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Ready To Sweat

Who doesn’t love a nice Sat & Sun sweat? For me I have about 3k of sweating to do over this weekend if all goes right. Let’s dive in:

  • Frank Paone hosted a Fantasy Golf Tournament that revolved around the 5 majors (including the Players). 40+ people entered at $75 each creating a nice little prize pool. Each low aggregate of the tourny wins $375 and the winner of the lowest score of the 5 combined wins $750+. I’m currently ahead of the 2nd place guy by 20 strokes for the low round aggregate with a chance to win this tournament outright. Since I passed 5 guys, I don’t get hit with a major penalty of missing the cut. As it so happens, the guy in 2nd place is also in 2nd outright. We share 3 of the same golfers in ZJ, Fowler, and Finau. He needs Rory and Patrick Reed to beat Paul Casey and Adam Scott by 20 strokes for me to lose the $775. For 1st place of the PGA, it’s still to early to call but I’m obviously in a nice spot in 1st (same scenario with Rory and Reed to beat Casey and Scott)

Total Win Percentage: 98% 

PGA Win Percentage 33%

  • I had a bye in week one of the fantasy baseball playoffs and am currently in the Semi Finals against a guy who I’ve had some history with. This scenario is a bit odd but I’ve been taking the short end of the stick over and over again. Let’s start with me dropping Bellinger earlier in the season (I read he was being sent back down to Triple A and Adrian Gonzalez was coming back up) and this guy picking him up. Then I dropped Dylan Bundy 3 weeks ago and this guy scooped him and hit me for 20 with a start on Monday and he gets another start today. In what I thought was a good move on my bye week, I picked up Andrew Cashner for a double start this week who then scratched. Last night I felt like I had to stream so I picked up Edwin Jackson who is an RP, SP (instead of an SP, RP) and this caused me to drop one of my RP’s (Raisel Iglesias) who went for 9.9 points last night and Edwin got PPD (he pitches today but still). My catcher, Wilson Contreras, went to the DL as well this week. So as all of these things are going against me, I’m going to need my bats to show up. He has 4 pitchers today and then 2 tomorrow including Chris Sale (he can also stream once). I’m spot starting James Shields today at +130 which is a huge if, but I have to have some luck on my side. I’m looking at another stream tomorrow and I have Ervin going on Sunday. So it’ll be my 4 pitchers against his 6 (7 if he streams).

Chance To Win: 35%

  • I have more action on the PGA as well. I put 10 dollars on Louis at 70-1 and 5 more at 40-1. He’s currently in 5th place at 14-1. I also have 4 on Henrik Stenson to win 600 which is unlikely. I did mange to pass all 6 people in 1 DK team which is always a good chance to cash. The lineup is Cantlay, Kuchar, Lovemark, Matsuyama, Reavie, and Stenson. Xander Schauffele and Daniel Berger prevent 2 other teams from passing 6 so I’m hoping for maybe a min cash on those ones if I get lucky.
  • I played some Bovada Blackjack today for the fun of it and saw I had a $150 bonus. Nice. After playing about 10 hands of blackjack I was curious how long it would take me to earn the bonus. I was greeted with this message.

Almost there!

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Being The Best

I saw this picture and had to comment on what it’s like when your the best at what you do. Here’s Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady with the CEO of Under Armour (and some old man) playing a casual round at Augusta. These opportunities don’t come around for the layman but when you’re Brady and Spieth, you get to do whatever the world has to offer. I’m looking forward to the Masters myself and can’t wait to get some action.

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So You Think You Can Draft?

By Brookes Britcher

There are generally 3 elements to success in a fantasy baseball season: (A) 1st & 2nd round draft picks, (B) identifying undervalued middle-to-late picks and (C) intelligent waiver wire workings. (B) and (C) can be a bit more dynamic and fluid. Drafting VMart or Ortiz in the late rounds paid major dividends last season. As did finding some early gems like Velasquez off the early Waiver Wire or drafting Justin Verlander late.

However, none of those moves can exist without strategy – and that begins at the top of the draft. Like some variation of the “Butterfly Effect”, the first two moves you make will ripple and determine the rest of your draft, how your team is constituted, and how often you need to dip your toes into the FA or Waiver Wire pool.

The first pick of the draft is often where players make the biggest mistakes, and set their team down a poor draft process. It seems easy. Just take the best player with the best numbers available. It all depends on your league, league settings, etc., but for this discussion I’ll be entertaining a draft strategy in a H2H, Total Points / Week, Snake Draft league – the most common format available on ESPN.


Position (and draft position depth).

  • This is probably the most important, as I listed it first. How many OF’s are playing in MLB? Roughly 90 starters over 30 teams. Starting pitchers? Roughly 150. How many 3B, 2B or SS are starting in MLB? Roughly 30. Which of these positions do you imagine will be easier to fill with a quality, continually productive player after the 1st round?


