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28 Sep, 2017

Re-Visiting College

By | 2017-09-28T09:58:03+00:00 September 28th, 2017|My Brain|2 Comments

College is a shelter. You don’t realize it while you’re in it, but once you leave for 12 years and gain real life experience, you recognize it for what it is.

These next few days I’m at Cornell University for a slate conference. I had a few minutes to explore and I’m a minority as a 33 year old white male. If you’re a white student here, you’re the minority. I looked at the acceptance rate of Cornell and it was 14%. Combine that with the fact that the school has a 5 billion dollar endowment and you have an elite Ivy league university.

What I see being a decade removed from college is a lot of young people being told that getting their education will help them succeed. I call bullshit. Being a poindexter doesn’t equate to real life success. Being able to talk to another human about their life experiences has far more creedence than learning how to design a program to shoot a rocket into space. Coming back to a college feels like I’m living in a bubble.

I imagine that’s mostly my viewpoint as I hardly use any skills I learned in college. I also think it comes from learning more out of books that I read that out of school that have had far more value in my life. Knowing the equilibrium point of the supply and demand curve has 0 use to me. Knowing how to calm someone down and solving their problem as a consumer isn’t taught at school. It’s learned from real world experience. My perception as I walk around this campus is a lot of young people going through the motion of education. I’m sure they’ll be well off at the end of their lives with 4 years of this studious program. However, recognize that I’m walking around one of the most prestigious universities in our country. What about the other 95% of university students who compete with these nerds?

I can’t offer a solution here. On one hand, teaching humans more than they most likely need to know is helpful. These students have the opportunity of a lifetime with all the resources at their fingertips. There just seems to me to be a disconnect between what is learned in school and what applies in real life. The world doesn’t care that you have a degree from Cornell and earned straight A’s. It cares how resourceful and quick thinking you are in whatever situation you are in. For some reason, being on this campus isn’t making me that these kids are coming out with all the right skills.

26 Sep, 2017

This Will Make Laura Cry

By | 2017-09-26T19:55:54+00:00 September 26th, 2017|My Brain|1 Comment

For some reason I remembered when Howard Stern asked Jerry Seinfeld if he was afraid to die and Jerry was like “no”. That’s probably the best mentality to take when aging because death is inevitable. I look at people know who I’m older than and think, “when did that happen?” Do I wish I was young again? The answer is no. I’m a part of this life exactly like you are part of this life and we all go through it our own way. The shared image above definitely strikes a chord with me though. It’s essentially answering this paragraph.

25 Sep, 2017

A Profitable Weekend

By | 2017-09-25T13:30:12+00:00 September 25th, 2017|Fantasy|0 Comments

Aside from going 5-10 in a Pick Em’, not against the spread, I had a pretty good weekend. I played some 1-2 at Sugarhouse on Friday and ended up winning about $500. I was in for $700, so walking out with $1,200 felt pretty good. The next night I broke even in Pai Gow, lost $150 in Blackjack, and then bought into 1-2 again. In similar fashion, I was in for about $500 and walked out about with $1,000. For the amount of money I tip to servers and dealers, I should probably have another $200 in my wallet. Either way it was profitable. Without elaborating much on the session, people look at me as a drunk, loose cannon who is capable of showing up with any 2. This tends to throw them off their games whereas this literally is my game. I get killed in games where people are coming over the top of my loose opens and it causes me to tighten up and essentially be a losing player. In these smaller games, people just let me rule the roost and I win the most pots and show down well when I get my money in.

I also managed to post a win in Draftkings for the first time this year. Sure it was only $30 but at least it was a winning week. I will be going 3-1 in fantasy and a shot at 4-0 if Witten drops less than 4. Combine that with a 3-0 NFL week for 20 units to make up for some goon texting me Eastern Micigan on Saturday and the account is juicing. Going to make a play tonight for at least 10 units and I’m leaning towards the Cards if anyone cares.

I’ll be heading away for a large part of this week so there’s a chance this is the last post until next Monday. We’ll see.

22 Sep, 2017

A Reprieve From the Gambling Gods

By | 2017-09-22T10:57:53+00:00 September 22nd, 2017|Fantasy, Sports|2 Comments

There is no better feeling than thinking you’re busto and then looking in your gambling account to see money. What happened? Did Bovada make a mistake? Why are the gambling gods allowing me to continue? This new found money feels like funny money. If you have never bet, you wouldn’t know that the worst feeling in gambling is depositing. First of all your account says 0 which is bad. Plus, every time you deposit you get hit with fees that you know is wasted money. Then there is this other feeling that you know you are going to lose the money. I have 0 expectation when I make a deposit that I’m going to cash out. I gamble not to win money, but for entertainment. If I can make $100 last a month, I’m happy. I get all of the entertainment and the chance of running up a roll.

