I’ve just spent a week at the beach and didn’t score. I essentially went out 6 or so days to bars and there was plenty of opportunity but in this paragraph I’m going to explain how a decent looking, 28 year old with a job doesn’t close. There are two main ways not to succeed and they are 1. Getting too drunk (which wasn’t really the case for this but has been before) and 2. Not trying.

I’m going to start with an example of a conversation I had with a girl and then explain where things went wrong. So I start talking to her and we go through the normal job and school and then we just come to a pause after a few minutes. So I’m standing there and thinking to myself “oh man, this is awkward, what should I do?” I can’t just walk away, I can’t think of anything else that isn’t moronic, so I pretty much just turned my back on her and started acting like I was into the band. Small talk just doesn’t interest me that much. I look back on it and could have been like so “what’s your favorite movie, mines Breakfast Club.” So that’s one instance of running out of things to say which seem to occur.

The other problem of dancing in front of bands or with DJ’s is challenging as well. First of all, girls are usually in groups and being a guy just invading a group of girls is nearly impossible without major dance moves and that just isn’t the case. So that situation of just going up to girls with super loud music and trying to grind your penis into their ass doesn’t work. Not to mention feeling like a total creep after a certain amount of time standing in an area and then not starting to dance with the girls starts making the situation even more difficult. This was the case last night at the Pool at Harrah’s. So there are tons of girls, just like complete whores, but the ease of initiating anything was futile. I don’t have confidence in my dance moves and girls aren’t flocking to me so what am I supposed to do?

These thoughts are what is going through my head as I’m thinking of how is this situation going to play out. I’m not like “I’m going to go up to this girl, talk to her a little bit, and then ask if I can pound her over and over.” I am too much of a pussy to do that but I feel like if you don’t, then you just sit here writing blog entries about how you didn’t get any ass. Sadly I need to act more like the above quote and less like myself. Myself over thinks every situation until the point of nothingness. Being a closer really is about self confidence and I don’t feel like I lack it but obviously I do. One night Steve was like “just go up to those girls and talk to her, you have nothing to lose.” I sit there and think yeah that will really go great going over there and talking to 3 girls… That is the problem. I make a way bigger deal out of conversing with other humans than it really is. And unless I get totally shitfaced, I bring myself back to conversation A above with running out of things to say. I’m not even sure why I post this but I’m sure other people out there have the same problem because without major drugs or alcohol, try picking up girls at bars.