Evan and I went to the Sugarhouse bar to order some drinks. The bartender was horrible. She was slow and for some reason manning a huge portion of the bar. While we were waiting, a woman comes up and stands in between us. It was kind of odd.

I figured she definitely wanted the D so I said something dumb like, “what drink would you like?”

She said, “vodka something” and I asked her where she was from. She said Hawaii and I asked her a few questions about her job and it was going fine. I impressed her with my occupation and she put the drinks we purchased on her tab. She was like, “don’t girls buy you drinks often?”

I asked her another Hawaii question and she said she hadn’t been there since she was 10. I took that to mean it wasn’t a big part of her life and was like, “isn’t Hawaii all tourism nowadays?” She got offended and said, “that’s my home! I was starting to like you but now…” I recovered fine from that with the passing of time and said that I would return the favor with buying her a drink. More time passed and I said, “I couldn’t get you a drink because the bartender sucked”. She was like, “you’re not very good at this, you have to just let it be.” I didn’t know what that meant. I’m assuming I was going to get into her pants by letting it be, but I don’t know what that cryptic bullshit means. I decided to part ways and let it be by the poker table. Another opportunity lost.