What Happened With Broad St?

This is a hard post to write, and I know most people have stopped checking this site, but I’ll move forward using it as a more personal approach to my life.

On about March 1st, I had ramped up my training for the Broad St. Run. 2 months later I had completed 3 miles on the track in 17 minutes without even prepping to do so. I was in good shape and felt ready for the 10 miler. I had trained at 7 and 8 mile runs as well as not to say that’s all I was prepped for.

2 Saturday’s ago I went golfing earlier in the morning, took a nap, and then went for a 40 minute run that I felt great on. Come Sunday, I woke up with my back hurting a bit. I didn’t think anything of it.

On Monday, my back was still hurting, so I took some Aleve and powered through a bowling league night. Not only was my performance not great, but on Tuesday I woke up not being able to walk properly. Every time I stood up there was a shooting pain in my back. I was essentially immobile until I had to bowl again on Thursday night. I Aleve’d my way through it to another pitiful performance that cost my team 1st place in the standings. I wouldn’t blame it on the back so much as I would on the Aleve. Either way, I took Friday off and tested myself on Saturday to see if I could run for Broad St. All things considered, I think I would have been able to do the race. Would it have been up to my expectations from where I was coming from? No.

Taking into consideration that this 10 miles would have physically taxed my body to an unknown state, I decided to forgoe running it for the sake of preservation. I could guess I would have ran 60 minutes. I’m not sure it matters if it was 58, 60, or 70. No one cares that much.

From my personal standpoin, I was disappointed. I had worked hard for a few months to get into shape, and an injury sprung up at the last minute to throw my world into a twirl. Not being able to run the Broad St. Bowling poorly to let a team down. Not being able to exercise since last Saturday. All of these culminate into not a fun existence.

I’m almost past this point of injury, but the mental aspect is a pain. Part of me knows that warriors battle through injury, and the other part of me asks why I think I’m a warrior.

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Just My Luck

Evan and I went to the Sugarhouse bar to order some drinks. The bartender was horrible. She was slow and for some reason manning a huge portion of the bar. While we were waiting, a woman comes up and stands in between us. It was kind of odd.

I figured she definitely wanted the D so I said something dumb like, “what drink would you like?”

She said, “vodka something” and I asked her where she was from. She said Hawaii and I asked her a few questions about her job and it was going fine. I impressed her with my occupation and she put the drinks we purchased on her tab. She was like, “don’t girls buy you drinks often?”

I asked her another Hawaii question and she said she hadn’t been there since she was 10. I took that to mean it wasn’t a big part of her life and was like, “isn’t Hawaii all tourism nowadays?” She got offended and said, “that’s my home! I was starting to like you but now…” I recovered fine from that with the passing of time and said that I would return the favor with buying her a drink. More time passed and I said, “I couldn’t get you a drink because the bartender sucked”. She was like, “you’re not very good at this, you have to just let it be.” I didn’t know what that meant. I’m assuming I was going to get into her pants by letting it be, but I don’t know what that cryptic bullshit means. I decided to part ways and let it be by the poker table. Another opportunity lost.

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Another Day, Another Dollar

It’s 10:06pm and I’ve been awake since 5:30am. My day started by getting out of bed, turning on the shower, peeing, brushing my teeth while the water was getting warm. I quickly shaved even though I had shaved the day before, but fresh shaves are the cleanest way to be taken seriously. I showered up and put on a dress shirt that was a good looking shirt, but it’s an XL when I was either heavier or didn’t buy fitted clothing.  So I had a quick wardrobe change and was out the door by 5:57 am.

I drove to work and loaded a few boxes into my car and checked my email. I had a contact in Europe who needed shipping labels to deliver us some goods, so I had to quickly create a FedEx pick up at his location which I hadn’t accounted for time wise. At 6:22 I jumped on 95 South and headed to Baltimore. Along the way I grabbed a 20oz Wawa coffee and 2 sizzlies. I arrived at my first stop at 8 am and by 2pm I had visited 12 accounts that were in Baltimore, Beltsville, Hyattsville, and Bethesda. I drove back to Baltimore and met up with one more contact where we shot some video on a roof that I can use to market a product. At 3:15 I jumped back on 95 north and went back to Philly. The worst part was not shitting after the morning coffee and holding it in until about this time when I went in some Mom Organic super market and dropped a deuce in their restroom which was surprisingly pleasant and private.

