Hafer will love this post. It’s a shame he doesn’t read anymore.

On our trip to Nashville we were at Honky Tonk and the band played this song:
Kenny Chesney – American Kids

The entire audience was going ham singing along and having a grand all time while I was standing around like a stickman. I pretty much stand around like a stickman anyway but especially to country music I’ve never heard before. While the song was playing I thought it sounded fine so I decided to start expanding into country music using Spotify. After going through Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band, FGL, and Eric Church, I came to the conclusion that I still don’t like country. Sure I can listen to the favorites like The Dance, Cruise, Toes, and Springsteen but most of it isn’t for me. That being said I added these two songs to my playlist just for the heck of it and think they are pretty damn good.

Thomas Rhett – Unforgettable

Luke Bryan – Light It Up

Country songs all have the same simple themes to them which is alright. Getting drunk. Breaking up. Banging. Repeat. It’s relatable to the large majority of the population so I understand the appeal. The music seems to be secondary to the story. Just wanted to write this post to show my ever expanding music tastes. Any songs I should check out?