Post Before Jeff Arrives

This shirt that I’m wearing is one that both Jeff and I received from a company we do business with. We don’t wear it often but when we do, we wear it on the same day. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve worn it. Today I’m wearing it and typing this entry before Jeff gets in. If he is wearing it to. I’ll leave it up to a brotherly bond.

The other reason I’m even going to the trouble of this is because the song Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand Was playing yesterday and I asked, “is that the song Mael likes?” He said, “no, he likes Counting Blue Cars. He also likes Candlebox Far Behind.” I have 594 songs on my playlist and within 2 songs (it may have been the next) of a shuffle, Far Behind started playing. It was wild.

I’ll shoot which shirt he’s wearing.

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Should Glass Joe Keep Getting Up?

“We’re running out of weeks of the season.”
“We’re running out of years in our lives.”

This was the conversation Evan and I had on Sunday which continues to toil through my pea brain. A few weeks earlier I said that we had to up the ante if we were going to make some sort of splash. I upped the ante and got my brain bashed in. At one point I was thinking I was Bald Bull, now I’m back to being the punching bag Glass Joe.

I’ve been watching MindHunter on Netflix and it’s a thinking man’s show. Very intellectual and based off of behavioral science. At one point of the show they main character said, “he falls in the age range of 35-41.” I thought to myself, “that’s old.” Then it hit me, that’s just about how old I am.

Since that nice DK tourny, I’ve gotten torched each week for the past 6 weeks. Not just DK, season long has been punishing. Wrong decision after wrong decisions cost me playoffs in all 4 leagues and it makes me want to put my head in the sand.

This isn’t a post looking for sympathy. It’s a post that describes how life doesn’t make it easy. You’ll always hear it’s not how you take it, but how you recover. I’ll have a part 2 on this post because I have a entire thought process on interacting with people that correlates to this post.

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Still Alive

I haven’t posted in a few days and there is nothing to fear. I refuse to turn the blog into a complaint department and that’s all I would be using it for. The Matt Lauer news feels like the media is creating it’s own fake news right now. What’s hot? Sexual harassment. Do we know anyone who can come forward? Run it. I’m making light of this but it’s how I’m starting to feel.

Little parts of my life have been bothering me like my mouse not moving instantly when I try to move it. My Excel crashing. The constant pressure of always having to create. It truly never ends and there are times where if I can’t produce any relevant / exciting content, I’ve learned to just not. So, I’m good and all is fine. Life continues.

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My 725 Bowling Series

Mookie Betts walk off 300

Last night in league play I rolled a 725 series which is my highest to date and first ever 700 series. I ran 9 in a row in the first game only to blow the 10th shot and close out with a 278.  The 2nd game had 2 opens when I created a wash out on a bad first ball and also missed a single 9 pin for a 215 finish. The final game saw me miss a single pin by actually hitting it and missing the 3 in a 3, 6, 10  which had me finish at 232. I wouldn’t necessarily say this surprised me, but it’s nice to have some credibility behind my game that’s backed up by the actual numbers.

For people who don’t bowl, which I’d guess is most, a 725 would equate to about a 79 in golf. It’s good, but no one is going to be talking about it the next day. They average person though isn’t getting a 700 series. I wrote that I wasn’t surprised to get this because I have practiced to the point that I’m that good. I know that sounds conceded, but hear me out:

North Bowl

Practice – Most Fridays after work I go to North Bowl and roll between 8 and 15 games. I’ve put in a fair amount of work on the 10 pin and I’m pretty good at keeping my ball on the pocket side of the pins and not going Jersey.

Willingness to Learn – I took a lesson for $40 about 6 weeks ago and the teacher gave me one tip that I wasn’t using my left arm at all in my swing. I spent time understanding what he was talking about and then implementing it. It raised my MPH’s from mid 14’s to as high as 16 if I want to really throw it. It’s given me more pin action and obviously a higher ceiling.

