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I found this picture of a Brandi Lookalike and decided to post it because I get a lot of my traffic from people searching for “Brandi Storage Wars.” I’ve read that she was a stripper in her earlier days and this is a mug shot pic from those days. I don’t think it exactly looks like her but the nose seems to be a match. She is really an attractive girl so it doesn’t really shock me she’d turn to stripping. It always seems like her and Jarrod don’t have a ton of money, plus she has 2 kids, isn’t married and Jarrod says “I was her manager.” I 100% believe that this could be her mug shot and that she was a stripper years ago. What do you think?

Tom Stortz

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  1. I hope to god she was a stripper. If she wasn’t she missed a great opportunity in life. I would pay to see that woman shake it any day of the week. I think she might be a bit of a ball buster but who cares. She is hot like fire and hope Jarrod can keep up with her. Well actually I don’t since I would love a crack at her.

  2. Anonymous… he’s an asshole because it didn’t actually happen. He picked some mugshot, said he thought it looked like her, posted it, and then a fucktard like you comes along, skims the posts, thinks it happened and this shot winds up in the top 20 images for Brandi on Google. Ultimate douchebag…. but I admit the nose and hairline do match. OK to think it, douche to post it.

  3. I remember this one time when I was in CA, some titty bar called Playpen. I paid her 40 bucks to champagne luge my sack. Needless to say, I was the big winner that night.

  4. Of course that is Brandi’s mug shot. Check the hair part, the eyebrows, the shape of the face etc., anyone with an eye can see its her. Its interesting to know she was a stripper, and she does refer to it on the show several times, to Jarod’s dismay. Wake up people!

  5. Brandi Passante was a stripper in Orange County in the late 90’s, she worked at 7th Vail , Playpen , and a few other spots. This has been CONFIRMED

  6. Hello,
    Yea you just may have something here… At first I was thinking “why is this dude trying to bring Brandi down” but before I posted something stupid, I continued to read your post and now TRUELY think your on to something here. I’m a big Brandi fan as well. I think she’s cute as a button (I’m WAY to old for her, and Happily Married) but she’s a cutie and I enjoy her part of the show, even if it’s a fake show. She makes it a little more easy to watch… JMHO… Mjclemm

  7. I could care less if it is or not, She is just so hot it does not matter to me, we all have a past….She is beautiful and doing well for herself, be happy for her…

  8. Whether it be her or not, what a body. She might be a stripper-ho but with that rack she can get away with it. DUMP that schmuck jarrod (meth-head) and do some hardcore!

  9. To be a complete pig; Who has the bigger rack:
    1) Brandi
    2) Nabila Hanliss

    I would love to see them both show it all in a bikini strip-off. Nabilla is definitely older, but still looks very trim and hot and is gorgeous while Brandi has more of a cute look. Still, they are both highly boneable and make it worth watching those other fud-whompers like Darrel the meathead, Dave the egomaniac, Jarrod the wannabe thug-putz, Barry Weiss, who seems okay but has the lame hobby of searching for antiques and other valuables in unpaid storage lockers, and Dorky Dan Dotson who makes a profit no matter who wins and therefore likes to see conflict between the “star” bidders. However, his wife Laura was likely very hot when disco was cool, but for someone in their sixties she still is do-able and has a HUGE rack.

  10. Unless Brandi got a nose job, a chin implant, cheek implants, and bad lip injections that is not her. Not really taking a shot at you, but people should really stop posting that pic and claiming it’s Brandi. If she was Dave Hester, she’d be suing people for a million.

  11. She was my street whore for3 months,and crack addict,probably still does use it on and off,she loved my big black dick,Jarod should feel like a small fool.

  12. I don’t think so. They look around the same age or close to. So, years ago would have to be only maybe 10 years and that girl on the left would be way too young 10 years ago. Just my 2 cents.

  13. There is no credible evidence that Brandi was ever a stripper. Until there is, people should not try to prove otherwise with fakes and look alikes.

  14. @anon on 4/10/12, recent estimates by credible websites places Brandi’s net worth at about $700K. So much for not having two nickles to rub together. How much is your sorry ass worth?

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