We both play Ping drivers. Coincidence?

Last night I suffered 3rd degree burns all over my body. Head to toe. I’m still recovering from the heat that is exuding through my body. Name someone who was more right on the Super Bowl than me? You can’t.

Before I even start with the Super Bowl, I had a bet on Louie at 66-1 at the end of Round 1 of the Phoenix Waste Management Open to win. While everyone else was getting prepared for “the big game”, Louie was co-leader after a birdie on 17. He parred the 18 and ended up losing by a stroke to Deki and Webb Simpson. Back to back at this tourney for Matsuyama is insane. For 10 dollars, I can’t think of many bets that I’ve been closer on with those types of odds. My DK team also finished 252 out of 5882 which isn’t too shabby.

To the Super Bowl. If you bet the Falcons, you should be kicking yourself today. What happened last night is the exact reason why you bet the Patriots. It shouldn’t have turned out that way. It just couldn’t. But it did. It did because that’s just the way it is, specifically with gambling. I won about $200 on the Pats and the 20 on the Devontae Freeman TD turned out to be exactly on point at 8-1. Decent haul. Nothing major but it gives me good ammo for the upcoming March Madness tournament. If I can make the money last until then, we’ll see.