  • Who do they play for? Who else is on the team? If you choose to draft a pitcher, are they going to get run support to turn their QS outings into W’s? If you are drafting a field player, where do they bat? Who else is in the lineup? Do they bat 3rd with 2 guys ahead of them with suspect steal ratios? Great players become superstars if they are in the proper scenario. I would take Edwin Encarnacion every year over the past 6 years in the late first round. Never got the “superstar” moniker, so always fell to late 1st round or early 2nd.

Multi- Category 

  • Your 1st pick is precious thing. But don’t cherish it like losing your virginity. It could be a beautiful sequence of events where the player you want is there – or not so much.
  • Ideally you want to obtain the most metrics out of this pick as possible. There is a reason why Chris Carter waited and waited to get signed to a one year deal. How is that possible? In 2016 he scored 84 R, had 94 RBI and hit 41 HR. Great numbers – until you look at how many “outs” he contributed to. 206 SO, .222 BA and a .321 OBP. A lot of negative numbers for your team. For all of the great things Carter does, he hurts the team equally. If you are going to spend a 1st round pick on a player – make sure they will help you in multiple categories. If they go into a power slump, are they still walking on base? Can they hit for average? Are they solidified in a lineup position to get RBI’s even when the team is scoring less runs? Embrace diversity.


  • Don’t draft a 1B with your 1st pick (maybe Goldschmidt). Why would you do this? Because you want HR’s and you don’t want to worry about where they will come from later in the draft. You get to check it off your list. Until injuries happen. Then the 30-40 HR’s you were counting on are suddenly gone. Plenty of people hit HR’s – and you will most likely get next to nothing beyond that in points categories from this position. I promise, someone this year is going to hit more HR’s than someone thought. So be diligent on the FA pool. You’ll find your HR’s.
  • Don’t draft a Pitcher with your 1st pick (except maybe Kershaw…). That’s a lot of pressure to put on a player. You’re drafting on the bet that a player (given 1-2 opportunities to play per week) will outperform a player playing 6-7 days per week. There are exceptions, but you are also then tethered directly to the lineup behind the pitcher. Ask Cole Hamels how one of his many brilliant seasons for the Phillies went when they couldn’t score runs and he hovered around a .500 pitching record. If you take a pitcher in the 1st round, it’s kind of like marrying your in-laws too. Know the family too.
  • Don’t draft an OF with your 1st pick (…maybe Trout…). OF is one of the most plentiful positions in MLB, and usually the first place top-talent gets promoted to play. Unless you are in love with a player, there is no real reason to draft an OF player until the 3rd or 4th round. Chances are whoever you drafted will get replaced in your lineup by the end of the season. Major value position, so don’t waste your 1st on one.
  • Don’t draft a C with your 1st pick. This should go without saying, but some people just love Buster Posey. Don’t do it.


I’m not going to go into numbers here as this post is already setting length records for this blog, and we all know about Google and BaseballReference at this point.

Only Arenado can plank in mid air.

If I had a Top 5 pick in a draft, these are the players I would take. Duh, huh?

#1 Arenado (3B)

#2 Machado (3B)

#3 Correa (SS)

#4 Goldschmidt (1B)

#5 Kershaw (P)

The only real advice I can provide is to draft high in the weakest positions, draft for players who can consistently impact multiple categories, take risks on players you like and enjoy watching, ride with a rookie you have a feeling about. Take Trout with your 1st pick if you’d like, but I’ll guarantee your SS or 3B productivity will suck all year.

One last thing…

NEVER draft for Steals or Saves. Outside of the “elite”, you can find them anywhere. Closers rarely finish a season, and another player will take their place. At 1 point, Steals are practically worthless. Take a player who hits doubles. Less chance of getting thrown out at 2nd for negative points.

STEAL OF THE DRAFT: Andrew McCutchen (OF) [2nd or 3rd round…] / Hunter Pence (OF) [5th or 6th round…]

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Golf DFS is Lit

I’m not alone with this feeling about DraftKings Golf. Currently all 3 of the tournaments I joined are going to fill up completely and we’re still 17 minutes from tee-off. For the next who knows how many months, i’ll be entering a lineup into the $33 Dogleg, $3 Birdie, and $4 Casual Fore. This is a $40 a week allowance and I can say full on that it’s the best money I’ll spend all week.

Fantasy golf has more excitement than football. There I said it. Here’s why:

  • 4 days of enjoyment
  • You feel like a genius passing 6 guys
  • The excitement level comes in 2 doses when your player is going – 1) He doesn’t screw up 2) He hits a great shot
  • You get to root for your non-players to screw up which is more fun than hoping your guy does well

Did you just see that?
He just got a hole in one on a par 4.
I know. I said I saw it.

