dfsI purposely didn’t post who I want to draft so snakes wouldn’t steal my picks. I subscribed to ProFootballFocus before the season started which pretty much leaves Rotoworld in the dust. I suppose there are 2 ways to look at paying for information:
1) It’s cheating because everyone should be on the same playing field
2) It’s not cheating because everyone can do it if they want to

Considering the amount of time I spend watching and researching football, I look at paying for a service an investment and if that gives me a leg up, hopefully I’ll see dividends. As such, all of my drafts went swimmingly and I think I’ll be in good shape as the season progresses. If someone reads this and wants to pay me for my login info to see PFF’s info for a discount, I’m willing to talk. Also here are Evan Silva’s week 1 matchups which are a must read if you play DFS.

funny-pictures-backwards-bowler-animated-gifIn other news we’ve been bowling a lot and Sam has been setting the bar with high scores. I myself set a new career high but it’s not a big deal to me because in the near future a 300 game will be thrown and that’s when I’ll get excited. I wrote before that there can be a sense of jealousy in another person performing at a level that you haven’t done yet but I don’t feel that. Being able to practice and hit new highs together is not only how a team improves, but it helps everyone improve as individuals.

I’ll be going away next week on a sales trip so I won’t be posting. As much as I would like to get drunk and watch football this weekend, I have to prep for this trip and it’s consuming much of my time. Combine that with football research and I’m barely able to knock out these blog posts. I started the season 1-0 on bets with a Denver win yesterday so I’m sure I’ll be writing about my picks and players upcoming.