I’m out of the Mindhunter phase and into Bo Jack Horseman which is a welcomed change. After essentially a 2 day detox from a 3 day bender, I have to say I’m heading in the right direction, after heading in the wrong direction, which wouldn’t have happened without the experience.

Why did the show Mindhunter mess with my head? The show is about entering the minds of murderers which shouldn’t be so relevant. It was more intuitive than that though. It delved into social behavior and the more I watched the show, the more I was getting my PHD in Psychology. Combine that with being an alcoholic and I was the Bo Jack Horseman / Dr. Ruth of everyone I encountered. Although the results were somewhat original and impossible to remember, it’s not a road that can be traveled often. There are fine societal lines that move from normal, to enchanting, to creepy and unusual.

All in all, it was fun while it lasted (and I don’t doubt will somewhat be re-visited) but the highs, lows, feelings, stresses, and poor decisions are too much. Will I be writing the exact same post next week? Probably. It’s more of the realization of the direction.