Smut Peddling

I haven’t smut peddled for views in a few weeks so I’m due.

McKayla is Back – Fresh off of a hiatus from Instagram, she comes back with a see-thru purple dress and drinking wine now that she’s 21.

Britney Looking Good (and a plain Jane Emma Stone)
– I always felt bad for Britney when she spiraled on her prescription, crazy period. Glad to see she looks healthy.

Ariel Winter Will Never Go Away – I’m sick of her. She falls into the Kim Kardashian category for me of trying too hard with minimal talent.

Kendall and Kylie Playing Piggy Back – Don’t care for either one but this is a pretty strong picture.

JLH Still Has It – She doesn’t age and always looks great.

Iggy Got New Boobs – I remember reading she was taking a ton of ridicule for being flat chested so she changed that.

Obligatory Katy Perry – She’s pretty much disappeared from making music but I’m sure she’s doing alright.

Charlotte McKinney’s Boob– The ultimate combination of being a blonde, beautiful, and buxom.

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Madison Ivy’s Life

Madison Ivy is a fascinating, unique individual. She does/did porn which keeps her out of the conservative’s public eye but she’s a fan favorite among all males. If you haven’t heard of her you are probably lying. I’d say she’s my #2 of all time between a tie at #1 with young Jenna Jameson and young Bree Olsen. She is also my most read post which is urging me on to write a sequel on her story.

I reviewed her Twitter feed for this post and prior to her car accident, she posted mostly promotion for her porn. Post – accident it’s mostly her drawings and insights into her life which are far more interesting.

Life Facts:

She got into a car accident and was nearly killed

420madisonivyFor anyone who doesn’t know, I won’t be posting stuff for a while. I was the passager in a car accident about 10 days ago, I’ve been in the hospital ever since. I fractured my spine and tore my stomach open, it’s going to be a long slow road to recovery. I can still move my legs luckily, but i will be off my feet for a month maybe 2, maybe longer we are still unsure. All things happen for a reason and I am just happy to be alive. Live life, love, rave and just know even when life is hard you have love of good people around you. #spreadloveandpositivity #SmileMore

She was home schooled

She likes Dragon Ball Z

She’s a great artist

She loves getting high

Post Accident

Early scene with Lexi Belle

Early scene with Lexi Belle

I’m enjoying Madison Ivy’s persona more as a normal person than a porn star. She’s obviously a beautiful, talented person who went the way of porn. I imagine most people don’t view pornstars as “normal” people and look down upon them for their sinful ways. I take the opinion as long as the person isn’t being mistreated and enjoys doing it (which I’m sure isn’t everyone), it’s how that person chooses to live their life. I’m blown away by Madison for a few reasons:

  • Oozes sex

    Oozes sex

    She evolved to be one of the greatest pornstars of our generation. I wrote this post back in 2013 and her stardom was still on the rise. Her scenes started as a little girl and moved into the consummate professional.

  • It’s amazing to see her artistic talents and to learn that she was home-schooled. She was born in Germany so I don’t know if that was a little town or if she was raised in the United States but it’s odd to see a home schooled person launch into success (maybe it happens all the time. I have no idea.) Seeing someone outside of society’s “normal” education system is awesome. Especially one like her.
  • I guess I like seeing people be themselves and I think she does that to her fullest. I hope her recovery continues in a positive light. Christ I feel like I know the girl after doing this research. Marry me.
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The Underboob vs Cleavage (NSFW)

Jim-Carrey-jaw-drop-tongue-outI follow some “glamour” models on Instagram and cleavage is overrated when compared to the underboob. The underboob is looked down on because it’s showing a part of the boob that shouldn’t be shown.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though because with a push up bra you could probably show about 45% of the breasts, where as an underboob would only be 15%.  The idea is that the nipple is always covered?  It’s just a matter of time before girls not wearing shirts will be the same as guys not wearing shirts.  I understand it’s to protect parts that are genetically different so people don’t feel ashamed, but nature is nature.







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Who is Katee Owen?

