I had a tamer weekend this weekend and actually enjoyed it. I saw a Phil’s game on Saturday which got poured on in the 8th. I woke up on Sunday feeling fine. I time trialed a mile and did it in 5:02. I probably could break 5 fairly easily with better shoes and a pacer. I played Limekiln on Sunday as well. Shot 97 which wasn’t very good but I thought I hit the ball well enough to be in the mid 80’s. I know it’s a stretch but the amount of putts I missed and better damage control. could get me there. I was 2 over after 6 and then went +5 on hole 7 and triple on 8 to fuck the round. The season is almost over but I’m hitting the ball really well, just not putting for shit.

Entourage should quit. Let me explain why this show isn’t good anymore breaking down this last shitty episode. The security part was just wasting time. Nothing happens and it’s forced comic relief. E sucks and is breaking it off with the best character in the show. Nothing personal to the Kevin Connolly, I thought he was find on Unhappily Ever After, but I think they made his character grow up too fast and he doesn’t play the part. Plus watching him and the tiny girl is like watching the smallest couple on the planet. The part with Vince and the stalker is so lame, I could honestly care less. Finally, that was entertaining to watch Andrew Kline crash his car in his house but I just don’t care about his character. He’s not entertaining and Gary Cole is just not Entourage material, he’s Office Space material, stick with what you know.

True Blood was finally meh. I usually don’t use faggot internet buzz words but this one fits with a just average episode. Tara and her mom bug the shit out of me. Hoyt and Jessica is whatever. Jason and Andy are funny together I’m actually curious to see how they fuck up whatever is in the season finale. I like that Sam and the vamps are going to work together, they are decent character. Maryann is like WTF? She was summoned by Tara? Now she has to sacrifice an supernatural for some crazy reason. It got kind of far out with some of that reasoning. I think the people with the bug eyes may have taken it a bit too far for me. I’m still entertained but for some strange reason that turned me off a little. Nevertheless I will certainly be tuning in the for end.