30 Jan, 2018

Is Honesty The Best Policy?

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After reading Ray Dalio’s Principles (technically I have 75 pages left)((you see how this works)), I came away with a key concept that is “radical transparency” and “total honesty”. It means exactly what it says, you are wide open about precisely what you are thinking. You’d be surprised at how often you water down how you speak to people, or not even tell the truth. An example:

“I lost $500 in online blackjack”
Nice: You’ll get em’ next time,
Honest: Why the fuck are you playing online blackjack?

Now you’ll notice how the first option doesn’t make you come across like a douchebag. The 2nd option makes people start to question if they even want to hang around with you. That’s the beauty though, you don’t want to hang around with the people from group 2 either!

Here’s another example of when you learn if people can take it.  If I was being civil I’d ask Sam, “why haven’t you bought a bowling ball bag?” If I was being honest I’d say, “what the fuck are you waiting for?” I haven’t brought this up to Sam though because it doesn’t concern me. Being a part of my family though, I wonder why it takes 2 weeks to replace an item that is used on a weekly basis that you spilled some car oil into. It’s an indicator of initiative. Storm bag.

What’s fun is that you learn who can handle the concept and react to it with the same type of, I’ll call it humor, right back at you. Then you start to understand that you can be honest in this manner and it makes the relationship that much stronger. I’m not here to beat around the bush. I can see your fluff and I don’t like it. The question, “how are you doing” with the answer “I’m fine” is disgusting. If that’s all you’ve got, you should be happy to walk through life in a zombie like trance before you perish 6 feet under.

I know for a fact that I’m going to be wrong most of the time. HOWEVA (Adam used this over the weekends so I’m stealing it), I’ll flat out tell you that I can be wrong instead of telling you I’m going to be right. I want to be known as that person who will tell you what they think and not what you want to hear. HOWEVA , there is a tact to honesty and relationships. I’m not telling you to go up to your co-worker and tell them their suit makes them look overweight because they are overweight. It’s not that honesty. It’s being able to judge who your talking to so that you can relate on their level and do what’s appropriate which may be listening while they educate you. It’s not a science and it isn’t learned overnight. It’s a practice that continuously gets refined.

So when someone asks me how I’m doing, I’m responding like this:
“My problem, I don’t know, I don’t have a problem. Actually I have the opposite of a problem, I made over 550k last year. No, it’s not about money, but for me, it’s a little bit about money, and I made that much money last year. I am the VP of the biggest executive helicopter leasing company on this side of the Western Seaboard. I haven’t had a carb since 2004. See these boys? This is what I live with. Everyday I lather this up with Keihl’s in the shower. You want to touch these? Not gonna happen.

29 Jan, 2018

How To Stay Single

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I’m not sure this needs a lead in but I’ll give some context. I went to the Sugarhouse on Friday, was the super drank maniac, and got lucky in a key hand and ended up walking away with $1,900 for a $1,200 profit. I had 3k+ at one point. I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket. So Saturday came and Evan and I were shooting some pool at Las Vegas Lounge and decided to see Go Go Gadget at the Fieldhouse. It was crowded and the girl to guy ratio was off the map for a band which I’ve seen before from that place. After a few shots of Fireball, I was feeling pretty good and the crowd is always into the band. I ended up finding this girl who was DTF, pretty good looking with a hot body. This is what I remember at least, who knows for sure. So she was more aggro than me in this situation as I’m looking around and no one else is getting down on the dance floor. Somewhere along the line we parted ways, I think she left, and she tried calling me in the middle of the night a few times which I missed either purposely or accidentally. Here was the conversation the next day.

The girl was nice from what I remember. I sort of remember thinking she had to have been bat shit crazy but I liked her at the time. Who would have thought a simple misunderstanding and a bad joke could derail a situation so quickly. Oh well. Plenty of fish in the sea.

26 Jan, 2018

Jemele Hill Shitcanned From Sportscenter 6

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Best news I’ve heard all day. It has nothing to do with her calling Trump a “White Supremacist”. It has nothing to do with her race. It has nothing to do with her gender. She is the worst person I’ve ever seen on TV doing sports.

