Dear City of Philadelphia Parking Violation Center

Dear rulers of the roads,
I am outraged at the size of the ticket I just received at 4:24pm on 9/16/11. I am a resident of the city and am in town to pick up a race packet at the convention center when I park my car along side the curb at Arch and 12th. I saw a Kiosk about 15 steps back and proceeded to pay $1.25 to allow me to park till 4:49 (I have the receipt). I arrived at this location at 4:22pm. There were cars behind me along the curb and I knew I was only going to be a short period of time and I was not blocking any traffic. I picked up my packet from the convention center and went back to my car to find a traffic violation for $76.00. The time was 4:40pm. While inside for 18 minutes, I was given a ticket after a two minute period. Now, I presume I must have been in front a no parking from here to the corner but I didn’t notice it while I was parking. After two minutes I was ticketed an insane amount of money for the violation. It makes sense the city hires hundreds of traffic cops when they charge $76.00 per violation. I didn’t commit $76.00 dollars of violation fees during this 18 minute window. Enclosed is a check for $20.00 which I feel is a fair amount for this minor inconvenience. I also find the threats that you will charge “significant” late fees upon no payment to be a little totalitarian. Please accept my apologies and payment and we can move past this incident.

A proud citizen of Philadelphia,
Tom Stortz

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  1. jkash September 16, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) is a nazi regime hell bent on fucking your day up. Some people park like tards and deserve the penalties. Others simply want to find parking reasonably close to their destination while trying to follow the absurdly cryptic and ambiguous signage and regulations imposed by the city. I’ve read (can’t recall the source) that the overly complicated parking regulations in this city are entirely intentional. The city is nearing insolvency and the PPA is one of their totalitarian ways of producing income.

    As your blog has previously noted, our country’s collective intelligence is declining. Even educated people don’t have the time nor patience to discern the following examples of Philadelphia’s absurd signage. Someone please tell me how the city reasonably expects the less intelligent people to even come close to understanding this.

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