I got some more Wawa coffee and one of their panini’s and headed back to work to drop off all the tools in my car and then spent the next 45 minutes constructing DraftKings golf lineups. I then spent the next hour writing bowling write ups for our South Bowl league. I went back to my house where I watched some Sixers and almost finished the Netflix show Big Mouth (which I’d recommend if you have dirty humor). AT 34 years old, is this how I thought I’d spend my Valentines Day?

Why did I write the post like this? Well, it’s exactly what happened with no attempt at humor or falsification. To answer the question posed at the end of my last paragraph, I’ll write that I don’t truly give a shit. I don’t need days created by society to show affection. The way I look at procreation and love is that it’s one of the most important decisions in your life that creates whether you’ll have happiness or frustration. People think 34, what are you waiting for? You’re getting old. Says who? Who says that? You think that dipshit who had a mistake at 19 is thinking how awesome life is? I’m living my life exactly the way I’m choosing to in whatever fashion I see fit. When I’m grinding on days like this, this is what is going to pay back in spades when I look back at my life. Do I think I’m missing out on relationships and human connection and that’s what is actually most important? So people say. I don’t envy the family man who goes to work every day to provide though and that’s their life. Maybe I’ll look back at this post and say that I was quite immature to think this way, but I have my plan and life is going to offer me an answer when that answer will permit. So for all those losers out there who don’t get to participate in this amorous holiday, remember this (I apologize for the sappy nature but it’s actually well said)(Also not sure why she looks coked up):

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How To Stay Single

I’m not sure this needs a lead in but I’ll give some context. I went to the Sugarhouse on Friday, was the super drank maniac, and got lucky in a key hand and ended up walking away with $1,900 for a $1,200 profit. I had 3k+ at one point. I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket. So Saturday came and Evan and I were shooting some pool at Las Vegas Lounge and decided to see Go Go Gadget at the Fieldhouse. It was crowded and the girl to guy ratio was off the map for a band which I’ve seen before from that place. After a few shots of Fireball, I was feeling pretty good and the crowd is always into the band. I ended up finding this girl who was DTF, pretty good looking with a hot body. This is what I remember at least, who knows for sure. So she was more aggro than me in this situation as I’m looking around and no one else is getting down on the dance floor. Somewhere along the line we parted ways, I think she left, and she tried calling me in the middle of the night a few times which I missed either purposely or accidentally. Here was the conversation the next day.

The girl was nice from what I remember. I sort of remember thinking she had to have been bat shit crazy but I liked her at the time. Who would have thought a simple misunderstanding and a bad joke could derail a situation so quickly. Oh well. Plenty of fish in the sea.

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Remembering Good Humans (They Are Still Alive)

Maureen Welsh – I can’t remember if it was Welsh or Welch. We were in 2nd grade art class, near Valentine’s day, and we had to cut out hearts. You would fold the construction paper in half, draw the heart on the half, cut it out, and then you’d do whatever the project was with the hearts. Problem was 2 fold 1) I couldn’t draw the heart 2) I couldn’t cut it out. Before I go into the conclusion, I hated art class and Mrs. Hunter. She called every kid Henry of Henrietta. Don’t you think that’s confusing? Now my art skills are minimal and maybe non-existent. Every project I ever did would go into the trash can. We’re talking my mom would draw all my assignments. Anyway, I started to cry like a little bitch because I couldn’t draw the heart right and my cutting skills were that of a kindergartner. Maureen was probably the most athletic girl in the class and held some artistic skills so she did it for me. It was extremely nice and looking back I’m glad she did. It saved me from being scarred for life.

Steve Emanuelson – I’ve shared this story before but I was 2 years or so out of college and I went to visit Jeff for the weekend. We started off the day slamming some beers and then decided to play basketball. I must have used my old student ID to get into Trees on a Saturday. There were many players there like usual and we called the next game. Once the game ended and we were supposed to be on, there started to get some confusion on who was the next team. Being an outsider, I didn’t really have much say but Steve and Jeff were forming it. I started to get the feeling that I was going to be the 6th man but Steve stepped up, commanded the group, and made sure I was on the team. There is rarely a worse feeling than being left off of a 5 man team when you’re the 6th guy because your chance of playing again with your friends is 0. Steve didn’t let anyone else join the team when I’m sure there were better choices than an out of town, drunk, friend of his brother’s. Still don’t forget it.