Here is my gambling log for the football season:

It says I’m down 3.76 units from 10, but I still have 7.5 units in my account so I may have missed a bet or two. Either way, this post is created because I forgot I put a bet on the Lions on Friday night for Monday. I have no clue why I would do that but when I checked this morning, I had 7.5 units of gambling dollars. Each unit is 10 bucks but we like to sound like we know what we are talking about talking in units (we is Adam and I can’t think of 1 other person I talk about betting games with). A unit is $10. I must have been reading Evan Silva’s blog and it clicked in my brain to bet on the Lions. It’s so weird because I rarely ever put a bet in days before. What if I wanted to use that money for another game on Friday night or Saturday? It honestly feels like a mistake. 100% Rob Kelley will favorite this post on Twitter.

22 Sep, 2017

Helping Out

By | 2017-09-22T09:38:08+00:00 September 22nd, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

Yesterday I was approached by 2 kids about 12 years old. The one kid looked kind of nerdy with glasses (he was holding a binder) and the other kid was a slimmed down Terio. I was getting out of my car and heading to my house when the kid said, “can we talk to you for a quick second.” I knew they were raising money and I wanted to start running down the street, but stayed to listen. The one kid starts rambling about a newspaper and how $20 (it was actually $19.97) gets him 14 points. I was on a time frame so I could only listen to this kid babble for long, so I looked in my wallet and only had 20’s. My brain started working and reasoning that asking these two youngsters for change didn’t make sense because they needed the money more than I did. I gave them the $20, signed their loose leaf, extremely unofficial paper, and walked away. Whether that money went to a newspaper or crack, I have no idea.

I know it sucks to be a door to door salesman. I’ve done this in my own capacity selling tools. You can walk into a place that won’t give you the time of day let alone purchase a product from you. It’s not fun. Unless people help you out, you get the feeling that it’s hopeless. I wanted to instill the feeling of hope in humanity by giving these kids money.

After this interaction took place, it reminded me of the dinner we had last week when our family was discussing donating and how I had no intention of giving to hurricane Irma victims. Others around the table said they gave a nominal amount or they were planning to and I post this question: “Did you donate to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico? Or do you only donate to victims in the USA?

These are the types of scenarios that people are good at justifying in their head that what they are doing makes them feel better about them self. “I’m happy to donate to victims of this country, but that’s where I draw the line.” Sam made a good example that people in China eat dogs on a national holiday. This is their culture. To us we think it’s an absurd and cruel notion to eat a dog, but we’re perfectly justified in eating a cow. It doesn’t make sense. Everyone creates their own mentality and lives by it.

For me, giving $20 dollars to 2 kids serves a better function than giving $20 to the Red Cross in a natural disaster that is going to require billions to fix. I wasn’t thinking about writing this post when I gave $20 to brag to everyone how generous I am. My mind brings me to the conclusion that these 2 kids can use $20 more than I can. Whereas with Irma, my $20 will be lost in the shuffle. I helped 2 kids instead of buying 50 people a water bottle, giving 3% to the processing company I donated to, and giving whatever amount to the thieves at Red Cross. It’s possible those two kids spent my money on Purple Drank (I’ve been watching Power), but in my mind, it feels better.


20 Sep, 2017

FAAB Action

By | 2017-09-20T08:48:08+00:00 September 20th, 2017|Fantasy|1 Comment

Without a doubt, utilizing your free auction dollars in fantasy football can be an edge. I’ll add too that if the league is still using rolling waivers, it’s an inferior way of justice towards who gets the player. Let’s look at a few bids by people in my leagues this week and i’ll throw around my opinion because I can.

Evan’s League

  • Chris Thompson was won by a bid of $15, while Sam and I bid $5. This back field is unclear with Rob Kelley being bad and Thompson producing. $15 seems like a reasonable price to pay for a position that seems exceptionally hard to fill these days.
  • I bid $8 on JJ Nelson and Evan bid $4. This is where Evan’s bid of $56 for Tarik Cohen leaves him out of the running. If John Brown continues to ail, and there’s no reason to think otherwise, I like JJ’s potential. I also have no idea how no one else in the league thought of putting in a bid for a guy who just went for 120 and 2. If I really thought a defense had a PREMIUM matchup, I may bid $6. However, there is no reason to think that Eli can’t burn the Eagles.

  • Alex bid $6 for the Eagles D and Evan bid $2. Streaming defenses is a good strategy, but spending this much on the Eagles doesn’t make much sense.
  • Jason Witten for $14 and…. there was 1 bid for 0. Overpaid for a TE where you can find a streamer option every week.

