Winning 3k sounds tremendous, but it’s not all fun and games. This win is essentially making up for all the gambling work that I’ve done over the past year to put me in the “green” for a set amount of time. PLUS, the money is taxable money which people who consistently lose don’t have to worry about.

Deposited: $1205 since 1/1/2017
Withdraw: $0.00
Net: -$1,205

Deposited $1,300 including fees since 1/1/2017
Withdraw: $300, still $100 in the account
Net: $-900



So without looking into Casino wins and losses you can see that the $2,250 (net) will put me ahead a few hundred dollars over the course of the year for my gambling addiction fun. I actually think I can deduct the $810 from the 3k and only tax the 2,200 as income, but I’d need someone to explain that to me. Either way, I’m going to move 2k out of the DraftKings account and leave 1k for a new roll moving forward. This new roll is well earned for all the time I’ve spent and hopefully will give me some more flexibility in a week to week investment. Many people would look at that like, “hey, you won 3k, you’re rich”. Not exactly. It’s more like I’m getting some of my own money back that I conveniently loaned to Bovada and other members of Draftkings. You’re welcome! Cue up the insta Rob Kelley like.