Quick life check in as I don’t have much to write. Below, in bullet format, are some highlights of my useless existence.

  • Last weekend I took 7th in a poker tournament with 56 players. 1st place was $1,900 and I was the overwhelming chip leader for a while. How did this happen you ask? Let’s just say people play very different against a person they believe to be drunk, which I was. I doubled up to start the tournament when my K10 ousted a Q10 with top pair on the board. Then my TT beat a pair of 66’s and AK with a ten spike on the river. I cruised to the final table with a huge stack when my QQ was beat by a KQ. I still had a decent stack when this final hand occurred. With 7 left, the blinds were 4,000/ 8,000 and I had about 75k in chips. Figuring everyone was going to be playing tight as a drum, I pushed QT from the hi-jack and got nipped by the small blind with AQ. GG.
  • For the first time in my life, my chess ranking was 1300. I can’t even explain how I went from 1150 to 1300 in one day but I’ve been playing the Grob opening as white, French against king pawn, and Indian game against queen pawn.
  • I had Kucher

    I subscribed to Fantasy Labs for the British Open as I’m in a 40 person pool with a buy in of $75. I’ve yet to win any of the majors outright, but currently hold the total strokes lead by 20 (after The Open) which will net me over $700 if I can finish the PGA passing 5 guys. My DK lineups lost me $66 as Louis pretty much busted any chance after his opening round +8.

  • I won the regular season in Fantasy Baseball going 12-3 which is worth a few hundred and a much needed bye heading into the playoffs. I’m not going to act like I have the best team because teams I played just didn’t score. I consistently averaged 250 which I believe helped me as I didn’t have big swings during my weeks to either guarantee wins or losses. For what it’s worth, I do think my team is the best it’s been all season since I added Adrian Beltre, Zach Britton, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Starling Marte to the roster over the weeks.
  • I liked the GoT episode this week better than the 1st. I also started reading the Corrections. I haven’t been playing much golf and my bowling game should still be sharp.