Alex’s League

  • A player not only dropped Chris Hogan, but they won a bid for JJ Nelson for $25. Sheesh on all fronts.
  • This same player spend $25 for Jermaine Kearse and the next bid was $5. Sheesh.
  • Jason Witten went for $22. Ed Dickson will replace Olsen and could have been gotten as an FA. Witten will regress.
  • The Eagles and the Falcons D’s were picked up for $14 and $10 respectively. I don’t get it but the same player who bid $6 in the other league, bid $14 here. Confusing.
  • Marlon Mack was also released, who after spending the day with Bud (who has way more knowledge on upcoming player than any normal human should), will be bid on by me.

Steve’s League

  • This is an old waiver system but I was in the 3 spot and got Chris Carson. Shout out to Adam for having him the week before in Evan’s league.
19 Sep, 2017

When the Premium Pops

By | 2017-09-19T18:07:25+00:00 September 19th, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

With Jeff and I running the business, it would be damaging if one of us were to get into an accident. This being a major concern to my father, he wanted me to get life insurance. I had no problem with this.

I went online and typed in “life insurance” and went with the cheapest option from a name I recognized, State Farm. You fill out an application and they sell you on the cheapest policy based on the way you answer questions. They have someone call you and ask a few more questions and set up a physical. I took the physical 2 weeks ago and had high blood pressure on the 3 readings. 160 over 100. I was coming down with the flu but I’m not sure that had any effect on my blood pressure. It doesn’t really matter as I got a call from the agent saying he wanted to meet. I didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t send the documents electronically and me e-sign them so I had a sneaking suspicion something was bad on the blood work.

He let me know that the policy had changed (codename for increased premium) and he wanted me to come in after I resisted a second time. I went today to Lancaster Ave where I was the only white person on the block and was wondering how well life insurance policies sell around this area. I told the agent that I didn’t have a lot of time and to cut to the chase. He had a sealed envelope with my physical results that he didn’t seem anxious to let me see. He told me I was a level 6 (out of 40) and my premium was going to be $1,500 when it was originally quoted at $300. I said, “enough’s enough, let me see the results.” I scan through them and all is perfectly fine (I tested negative for cocaine and Aids) but had high blood pressure as I already knew. At this point I was pretty pissed off because he made me come into the jungle to tell me that all I needed to do was have the doctor re-test my blood pressure. Then he starts asking me about my car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance like a typical insurance scum bag. I know he’s just doing his job but this was his main reason for having me come in. I left telling him that he had about a 0% chance of getting any business from me and now I know I’m going to have to deal with his follow ups. This went hand in hand with some FedEx rep looking to set up a meeting with 3 people. 3 people! I’m thinking that I know she’s love to spend her days traveling around and shaking hands, but I’ve got better things to do. Sales people know other sales people.

17 Sep, 2017

Bovada’s “Reward” System

By | 2017-09-17T09:32:18+00:00 September 17th, 2017|My Brain|0 Comments

Adelaide Bird

I had $100 bucks on Gennady Golovkin last night, that if it wasn’t for a scumbag judge named Adelaide Bird, I would be the proud owner of $62.50. The 3 judges scorecards were 113-115 GGG, 114-114 Draw, 118-110 Alvarez. The first decision was a close one for GGG, the next an even fight, and the final is a wildly outrageous, decisive winner for Alvarez. 2 judges see close fights and the other a blowout. My best guess is that a mobster / promoter put a gun to her head and said Alvarez is winning. Why you wouldn’t make it less obvious would sort of defeat my thinking, but that’s possibly why it looked this way. I fully expected to lose the $100 the same way you would in soccer, but turns out it was a PUSH. I got my $100 back and was ready to put it to some NFL action.

While I was looking around my Bovada account, I noticed I had $16 of rewards to claim.

I redeemed the $16 dollars which didn’t go to my money account, but to the bonus funds that currently says $150 (it moved to $166). The bonus details had their own page on how to clear it with its own progress bar. Notice the “Total Balance” is $248, which in reality is $98 REAL money in there. I can’t tell you how fucked up it is that it says $248 when you start to understand how hard it is to get the $150. This actually tilts me because when I’m betting a game with $100 in the account, it makes me think I have $250, and I will spend more than I should.

Back to clearing the bonus. This is the table that shows how much % of each spin goes to the bonus.

Best way to get the bonus is to play slots. I started off in Caesars Empire where I was playing $.20 spins. I won a big 60x ($12.00) early on which made me feel a little more risky. I checked the progress bar and saw I was only 3% there. $.20 wasn’t going to get it done. I moved up to $.40 and hit another $12 spin. Things were flying as I got to 45% on the progress bar with my bonus dollars around $35.

I moved over to Cleo’s s Room which offered “Mature Content” (there was none), and started playing $1 spins. I hit early and had over $60 bonus dollars with 83% of the bonus progress bar. I would have liked to cash out, but I had to keep playing because there was literally no other choice if I wanted those bonus dollars to turn into withdrawable dollars. As the payout was getting close, I lost about 30 spins in a row as the progress bar and my bonus money started evening out. On the final spin the machine started going real slow and took 5x longer than usual as I lost my final spin. At the close of the session, I earned $2.33 bonus dollars.