Experience – Knowing when to move and where to play only comes from playing a lot. I don’t always play from the same starting spot. Last night in warm ups I noticed the lane wasn’t breaking as much as I thought it usually does so I moved right a few boards. As the night moved on, I moved left ever so slightly. At the end of the 2nd game I tried a new starting position, which didn’t strike, and I knew I shouldn’t mess with my starting spot and try to control the ball more.

People give me shit for using the Phase 1

Same Ball – I know this may go against more experienced players thought process but I like keeping the game simple and not having 3 balls to choose from. I see some people get so hung up that it must be the ball that’s not striking and certainly not them. I’ve bowled enough to hang with my ball and not blame it.

Luck – I had 3 or 4 Jersey strikes on the night out of 20+. If those aren’t strikes, I’m not getting a 700. I also didn’t leave any ringing 10’s. I wasn’t hitting the pocket squarely on every strike but the pins were reacting in a way that they would all topple over. It was great, but to expect it every time is optimistic.

Shape – Bowlers are out of shape and I think being physically fit can only be an advantage.

A 300 game isn’t far. Sam, good luck on this one. I think I’m a bit favored on the 300 and you may have the ad in the Sixers.

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Who…The Fuck…Is This Guy?

Adam and I went to Spin last night where he relentlessly beat me in Ping Pong. I was getting better towards the end so that trend won’t continue forever. Our server must really like Ping Pong because he challenged us to a game where if we (Adam) won, he would get us a free round and shots. The game was neck and neck and this was the unexciting conclusion. I think it was 18-20 when I started the video.

We then went to Fox and Hound to watch the football game. Adam left at halftime and I thought to myself, “what better time to produce some William Penn Snaps”. I wasn’t drunk enough at the time so I went to Tir Na Nog and did 3 Jamo shots and had 2 Guinness. These were the results. There were some more but these were the best.


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The Buckie Made Me Do It!

Buckfast, a caffeinated tonic wine, accounts for less than half a percent of Scotland’s total alcohol sales but is a factor in over 40 percent of arrests.

“Where Buckfast really packs a punch is in how much caffeine it has: a single 750ml bottle has 281 milligrams, or around as much as 10 cans of Coke. It might well be illegal in the U.S., where the Food and Drug Administration has banned drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine. In 2014, late lamented American party drink Four Loko was forced to change its recipe and strip out the stimulants that earned it its “blackout in a can” reputation.”

Top Comment

For some reason whenever I take the first sip of Buckie it makes me puke, but then I just carry on and wake up in a gutter 48 hours later.

Do stupid things faster with more energy!

Story Time

I have never had Buckfast but I have some experience with MD 20/20 and 4 Loko. Anyone notice how Buckfast sounds like FuckFast.

My one friend in college, who had some issues, was big on MD 20/20 and referred to it as Mad Dog. When I was 20, I knew beer and wine and figured alcohol was alcohol. Freshmen year when my big brother asked me what my favorite Vodka was I answered Bankers to give you an idea. If you’ve never had MD, after drinking one of them you’ll have a good buzz. Two starts getting lights out. This one night I attempted a 3 spot and the results were detrimental. I was in a room with a fish tank and I was standing there. This was the room where the G-Bong was hit so maybe that had a part of this, I shockingly can’t recall. I started wavering back and forth and then just passed out standing up and put my arm through the fish tank in the room. Gallons of water started seeping down to the floor below and I stupidly tried to unplug the tank while I was soaking wet. Good times.

The other story I have doesn’t involve me but one of my friends after drinking 4 Loko. This is abbreviated because I don’t know the details exactly but our friend came back from the bar and couldn’t open the front door because it was locked. He decided to punch through our double pane glass that wasn’t even near the locked door. He punched through the first pane and then I don’t remember if he got through the 2nd pane. Either way he couldn’t get in, and there was zero chance of him climbing through even if he did punch through the entire window. He was bleeding everywhere and ended up sleeping outside.

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I was in Vegas for a trade show the last few days and came back unscathed. I know that’s harsh for the circumstance, but it has to be on people’s minds who visit even though you can’t really tell.

I stayed at the Luxor which is attached to the Mandalay Bay. I’ve been to Vegas many times so the glitz and glamour are nothing new. Even the gambling aspect loses its luster because I have a casino 5 minutes from my house. Nevertheless, the city is fun and I’ll go over a few of my observations.