When I get home from work I’ll put on Highly Questionable, Around the Horn, and Pardon the Interruption as background for whatever I’m doing. I don’t actively watch them, but they are on. I have not watched 1 second of Sportscenter at 6. So how I can know that I hate Jemele when I haven’t watched a second of her programming? I can’t. It’s close minded and ignorant, but I’m 100% sure I’m right.

I went to YouTube and put in Jemele Hill and this video came up:

WHY IS SHE WEARING A TUPAC SHIRT! This type of shit is what I found in 2 seconds of searching. Do you ever see Kornheiser or Wilbon with a statement shirt? She’s radical in her opinions without earning the right to be radical. My issue is this, Sportscenter at 6 has to be one of the more watched Sportcenters, you’d think they’d put out their #1 ranked reporter and they chose Jemele. Who? The woman who co-hosted His and Hers. I have never heard of that show. What did she do in her background that got her position? Nothing. She got the position because ESPN was targeting an audience and thought she’d fit the bill even though was completely under-qualified for it. That’s why I don’t like her…without knowing any reason why I don’t like her. Can anyone add any further evidence to my state of mind or am I off base here?

24 Jan, 2018

Worth Watching Depositions

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I’ve been reading lately and that takes more time than watching TV, so I haven’t been blogging. Not an excuse, just what it is.

I do come across some hilarious videos though that are worth sharing. I know it’s not the nuts and bolts of the blog, but entertaining nonetheless.

Bill Gates Deposition

Justin Bieber Deposition

Lil Wayne Deposition

Robin Thicke Deposition

Tupac Deposition

23 Jan, 2018

I Want To Go To The MOON!

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I almost feel that the sub-titles are made up but it’s hilarious. Stop investing in Shit Coins!

This guy is the happiest guy on Earth in November until…Bitconnect suspended all trading last week.

Also a funny video about Bitcoin:

19 Jan, 2018

Old Poll Results

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I see my poll is bombing. Apparently people are either at work or too much of a pussy to click on a choice about such a sensitive topic. This was the first poll I’ve taken since October and it made me take a look at my  list of other polls. Most polls die a few days after they are released but certain posts continued to get votes which I found exciting. Here are two that continue to get action.

Cleavage or Underboob?


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Hottest Spice Girl?

Who is the hottest Spice Girl?

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Scary Spice with the most votes?!?!

18 Jan, 2018

Remembering Good Humans (They Are Still Alive)

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Maureen Welsh – I can’t remember if it was Welsh or Welch. We were in 2nd grade art class, near Valentine’s day, and we had to cut out hearts. You would fold the construction paper in half, draw the heart on the half, cut it out, and then you’d do whatever the project was with the hearts. Problem was 2 fold 1) I couldn’t draw the heart 2) I couldn’t cut it out. Before I go into the conclusion, I hated art class and Mrs. Hunter. She called every kid Henry of Henrietta. Don’t you think that’s confusing? Now my art skills are minimal and maybe non-existent. Every project I ever did would go into the trash can. We’re talking my mom would draw all my assignments. Anyway, I started to cry like a little bitch because I couldn’t draw the heart right and my cutting skills were that of a kindergartner. Maureen was probably the most athletic girl in the class and held some artistic skills so she did it for me. It was extremely nice and looking back I’m glad she did. It saved me from being scarred for life.

Steve Emanuelson – I’ve shared this story before but I was 2 years or so out of college and I went to visit Jeff for the weekend. We started off the day slamming some beers and then decided to play basketball. I must have used my old student ID to get into Trees on a Saturday. There were many players there like usual and we called the next game. Once the game ended and we were supposed to be on, there started to get some confusion on who was the next team. Being an outsider, I didn’t really have much say but Steve and Jeff were forming it. I started to get the feeling that I was going to be the 6th man but Steve stepped up, commanded the group, and made sure I was on the team. There is rarely a worse feeling than being left off of a 5 man team when you’re the 6th guy because your chance of playing again with your friends is 0. Steve didn’t let anyone else join the team when I’m sure there were better choices than an out of town, drunk, friend of his brother’s. Still don’t forget it.