Clearing a Bonus

There is a “welcome” bonus for the $150 which can be seen in the picture above. In order to clear that $150, you have to use your own money to clear it the same way I cleared the $16. What I just did to make $2.33, you have to 9.9x that. It’s a miracle that I cleared that $16 without going into my own money. Think about that, they gave me $16, and it would be possible for that bonus to say $0, while the progress bar wasn’t finished. Almost has to be rigged.

That $150 is a different story. It won’t go up or down. Using your own money, you have to get that progress bar to 100%. How smart is this? The question is how much money are you going to have to spend to clear it. Remember this is gambling. You can use $100 and go up $500 and play with house money to clear the bonus sort of like my experience. OR, you could quickly lose $100 and have to keep playing to get that $150. It could cost you $1000, which is my intuitive guess. Now you could counter with you have a chance to hit it big with that $150 and at the end you get it back anyway. That is the risk you take but Bovada isn’t billion dollar company because everyone wins.

16 Sep, 2017

Clay Travis, JeSmelly Hill, and Brooke Who?

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Clay Travis is the infamous sports commentator who got into an argument with El Pres from Barstool and used Sam Stortz as a reference point for the 6, 12, 18, 24 challenge. You have no idea how hard it was to find this. LOL at “a true hero”.

With that little side story behind us, Clay Travis said he likes boobs and some hot woman named Brooke Baldwin lost her shit. Was it inappropriate? I have to say yes. Why you’d say that on CNN is dumb because it’s not appealing to the cuck audience. Gotta know your audience. At least I know who Brooke Baldwin is now.

I hate Jemele Hill. Out of all the commentators, and I dislike a lot, she’s my #1 least liked. The guy who talks after Clay sums up exactly why I don’t like her. He’s like, “after all she’s been through to get to where she is now…” She fucking sucks. I’m sorry but I’d rather watch a cactus report on what happens in sports. I hated her before she said Trump was a white supremacist. I’d guess I’ve asked Sam 5 times if he likes her just so I can give my opinion that I hate her. I don’t even watch her but I just know. I can’t explain it, I just know. It’s not that she’s black. Sage Steele is wonderfully talented and nails her job. Jemele is a bobble head. You could say, “you have to give her a chance.” No I don’t. She’s an idiot and ESPN should fire her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew this tweet would garner attention because her career is sinking exactly like Clay said. I’d rather watch paint dry than get my info from her.

Here’s a person who must have fallen asleep to her show:
The SC6 branded show is not a good one, in part because you have two co-hosts who both are more serious and overly sincere than they are charismatic or quick with the snark. You don’t have the classic goofy/straight pairing, and they lack the tension of two co-hosts who disagree constantly. Neither is a particularly good interviewer, nor have they shown the ability to offer insight on sports that is deep, funny, or entertaining. The show is reduced to two fairly boring people sitting at a cramped table full of papers and laptops on a set that looks unchanged for the past twenty years talking about sports with less insight than a pair at the end of the neighborhood bar. Television is a visual medium, and visually, SC6 looks like local TV.

16 Sep, 2017

What’s Going On?

By | 2017-09-16T08:57:38+00:00 September 16th, 2017|My Life|1 Comment

What’s Going On?

Title sung in the voice by the singer of the 4 Non Blondes. Actually better not to know what she looks like.

I’ve added another responsibility to my life which will push the posting of this blog back further on the priority list. I looked back at post counts and in years past I would hit 30+ a month. I’m lucky to hit the mid 20’s anymore. It’s because I don’t post as much garbage, but it’s also because my time is not nearly as ample.

I was voted the President of our bowling league in a weird circumstance last Monday night. There was a captain’s meeting and the question was posed “does anyone nominate anyone for President?” One guy, who I’d say I’m “friends” with, selected me. We’ve had some conversations before about some parts of the league that I would handle differently and he must have taken these conversations to heart. As such, the team captains elected me the new President over the old one. As President, my league responsibilities are minimal but that’s not the kind of person I am. I’ve decided to create a website for the league, I’d like to get some sponsorship money, and then have people who don’t own a bowling ball get a discount for buying one. These activities don’t actually take too much of my time but it’s another task to add to my list.

I also purchased a new camera which I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to use, but filming will be another useful skill. It’s somewhat amazing how blogging has essentially become my life. What started as a hobby is essentially “website building” and it is an effective means of disseminating information. Who would have guessed. I guess I would have accidentally. So with all that going on I’m doing my best to keep this website going strong but I’m being pulled in a lot of different directions with work which is not worth even getting into on this post. All I’ll write is that we’ve been doing a lot of business and it’s hard to keep up as is. I’ll expand in subsequent posts but not right now.