Tell me that this week’s 10th hole isn’t exciting.

I joined FantasyGolfInsider for the month to get some tips on players to look for. They whiffed on my main lineup last week with a Willie McGirt double on 18 to not make the cut. If he bogeys, I pass 6 and cash. I’m also learning a lot about what these guys are looking for and it’s fun to use my intellect and agree or disagree with what they say. They suggest about 30 players so it’s easy to pick your own unique lineup. Like this week, everyone is all over Adam Scott’s nuts and I hate the mofo and he’ll never make my lineup. Same goes for McDirt. People don’t forget.

Anyway the guy who was writing for FGI wrote how the spread out nature of the tournaments are why they are so good. The first day you hope your guys get off to a fast start. The 2nd day you start praying that they all make the cut. Then you have the weekend to sweat for real if they pass. Huge amount of fun. I can’t remember the last time I watched a golf tournament, that wasn’t a major, from start to finish like I did last week at Pebble. I will add though that it was anti-climatic when a golfer runs away with it. Not nearly the same sweat I had with Louie last week. If DFS golf hasn’t already exploded with popularity, I think it will in the near future. Here are this week’s lineups.


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Recovering to Full Health

I was hurting after our 2v2 basektball games to the point that I haven’t worked out since last Friday. Going 4 days without exercise is pretty unusual for me but I was feeling strain every time I made a move so it wasn’t happening.

I’ll update the fantasy football season now that it has concluded. I was in 2 finals and ended up winning one and losing the other. The one I won was the bigger of the 2 leagues and my first championship in 7 years (with 3 runner ups). So I was pretty pleased to take that down. The following story is how I lost the other one:

On December 23rd, I went to the Sugarhouse to play cards until 3 in the morning. I woke up at 10am on Christmas Eve to make sure Jordan Reed was out of my lineup. The following text conversation occurred.

For some inexplicable reason I took Adam’s wind message to heart. I look back at that moment in time and have no clue what I was thinking. I exchanged Clay for Hunter Henry who went for a goose egg. How I could think that moving to a 2nd string TE on the Chargers was better than Charles Clay in the wind still boggles my mind. The story moves in an odder path as I was playing Adam’s brother, who told Adam that there was wind in Buffalo. Now I can’t possibly say that Adam wasn’t trying to be helpful but the whole turn of events was bizarre as I only had Clay on my roster to play. I picked up Hunter Henry at 10:40 on that same morning as Reed and Clay were my only options.

I included the idiot on top who is making moves with nothing to play for.

That ended up costing me about 300 dollars as Evan and I were playing a winner take all. I don’t know what to say other than it’s peculiar how it played out.

The Dynasty was won by Adam. Great win with a cupcake schedule and then teams putting up 84 and 81 in the playoffs. The Turkeys only scored 101, 127, and 133 during the playoff weeks WITHOUT EVEN SETTING A LINEUP. If I had the same schedule as the Shee, I’d have made the playoffs and scored in the top 3 the final 3 weeks. Just the way the cookie crumbles but where is the justice?

Other than that the new year is coming and these days are weird to me. Nothing is happening at work and I’m not sure what I should be doing.

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What Is Hell Is Wrong With You People!

I never go into text messages thinking that I’ll post them on my blog but Adam pushed my button with “just embrace it”, and it sent me off on a wild, frenzy fueled tailspin.

I took a slight jab at Adam in my last line which I’m sure he appreciates. Before I wrote this post I got Adam’s permission to divulge this confidential information which I find to be softer than Charmin.

As a 16 point projected favorite, in a SEMI final game, Adam hedged his financial position by agreeing to give $100 to the loser of the match. The prize pool is $1,200, and the winner receives $700 and 2nd gets $300. Who do you think benefited from this deal? HMMMMMMMMM. Not Adam.

The only time I want to make a deal is if I know I’m going to lose or there’s enough money that I would care about losing. Example, Evan and I are squaring off in a final where the entry to the league was only $25 (spare me on why are adult males playing in a league for a $25 entry fee but I could also dedicate an entire post to why this is also unbelievable) and I assume it would be $200 to first and $50 to second. Evan and I have a few options:
1) Chop the money 50/50
2) Leave the structure as decided by the commissioner
3) Play for the money

If I thought I was going to lose, I’d chose 1. However, my team just had the RB 1,3,and 5 from last week and I have A-Pete waiting in the wings. I proposed that we do a winner take all. Evan, obviously not one to be called out, accepted the offer because it’s not about the money, it’s about the pride. Now if Justin (the deal maker who took $100 from Adam) needs a new crib for his upcoming baby, then fine, whatever. Fantasy football is not about the money. The money is a nice bonus to saying you triumphed. You won’t remember what you spent that 100 dollars on, but you’ll remember when you won the league in ’16.

