I check in with posts like this every so often so people can get an idea of what goes through my mind with regards to the website they visit. I’ll also display my knowledge of analytics so maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two.

Here is the site traffic for this entire year, 2017.

You’ll note that I’m averaging over 200 people a day, but they aren’t staying. An 83% bounce rate is pretty bad. Under a minute stay certainly isn’t wonderful either. People land and leave.

This is where the traffic comes from. The vast majority comes from organic search like Google. Direct is people typing in rnningfool.com into their URL. Referral is mainly Bansheemann7.com. Social is Facebook and Twitter. I expect the high bounce rate from Organic but seeing the Direct is at 69% is discouraging. I’m hoping it’s people visiting so many times. The average time from people who want to come to the website is a little over a minute which is what I expect people to give me.

When you say, how the hell does rnningfool.com average over 200 people a day? Here is what people land on.

This should come as no surprise. Dan Bilzerian and Claire Abbott dominate the traffic. The 3rd place / is the home page, so I’m pretty pleased with a 51.98% bounce rate. Notice the only traffic the site gets is featuring hot women.

Being the one man operator behind the site, I ask myself, what direction should I head with this site? The answer is obvious…Boner Material! I went through the pages last night and made sure they all had original content. I had done the brunt of the work with the sliders a few months ago so I pretty much made sure the links worked and added a few galleries to keep them relevant. I expect the Katee Owen page to take off shortly. I also added a Sara Underwood boob on her page…which should get the site banned all over. I’m not real clear on the legality of adding these pictures with zero permission. If the site makes no money, I imagine there is nothing to go after.

Now this is where the oddity of it all comes in. Boner Material is not my passion. I’m not Mr. Skin. You can’t argue with the stats though. I don’t want to scour the internet for the hottest pictures of girls and post them all over my site. I do this because it gets the eyeballs. You can ask why do you want the eyeballs? It’s not that I WANT the eyeballs, it’s that I can get the eyeballs. That the work I do on this site with content, sliders, pictures, organization, and the like are skills. I know its bizarre to think like this, but I’m learning when I post Charlotte McKinney’s full sized breast, people take notice. Is it sick and perverted? I see how people could think this. However, WHY DOES IT GET THE MOST TRAFFIC? Everyone and their Puritan value system only wants to see titties. This is 2017.

I also updated the running log. I haven’t seen this take off in the traffic category…