The Most Embarrassing Golf Round I’ve Had

Be smart, don’t be a retard.  I unfortunately was the latter.  I capped off a liquid weekend with a pitiful performance that I’ll get into later.  Where to begin on this 3 day bender.

  • I met up with Sam and Alex at their place on Thursday, 7/3.  I got the quick tour of their new place and we had a few drinks at a local Yunker watering hole shooting cricket.  Even with an ominous night brewing, we headed to a Styx /  Foreigner concert which was what I thought it would be.  Read Sam’s blog to get his take on the night.  Negotiating with a hot dog vendor at the concert while Sam was black out drunk was a highlight.
  • Evan at RenditionsI woke on Friday morning feeling groggy but was able to meet up with Evan and head to DC at an appropriate time for a golf round.  I was able to eat an entire quesadilla from Baja Fresh at a rest stop which will be used as a benchmark later on.  We met up with Hafe and Stackhouse at 1 o’clock and prepared for a round at Renditions which is a copy of famous holes on various courses.  Hafe was playing the round of his life before losing his phone on hole 10 and ended up abandoning 2 holes (while leaving his playing partner without a bag) which I still can’t get over.  The round was near 6 hours but on such a beautiful day, I don’t think anyone really was that upset.  Playing with music in the background was something I thought would be distracting but proved to be quite fun.  Thumbs up to the round.  Cruise.
  • After golf we went to Hafer’s in DC and we started pounding drinks with his Bolivian next door neighbors.  The one guy there was calling Evan’s drinking out pretty good which I thought was hilarious.  We spent the night in the Clarendon part of the area and even though the night was fairly standard, it was still fun.
  • Party Hard Het!

    Party Hard Het!

    Saturday morning was a BBQ for Hetrick’s recent engagement.  We watched some World Cup, played pong, Kan Jam, and other normal outdoor activities.  The food and company was excellent.  Evan and I left at around 8 because I had an early tee time the next day for a 2v2 tournament.


The Round From Hell

I want to make every 30 year old alcoholic aware that drinking 3 days straight is hazardous to your health.  I got up at 6:30 on Sunday feeling parched.  I sort of knew I wasn’t feeling so hot but with a 2v2 golf match I had to man up.  I went to Wawa and drank a coffee and got a Sizzli and here’s the clue in, I couldn’t eat the Sizzli.   I took two bites and couldn’t finish it.  I picked up Sam L., my playing partner, and we made our way to the driving range.  I hit a few balls and was topping everything.  As I told the Shee in a previous round a few years ago, it felt like my arms were disconnected from my body.

ScreenShot046I stepped up the to first tee box and blasted one up the middle.  I hit a PW to about 10 feet and made par on the first hole.  Easy game.  On hole 2, I hit a drive that went less than 10 feet.  I was lucky I even hit the ball.  After advancing the ball on my second shot, I MISSED the ball on the 3rd shot.  At this point I knew I was in more trouble than I thought.  My hands were shaking and my hand eye was so messed up that when I would address the ball, I had this feeling that I couldn’t hit it.  I somehow managed to get through a few more holes until hole 8 and 9 where I once again basically missed the ball off of the tee box.  Our playing partner was the commissioner of the association and I felt like such a jackass.  I finished the front with a 48 and we were 2 back.

At Sam’s advice, I downed a beer at the turn and this amazingly settled me down.  As Sam put it, “this isn’t a fix, only a band aid.”  Fortunately it worked well enough to have me save face and shoot a 45 on the back for a 93.  We lost the match on hole 14 but it was never in question.  I was actually relieved when we lost.  I know a 93 doesn’t sound like the worst round of my life, but in sheer embarrassment, it topped the cake.

What I look like today.

What I look like today.

Getting older does a few things, it allows me to understand why this happens and it’s no secret.  Dehydration.  Alcohol also impairs reaction time and mental acuity.  By the time you are dehydrated, it’s too late to save yourself by pounding water.  This may not have been the case when I was 21 but at 30, I still feel dehydrated today.  I can’t drink enough water to get back to normal.  I’m not complaining either because I do this to myself.  I’m just making readers aware because this is factual.  If I had to breakdown the amount of alcoholic drinks I consumed over the 3 days vs water I think it would be close to 50 – 3.  I remember drinking 3 waters.  So there’s a lesson and what happens to the body under these conditions.  Fun weekend though.

