The older I’ve gotten, the more I believe that other life forms exist in the universe. I took a class in college called “Intelligent Life in the Universe”. I thought it would be about aliens and UFO’s and it turned out to be about rocks and plants. After watching an interview with Neil Tyson de Grasse and Katy Perry, she asks him if he thinks there are aliens and he replies with a yes, that’s good enough for me. Here is another great minute from it.

This lead in brings me to Zuckerberg being questioned by Congress because Cambridge Analytica purchased millions of private information of users from Facebook developers. This obviously led to there being a major hole in the privacy regulations of Facebook, which is what he is being nailed for.

Fortunately, I don’t know enough about this to comment on it. I’d guess Facebook tracks every movement you make on your computer and if you aren’t ok with it, you shouldn’t use it. Point aside, Mark Zuckerberg could be from another planet. Watch him drink his water.

If that’s not straight out of Signs or War of the World, I don’t know what else is. It makes perfect sense though. Some alien life form copied a human being to integrate some application to gather as much information on the human species as possible and do who knows what with it. I hope I’m not around to see it.

Another gem.