Ed McGrath – Freshman year of college is a tough time for some. It’s your first time away from home and making friends isn’t as easy for everyone. Ed was someone who I went to high school with so I knew him. This was before the age of cell phone’s I should add. Ed was pretty popular because he smoked cigarettes in the ash tray and got invited to all the parties. I was in Tower B and he was in Tower A. As he developed friends on his floor in Tower A, I was stuck with my poindexter roommate who would secretly jerk off when I went to sleep. I never actually caught him doing it but I was happy when that year ended. On the weekends I would not want to stay in and I didn’t have a great enough grasp on friends yet to get invited anywhere. Well, Ed would actually call me up on the Tower phone and tell me to meet him and whoever to head to the party. Huge social favor. Still won’t forget it. I remember one time I went solo to a Pitt game, made some random friend on the bus, then hung out with him and his two other friends during the game. Really weird. Times were different back then.

Exactly like this.

Paul Long – Not sure why all of these are coming college but Paul was the one who drove me to the foot doctor in Pittsburgh after I got frostbite on my foot. Paul and I were friends, but it was mainly friends through friends so not super close. In college not that many people had cars, and I had crutches so public transportation would have been tough. Paul volunteered to take me to the foot specialist. I have to imagine no one reading this blog has ever gotten frostbite before. It’s actually quite scary because you start thinking that they’ll have to amputate your foot. The foot starts getting really purple. I’m talking scary purple. Then it starts to turn into this one massive blister. So after the initial visit to the hospital where they give you crutches and some bandages, you have to schedule a visit to see a specialist. The specialist sees this huge pussed up foot, starts to cut the skin off, then gives you some cream to help it heal. I was lucky that my foot didn’t have to get chopped. Paul was a friend who came to the rescue in a delicate time and I won’t forget that.

Here’s the full story written in 2012. (7 years after the event which still would make details not as exact as they probably were)

I ended up finding a post I wrote in 2009 which was pretty good too.

I didn’t do anything stupid in all of high school, didn’t even take a sip of beer. Second week of college when I was 17 I got my first underage after doing 5 beer bongs (total light weight) and stumbled into a cop. Only person to get a citation. I got frostbite after getting hammered and taking off my shoe to climb a fence on the coldest day of the year (long story with foggy details). I was driven home in the paddy wagon one night. I received a public drunkenness the night I faceplanted into the sidewalk. 

I got caught pissing by the cops next to a wall at 3 in the morning when I decided to make a run for it. I ran up a hill in manayunk for about 800 yards before I got exhausted. I stopped in the middle of the street, saw the paddy wagon behind me, and turned around and put my hands behind my back. They took me in where I acted like a badass telling them I was getting my lawyer and they slammed me in the wall and let me go. I still got a citation for public drunkenness. I had a standoff where I climbed a fence to the post office and police were on the other side telling me to come back. The only thing I remember is climbing back over saying “I’m going to tear my sac.” Fortunately, I was released with no problems. Final things, Yes I’ve patted Samuel Dalembert on the back and yes I’ve asked Freddie Mitchell if the 4th and 26th was the greatest play of his career (obviously). I don’t even want to get into AC or strip club stories. 

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Finally Healthy

Unrelated Gif but thought it was funny.

It took about 4 months and now I can say that after today’s workout that I’m finally fully healthy. After going all out on the track some afternoon in September, the following day my knee started bother me. It didn’t hurt at all after I was finished the workout, but I when I tried to go for a jog the following day, I couldn’t. I tried to push through and pain was too severe. It messed with my walking and ability to climb stairs. Then my golf game wasn’t right because I couldn’t put proper weight on my knee. Around Thanksgiving we played the McGraths in bball and I was able to move ok, but I couldn’t go all out because it felt like it would give completely. At that point in time I was able to use the treadmill but couldn’t run on the black top. I wasn’t sure what was taking so long to recover.

Over the next 6 weeks I got back to using the treadmill to regain the fitness that I had lost after that one fateful day in September. I could tell I was still pushing the knee through that time period but I didn’t get the feeling that any part of it was going to pop. I’m sure that bowling prolonged the recovery time.