Answer: the hottest girl on the internet.


She is the combination of pretty face, huge boobs, tiny waist, and mediocre dancing skills that elevate her to elite levels. She’s also known for hiring lawyers to scan the internet and make sure none of her material gets distributed for free. There’s a good chance this post gets taken down.

To be perfectly honest though, her success lies in her ratio of natural boobs to body. It isn’t natural.  I’m keeping this post PG or at least PG-13.  Your question to me should be are you posting this for the benefit of your readers or because this post should receive Google attention?  Can’t it be both.


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Creeping on Kindly

This is a picture of 30 year old Kindly Myers and 54 year old Dan Marino. I never knew Kindly was a first name. Why am I seeing this?

Dan Marino here @tootsies_orchid_lounge #tootsiesyall #bestbarinnashville #legend

A photo posted by Kindly Myers (@kindly) on

That top is a bit big, no?

That top is a bit big, no?

Following attractive girls that you’ll never meet in real life is probably the bigger question of this post but I also can’t put my finger the strange dynamic introduced when random strangers post pictures with celebrities. This picture serves absolutely 0 purpose in my life. Yeah, it’s great to see Dan Marino looking like a boss in his mid 50’s posing with a smokestack blonde, but does this really interest me? What action do I take? Do I unfollow this? Do I like this? 500 other people also like it so I’m not alone in my struggle to navigate social media. She also have 1.6 million likes on Facebook so it’s not like she’s a nobody. I feel like this would be out of line if this girl only had like 200 followers. It’s tricky.

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Kendra Sunderland Favorited My Tweet!

kendra-sunderland-pizzaI know what you’re thinking, who cares when a 19 year old amateur porn star favorites your tweet. Normally I’d agree but you’re seeing a meteoric rise in popularity simply by masturbating in a public library. It’s unheard of. Up to 40.7k Twitter followers. That’s a 7k increase in less than 7 hours. I can’t even get 7 extra followers in 7 months.  It also shows the amazing power of Twitter because by favoriting that tweet, Kendra Sunderland immediately moves up my list of hot girls due to interaction. 

I wasn’t joking around on that tweet either.  If I was getting that kind of attention for beating off in a bathroom I’d be crawled up in the fetal position in bed waiting for everything to blow over. However, she’s tweeting out that if she gets 1,000 re-tweets she’ll post naked tweets. She’s taking the bull by the horns and running with her 15 minutes of fame. The only mistake she made was issuing a sex tape before she got famous. That would have brought in millions. She’ll have an agent in no time. 


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Kendra Sunderland’s NSFW Library Video

Kendra Sunderland at Oregon State studying for a breast exam.

Kendra Sunderland at Oregon State studying for a breast exam.

NSFW video found here. Best report of the story found here.

This story starts like all good stories start, with a big breasted blonde girl alone in a library at Oregon State University.   She’s an amateur cam girl who made a video that got uploaded to Pornhub and here we sit with Kendra being threatened with jail time.

Sultry Kendra Sunderland

Sultry Kendra Sunderland

The video is pretty boring.  If you watch 1 minute, you’ve watched all 30.  Talk about a springboard though.  I think she’s hot and it’ll only be a matter of time before hot girls start stripping in courtrooms and pre-schools.

I started following her on Twitter and she now has 33k followers.  I would not be surprised to see her hit 6 figures.  Authorities are talking 11k in fines. She’ll be a millionaire by the time everything clears up.

Not to mention she’s breaking the internet with #library girl.

What did this girl do wrong? At 20:15 she starts “masturbating” and it lasts about 30 seconds. Throw her in the jail! Today she truly became an Oregon State Beaver! I actually read she doesn’t even go to the school anymore. As I did my “research” for this post, she’s a bona fide pornstar.

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Kate Upton’s Boobs in Game of War

There’s a good chance if you watch any TV that you’ve seen this commercial with Kate Upton inspiring an army to go to war. I give major thumbs up to whoever thought of hiring Kate Upton for this as it targets teenage boys who love video games and big boobs.

