To mis-quote Leslie Gore in the song “It’s My Party,” “you would sellout too if it happened to you.” It’s fairly obvious that this onslaught of traffic is brought on by celebrity pics and commentary so I’ll continue on this trend whether you like it or not.

Sofia Vergara

Need I say more, seriously. If I met this woman I wouldn’t even know what to do, probably stand awestruck and start drooling. Her accent is hot too and everything she wears in that show, she looks awesome. She has Kim Kardashian curves and doesn’t have all the negative publicity like the aforementioned whose claim to fame and initial stardom was from a sex-tape. Even at 38 she’s cracked my top 10 favorite celebs.

Miley Cyrus

I don’t really like Miley for her looks or the way she talks, but the fact that she lets people video tape her while getting stoned, she seriously must have been out of her mind. Who is stupid enough to let her friends record her while she’s getting high knowing that she’s a huge mega-celeb and an enormous role model to kids around the world. That’s just saying “I don’t give a fuck.” I respect that. Her career may have taken a hit to the parents of the world, but she gained one fan in me. I think her music is so-so and not worth the time.

Katy Perry

Notice how all my pictures are of tremendous cleavage or someone getting high. Yes, I’m shallow like that, don’t think otherwise. She’s taken the music world by storm and have you seen some of her outfits. With a voice like hers and how catchy her songs are, how can you not like her? Not only that but she married a nut case like Russel Brand and he’s as nutty as a cashew. Meaning she’s just as crazy and probably a minx in the sack. Plus she spells her name funny.

Mike Vick

Are we seriously picking Mike Vick here? First off, we know he’s an action junkie with no morals, whose dumb as a tree stump. He really is an idiot to get involved in the dog fighting knowing there is nothing good that could come out of it. It obviously wasn’t for the money and only for the thrill, and he shows no compassion for the animals. BUT. The man did his time in prison and has seemingly turned things around. Aside from the one little shooting incident where he apparently was “not present” at his own birthday party, he’s had a clean rap sheet. I’ve even heard a few of his press conferences and he says all the right things like it’s not him alone winning football games and constantly praising his teammates. Yes, I find the dog fighting horrific but I give Vick a lot of credit for turning his life around and being a far superior QB than he was with Atlanta. Hard to imagine putting yourself back together like that I’m impressed.