kendra-sunderland-pizzaI know what you’re thinking, who cares when a 19 year old amateur porn star favorites your tweet. Normally I’d agree but you’re seeing a meteoric rise in popularity simply by masturbating in a public library. It’s unheard of. Up to 40.7k Twitter followers. That’s a 7k increase in less than 7 hours. I can’t even get 7 extra followers in 7 months.  It also shows the amazing power of Twitter because by favoriting that tweet, Kendra Sunderland immediately moves up my list of hot girls due to interaction. 

I wasn’t joking around on that tweet either.  If I was getting that kind of attention for beating off in a bathroom I’d be crawled up in the fetal position in bed waiting for everything to blow over. However, she’s tweeting out that if she gets 1,000 re-tweets she’ll post naked tweets. She’s taking the bull by the horns and running with her 15 minutes of fame. The only mistake she made was issuing a sex tape before she got famous. That would have brought in millions. She’ll have an agent in no time.