and I have been friends since Elementary school and we have a lot of trust in our friendship. There isn’t much off the table when we get to talking and we both know that we stand by each other unmistakably. Our lives take different paths but it’s great to get together and catch up over a round of golf. I’m sure he enjoys it as much as I do.

 Learn More About White Stakes

If you’ve read this far about my golf round with CK4, I’ll throw in one more golf tidbit. Chad and I play golf by the rules. Golfers who don’t play often don’t know the rules about white stakes. White stakes are out of bounds. Generally when you are completely off the course, you’ll see white. People’s houses. Across streets. Other property that isn’t the golf course. Red stakes are usually when your still on the course, just OB. When you hit past the white stakes, you are automatically fucking yourself. It’s like adding 2 strokes to your score immediately and playing for double bogey. What people who don’t play a lot of golf don’t understand is that you do whatever it takes to stay away from white stakes. The penalty is too severe. I’m genuinely upset when people hit it out of bounds for 2 reasons: 1) I don’t want to be the one to deliver the bad news if they think they can take stroke and distance 2) It produces high scores and high scores usually lead to less fun. Just wanted to point this out to the general public.

23 May, 2017

Rolling Into The Finals

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I’m not going to hold the suspense of our bowling playoff match…we won.

Snaking Back Monday got off to a slow start losing game 1. It’s hard to explain how this happens but we had 3 opens in our first 4 bowlers. Without putting any blame on any one individual, I was 100% the reason we lost game 1. I rolled a 158 while the rest of the team was around their average. I flat out wasn’t putting strikes on strikes and I missed a 7 pin. Inexcusable performance.

Game 2 was all my brother. Sam carried the team on his back with a well timed 269. The other team came back down to Earth during this game as well and we ended up winning by 50 pins. I’ll note that I threw a 3rd frame, first ball gutter, that cost me many pins and thankfully didn’t suck the wind out of our sails.

Game 3 was for all the marbles and a spot in the finals. Obviously this was crunch time as this 1 game was going to determine our fate. Fortunately for us, we didn’t win the game as much as the other team lost it. Don’t get me wrong, we bowled well, but the other team caked their pants. I stomped their will with a final game 239 and the team did its part in the providing full support. Strong final game by the Wevs and and we’re anticipating the Weens to be brought back to life in the finals. Positive thinking.

I welcome all blog readers to support us in the finals on Monday6/5 at 6:30 pm. Everyone is encouraged to show up as a cheering section will hopefully spook the other team. Home field advantage means a lot and I’m sure we’ll buy plenty of drinks with our winnings from the 31 week season.