How soft was chopping in the semi final game?

Would you consider chopping in the semi finals?

View Results

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Rolling Week 15

Coming up big in prime time is the mark of a champion.

Yes I only made 2 of 3 finals in my leagues. It’s not 3 of 3 like it probably should have been as the Turkeys continue to dominate. Nevertheless, I’ll be playing for about a grand next week which is a fun chunk of change. I know no one cares.

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David Johnson is the #1 Back in the NFL

I was listening to Jody Mac on WIP last night and he believed that Ezekiel Elliot is the #1 RB in the league, followed closely by Le’veon Bell, and then David Johnson #3. This is incorrect by my measure and here is why.

ProFootballFocus has a rating system that, well, rates RB’s based off of missed tackles, blocking, receiving, and essentially all attributes that go into being an RB. Here is there top 6 list.

The pass block skill set is the only reason DJ is being held back. I’d argue that although pass blocking is important, it should not bring down the DJ to levels below the likes of Jay Ajayi (55% of his yards came in 3 games out of 12) and Melvin Gordon (who has somehow slipped into a position of getting TD’s).

An offensive line is a must to be a good RB. I’d argue that the offensive lines of Zeke and Leveon are far superior to DJ. Here’s the proof.

Dallas O-Line

Pittsburgh O-Line

Arizona O-Line

Can we talk Demarco Murray for one second. He was the NFL’s leading rusher in 2014 when he ran for 1,845 yards. The next closest was LeSean McCoy who ran for 1,319. The subsequent season, DeMarco was traded to the Eagles and under Chip Kelly’s scheme finished 19th in rushing yards with 702. HMMMM. In 2016, DeMarco already has 1,135 yards and has the 2nd most total yards. What changed? Do you think this helps at all?

Now that I’ve proven that a good O-line is essential to being a superior RB, let’s delve into what David Johnson is doing this year that none of the other back are.

Here are the rushing yard leaders:

Behind better O-Lines you’ll see that DJ is near, but not quite better than these 3 backs. Here is what separates DJ from the pack:

His receiving yards lead the league among RB’s and is leading in all-purpose yards. Doing that with an inferior O-Line should be enough to say that this guy is the best back in the NFL. If you wanted to argue with me that LeVeon Bell is better, I wouldn’t even start because I’d also agree. He’s a freak who has the patience of a saint. It bothers though that a guy out of Northern Iowa doesn’t seem to be getting the respect he deserves.

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By The Slimmest of Margins

This is called eeking out a win.

Gotta give it up to the #1 PI caller in the game.

My “holy shit” came after Justin Tucker slipped one inside the left crossbar with 2 minutes left in the game. It was 4th and 1 and I think Harbaugh made a huge mistake not going for it. I’m happy he did, but you don’t get that many shots against the Patriots to score TD’s. I understand you would need to get the onside kick anyway, but 4th and 1 seems too good to pass up.

I won my other fantasy playoff game in another ugly scoring week. Weird point totals all around.

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Why People Need to Pay

victorywhitel-300x232I’m in a few fantasy leagues that require dues at the beginning of the season. The commissioner of one league sent out an email today that revealed that 4 people, of a 12 person league, did not pay. I have a problem with this.

I was going to post on the league message board, but I don’t know the entire details to publicly call out people, so I’ll use my blog (which technically is public but about as private as public can be). Here are the reasons why you should pay BEFORE the season starts:

  • If everyone pays before the season starts, there are no financial squabbles at the end of the season.
  • It’s fair by all parties involved.

lebron-james-and-mario-chalmers-argue-during-miami-indianaThat’s it.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the season ends to pay.

  • You can make the argument that you paid at the beginning and start a battle based on your word against the commissioner’s.
  • You aren’t entitled! If everyone pays, you should to.
  • If everyone decided not to pay, it feels like funny money.

Is it the commissioner’s fault or the lazy person’s?

In my lifetime, I’ve been the manager or commissioner of leagues and teams and it sucks. No one should ever want to be in charge of rec or fantasy teams because people are assholes. They’ll forget to pay one week or tell you the check is in the mail, but it’s pure bullshit (Sam you owe me $20 from last night’s bowling you little, Venmo forgetting piece of shit). Is it the commissioner’s job to hunt down people for money? It shouldn’t be. A note should be sent and people should pay it.

6459853_origA possible solution to this would be to say that if you don’t pay by such and such a date, we’ll replace you. If you want to turn the league into a fascist regime you could do this, but it would be so much easier if people paid. The reason why it bothers me is because I paid. My entry fees aren’t in my wallet like the people who are too lazy to pay the bill.

The funny part is that if anyone who hasn’t paid would say, “calm down, stop being a dick.” No. You’re the dick. Does this bother anyone else like it bothers me?

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