It’s 10:06pm and I’ve been awake since 5:30am. My day started by getting out of bed, turning on the shower, peeing, brushing my teeth while the water was getting warm. I quickly shaved even though I had shaved the day before, but fresh shaves are the cleanest way to be taken seriously. I showered up and put on a dress shirt that was a good looking shirt, but it’s an XL when I was either heavier or didn’t buy fitted clothing.  So I had a quick wardrobe change and was out the door by 5:57 am.

I drove to work and loaded a few boxes into my car and checked my email. I had a contact in Europe who needed shipping labels to deliver us some goods, so I had to quickly create a FedEx pick up at his location which I hadn’t accounted for time wise. At 6:22 I jumped on 95 South and headed to Baltimore. Along the way I grabbed a 20oz Wawa coffee and 2 sizzlies. I arrived at my first stop at 8 am and by 2pm I had visited 12 accounts that were in Baltimore, Beltsville, Hyattsville, and Bethesda. I drove back to Baltimore and met up with one more contact where we shot some video on a roof that I can use to market a product. At 3:15 I jumped back on 95 north and went back to Philly. The worst part was not shitting after the morning coffee and holding it in until about this time when I went in some Mom Organic super market and dropped a deuce in their restroom which was surprisingly pleasant and private.

I got some more Wawa coffee and one of their panini’s and headed back to work to drop off all the tools in my car and then spent the next 45 minutes constructing DraftKings golf lineups. I then spent the next hour writing bowling write ups for our South Bowl league. I went back to my house where I watched some Sixers and almost finished the Netflix show Big Mouth (which I’d recommend if you have dirty humor). AT 34 years old, is this how I thought I’d spend my Valentines Day?

Why did I write the post like this? Well, it’s exactly what happened with no attempt at humor or falsification. To answer the question posed at the end of my last paragraph, I’ll write that I don’t truly give a shit. I don’t need days created by society to show affection. The way I look at procreation and love is that it’s one of the most important decisions in your life that creates whether you’ll have happiness or frustration. People think 34, what are you waiting for? You’re getting old. Says who? Who says that? You think that dipshit who had a mistake at 19 is thinking how awesome life is? I’m living my life exactly the way I’m choosing to in whatever fashion I see fit. When I’m grinding on days like this, this is what is going to pay back in spades when I look back at my life. Do I think I’m missing out on relationships and human connection and that’s what is actually most important? So people say. I don’t envy the family man who goes to work every day to provide though and that’s their life. Maybe I’ll look back at this post and say that I was quite immature to think this way, but I have my plan and life is going to offer me an answer when that answer will permit. So for all those losers out there who don’t get to participate in this amorous holiday, remember this (I apologize for the sappy nature but it’s actually well said)(Also not sure why she looks coked up):