The title might make you think I was going somewhere or doing something exciting but I’m not.  I’ll just run through random bs from the last couple days.  My friend Evan said that it really doesn’t even matter what you put in a blog as long as it’s something to keep people unbored.   I had 32 people visit my site on Friday.  32!  So that’s a start.  Once the domain name gets established hopefully I’ll hit triple digits one day.

Here’s a recap of my weekend highlighting the major points.

– Bowled a 213 last night ending my streak of hundreds of non 200 games.

– Shot a 89 on a par 66 course which wasn’t very good.  I feel like I play down to the level of the course which is one of the reasons I never want to play there again.  Walnut Lane and Twining Valley are currently the only 2 courses on my list.  Slow greens, indistinguishable fairways, awkward lies…   If they sold beer on the course I would reconsider.

– Lost 125 dollars Saturday night at 3am playing someone heads up for 115 dollars each game.  Won the first and lost the next 2.  I was under the influence at the time.

– I’ve only went to the gym once in the last week and stopped running for a while so I feel like a piece of shit.  I don’t know how people can go through life never exercising.  I intend to pick up my routine this week.

– I went car shopping for a new TL.  It’s constant haggling with these clowns.  I have time on my side so I’m not rushed into anything but I have the feeling I’ll cave sooner rather than later.  I was offered 1500 down and $530 a month which would include the money I still owe on this car.  I think this price is too high and if anyone who reads this has experience with recent car sales, I’d be happy to listen.

– I got a new Storm for 200 plus a 50 dollar mail in rebate from Verizon.  I told them that I want to speak to their cancellation department if they weren’t going to let me upgrade 4 months early.  They gave in pretty easily and I got a storm with new found insurance.  I really don’t even want the storm but I’m tired of my current phone and am looking for an upgrade.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about the good an bad about it once I get it.

Finally I want to send off with a funny video.  Only the last 15 seconds are funny but you have to watch the full minute to take it all in.