So I pretty much had a weekend where I didn’t black out and I must pat myself on the back. Going about weekends like this is far superior than the alternative. Both nights I was golfing earlier so that delayed my drinking time til at least 9 which is what proved to be effective. Just to harp on this for a second, I was 97 both rounds and Chad beat me by 2 each day and I think he’s surprised that he beats me but all I can say is that it’s just a round of golf and when I play the game, that’s what I’m doing, there’s no real feeling of competition when I play golf. If I get a snowy on a hole, c’est la vie. I’m way too inconsistent to feel like a good golfer and one of these days it will come together. On a side note I did beat him in beer pong 4-2 and then he beat me 2-1. Our 1v1 games are usually pretty epic and winning means something. I will also add that I drank 13 beers during these 1v1 matches in a 2 hour period just to give everyone an idea of how to consume alcohol.

On Friday night we went to Mad River and Frost said he could drink more mind erasers than me and obviously I don’t back down from someone calling me out on my drink of choice. One of my favorite bartenders were working there so we were getting reasonable prices and ended up doing 7 mind erasers before close. I will give Frost some credit for hanging because that was a nice display of being an alcoholic. I was trying to make some moves but the girls weren’t having it. I went up to one and told her “you are the prettiest girl in the room” and even that didn’t work. We went to the Brew Pub the next night and I just find that talking to girls is like pulling teeth sometimes. I initiate the conversation, I ask relevant questions and these girls are just like “stop inconveniencing me.” I’m thinking, I have a job, I’m in shape, I’m even willing to talk to you, what are you looking for? So I ended up fine both nights and actually had a decent time so I’m happy that I successfully drank without blacking out both nights. This is a rare Sunday post so stay tuned for Monday and I’ll start the week right.