Sam and I were having a normal conversation about poop yesterday. I was just about to play basketball and had to take a dump. So I took a dump and wiped clean. I alerted Sam that I couldn’t just go play basketball immediately after pooping. You have to walk around a little bit because (most of the time) you just don’t get all the poop residue after the first attempt. It usually takes about 2 minutes and you have to be constantly walking around and then you just wipe again and you should be all set. This is really important in life because poop residue can be a huge problem. As a runner you learn this quickly and I’ll explain why. Whenever you want to go for a run, you never want to have to take a dump. So it’s normal to have to want to poop just before you run. Now if you aren’t aware of the information I just shared, you might poop, wipe, and then try to run. This isn’t the best way. That 3-5 minutes of walking around is the ticket. I don’t always herp, but when I herp I derp.