Ed McGrath – Freshman year of college is a tough time for some. It’s your first time away from home and making friends isn’t as easy for everyone. Ed was someone who I went to high school with so I knew him. This was before the age of cell phone’s I should add. Ed was pretty popular because he smoked cigarettes in the ash tray and got invited to all the parties. I was in Tower B and he was in Tower A. As he developed friends on his floor in Tower A, I was stuck with my poindexter roommate who would secretly jerk off when I went to sleep. I never actually caught him doing it but I was happy when that year ended. On the weekends I would not want to stay in and I didn’t have a great enough grasp on friends yet to get invited anywhere. Well, Ed would actually call me up on the Tower phone and tell me to meet him and whoever to head to the party. Huge social favor. Still won’t forget it. I remember one time I went solo to a Pitt game, made some random friend on the bus, then hung out with him and his two other friends during the game. Really weird. Times were different back then.

Exactly like this.

Paul Long – Not sure why all of these are coming college but Paul was the one who drove me to the foot doctor in Pittsburgh after I got frostbite on my foot. Paul and I were friends, but it was mainly friends through friends so not super close. In college not that many people had cars, and I had crutches so public transportation would have been tough. Paul volunteered to take me to the foot specialist. I have to imagine no one reading this blog has ever gotten frostbite before. It’s actually quite scary because you start thinking that they’ll have to amputate your foot. The foot starts getting really purple. I’m talking scary purple. Then it starts to turn into this one massive blister. So after the initial visit to the hospital where they give you crutches and some bandages, you have to schedule a visit to see a specialist. The specialist sees this huge pussed up foot, starts to cut the skin off, then gives you some cream to help it heal. I was lucky that my foot didn’t have to get chopped. Paul was a friend who came to the rescue in a delicate time and I won’t forget that.

Here’s the full story written in 2012. (7 years after the event which still would make details not as exact as they probably were)

I ended up finding a post I wrote in 2009 which was pretty good too.

I didn’t do anything stupid in all of high school, didn’t even take a sip of beer. Second week of college when I was 17 I got my first underage after doing 5 beer bongs (total light weight) and stumbled into a cop. Only person to get a citation. I got frostbite after getting hammered and taking off my shoe to climb a fence on the coldest day of the year (long story with foggy details). I was driven home in the paddy wagon one night. I received a public drunkenness the night I faceplanted into the sidewalk. 

I got caught pissing by the cops next to a wall at 3 in the morning when I decided to make a run for it. I ran up a hill in manayunk for about 800 yards before I got exhausted. I stopped in the middle of the street, saw the paddy wagon behind me, and turned around and put my hands behind my back. They took me in where I acted like a badass telling them I was getting my lawyer and they slammed me in the wall and let me go. I still got a citation for public drunkenness. I had a standoff where I climbed a fence to the post office and police were on the other side telling me to come back. The only thing I remember is climbing back over saying “I’m going to tear my sac.” Fortunately, I was released with no problems. Final things, Yes I’ve patted Samuel Dalembert on the back and yes I’ve asked Freddie Mitchell if the 4th and 26th was the greatest play of his career (obviously). I don’t even want to get into AC or strip club stories. 

17 Jan, 2018

Finally Healthy

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Unrelated Gif but thought it was funny.

It took about 4 months and now I can say that after today’s workout that I’m finally fully healthy. After going all out on the track some afternoon in September, the following day my knee started bother me. It didn’t hurt at all after I was finished the workout, but I when I tried to go for a jog the following day, I couldn’t. I tried to push through and pain was too severe. It messed with my walking and ability to climb stairs. Then my golf game wasn’t right because I couldn’t put proper weight on my knee. Around Thanksgiving we played the McGraths in bball and I was able to move ok, but I couldn’t go all out because it felt like it would give completely. At that point in time I was able to use the treadmill but couldn’t run on the black top. I wasn’t sure what was taking so long to recover.

Over the next 6 weeks I got back to using the treadmill to regain the fitness that I had lost after that one fateful day in September. I could tell I was still pushing the knee through that time period but I didn’t get the feeling that any part of it was going to pop. I’m sure that bowling prolonged the recovery time.

After this week’s series of workouts, which were 5 day’s straight and 8 of the last 9 days, I can say I’m back to full strength. I’ve had injuries throughout my life and I’d go as far to say as they are unavoidable as you age. I can’t explain why my knee started hurting other than it was overworked. It was a complete non-contact injury. They are annoying and a 4 month recovery time seems absurd to me but I think those are the breaks. I’m happy to be out from under it and will move forward. No real point to this post other than sharing the experience and working through pain.

