imaginedragonsThe new Imagine Dragons album was released on 2/17/15.  I read the 2 star review in Rolling Stone and wondered, “huh?”  Night Visions is possibly a top 20 album of the entire 2000’s, how could they have fallen off so far?  Not to mention Rolling Stone has a weird rating system.  Unless you are Bob Dylan, the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin, you rarely see a 5 star review.  However, it’s equally rare to see 1 star review.  2 stars is pretty bad

With the opportunity to listen through the 13 tracks today…I was equally disappointed.  I’m not a music guru but I know what I like quickly.  The sound was no Night Visions.  It was harder and the lyrics seemed less important.  I can 180 quickly and I’ll continue to give the tracks more listens.  Shots and I Bet My Life were above average releases but won’t carry the album.   Polaroid and It Comes Back To You are my favorite tracks.  The last 6 songs are all forgettable except Trouble.

Even though I believe it’s a step back from Night Visions, it’s still a good album and certainly not 2 stars.  I named 5 tracks out of 13 that I would consider good.  Most artists are lucky to get 2.