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The Day I Almost Killed a Man

It was today, but I digress.

I’ve been playing golf for over 15 years and have never been struck by a ball. It seems like getting hit would happen more often but for some reason it’s a rarity. My closest encounter was almost beheading myself when I attempted a punch shot through two trees 5 feet in front of me. My shot rifled against the tree and ricocheted right back at me and missed my head by 6 inches. Today was 1 inch.

NO0VRI hit a nice drive up the fairway and had a long 250 yard shot on a par 5 that would get me close in 2. I chose my 4 iron and addressed the ball. As I made my swing downward I could feel my club face wasn’t square and opened up dramatically. The club hit the ball and created a screamer that was heading dead right. Lance, our playing partner, was ahead looking for his ball and had turned back and was driving his cart directly towards the ball. I screamed out, “Lance!” with terror in my voice because the ball was flying right for him. The ball connects directly with the cart’s windshield which has the picture you see to the right. Amazingly the ball misses Lance and bounces off the cart. After looking at the mark made on the windshield, I was 1 inch away from killing a human being.

I was pretty rattled and Lance was just laughing which I couldn’t understand because he was moments away from being killed. Obviously this wasn’t intentional but I would have felt horrible. I couldn’t shake that feeling for the next few holes and I was unbelievably relieved when he wasn’t even mad at me for the shot. This post is a word of warning to anyone who plays golf, always be behind the ball when someone is hitting. No where is safe.

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Golf’s Frustration in a Hole

Kauai Lagoons

The Golf Bug

Received this text yesterday:

[blockquote source=”Addasheee”] High of 44 on sat… golfing it is?[/blockquote]


Golf’s Declining Nature

There is an article in the WSJ that is titled, “Whoever Said Golf Was Supposed to Be Fun?” that looks into why the sport has lost 5 million players over the past decade, including a 30% drop in golfers age 18-34.  Ambassadors to the sport have created to try to spur the popularity of golf again by “making it fun” which is what this article points out isn’t why people like golf.

Since conventional ideas of encouraging faster play and youth programs have done little to halt the decline, they are looking for more radical ideas such as GPS nanotechnology golf balls or structure changes to boost golf’s popularity. The problem the game of golf is facing is that it’s perfect the way it is and people just can’t hack it (or afford it).  It’s a game that requires dedication and a commitment to improving skills which require lots of time, patience, and money, which the majority of people don’t have.


“A slow round of golf is asking a lot of today’s young people, whose idea of fun is probably not six hours of painstaking frustration.”    Golf isn’t fun if you suck at it which is where the focus of these organizations should be.   I’ve been playing since I was 13, I’m now 30, and I can still barely hit the ball where I want it to go (I play at a 15-20).  If you can’t move the ball throughout the holes with any regularity, golf sucks.  How are people supposed to pick up a club and find enjoyment on the course when the learning curve is years?  Understanding that “sucking at golf makes golf suck” is what the representatives have to understand when forming their ideas to inject life back into golf which even with this hurdle, can still be achieved.

The article used a quote about, “superior beings deriving pleasure from things that are difficult and challenging” to describe golfers.   An idea would be to sponsor a “have you got what it takes” campaign aimed at Type A personalities.  I don’t think this is bad but there aren’t enough people who care about being challenged to start picking up golf.  The campaign should be about forgetting life on the golf course or enjoying being outdoors with your friends.  That’s what golf is all about.  We aren’t going to be professional golfers and us hackers know this.  We like basking in the heat with a few brews and hitting that one shot that you’ll remember for the next 5 years.  That feeling and getting away from life is where the enjoyment takes place.  Practicing and improving is the additional level and what makes the sport wonderful the way it is.

Golf Hole in One


How to Improve Golf

I perused some of the suggestions on the and added a few of my own to make the game better:

The Good Ideas

Promote twosomes – I thought a course that only accepted twosomes was a different idea.  Foursomes move slower and I think a smaller more agile group would keep play moving at a faster pace.  You lose the camaraderie because a good foursome is going to be more fun than a twosome, but if courses catered to twosomes, they might find that they have less time of play issues.  Some of the best rounds of golf I’ve played have been with just 2 people flying around the course in under 3 hours.  

