I’m going to use this About Me page to write about me.

  • tcnatureI’m 34 and single.
  • I have a finance degree from Univ of Pittsburgh.
  • I’ve had this blog for over 8 years now and enjoy expressing my thoughts in it.
  • The blog drives me to learn other skills like Photoshop and improving my writing.
  • I like football, basketball, and even have branched off to liking soccer (a little).
  • I’m competitive but know how to lose and don’t always care about winning.
  • I use my time to further increase my ability to grow as a human being by understanding how to listen and get work done.
  • I exercise regularly by running and have curtailed my drinking which has gotten me in trouble in the past.  I wish I could say alcohol will not influence poor decisions in the future but that would be a lie.
  • Honesty is one of my best qualities that I continue to improve.