Most people, I’d hope, know what this title is from but for those who are missing one of the best shows (and book series for that matter), it’s Game of Thrones. I believe we can all feel the weather dropping some degrees and it also is getting darker earlier. This leads to different activities like the end of baseball, the start of basketball, and the continuing glory that is football. New TV like Dexter and Boardwalk keep Sunday nights entertaining. Going out on weekends becomes a tad more cumbersome. Nevertheless, time continues and you must do the best with what life offers.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Chicago with Jeff for 3 full days. We are attending a sheet metal show which is where a fair amount of new business has been coming from. I’ve only been to Chicago once and didn’t get to really experience which will be a good life experience. It’s better to go with someone else, rather than yourself, because you don’t really need to worry about doing things all by your lonesome. It gives you someone to sit at the bar with instead of looking like a creep and makes conversation easier with two minds instead of one. It should be amusing and rewarding.