After this week’s series of workouts, which were 5 day’s straight and 8 of the last 9 days, I can say I’m back to full strength. I’ve had injuries throughout my life and I’d go as far to say as they are unavoidable as you age. I can’t explain why my knee started hurting other than it was overworked. It was a complete non-contact injury. They are annoying and a 4 month recovery time seems absurd to me but I think those are the breaks. I’m happy to be out from under it and will move forward. No real point to this post other than sharing the experience and working through pain.

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A New Comment Leads To This

Some random person left a comment on a post I wrote a few days ago. This blog generates about 5 comments from random people a year so I’m always surprised when I get them. I decided to click on this guy’s blog link and I was brought to a post. Remember, I had no idea what I was clicking on. This is his post. After reading I gathered that he was an Asian man with a serious porn habit. What do you think?

Although we are all different people, we have some cryteria universally valid when it comes to xvideos porn. There are some things which spice up a little the movie and to be honest, we are all search for those things, no matter how much it takes to find something that fits our expectations.

First of all, quality matters. By this I refer to the quality of the movie like preferably being HD. What is under 720p I do not watch because if I want to watch it, I wanna be sure I’m relaxing by doing so and not needing to stare at the screen with my eyes semi-closed to understand what is happening there. So the quality of the image is very important because details are very important. For example there are people who enjoy spanking. If I wanna see that, I wanna see it properly, not in slow motion and with interruptions.

Second of all, if I clicked the asian section, you better give me a smoking hot Asian girl because I wanna see something good, not a movie uploaded by amateurs. I wanna see something directed by a directeur with a story line and a good ending.

Another thing people are looking for is movies that lasts longer because they need to take some time to get hard (males) or get wet (females). Mostly females are looking for movies in which at the beginning there is a story. Like the girl being punished or the cop arresting her and make her do some things in order to release her, things like that.

People have various tastes but I believe that this cryteria I just mentioned is something universally valid. If not, I guess I am the only pretentious one who search for hours to find something good.

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$100 Poker Tourny on Stars…WHAAAAAT?!?!

Last night there was a $100 poker tournament on PokerStars that I participated in. It’s a home game setup that is played for real money. I had no intention of playing in it, but got home after dinner, the timing was perfect. I had played with these guys one time before in a $20 buy in and knew that I had more experience than the people playing. I figured a $100 buy in with $10 players is +EV and I should give it a shot.

15 people entered. It was a 6 max table which I’m comfortable with. With all my SNG experience, and 9 tabling small cash games in the past, the principals don’t ever leave. I don’t bleed chips early and try to play small pots without showdown. I was between 1,500 and 2,000 with nothing crazy happening. I hit a nut flush. I hit trips. No real payoffs but not on life support early. I made a bad call with 89 suited on open end, flush draw when a short stack bet 500 into a 250 pot. Knowing I couldn’t bust, I figured it was worth the risk. Lost obviously.

I was at about 1,800 with 8 players left when I picked up jacks and doubled up against 88. That gave me some chips to bob and weave a little bit. We got down to 4, 3 paid out, and I was never the big stack. I had K7 in the BB and the SB limped. The flop was 7TQ. He bet 450 into 600 and I called. Turn was a 6. Check, check. River was a K and he bet 900. I insta-called and he had 77. That put me down to 2,500 with the other 3 stack sizes being 4k, 6k, and 8k with blinds at 150/300. Major hand in the tournament was when the SB pushed into me and I had 55. He had a 5k stack and even though I didn’t love the spot, I knew there was a chance he had exactly what he had which was A3. I won the hand and got the stacks all back to near even.

A few hands later I picked up 88 and the button with 3k shoved. I had 4,100 and thought that this was a great spot that even if I lost, I’d still have a chance to get back with 1,100 in chips. He had AQ and the eights held to break the bubble. Now the fun began because I was chip leader with 8k and the other guys were around 6k. One guy suggested a chop with $500 to each and being the chip leader, I said no. If they wanted to go 600, 450, 450 as I replied, the game would have ended. Unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement and the game continued.

