I’m not sure this needs a lead in but I’ll give some context. I went to the Sugarhouse on Friday, was the super drank maniac, and got lucky in a key hand and ended up walking away with $1,900 for a $1,200 profit. I had 3k+ at one point. I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket. So Saturday came and Evan and I were shooting some pool at Las Vegas Lounge and decided to see Go Go Gadget at the Fieldhouse. It was crowded and the girl to guy ratio was off the map for a band which I’ve seen before from that place. After a few shots of Fireball, I was feeling pretty good and the crowd is always into the band. I ended up finding this girl who was DTF, pretty good looking with a hot body. This is what I remember at least, who knows for sure. So she was more aggro than me in this situation as I’m looking around and no one else is getting down on the dance floor. Somewhere along the line we parted ways, I think she left, and she tried calling me in the middle of the night a few times which I missed either purposely or accidentally. Here was the conversation the next day.

The girl was nice from what I remember. I sort of remember thinking she had to have been bat shit crazy but I liked her at the time. Who would have thought a simple misunderstanding and a bad joke could derail a situation so quickly. Oh well. Plenty of fish in the sea.