If you haven’t noticed here in PA, it is hot. I sweat way more than the average person. Probably 2.5 times more. I like to think it’s because I work 2.5 times harder than the average person but that’s hard to be determined. Yesterday, I moved 100pcs of pipe about 20ft in 90 degree heat and completely drenched through my shirt. I have to wring out my shirt every basketball game to give you a better idea. Even something as easy as playing ping pong gets me dripping on the table. Obviously the heat doesn’t help. To a certain extent I like it because it makes me feel like I’m doing something but in some situations it just gets annoying.

How this sweating leads into my real topic of momentum, I’m not sure but I wanted to post that first paragraph just because. Something I’ve noticed is the key factor of momentum. It happens in just about every game and there is a level of mental momentum in different games. I’m not always sure people of even aware of it but its always there. To use a bball reference, I missed an easy lay up, the other team nailed a 3 and we promptly lost game a play or two after. It’s like me missing the lay up inspired the other team. When Sam and I play ping-pong, most of our games come down to the wire, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have long stretches where the other player can’t get a point. It’s like we play different when we start winning (or losing) a few points in a row. It’s really an odd topic and something that I’m sure coaches try to control with timeouts and such. I just wanted to point this add because I believe it is real and my perception is everyone’s reality.