Golf facilities should reward under 4 hour rounds – I like the idea of the course giving a discount on your next round if you play properly.  I’ve played with guys who have no incentive to play quickly and they don’t, thus dragging the whole group down.  Slow players kill golf.  When fast golfers get stuck behind slow golfers, no one will have fun.

Affordable – Golf is too expensive.  $75-$100 rounds are more than I want to spend.  Obviously if a course if filled at these numbers, there is no reason to alter it but it certainly doesn’t invite any new players.  Cater days of cheap play to new players and it will help promote the game.  Courses force players to play twilight.


Some Bad Ideas:

Make the rules easier or different for Rec players – I’m a stickler for rules and nothing burns me up more than a player saying he shoots 100 and plays by his own rules.  Some people play chess and others play checkers.  I personally don’t care what a player says he shoots by his own rules but creating a new recreational set of rules is out of the question.

Make Balls easier to find – Hate this.  One of the best parts about golf is finding a ball that was supposedly lost.  Hunting for balls is great because it’s a skill that is overlooked.  GPS balls take this attribute away.  Although they would make sure you are always playing your own ball which would be a perk.

Bigger Cups – Putting doesn’t deter golfers.  Ball striking is what adds up numbers.

Less Holes –  There is always the option to play 9.  18 is a great number because you can turn in a horrible front 9 and a majestic back 9.  It cuts up the game nicely.


The Answer – Education By Fun

Games that promote skill sets for hitting the ball.  There is nothing fun about going to a driving range and hitting balls into a field.  People want to be entertained and this can be done by getting creative to make people practice.  Lose the traditional golf holes and set up crazy practice shots that people can attempt.  This brings fun into it and they practice at the same time.  Once people can get better at ball striking, then they need to be lured to the course with reasonable prices and an experience that doesn’t deter them from the game.  Not everyone is meant to be a golfer but teaching skills that make golf enjoyable is where the heart of the problem lies.


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Lucky or Good?

golf sign

An age old question asks, is it better to be lucky or good? The easiest answer is that it’s better to be lucky short term and being good will pay off in in the long run. Doing something poorly and having it result positively only takes you so far. This post is going to look into my golf game because it’s where my idea for this post spawned from.

I’ve been playing a good amount of golf lately and I feel like I’ve been improving with every round. What’s started to happen is that things that I consider “lucky”, might actually be happening because I’m getting “good”. My hole in one is something that is probably as lucky as you can get because you are trying to put a ball that is 1.680 inches wide into a hole that is 4.25 inches across from 150+ yards away. The odds of a Tour player making an ace: 3,000 to 1, Low-handicapper making an ace: 5,000 to 1, Average player making an ace: 12,000 to 1. This also brings me back to the 65 ft basketball shot that I attempted a few more times the other day and wasn’t even close to putting it in. The shot that I made was pure luck, no skill behind it. So these two events were what I would consider mostly luck but what happened today on the golf course was something different.

Today I made 5 putts that were between 10-15 feet. This is pretty surprising because I just as easily could have missed every one of them, shot 5 strokes higher, and wouldn’t think I was becoming a better player. To give you an idea of this effort, a study found that nearly everybody makes almost every putt from inside two feet. Go a little farther away, to three feet, and golfers begin to miss (even Tour pros make only 85% to 95% of their three-footers). Step back to five feet and pros hole about 65%, while amateurs, if they’re lucky, are making about 50%. And at six feet, the best in the world, the PGA Tour Professionals, sink about 50%, plus or minus 5%. From 10 feet, no one consistently holes better than 25%. And from over 15 feet? One in 10, best case, even for the pros. So what I did today was a pretty impressive display for me. This got me thinking that was what was happening on the course today was pure luck like the aforementioned scenarios or was it possible I was actually making them because I’m improving. The answer is pretty commonplace in that it’s a combination of both. I’m probably improving as well as getting a little lucky.

The idea of luck is a wild concept. What would it take for this blog to be more popular? I’ve read my work from years ago and I know that this blog is getting better in both content and presentation. If someone or something stumbles across this website and changes up what I’ve been doing and helps me take it to the next level am I getting lucky? I can’t control anything other than what I post but it would require some sort of lucky break that I have no control over. I feel like lucky breaks are part of our culture and that not everyone knows when they are going to happen. You can stumble into them sometimes. Being lucky is a great quality to have but it’s not something you can rely on. You need to be have the total package and luck will find you. The idea of luck is amazing though because some people will attribute luck to acts of god. I for one, do not.

