Blog traffic is through the roof and it’s getting absurd. I had 90 unique visitors and they are arriving from countries like Brazil, Turkey, France, and Indonesia. Suri Cruise isn’t even the reason, people are just being directed to this site. I’m grateful that I’ve increased traffic by more than 100% in 3 days but there’s absolutely no reason for it other than Google is sending random people my way. It’s baffling. I write 400+ entries and have never had more than 40 people visit the site in one day and now we’ve doubled traffic because I wrote one thing on celebrity’s. At this point I feel like I’m at the mercy of Google. I have no idea what it’s looking for and it’s up to me to satisfy its needs. Talk about pressure. I guess the one thing I can learn though is that whatever I was doing for the past 400 entries wasn’t nearly as gravitating as my past few. I also vow to not put ads up unless I can achieve 500 unique visitors in a day. If that becomes the case, I think I’d be foolish not to earn some money for my efforts.

As an ongoing project, CK4 and I like to come up with ideas that can potentially make a lot of money. We’ve nixed his ideas of a walking ladder and a dollar menu for pets, and have tried to focus on a more realistic approach. The one that was thought up tonight is called forever-life. We are going to concoct an elixir that will prolong your life years. We are going to charge a steep price tag for how essential and in demand this product will be. Little do the people know that they are just going to be buying some sham but with expert marketing and some smooth talking, all we’d have to do is nail a couple of billionaires who are looking to try their hand at a 5,000 dollar gamble for eternal life. All you need is a few hundred gullible people and I’d be happy to live my life on an island far away from the world.

In all seriousness though, a fantastic idea that Yahoo or someone should implement is to play out Week 17 in fantasy football. The difference being that you can challenge a person and obviously through internal betting amongst themselves, you play out a fantasy game instead of the season being over. Yahoo could even charge for this and I guarantee people would be doing this all over in their leagues. Give me Sam Levin one more time in my ESPN league and I’d pay 5 bucks to run it again with us wagering on the side. I think it’s a good idea.

I won’t go into my driving range that’s also a bar or my fatheads that are all porn stars. I sometimes wonder if I had nothing to do to entertain myself and I just locked myself in a room with a pen and paper, what other ideas I could come up with. Everyone knows that the majority of start ups fail but I think if I ever came up with something that I thought would work and I had the passion to make it work, I could be profitable. It has to be something I’d want to do though because no one wants to spend time doing something they don’t like.

Quick betting update – I lost 60 on the Falcons last night and won 25 on the Vikings tonight. I have a little over 100 bucks in my account and that makes me up +600 for the season for a unsuspecting profit in a sports betting season. I also collected from 3? leagues in fantasy football and should have been 4 if Steve would have paid out the 2nd place finisher like any normal league. Stocks like Agen and Siri are also leading the charge into a new year. Good luck to all.