  • Gluttony Galore – The tourists are fat and lazy.  I’d go out on a limb and say 75% of people are overweight. It’s a problem that America is not dealing with and extremely transparent in Vegas.
  • Absurd Pricing – In all of the hotels the beers are about $7. I also had a Gin and Tonic for $17. If you buy a PBR pounder on the strip side stores, it’s $1.19. Where all the money comes from is confusing. I can’t imagine most people have this money to blow like Birdman.
  • The Vigil – I ran down to the Vegas “Welcome” sign and there was a memorial dedicated to all of the victims and it’s extremely sad. I read a card created from an elementary school class to their deceased teacher which shows you how far and personal these attacks reach. Sad stuff.

My Gambling

I won’t bore you with the trade show as I’m sure everyone only cares about my action. I started off losing the first 2 NBA games on Boston and Golden State for a combined $80. Then I rolled my account on the Sixers and hit the Raiders last night to put me in the green about $50. I used Bovada instead of booking the action at the book like Adam would prefer.

My first BJ session happened with 4 male students from Notre Dame. That didn’t cum out right. Shit. I started off playing 1 on 1 with the dealer and all was going well. Then these 22 year old finance students show up with scared money and cocky attitudes. They bought in from ranges of $40-$100 and would jump in and out of the shoe. They wouldn’t hit their 16’s either. Then one hand I had a 12 against a dealer 3 and I hit it. I busted and the guy told me “oh man, sorry, that wasn’t what the book says, I should have told you.” Nice kids but not people you want to play blackjack with. I lost $200 in that session.

My next session was a 1am session where I sat down for a 1 on 1 session against the dealer and I was joined by a meathead after not so long. He would stay on 5’s and 6’s. No lie. Then his GF got there and the dealer would tell her to hit and she wouldn’t understand what was going on. I lost $200 in this session too.

On my final day I played 1v1 against the dealer and finally had some success She was a nice and we had a fine time for about 3 8 deck shoes where I won $250. I left because at one point a fat gentlemen joined and didn’t hit his 16’s and I said, “fuck that”, no more putting up with people ruining the deck. I was always aware of this but am not a firm believer that you are fucking yourself by putting up with nonsense.

After the show I took one more stab at it and sat down with a guy who knew what he was doing. We played for a while relatively even when a 24 year old gamer sat down to my left. On one hand he had a pair of 6’s against a dealer 5, easy split. He doesn’t split and hits, catches a 5, and then HITS again to bust. The dealer flips over a ten and then a 6.  I nearly lost it when my 20 got beat on that hand and I walked away losing $125.

I was pretty steamed after that but I sat down 1 more time and finally had some luck. I bought in for $200 against and Asian female (the absolute WORST type of dealer) and started off with a $15 bet which won, then $30 which won, then $60 which won. I went for it one more time with a $100 bet and got 20 only to lose to her BlackJack 21. She left and a new dealer came in and I was joined by 5 other people who actually wanted to play blackjack the right way. I was pressing a bit at that point because I had to leave to catch a flight, and I ended up on the last hand betting $75, getting a double opportunity, and then winning which put me up $350 for that table and relatively close to even for the trip. I tipped the dealer $25 because at that point I was ecstatic to have clawed my way back after a losing trip for 99% of the time.

Fun times but glad to be home.


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LPT – Life Pro Tip

Font choices in red should be regarded as “stop”
If you’re going to be using my LPT’s, you are forewarned
That is my actual betting log which has me down 7 units for the season