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No blackout?

So I pretty much had a weekend where I didn’t black out and I must pat myself on the back. Going about weekends like this is far superior than the alternative. Both nights I was golfing earlier so that delayed my drinking time til at least 9 which is what proved to be effective. Just to harp on this for a second, I was 97 both rounds and Chad beat me by 2 each day and I think he’s surprised that he beats me but all I can say is that it’s just a round of golf and when I play the game, that’s what I’m doing, there’s no real feeling of competition when I play golf. If I get a snowy on a hole, c’est la vie. I’m way too inconsistent to feel like a good golfer and one of these days it will come together. On a side note I did beat him in beer pong 4-2 and then he beat me 2-1. Our 1v1 games are usually pretty epic and winning means something. I will also add that I drank 13 beers during these 1v1 matches in a 2 hour period just to give everyone an idea of how to consume alcohol.

On Friday night we went to Mad River and Frost said he could drink more mind erasers than me and obviously I don’t back down from someone calling me out on my drink of choice. One of my favorite bartenders were working there so we were getting reasonable prices and ended up doing 7 mind erasers before close. I will give Frost some credit for hanging because that was a nice display of being an alcoholic. I was trying to make some moves but the girls weren’t having it. I went up to one and told her “you are the prettiest girl in the room” and even that didn’t work. We went to the Brew Pub the next night and I just find that talking to girls is like pulling teeth sometimes. I initiate the conversation, I ask relevant questions and these girls are just like “stop inconveniencing me.” I’m thinking, I have a job, I’m in shape, I’m even willing to talk to you, what are you looking for? So I ended up fine both nights and actually had a decent time so I’m happy that I successfully drank without blacking out both nights. This is a rare Sunday post so stay tuned for Monday and I’ll start the week right.

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This may be long winded and cover a cluster fuck of topics so if you aren’t in the mood for irrelevant bs I suggest you stop reading. If it’s right up your alley than by all means continue. Basically I had no plans this labor day weekday. I had a list of things to do that included buying some new clothes and some other easy to accomplish items. The only agenda item of my list to get crossed off was beer. I bought a variety pack of Stoudts which I thought was pretty decent. It was a bit pricey and made my shit really dark but they were quality beers if you like IPA’s. I also purchased a handle of goose and a fifth of aged Jameson. There’s probably no reason to spend this much on alcohol considering I can get just as bombed off a 20 dollar fifth of Captain but I reasoned “my body has grown acquired to the good stuff.” So that’s kind of a lead in to where my weekend was headed on Thursday night.

We played golf on Friday at Neshaminy Valley which was an OK course. Not to pricey but kind of laid out close together. I ended up with a 96 even though I struck the ball what I thought should have got me in the 80’s (this will be proven later on instead of all talk). The greens were unusual I thought and I probably 3 putted at least 9. The wagon beat me too which was obviously wtf.

I got bombed on both Friday and Saturday night. I honestly can’t recall any details from the later parts of the night. Blurs here and there but nothing concrete. I finished reading Tucker Max’s book and I just have to wonder how the hell he can be so descriptive in his drunken stories. My stories would be like “i started pregaming at 5, played some drinking games at 8, did some shots at 10 and then I woke up on the couch in my clothes and contacts at 11 am.” I’m dead serious my book would have to be told by other people. If I had a camera on my head going through the night and I watched it the next morning it would be like a brand new episode instead of a rerun. I used to feel embarrassed cause I probably say and do stupid shit that I couldn’t remember but now after reading Tuckers book I’m not even in the same ballpark of crazy shit. If this guy can wake up each day feeling fine, I’ll continue. I’ve sort of adopted 2 philosophies that won’t make me popular. 1) If I was drunk and don’t remember it, it didn’t happen. 2) I can’t change the past so lets forget it happened and move on.

