Last night was the first time I’ve taken part in a keeper / auction league draft. You keep 2 players from the year before and they affect your auction salary which was $250. My 2 chosen for me were Ajayi and Pryor who were relatively cheap at like $12 and $10 respectively. The auction process works by nominating a player and then the people bid on them. I entered the draft with some key people in mind but not exactly sure what I was willing to pay for them.

The first couple guys were Gronk ($51), Zeke ($62), Shady ($85), Julio ($105), Michael Thomas ($80), Lynch ($63), AJ Green ($100) and Doug Baldwin ($62). I had not gotten anyone and still had $225 of my salary so I was getting eager and the only top WR’s left were Jordy and TY Hilton. Jordy came up and I wasn’t going to let him slip. I got back and forth with some bro and ended up snagging him at ($105). Clearly this is not nearly as good value as getting Julio at the same exact price, but I needed a stud on my team.

A few other notable players I got were:

  • Andrew Luck – $4 – My jaw dropped
  • Jimmy Graham – $20 – Way undervalued imo. This guy was a 1st round pick 2 years ago
  • Dalvin Cook – $49 – I’m going to be keying in on him on every draft. The volume is there and he’s cheap (for now)
  • Danny Woodhead – $20 – I’m not a huge Woodhead guy but he was cheap for a RB on a team with uncertainty at RB. In .5 ppr, I hope he’ll have some value
  • Cameron Meredith – $8 – Like I don’t want the team’s #1 WR for 8 bucks
  • Zay Jones – $5 – Like I don’t want the teams #1 WR for 5 bucks
  • Kenny Britt – $4 – Like I don’t want the team’s #1 WR for 4 bucks

I have a few other guys but all in all I think I’ll be competitive. I’m short on RB’s so I’ll hope to package one of those WR and Woodhead if I they get off to fast starts. Guys who I wanted to get in the draft that passed me by were A Pete and Jamaal. I think there still may be some gas in the tank but this may be wishful thinking.