I don’t want to be working right now. It’s the day after Christmas and the time between now and New Years is supposed to be “holiday” time. Guess what? I’m working!

Our server at worked was rebooting itself after making an effort to install the latest Windows update. This caused a blue screen of death which had me trying to make efforts to fix the RAM and the graphics card. It sounds simple, but try removing a graphics card, plugging the monitor into the other port, restarting, and then having the computer blast its fan and give 3 emergency beeps over and over when you turn it on again. Nightmare.

PC issues aside, it still gets worse. People call up the day after Christmas and say, “can I stop down, I need a widget?” I’m not even supposed to be here, but tell a guy that who can’t solder for the day. Here’s an idea, buy the stupid shit online and we’ll send it to you. I even tell the people, we’re on a holiday schedule and it falls on deaf ears. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there by so and so.”

As it piles on, I walk to get my sandwich, catch the eye of the UPS guy and he’s still about 5 doors down. I run to get my sandwich to make sure I catch him on the way back. I see his truck in front of my place and he intentionally drives off without picking up the boxes which forces me to put 7 of them in my car and take them to the store. No holiday tip for you. If I didn’t know the guy for the last few months, I could chalk it up to not seeing me but he’s a lazy piece of shit.

I’m aware these are minor issues but it never quits. I hate to adopt this unruly attitude but you get worn out to the point of not caring anymore. So you say, “just stop.” Life doesn’t stop though. I’m still waiting for this “fun” part. This could also have to do with me finishing BoJack Horsemen which is a show that looks at happiness and life. Highly recommend. Watch Vincent Adultman.