I’m reading Artie Lange’s book now and I like reading about these fucked up people who I guess you could say made it pretty big. I don’t aspire to be like these guys. These guys are one of kinds who are smart enough to turn their stupidity into a job. I’m not in this category. I fall into the category of drunk, jackass who is lucky enough to have not done anything stupid enough to get him into real trouble. This may be a bit harsh but the booze definitely holds over me. I’m the player and it’s the house, it doesn’t lose. It’s funny because I realize it, but once I get it in my head to get smashed, there’s no stopping until my body forfeits (usually it’s my mind that quits first). I can’t remember if it was in Tucker Max’s book or somewhere else but you have to find the “zone” when your drinking. It’s in between sobriety and retardation. After 10 beers or so, if I just quit altogether and I could maintain some decency to myself. However the zone can be easily pushed through into black out. If someone could create something that shuts off your ability to consume more alcohol after being too loaded, you could become a millionaire.

I couldn’t even bring myself to drink on Sunday night. I shot an 84 at Limekiln playing white-blue which is somewhat legit. I’m driving the ball well and there was a hole I snowmanned which should have been an easy bogey. To say that I was nearing the 70’s may be a stretch as I caught a lucky break here. It’s a shame it’s so late in the season as I think I could throw up a number.

Finally an update on softball to the people on the team who read this post. I told you I wasn’t kidding about throwing the ball. I think I really surprised people with my throwing accuracy of a blind man firing at a target. This is my theory on how this happened. I stopped playing competitive sports when I was 16 or so. Basically when I started running track in high school I stopped all baseball, bball and everything else I played competitively. When I was 16 or so I grew from like 5-3 to 6-0 in one summer. Without really realizing it, there was no transition from the way I used to play sports to how I would have to relearn to play sports. With a new body, I never practiced sports. I never played baseball past 16. In middle school I was a point guard who liked to gun up 3’s. When I grew I was an undersized forward who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, my shot never redeveloped. It was the same thing with throwing, I never threw a baseball in the past 10 years. So you can try to hide me at first and hope I don’t have to throw home, but don’t get your hopes up. I sort of break it down like, I could be better at these sports if I really wanted to by practicing, but what’s really the point. I don’t care about winning leagues or being the best, all I really care about is not getting hurt. I’m happy to contribute if I can but if you think I’m going to be in tip-top shape at 10:30 on a Saturday morning for Softball, (to quote Tucker) Hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahaah. Now I know where you got this from Jeff.

I like to end with a good song because I think my taste in music is better than yours.
Re-check the one from the last post as I think that song is majorly overlooked.

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I had a tamer weekend this weekend and actually enjoyed it. I saw a Phil’s game on Saturday which got poured on in the 8th. I woke up on Sunday feeling fine. I time trialed a mile and did it in 5:02. I probably could break 5 fairly easily with better shoes and a pacer. I played Limekiln on Sunday as well. Shot 97 which wasn’t very good but I thought I hit the ball well enough to be in the mid 80’s. I know it’s a stretch but the amount of putts I missed and better damage control. could get me there. I was 2 over after 6 and then went +5 on hole 7 and triple on 8 to fuck the round. The season is almost over but I’m hitting the ball really well, just not putting for shit.

Entourage should quit. Let me explain why this show isn’t good anymore breaking down this last shitty episode. The security part was just wasting time. Nothing happens and it’s forced comic relief. E sucks and is breaking it off with the best character in the show. Nothing personal to the Kevin Connolly, I thought he was find on Unhappily Ever After, but I think they made his character grow up too fast and he doesn’t play the part. Plus watching him and the tiny girl is like watching the smallest couple on the planet. The part with Vince and the stalker is so lame, I could honestly care less. Finally, that was entertaining to watch Andrew Kline crash his car in his house but I just don’t care about his character. He’s not entertaining and Gary Cole is just not Entourage material, he’s Office Space material, stick with what you know.

True Blood was finally meh. I usually don’t use faggot internet buzz words but this one fits with a just average episode. Tara and her mom bug the shit out of me. Hoyt and Jessica is whatever. Jason and Andy are funny together I’m actually curious to see how they fuck up whatever is in the season finale. I like that Sam and the vamps are going to work together, they are decent character. Maryann is like WTF? She was summoned by Tara? Now she has to sacrifice an supernatural for some crazy reason. It got kind of far out with some of that reasoning. I think the people with the bug eyes may have taken it a bit too far for me. I’m still entertained but for some strange reason that turned me off a little. Nevertheless I will certainly be tuning in the for end.