  1. Don’t bet when drinking – When drinking, money becomes and object and not a means of survival. All awareness of the value of money goes out the window when you are 12 beers deep and this enables irrational thinking to bloom. As you can see from the feature image, the biggest bets are on games I couldn’t name one player from and this allowed a larger downturn than what should have happened. It should be noted that the biggest booms can occur when drinking as well.
  2. Be Self Aware in Conversation – This is easily the hardest one to judge because it’s very subjective. When you’re talking to someone else, you can feel when you are on the same page with someone. They’ll be times when I start talking about a subject matter and I can tell that the person is bored to death or doesn’t care. When this happens, guess what I do? I change the fucking subject. So when you’re talking to me and you’ve prattled on for the last 5 minutes and I haven’t responded, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’m too polite to tell you that I don’t give a shit but you should be able to tell. Funny story and an example. Last weekend I was hanging out with the Wads and asked him where his GF was. He gave me a one sentence answer, then he started going into detail and I stopped him and said, “I don’t care.” I’m not trying to be mean here, and since Adam is one of my best friends, I don’t mind interrupting him and telling him I don’t care because whether she’s at the mall or at the salon, it’s out of my interest. If Adam was a stranger, I’d probably just nod my head a bunch of times.
  3. Eat Food and Drink Water When Boozing –  I can’t explain it but I’m horrible at this. It’s like interrupting my drinking by eating is a buzz kill. It makes no sense because it takes 30 minutes and will increase a night by hours. When I eat and drink, I can go all day if I stay away from shots. When I haven’t eaten, it’s like I’ll go black out and zombie my way for a few hours until something bad happens. It shouldn’t be difficult, but it’s essential.
  4. Get Off the Fucking Machine – I started going to the gym again and people are, as Larry David would say, “nincompoops”. If you aren’t using the machine, don’t sit on it using your phone. It’s not a bench. Why are you bringing your phone to work out anyway? The gym isn’t social hour. It’s supposed to be an efficient process of getting in shape. The only people who spend 2 hours at the gym are people who have nothing better to do with their lives except getting swole to move furniture (is my best guess).
  5. Say Thank You..But Not Too Much – By far the best phrase to use in many spots. I even overuse it to the point that it starts becoming meaningless. The server gives me some coffee. Thank you. The server gives me my omelette. Thank you. The server gives me my check. Thank you. People like to be thanked genuinely because we like doing good deeds and then being respected or acknowledged for doing them. It goes the same with “great job”. I don’t want to hear great job. I want to hear what you actually think of the work even if it’s negative.
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What’s Going On?

What’s Going On?

Title sung in the voice by the singer of the 4 Non Blondes. Actually better not to know what she looks like.

I’ve added another responsibility to my life which will push the posting of this blog back further on the priority list. I looked back at post counts and in years past I would hit 30+ a month. I’m lucky to hit the mid 20’s anymore. It’s because I don’t post as much garbage, but it’s also because my time is not nearly as ample.

I was voted the President of our bowling league in a weird circumstance last Monday night. There was a captain’s meeting and the question was posed “does anyone nominate anyone for President?” One guy, who I’d say I’m “friends” with, selected me. We’ve had some conversations before about some parts of the league that I would handle differently and he must have taken these conversations to heart. As such, the team captains elected me the new President over the old one. As President, my league responsibilities are minimal but that’s not the kind of person I am. I’ve decided to create a website for the league, I’d like to get some sponsorship money, and then have people who don’t own a bowling ball get a discount for buying one. These activities don’t actually take too much of my time but it’s another task to add to my list.

I also purchased a new camera which I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to use, but filming will be another useful skill. It’s somewhat amazing how blogging has essentially become my life. What started as a hobby is essentially “website building” and it is an effective means of disseminating information. Who would have guessed. I guess I would have accidentally. So with all that going on I’m doing my best to keep this website going strong but I’m being pulled in a lot of different directions with work which is not worth even getting into on this post. All I’ll write is that we’ve been doing a lot of business and it’s hard to keep up as is. I’ll expand in subsequent posts but not right now.

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Jim Carrey Interviews

This guy is amazing. Normal people are probably like, “this guy is off his rocker.” I think he might be more advanced than anyone else on the planet. He doesn’t seem like he’s on drugs and the way this reporter is looking at him makes me think she’s the idiot, not him.  He’s just spouting off about tetrahedrons and meaningless existence and it looks like her head is about to explode. Apologies to Sam who told me to watch this and I stole it for my blog.

Then he follows it up with this banger. Great stuff.

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