After getting my clocked clean last week in Draftkings, losing 100% of my investment on 9 lineups, I took a more limited approach in week 6. I created 5 DraftKings lineups ranging from $8 to-$50, mostly in GPP’s. I added a $50 dollar line up as more of a hail mary type investment, as I’ve been losing all season and it seemed like a good time to gamble. I was recovering from a Friday late night and didn’t do much on Saturday except read about football. Total loser. However, this time investment led to a good story.

I met Adam, Evan, and Steve at Miller’s on Delaware Ave for the 1pm games. The setup was good for football and the pricing was much more affordable than Fox and Hound. Adam and I got there first and I showed him my Draftkings line up. He said, “I don’t want to give you advice” (or something to that effect) and I said I want to hear it. He said that he’s been to Phoenix Stadium twice and it’s a difficult place to play in for an away team. I had a Jameis to DeSean stack in the $50 lineup. He went to he bathroom and I had a decision to make. I took Adam’s advice and moved to Kirk Cousins and Amari Cooper in place of the TB stack.

Evan and I know that you have to get started early to do some damage and my team was ready. Cousins to Chris Thompson was a cheap 51.8 pts that only ~2% of the league had combined (each was 10% owned so I’d guess the stack was much less). Mark Ingram was 31.9% owned and rightfully so. AB was a guy who I paid up for and came through in spades. John Brown was my cheap WR who did his job and Amari Cooper was my worst pick. I tell Evan that we have to think about paying up for Gronk every week and he was a dynamite 4x. Mickinnon (34.2% owned) was what was expected from his talent. The Texans D was an obvious pick against the Browns.

The team won by 15.4 points and I added 3k to my roll. This lineup would have been 34th in the Sunday Mill and I would have cashed for $1,500. Lucky timing and the advice from Adam proved differential. I sculpted the lineup and he added the finishing touches. I tried to give him money and he didn’t take it. I already decided on an amount I would give him but I’m asking the audience. What does Adam deserve?

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I did use Fantasy Labs and PFF to help me create this lineup. Feels right to give some positive advertising after writing this piece.