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This weekend was an absolute blur. I started drinking at 430 or so on Friday and somehow make it to 2 or 3 in the morning. There are just hours of time in there where I’m doing stupid shit that I can’t take any accountability for. I take responsibility for my actions, but it’s not like it’s me doing it. It’s like an alter ego. I’ve been doing the same shit weekend after weekend so I really don’t even have the much to comment on.

Golfed Sunday at Limekiln. I was 94 or so but hit the ball real solid. If I just took an hour and practiced my short game I think I’m playing mid 80’s golf.

I’ve been running alot. Ran a 17:32 for a 5k last Wednesday. I’m doing the Sea Isle 10 miler so that will be the next goal. I’ve actually been pretty spot on on goals I set for myself and then doing them. I should do about a 60 minute 10 miler in the sand. It’s not the best terrain but I’m in better shape now then when I did the broad street. At least at 25 i’m not washed up yet. Maybe in a year or two.

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Why No Update?

Most people like to use being too busy as a reason to not do things.  However, most people really have no idea what busy is.  A busy day for some people is going to the store, going to the gym, picking up some dry cleaning, and then cooking a meal.   The past example is busy work, not being busy.  I have actually been the opposite of busy, lazy.  I have had plenty of time to write about whatever I wanted but just didn’t.  I could have wrote that I was 89, 88, 90 at Turtle Creek, Limekiln, and Pincrest respectively.  Actually I had first hole issues on Turtle Creek and Pinecrest so that score could be off by a couple.  Or I bowled 200, 188, 184 in 3 consecutive games, making me think I know what I’m doing.  Or over the weekend I asked 2 girls what the chances of us having a 3some would be.  Turned out not very good, she either said 85% chance not happening or .5% chance of it happening.  I kind of zoned out while she was talking to catch her answer.  Kind of telling for what type of chances I had.  This was just the typical last couple days with nothing too exciting happening.  I didn’t make one sports bet and didn’t really play any cards either.  I’m just trying to make it through another work week which is becoming more and more challenging.  I have no understanding of how people can work day after day, year after year for 30+ years.  I’m spent after 4.  I 0pened up a google adwords account for our business website and maybe I’ll do it for this as my viewers have actually decreased recently.  Our bball team plays next week which will be a nice change of pace to the normal work week.  I’m purposely not using and paragraphs and continuing to change topics to make it annoying to read.  FI oYu Nca IurfeG UOt tHsi nTnCSEeE, eFeL PSiCAEl yuO UsJt dawTse ouRY MiTE.

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Last Few Days

The title might make you think I was going somewhere or doing something exciting but I’m not.  I’ll just run through random bs from the last couple days.  My friend Evan said that it really doesn’t even matter what you put in a blog as long as it’s something to keep people unbored.   I had 32 people visit my site on Friday.  32!  So that’s a start.  Once the domain name gets established hopefully I’ll hit triple digits one day.

Here’s a recap of my weekend highlighting the major points.

– Bowled a 213 last night ending my streak of hundreds of non 200 games.

– Shot a 89 on a par 66 course which wasn’t very good.  I feel like I play down to the level of the course which is one of the reasons I never want to play there again.  Walnut Lane and Twining Valley are currently the only 2 courses on my list.  Slow greens, indistinguishable fairways, awkward lies…   If they sold beer on the course I would reconsider.

– Lost 125 dollars Saturday night at 3am playing someone heads up for 115 dollars each game.  Won the first and lost the next 2.  I was under the influence at the time.

– I’ve only went to the gym once in the last week and stopped running for a while so I feel like a piece of shit.  I don’t know how people can go through life never exercising.  I intend to pick up my routine this week.

– I went car shopping for a new TL.  It’s constant haggling with these clowns.  I have time on my side so I’m not rushed into anything but I have the feeling I’ll cave sooner rather than later.  I was offered 1500 down and $530 a month which would include the money I still owe on this car.  I think this price is too high and if anyone who reads this has experience with recent car sales, I’d be happy to listen.

– I got a new Storm for 200 plus a 50 dollar mail in rebate from Verizon.  I told them that I want to speak to their cancellation department if they weren’t going to let me upgrade 4 months early.  They gave in pretty easily and I got a storm with new found insurance.  I really don’t even want the storm but I’m tired of my current phone and am looking for an upgrade.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about the good an bad about it once I get it.

Finally I want to send off with a funny video.  Only the last 15 seconds are funny but you have to watch the full minute to take it all in.

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