17 Jan, 2018

Keeping An Open Mind

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The more life you experience, the more you know nothing. I’m reading Principles by Ray Dalio and a main principle is to keep an open mind which is hard to do. Ask yourself when you make decisions how you are arriving at them? Are you going off of instinct? Are you conferring with experts? When I’m betting a football game do I think I “know” what is going to happen or do I drunkenly throw money at the game.

I am a big advocate of the Win Friends and Influence People book and with that you learn the golden rule. It provides thoughts to understanding and communicating with other people. That book, along with these Principles, are laying groundwork for my involvement with human beings throughout my life. Win Friends was written in the 1930’s. Principles in 2017. A lot happened between these years to allow new literature to provide deeper insight. Evolution is the key to life and you should be continuously looking to evolve by gathering new information.

Knowing your weaknesses is essential to building. Keeping an open mind will help you learn from other people. This idea starts getting fogged up when you are told all your life to be decisive and a wrong decision is better than a no decision. Now you have this billionaire hedge fund operator who has traveled the world, had conversations with world leaders, and used every instrument at his fingertips telling you that being relentlessly truthful, and getting as much info as possible is a true principle to a fulfilling life. Sheesh. What’s a normal person supposed to do these days?

As I plow through the book, for some reason World War II started to interest me. This is probably completely off topic but I wouldn’t be surprised if the book triggered a thought in my head. Last night I read the entire Wiki page on WWII and it starts to make sense why so many Europeans speak English. It’s not like we, along with Britain, Russia, and China, didn’t influence the upbringing of many cultures after it ended in 1945.  You’d think there’d be tremendous disdain for the USA.

I further thought about the 2 A-bombs that forced Japan to surrender and wondered why on Earth a Japanese man wouldn’t hold a grudge against an American. It’s not like I dropped the bomb, but my country did, and now they look at us and Donald Trump is our President?!? I’m not sure why I hadn’t really looked at it this way before. I think my thought process was “it was in the past”. I’m learning that the past is a good place to visit in order to understand the future.

Then I started getting interested in Vietnam and the Cold War because it became quite apparent to me that even though I may have learned bits and pieces about them in school, I really knew nothing. It got me to thinking that I’m reading a USA Wiki page and I have to imagine the history of this war is completely different in Vietnam. With all this swirling in my head I started to tire of the activity. I came to the conclusion that history repeats itself, people are still the same, and I’m a privileged white dude who didn’t have to fight in any of these wars.

Why is that whatever I feel like is at the end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight? I have near zero problems. I have money. I have shelter. I have good health. I have weaknesses like gambling and alcohol but even if I corrected them I’d be asking, now what? I’ll add that this isn’t depression. This is a realistic look at what the fuck is actually happening. People 100 years ago didn’t have the internet to gain this type of worldly view from their desk chair. We are evolved and it’s scary to think how quickly we’ll be teleporting to work instead of driving. What to do. What to do.

15 Jan, 2018

Extrasensory Perception

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I don’t believe in psychics. The idea of people being able to predict what is going to happen to you is nonsense. If what they knew was so valuable, they would use it on themselves.

I am a believer in people’s brains being able to communicate with unspoken word. When two people start singing the same part of the same song at the same time. When you get a phone call from someone who you were just thinking about. It’s hard to explain because it doesn’t happen often but I had the oddest example happen to me today.

I was shipping a package and when the weather gets cold, the tape doesn’t stick right. So I started thinking about our packaging, and I thought about our boxes, and it struck me that the box salesman hadn’t contacted us in a while. Then I thought that it must be pretty boring being a box salesman, but it synced up with his personality. I couldn’t remember the last time we placed an order for boxes. I knew it was a while and he’d be following up shortly. Lo and behold, I got an email today at 3:38pm today from the box guy.

Now this could simply be that he was alerted in his CRM to contact us. Most likely that’s what it was. It’s unbelievable to me that box man would contact me on the same exact day I thought about him. Probably haven’t thought about our box situation, or him, in 4 months and the day I do, he contacts. Unreal.

This scenario also came hand in hand with the crossword puzzle I did today was asking for ESP as the answer. I couldn’t remember if it was ESP or EPS and then I remember the Mean Girls joke was ESPN which confused me more because why would you just add an N to something that was already right? Should I be expecting a call from Amanda Seyfried? Let’s cross our fingers.

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