The older you get, the more you have to the same task over and over. Here are a few that I’m frankly sick of:


Cleaning the shower – Water leads to mold and there is no place that gets more water than the shower. I feel like I always just cleaned the shower and 2 months go by. In a place where I’m cleaning my body, it doesn’t make sense to have the shower be dirty.

Trimming my nose hairs – I swear to god they multiply. I’ll remove 5 or 6 in one pull and the next day there are 50 still there. I wouldn’t describe it as painful, but you know you hit a tough one when your eyes start to water.

Dust on the TV stand– I don’t exactly know where all the dust comes from but once it’s cleaned, it rejuvenates right back. Dust doesn’t bother me as much as grime, but still annoying.

Look familiar?

Bills –¬†Knowing that bills will never stop for the rest of your life can be a bit depressing. It’s like you are indebted to ¬†water, gas, cable, phone, and electric for eternity. They should offer some sort of extremely expensive rate to never have to pay bills again. I would consider it.

Exercise – It doesn’t matter if you exercise for a year straight because you can nix it all away in a month of being stagnant. Exercising is a way of life and although eating right and not putting bad, well, anything in your body helps, you’ll still notice a difference.