This weekend was an absolute blur. I started drinking at 430 or so on Friday and somehow make it to 2 or 3 in the morning. There are just hours of time in there where I’m doing stupid shit that I can’t take any accountability for. I take responsibility for my actions, but it’s not like it’s me doing it. It’s like an alter ego. I’ve been doing the same shit weekend after weekend so I really don’t even have the much to comment on.

Golfed Sunday at Limekiln. I was 94 or so but hit the ball real solid. If I just took an hour and practiced my short game I think I’m playing mid 80’s golf.

I’ve been running alot. Ran a 17:32 for a 5k last Wednesday. I’m doing the Sea Isle 10 miler so that will be the next goal. I’ve actually been pretty spot on on goals I set for myself and then doing them. I should do about a 60 minute 10 miler in the sand. It’s not the best terrain but I’m in better shape now then when I did the broad street. At least at 25 i’m not washed up yet. Maybe in a year or two.