There’s a good chance if you watch any TV that you’ve seen this commercial with Kate Upton inspiring an army to go to war. I give major thumbs up to whoever thought of hiring Kate Upton for this as it targets teenage boys who love video games and big boobs.

Why does she talk so slow? Is Kate’s speech supposed to be funny or uplifting? The dialogue was oddly chosen and could have been refined as one or the other, I’d personally leaned more to the funny.

The boob bounce towards the end is a 10/10.

Nice view.

Nice view.

It's advertised as ADDICTIVE!

It’s advertised as ADDICTIVE!

I enjoy breaking down advertising because it gives perspective on how people make money. #1 point to notice is that this game is making enough money that they are hiring Kate Upton who must command top dollar.

The point of the game is building an army, making alliances, and battling other players. How does this free download make money? It’s FREEMIUM! Here’s a pricing structure:

28000 Gold $99.99
3900 Gold $19.99
1200 Gold $4.99

machine_zone_logo_webIn order to progress faster through the game, you save a credit card on file and with a single click you give away your real life (parents) money for gold. Machine Zone, the maker of the game, becomes rich and hires famous people like Kate Upton to attract more players and to become richer. These people are smarter than you.

None of what I’ve wrote so far should wow you.


Kate Upton ♥ Freemium

These video games are bad for society.  They suck the life, money, and time from the youth.  When I was young you’d buy a console and you could play for hours with no repercussions.

This one's for you Sam.

This one’s for you Sam.

I was a gamer through high school and some of college until one day, around 20, I said enough.  The skills you get from video games are not applicable to real life.  I can’t remember the last time I was stuck in an isolated room with 2 entrances and surrounded by enemies where my only move was a shotty charge.

south-park-freemiumMy concern is that nothing comes from these types of games aside from a drain to the individual and a boost to a company to design more games like it.  There’s a reason South Park went out of their way to dedicate an entire episode to it.

I don’t think there’s anything to do except hope that the people playing these games stop giving their money away.  Once that happens, these games won’t exist.  This post is also not a shot against video games, they are fine in moderation but these games have a negative impact and should be evaluated as such.