Most people like to use being too busy as a reason to not do things.  However, most people really have no idea what busy is.  A busy day for some people is going to the store, going to the gym, picking up some dry cleaning, and then cooking a meal.   The past example is busy work, not being busy.  I have actually been the opposite of busy, lazy.  I have had plenty of time to write about whatever I wanted but just didn’t.  I could have wrote that I was 89, 88, 90 at Turtle Creek, Limekiln, and Pincrest respectively.  Actually I had first hole issues on Turtle Creek and Pinecrest so that score could be off by a couple.  Or I bowled 200, 188, 184 in 3 consecutive games, making me think I know what I’m doing.  Or over the weekend I asked 2 girls what the chances of us having a 3some would be.  Turned out not very good, she either said 85% chance not happening or .5% chance of it happening.  I kind of zoned out while she was talking to catch her answer.  Kind of telling for what type of chances I had.  This was just the typical last couple days with nothing too exciting happening.  I didn’t make one sports bet and didn’t really play any cards either.  I’m just trying to make it through another work week which is becoming more and more challenging.  I have no understanding of how people can work day after day, year after year for 30+ years.  I’m spent after 4.  I 0pened up a google adwords account for our business website and maybe I’ll do it for this as my viewers have actually decreased recently.  Our bball team plays next week which will be a nice change of pace to the normal work week.  I’m purposely not using and paragraphs and continuing to change topics to make it annoying to read.  FI oYu Nca IurfeG UOt tHsi nTnCSEeE, eFeL PSiCAEl yuO UsJt dawTse ouRY MiTE.