Hilariously, as that deal chat was going on we were still playing and I had JT. I flopped an open ender and called a min bet on the turn which spiked my straight on the river. I made a bet, he called, and all of a sudden I had 10k and he had 4k. No deal at those old terms. A few hands later he went all in with AJ and I called with 8’s and busted 3rd place. I now had 14k with the other guy having around 8k and he wanted to chop evenly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Not only am I better than you, but I have a huge chip lead. He wrote, “you let me know when you want to make a deal.” We played a few more hands and the chips stayed about the same when the guy suggested we go $700, $600 and I accepted. Would I have won? Yes. Could I have lost. Yes. Did I feel like being a prick over $100, not with people I don’t know. You don’t want to be known as the dick.

What were my impressions? I ran good. I won all-ins with 2 coin flips and 2 hands where I was 75% and that’s how you win tournaments. My push fold is still on the tight side but I know when I’m in push/fold which is saying more than most. I wasn’t even paying attention to reading the players in the tournament because when you play with people who are unpredictable, they don’t know what to do themselves.

My main strategy was to let people give me their chips. I’d hit trips and slow play. I’d draw to straights and flushes by letting them give me the odds to draw. I bet when I knew I needed to bet. I tried to get aggressive a few times when I caught some chips and calling stations like calling. I know I’m writing this like I won the World Series, but I know there are people out there who are bored at work looking for any material today. If you want to play in the next tournament, let me know.

I finally want to add that the winning of this $600 isn’t like +600. It cancels out losses. That $100 that I deposited on Bovada last Saturday and it lasted until Sunday. That $300 I put on BetOnline (with a +150 free bet) that lasted 4 bets. That $400 I lost at 1-2 when my over pair lost to a flush draw. The money ebbs and flows and that’s important to understand.

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You Can’t Not Work When It Breaks

I don’t want to be working right now. It’s the day after Christmas and the time between now and New Years is supposed to be “holiday” time. Guess what? I’m working!

Our server at worked was rebooting itself after making an effort to install the latest Windows update. This caused a blue screen of death which had me trying to make efforts to fix the RAM and the graphics card. It sounds simple, but try removing a graphics card, plugging the monitor into the other port, restarting, and then having the computer blast its fan and give 3 emergency beeps over and over when you turn it on again. Nightmare.

PC issues aside, it still gets worse. People call up the day after Christmas and say, “can I stop down, I need a widget?” I’m not even supposed to be here, but tell a guy that who can’t solder for the day. Here’s an idea, buy the stupid shit online and we’ll send it to you. I even tell the people, we’re on a holiday schedule and it falls on deaf ears. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there by so and so.”

As it piles on, I walk to get my sandwich, catch the eye of the UPS guy and he’s still about 5 doors down. I run to get my sandwich to make sure I catch him on the way back. I see his truck in front of my place and he intentionally drives off without picking up the boxes which forces me to put 7 of them in my car and take them to the store. No holiday tip for you. If I didn’t know the guy for the last few months, I could chalk it up to not seeing me but he’s a lazy piece of shit.

I’m aware these are minor issues but it never quits. I hate to adopt this unruly attitude but you get worn out to the point of not caring anymore. So you say, “just stop.” Life doesn’t stop though. I’m still waiting for this “fun” part. This could also have to do with me finishing BoJack Horsemen which is a show that looks at happiness and life. Highly recommend. Watch Vincent Adultman.

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Mindhunter Mindfuck

I’m out of the Mindhunter phase and into Bo Jack Horseman which is a welcomed change. After essentially a 2 day detox from a 3 day bender, I have to say I’m heading in the right direction, after heading in the wrong direction, which wouldn’t have happened without the experience.

Why did the show Mindhunter mess with my head? The show is about entering the minds of murderers which shouldn’t be so relevant. It was more intuitive than that though. It delved into social behavior and the more I watched the show, the more I was getting my PHD in Psychology. Combine that with being an alcoholic and I was the Bo Jack Horseman / Dr. Ruth of everyone I encountered. Although the results were somewhat original and impossible to remember, it’s not a road that can be traveled often. There are fine societal lines that move from normal, to enchanting, to creepy and unusual.

All in all, it was fun while it lasted (and I don’t doubt will somewhat be re-visited) but the highs, lows, feelings, stresses, and poor decisions are too much. Will I be writing the exact same post next week? Probably. It’s more of the realization of the direction.


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