Yesterday was one of the first days I’ve ever solved the WSJ crossword puzzle to completion. If anyone does the crossword puzzle, you’d know that Monday’s has the easiest puzzles and they get harder as the week goes on. So even though it’s not a monumental accomplishment, I knew it was going to be a good day.

Considering where I was playing from last Monday (in a puddle of self-loathing), and coming off of a nice Super Bowl win, I was in high spirits. Work was fine and then I proudly wore the Snakes hat into the bowling alley. For those who are unaware, the worst scoring bowler of our team has to wear the Snakes hat as they enter the alley and wear it until game time. I was feeling pretty good compared to the last two weeks where I was hangover recovering. I also incorrectly identified us on Facebook as Snakes on a Lane when we are correctly Snaking Back Monday.

We started out slow in the first game but the other team was way worse. We took game 1. We rolled a solid game 2 and it was pretty much over before it started. In the 3rd game, the Weens and I started, out battling with 4 straight strikes.  He dropped off in the 5th and I ran the strike total to 7 in a row before I hit a ringing 10. I  converted it to keep the game alive and struck out the rest of the way for a career high. Sam struck out from the 7th and our team registered the highest scratch game score of the entire league at 889 (222.5 avg). My 279 also is the 2nd highest score achieved in the league. Our 2360 total pins was our 2nd highest team score ever, missing our high water mark by 6. If this isn’t momentum, I don’t know what is. We proved that we can beat any single team if we bowl our best.

I also bet against the Sixers which is easy money at this point. Without Embiid, this team couldn’t cover against a WNBA team.