Why does she talk so slow? Is Kate’s speech supposed to be funny or uplifting? The dialogue was oddly chosen and could have been refined as one or the other, I’d personally leaned more to the funny.

The boob bounce towards the end is a 10/10.

Nice view.

Nice view.

It's advertised as ADDICTIVE!

It’s advertised as ADDICTIVE!

I enjoy breaking down advertising because it gives perspective on how people make money. #1 point to notice is that this game is making enough money that they are hiring Kate Upton who must command top dollar.

The point of the game is building an army, making alliances, and battling other players. How does this free download make money? It’s FREEMIUM! Here’s a pricing structure:

28000 Gold $99.99
3900 Gold $19.99
1200 Gold $4.99

machine_zone_logo_webIn order to progress faster through the game, you save a credit card on file and with a single click you give away your real life (parents) money for gold. Machine Zone, the maker of the game, becomes rich and hires famous people like Kate Upton to attract more players and to become richer. These people are smarter than you.

None of what I’ve wrote so far should wow you.


Kate Upton ♥ Freemium

These video games are bad for society.  They suck the life, money, and time from the youth.  When I was young you’d buy a console and you could play for hours with no repercussions.

This one's for you Sam.

This one’s for you Sam.

I was a gamer through high school and some of college until one day, around 20, I said enough.  The skills you get from video games are not applicable to real life.  I can’t remember the last time I was stuck in an isolated room with 2 entrances and surrounded by enemies where my only move was a shotty charge.

south-park-freemiumMy concern is that nothing comes from these types of games aside from a drain to the individual and a boost to a company to design more games like it.  There’s a reason South Park went out of their way to dedicate an entire episode to it.

I don’t think there’s anything to do except hope that the people playing these games stop giving their money away.  Once that happens, these games won’t exist.  This post is also not a shot against video games, they are fine in moderation but these games have a negative impact and should be evaluated as such.

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Hottest Women on the Planet

I frequent the Reddit Celebs section because it posts the best looking pictures of female celebrities. I have a few favorites but the 4 in this post are my personal favorite. I scanned their Wikipedia pages, their Twitter accounts, their Instagram’s, and anything else relevant and compiled the best pictures and info known to man on these hot pieces of ass.  Without further ado, I present the hottest women on the planet.

Charlotte Mckinney
She’s a 21 year old from Florida and doesn’t even having a Wikipedia page. I searched the web for any and everything and her slate is clean. She must be a virgin.

Charlotte Mckinney - Terry Richardson Shoot

Total Charlotte Mckinney Package


Charlotte Mckinney See Through

Charlotte leaves little to the imagination


Lucy Pinder
It’s difficult to find pictures of Lucy Pinder with any clothes on. She’s a 30 year old British glamour model and she tweets about boring events and animals. There is no information on her personal life and she is also a virgin.

Lucy Pinder in Street Clothes

This picture has the most clothes Lucy Pinder has ever worn

Lucy Pinder Overhead Perfect Breasts

I’d last less than 1 second

Be more boring…you can’t.

Sara Jean Underwood
Ryan Seacrest has dated Sara Jean Underwood. Are you fucking kidding me? I swore he was gay and he gets the hottest chick on the planet. She’s was the host of Attack of the Show on G4.  Gamer nerds have wet dreams about her.  Her naked Yoga is tops (NSFW).

Sara Jean Underwood Pushed Together Boobs

Nice push ups Sara

Sara Jean Underwood Selfie

I’d take selfies all day if I looked like her.

Sara Jean Underwood Yoga

Yoga at Crater Lake

Marta Gotera
There’s a sport called beach soccer and they have cheerleaders.  Marta is one of them.  She is unknown to most but that face is adorable.

Marta Gotera Famous Adidas Bikini

I’d like to come back in another life as that Adidas logo

Marta Gotera Dancing

The Cabbage Patch?

Marta-Gotera White Bikini

That body is 10.

Marta Gotera in Dress

Just a nice little date.

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