tciniceI can’t think of a work week where I was less enthusiastic to get out of bed.  If I had to live in Antarctic I’d jump in one of those small fishing holes and turn into an ice cube.  I don’t mind a day or two at temperatures under 32 degrees but an entire week in a row is wearing me down.

Today I looked at my clock and it read 8:15.  I usually get out of bed at 7:30-7:45.  I jumped out of bed fretting another day in my 16 degree car.  I bundled up, walked out the door, got in the car and prepared to freeze.  The car radio said 7:30 and I was confused.  I looked at my phone and it also said 7:30.  For some reason my bed side clock was an hour ahead.  Fascinating I know.

I should create a post category that reads “no one care”.  Unfortunately I think 99% of my posts would go there.

Here are some hot pictures of JLH.  I’d put her as the #1 babe for the year of ’97 and ’98 with these classic movies.  Can anyone name her character names?